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March 07, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-07

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consunmmate nerve, our weekly co-
S tetimporary takes the DAILY to task
for its recent editorial concerning
-u wtiohtders tlyndoereoed toy nthe junior hop. In sating that the
THE . O M.INDPENENTASSCIAIONDAILY coud have had a ticket for
THE . O M.INDEENDNT SSOCATIN ithe asking, the author of the article
shoss himself to be either densely
Sbscriptionnptine *r0 ter yea, itvaraby Ignorant of tie real facts of the ase
in droaeo',. Site opietl ents. onsteat g
S tenootogr et umofier net stand t 12 or to have swilfiily misrepresented
o'eist'k.mtee. Sbscriptinmaiy be left t Itsm telaivntol eie
he ote of the nILY. OperItIttue sock, at te.Te]Ai,-ntol eie
Shetlttuo', at stetiets, rtwitht ay of tie a ticket but -solicited tone. Oiing
ttted . ito tiisrah.h uteeb to the discourtesy of te junior hop
Welok p . r''they are to appear tetetanaeetorrqustagoe
ay. Adreesaalt.mate itended foriubicstnda- oreisexeddt te
tintto the ttanagittg Editor.Altbusiames adtecutse xeddt te
- ommuntnications outiiliteent to tile]ns- tewspaper representatives were de-
THE . nnDAILY, ied ui. If the event lan in any
Ann Arbr. Kric. fmniner tetded to widen the breach
EDITORS.. existing betweeno Frats and Ide-
S. W. Ctn, 'W, Maagitg Editor.. pendetnts the former must hold
.1I.. CHAPMAtN, 'T2, Attist. Maagig Editor. thenseves resionsible. With fe-
It.E. bcRsetton.'5, AtaL Managng Editor. garis to visiting the riik in the
J. . c.Tcm'ts, 'S,Buosinett Manager. afternoon, themage ntoth
F. . ~ nirT,'9i seit.usie~ Maagr.DaII Y id tot deem te event of
c'.or tientoo, oAtiscHuinno ane.sufficient importance to warrant any
w P. Vp tano, 'El. I J . Aatz.t.. 'EL
F J. 3 otcrwt-'2, 0. C('it. tatie, '0"5 sichoinnovation to increase its pop-
w5tFlLt.saoct.'St21 i~rtettitnt liveh. '04. cluarity. Speaking of enterprise, a
F. E. itenotno, 'te. -LCIA KanVa il.
___________________ conparisoto of our cotenporary with
. ~A,;. od.. - the a iY swilt showv most potently
The Editors do not old tiemsevesnrspo-'where that article ight be nmost
niblefr theopioon oestatements of comres- effectively enpoyet. Before again
podeta apetrtt aek Ootv essayng the roe of a "critic our
Aseee pleasing surprise greeteid the ad- I fredwud owllt
iiirers of '90 lit, Saturday imoovn-Iifornm himself of te facts wereof
iog, vwhen imore class spirit and ei- te speaks.
thusiasimn was idisplayedl than eser Mck Snat.
Before since its advent at the tini- I 'roe President of the Secate an-
versity. It is to be hoopedl that thois ptonicedt the folowing connittees at
os not a temoporary spurt 010 the plart a ieeting held last Friday:
of its menmbers, bot rather that Elections-Adams, H. C. Harvey,
tloiretoliisasio ona cootiiuetoParsotns Weber and Holy.
grow and take shape until '92 lan Appropriations-titears, Roberts
oot-grown its proverbial repouta-1 and OConnor
tion of beiiogottry tdevoid of classIjuiar StrshiMrin
spirit. 'h'lerein no reasoin wvhy. '90 Finaice-Shledono, Smith, Crane,
shouold not conec to) the front this Lo, Parsons.
year, its last in the hUnivorsity. t Coiooierce -- McGuire, Moyle,
would be calumny to say that '92 I Mleas, Wrhitely, Wlitsett.
does nt tpossess the oit rial and jtter-state Conimerce--Crane,
ability to take its stand in the first Broninlg, Wentworth, Vancy, Jew-
ratoksJtl tt n-s neededf is an or- eli.
ganiied ant iatiotic effort on, the Fiseries-Donoahue, Hall, Ryatn.
lat of tlsq class, ad its nerits will k-Aricolture--Friedioan, Erdlit,
becomne atparet. It is to-be hoped Shipp.
that tioos mgy bit tlecase and that l foreign Affairs-Browninig, Web-
'92lt s'ill sxeb' apsecoent, ovwichlo err Storms, Wlcott.
sill bc vooteol by atI'future classes Pensions-,--Wlitsett, IBurke, Rob-
at Pe 1 of 'i jees, Sheldon, Burife.
TnnOEtAILYeas very ujtoiniain torse edi A'lilitary Affairs-Jeffers, Sears,
torial of lst Satroay sttinag that witig'00 McKenzie.
the discourotey of the Junior hop commitee,
t as not suppied ilk a tiket to the Juiaor Naal Affairs-Holly, H. C- Har-
lop, and tierefore ws unabe to give an an. Vey, Mc~iuire.
rount of tie affair. Te Jnior hop eoittee-
vteid to extend~ to bot college papert otmpli- Public Lands-Shoarp, Gord, Bur-
mentary ticeots and aty member of te DALv nett
staff coudt have had one for the akig. Bt
even thougho tot treseted wrti oa, sith a Iindiaon Affairs -BIridge, Sears,
lietnteprise on teir part, they coud have Burke.
goneto the rink inth ie aftenoot and obtained Tertis-mh MylB -
all the iformatln eded foe an atile. TrioisSato olBr
Sueh lak of etnterprie wilt not inreae the net.
DAILY'S popuarity, oe will it teao int do aly- Railroads and Canals - WI. M.
thitng bt wideoteolreaoy toar seporated
factions of teonunivrsit. Harvey, .Rosenberger, Jeffers.
to the above editorial, abounding M~anufacturers--AMeals, Rosen-
in inaccuracies and promptetl by berger, MNears.

+ Gek Latist, Frenoeh, Germant,stnd Mathetial:
IText.4"~ Books, New atntd eeonutland at
Bo O ks - Univarsiky Booksellers, - - Etat Street.
- lotur depatments-CommertialNo textgook
oremnuritttxrk- Engls.tShotnd ad
Penmanship. Feganttbidtn. agat-it
'" - tlenaree. efrcet itnstetorOtwok thir
S- - ooghltiigexpencartextemely lowe 12.2ato
$2 5per mach; studentsasasisted to patitioat.
For eataogoc, oddresno P.RE CLEAJOY, Prersidrnt.
Education and L~abor-Wolcott, 17 TT TT Tiv 17

Ryn iho.Mines aind Mlinitog-Loeb, :Rob- _
erts, Card, McKenzie, Martin.~
Roles--Moyle, Card, IBurnett. Sprfng
Accounts-Weber, Mears, Har-
vey. 1Suit in s,
Coast IDefences-Wohtitely, Stornos, ~J'
World's Fair-Jewell, H. C'. Har-I Pantalooi
vey, Adanoo, Whitely, Yaoncy.
Claims-Btudge, Roberts, Sharpe. And
Patetst - O'Conoioor, D~onahuoe,
Civil Service atod Retrenchtnent- Vaflcy
W'entwvortho, W. Me. Itarves , Fried;

L- L11I.L

IItIostoffices and Itost Roadls-ErtI
lit., Yancy, 'tichtoor. EttIot ExANAND NS coii.i Ni
'Thieneniorial to Colonel 'l'ufto, J S~ / T P fK
the foitnider of Tufts College, will
be placed in the state hooise. No. 19I Sototh Mai Street.


BUSINESS LOCALS. Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
N~oticnes iseteeed in this columnt at thte rate, ihia Railwy
ot 10 enrapter line. Speial rates toe longer .c.an wy
time, and etellIces fitrnished by applinitg att'
thte DAILY olkieeli. Time Catrd in effectt Jatiiary 00,192
LeOSTo-A tilaek Etnglishi setter. Finoi- 1 Atrivai oft ra at Atn Arboc otily.
er returts to 30Moaytnard."
Los'T - A laldy's gcoltd teek-ehtaino; G1OINO.
dotuble stratid fastenoed in osie elasp. No. 1. Mail ad Express.00.... . :2 .
Findr plaseretun t "l8Jeffrso No.3. aster, Ann Arbor Aceota.20010aitt
Fneltesertrst 8hfest No. 5i. Sail Passenger....... . 4025 p.In
atid receive reward. GIGscrt
Spritog tats at the ToSosns. Opent-No.I2.Staill Passengere.. ti.....1 1 a. ini
hag day, March 1st. Mr. Youmatis, No.:4. Stall Expres...........i.l4 p.m.
Mr.. Knox antd thin celebrated Silver- So. 0. Passenger, Toledo Accom.111 ,00. nIi.
mnat atot the To'o Samos. Telephiotne Tais3n 6 rita betw-eent.AlitArbir snd
No. iii.Central Standard Time.
All Trains Da~ily except Sitndity.
lien. Past. Agent. Local Agent .
P11010 G R A P1ERAPR /9h
NO. 12 W. 'HUNS
Repairing a specialty. 4d OUTH IN T esaKax
Ann Arbor Savings Bank
An ro ih.Cital Stocko, $50,000, ______
Sorpluts, *100,000._________________
Organized under the General Banking Lamw.
ofthis state. Receives Deposits, boys and - t.
sells exchange o h ricplcities of the U J ., >lT~bbl'\ 7 ~N
United States. Drlafts ranked upon proper SteSretGors
identificastiona. Offiers:SaeSretGoes
CHRtSTYIAN SAme, Prert.slct
W. tD. HasSISAt.,NThee Preas-; Students pstronage expecially slctd
CHAt. E. hisooct, Cashier. 24Ss. STATE STREET.

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