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March 08, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-08

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Vol-.II.-No. L. ii1


PitIoF, TFRisno CEtNTS7.

,rIMnek House of Representatives. Middy aisd a Senorita.'' rie wellii other Universities. fetwOenty-fise
___-constructed plot sparkles switlt sra- different papers hasve flourished it
Prof. ltci auglilin, at the request nimatic activity andi vividly ltortrays a tldifferent tisues, tlhe first one to be
of the Ihouse gave a fewv sords of
n~fise a te bgiiiisgof heset Ichsain tsf expserience wehicth happenieil established beinsg thy Caibinet, in
ad ieatte einlngo tese-to a Yankee itnCtiban life. > 8o6i. Its existence wstslit brief,
Sin. In te cottrse oiftilt reimarks Prof. Kemnpf cannot give the eon-aiid the AthieneiuiPalladiumtli-
}1eeane th rzemier a~lnt ue-cert at aninounced forrthe next regit icrosc opt,(CrayonSiting 1Iooni
iessetl ad antey;rsiiogesitelitatlar progranmme, for whlichi will be Stuident's(ComipanioinILittle Gnl
Gete ilght rie roetiaizti n tbtitutetd a paper on Victtor IIusos urnGritdironiiantI MedlIvyall of
al,, pa:i9rty linss auitthat it was by rof. Wle. w iv erevstareis ainte uc-
isisputaist to comse immiiia'tely to s - eedintwtenity-five years, shared in
the dsitcussitoisof leadinig politiial I Inter-Class Field Day. illsuilly short-1stvit fate. IniS 6,
rs~sesois, such as the st silvasstarttecosniittt theYaeiiv isteraisySi saaite seas
poirntedinecionstheitslitsmoriesstnli Lastteid ly sistissof the viass of
is ac,.aiit ainstsc-0 onis 5iolln i otteliylle otsouir sitsa
37, andsit s prospierity aduitglus
di I uu lii am idly.t(Fresismiassclasses ito usake arrsosge
II ii s Te rll ta I livl i wa fIsintsfoisinintr stslsvri isy viasractvr to-itaiare thyevii racteris-
iiis t ha te lst~ s is net anti discsissedi tineisattei. A tis ichi have marked its entire
sI 2ixeuiftus isi 1 oo list of esvcnts seas made ouit viitries existenve. Amiong its fosindes wiere
tin t ad 1 -:iiltis :.i.tto which swililibe solivitedi iy tine Sntri iF rsat
n I ~ ~~ it si ren conniteenin I nst y man, au it has numbner edIaniong
1 ~ i ~ t~i ~ iit i sehiet0evc the largest its edlitors suichmin iiasID . G itch-i
isiwifl ie selected eli, 41, SenatoirIFeriy, 44,Ex-
f iii li I)etr ,sti 4) art t v nSr:' "-.'
ft is!iniita. nt is ilvi i ei Iit is in tend Peident Whiite, '53,of Lotristll
ti sggssiltr i ty- s iiin~so e braInd Gov.harrison , 46.The ILiter-
ifaniiti dvam r nStisich# 11~ Qusinuncfoinde iet i S Sthy
- a i a tut mi5andisets gistnzn , , m ll ollegians in >1841, the Rev iewvit
li (~ tt ftc ~ s d . iII:slu:,,lvi, iishe i857,anti thyeUivetsity OQuarter ly
is n i o8otol lowedet acvhiiothisns
se uiit ih tl eviirlt.a -w:e

( OF YOUR s-
IMailed to You -
Through Your
Upon :
j S1mnts eelsers ositnilest Plins
ad Jewellied Society eBadess.
SWhen yot anst thie Lest Metrospoliit tyes
isrtu es , sen fCae talo1111 di Ato

.:i~ si h o s e e r l i i i y t e i i ~ U a t h i ' t t a rt, nit s i s ii th ot si siss il 7l
thes tsssof ktiitesess. i elasud itch vi".ssiIisiesis- ue Ie',L(tv is hest1 nisinvs' ra ssso sitvvs onI}-ppj l lj q Il .
yeIiie I i e(soilgepubiet anuatyo I
Ail) of, the liusiswe afjiesbytilhie 1 vi iby i iiteastifficulties, t uu -
livi Elomis, tG00a'coc.iaeiipperMeeishorsnet, Banor, -
TI e ModSoatciety clck.'toinawandsiuBtattes r alt hidatt(s lis. Sipeler 'k,,Co.
lvi ~ Ibrief vxistvenvviaid thenvin sit86i tare sesligtit greaitly in-
The Unity Club. TelietS et t eulriiu h Cuatwsfrt sudfloe
of hispopthi n',last cvi. ii i. r.U;bit s la ieah- 01-etresls isefohndI ducted siices, terCoc
l~e rogame o tis opla n 873 bythin Record, The Ness
ra tuss s o!s'pr esuntetd a Isits o ekeaUdr
tlu opesneti last evesnisng stshia sas establishin ii2878, anti sinheo Ncieir mdr
suret uin it Sitshah I liuvs 'i'itih tamr ontthte absorptiotn of thsen Quip andtihie Critic, neither of s4enlirtutundtill Fotuislitimg
cuffei 'lIhrl ove He ot mthin externsal suiface of swhiichnare note in existence, tine hate Groidi
isis ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ N safooseihytiassuin ,a tiunder varying vondittionisSchool JtisAlunisiWeekly, jornlGui atitiinsect tgosods
silnt ha hr Sirhn sas nale itof thu skits anti accoriding 'tolthin ; Association lquarterly, anthNS. lIt.
lieireetu, sittha Iss iifthi solve t ecilfeir thin srug dSit C. A. IRecorvi save hbeens started.-- ~ Wfc
kiisil ; csiseintevI ttotake hit hutla. pivrti 'a agoodtreicet on01Falk Newss. ha. pe er & .
list crbnnioid.etertainent. After 5 h 1',-%yvarbon vSoxiEyEl.
Islissiousreutris shics nnsil-showeethaInt large squantit ins of tis The Freshman Glee ClubOrgan'zed. S. STATE "' ~s~l
ately conmmndited thin atteintioss of gas arceisecessary to produiic- deaths. Il11Ot SragtQ .
liceheaers shn rett deighfulExperimennts sow that tielehiteri- RThe Fresimiati Glee Chub, encour- ,ifrod Srih ct
out effect of rebreathsin Nxaedaraedb herfrtstept.bn
lamer tin 'Exieriencet andt Views bxaeIai gdb herfrtateitogt-CIGARETTES.
itsSuetceiani.' 'lne saier easistduse, mot so nmucisto carbots ci-iz edtiSaturvhay afternioon asseleectectCgdteSni-- u
oxitie as to tine cointaitnestaiial the followimig officers: Presitdent, are wilting ts nay a littl
fur niore thsans pleasing. In some moare than th ie
matter. Frank hBriscoe, nmanager, W~ill A. eharged fee the surtiari
pfarfi it seas eloqusent, and no omne ta igretsawirleriis
tuudesl vi aciggiuss Thi nsext nmeeting of the society Spitzley; secretary, SWm. IH. Perkins; Ttallt hersupei-ill an
i will be ansioutnced hater. treasurer, John Necuman; executive The Richinondst Sraights
iif the scenic beauty of that einchant- {Cat Na.I igarettes are masdetrain the bright-
I- conmmittee, Frank lBriscoe, Frank T. eat, mast deleiteliylyaivared and highsnt cest
in rpublc. Paid Leat grewn in Virginia. This is the Old
lugreublc.Yale Publicatios. Nighteingale, Robt. W. Dunn. After and Original itrand usf Straight Cut Cigarettes.
Thse next nunmher seas anothier and weas braught eat by usain the year i87:S.
--adding a banjo and guitar qluartette BeweareaorImtatitons, and observe that tti
songby titlss olme, etitld, inmncane at helaw is an every package.
sugb isHleette, The interest 'taken in literary seork the club expects to give a number of The ALLEN & GINTER Branch
Lou Ngh, GodNihtBe a Yle asalvayben f tinhih-concerts. A correct list of tine en- Manufacturers.a - icoennd, Virginia.
lnved."Then last uotc the pro- eat character, and'to-day it oi yw*ith tire club will be given soon.
graninse was an original story by F. justice be said itt he Yahe p hlues4..--J. A POL4EIIYS
1:. Jainette, to which lie apliropri- tions, in number, -ipport and value; Dr. Martin performs a laparotomy I" I TJ ?,l
ately gives thne title, "A8 Yankee compare most favorablyivith those of this afternoon in clinic. ALSO 'BPS HACK AND BiAGGAGE LINE
North Main Street

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