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February 13, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-13

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THE U. of M. DAIL..

. . '1' '. V~tt Germian" b)y Raymond Weeks. The
,- wittiest antI brightest thling that has
foundtlits way into the College
,anbishedt Daily (gsedays excepted) during apesi aymnh S"
the Coiece )tear, bypaesimaym ttss'On
Consequncie of C'o-Education," -a
THE Ui. Of M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION brace of triolets fresh front the in-
HE geniouss trains of ''Ted'' Smith. Ar-
_. thur HI. I1Iolmes conitributes another

+Greek, Latin, French, German, mndlMMtthienmatical
T ext j Bottks, New and Sieconslhtand at
B k University Baooaselers, - - State Street.

The TEtitttrs do ctno titdtemnselres respon-
sieiforttheiopininsitrtsitmntii oflt cotrres'-
ponts,napearing in te tt.AT
XVc wish to extend cotngratulationis
and thanks to Prof. Staisley for tile
inag nilicent cuincert of last evening'
Nti cxc IFriday evenigthere still
be gisven it the Opera Houtse aniin-
ioor athletic isiectitig. The objects
of this tn-cuing are in'ofolid, to oh-
tain isiiotiey to send the ball team
can) anti to enconrage in-tdtor atil-
letics at the 1.7niversity.
'The tiesniht are condunctig the
tmeet ig repiort mnty entries among
wlioii are soime of the test kinoivn
athiletes its the Ujniversity, the fooit-
ball teanm being esp~eceally well rep-
resented. 'To prepare snch ati en-
tertainment retquires mu tch wcork,
tot on the part of the imainagetmeitl
aind the cttnmpetitors, atid the slt-
deists onghit to showe appreciationt of
tine efforts of the msanatgement hr
tutruing out inifullI ftrce. '[le fac-
slty hate shotswn their ititerest bty re-
mtoving the long standting restrictittn
againist boxinig.
Let every patriotic sitdentturint
otiniext Friday to help the ball teami
anid enconrage athletics at our I'ii-
The February Inlander.
The Inlander is out this itorning
n-it one of the best numbers yet.
'lhe leading article, "Detroit in the
Revolution,'' by('. 1IdBusrtoit '74
law, presents a picture of the qitaintt
population of Detroit at te out-
btreak of thse Revoltiotnary XXar.
'The article is one of great geineral
interest, anti is rendered all the
itore attractive by three fitne photo
eingrav'ings. Stome of the niaterial
ioi this article is entire ness. 'The
mtaps of D)etroit biefore atnd after the
Retvolutiitn hare isever beftore been
publishsed. Itn revieswing ''Leswis
('ass" for the Novemsber hIlander,
MNfr. Henry A. ('haney imadle soite
statemeints concerinig the ftoreign
policy of Cans to which the author
tf the took takes exception in aix
article entitledl "rise Rights of Nat-
stralized Citizens'' Fred F. Briggs
'g; is the author of a wcell writtens
"Fable for Critics"" The Week
of tlse Isabelle'' is a sketch fall of
vigor and. draniatic movement from
the v gf le pen of J. R. Effinger,
jr.,,tt9i. One of 'the best stories of
the. year .is..'f rn Exaaiiuatiorn in

of the slialect pieces for wvhichi le is'
sit well kinit. is latest lprodutc-
tioti cauled1 "DIe Nosy 'reaclier'' is
atn excellenst piece of hitinoros
wvritiing. 'Tle February number of
the Iulander contalins a great deal
of creditable verse. "'To JPhryne"'
is the title of a poem front the ntis-
chilevous petn(If E. L. \IMiller 'coo.
J. R. Friedman is the author of ans
excelleint poeni,''Her Lisle.'' Michi-
igain Verse conttains a great variety
of shorn poemst. It is eticouragitig
to note that the ne dergraduiates are
begining tin take greater interest itn
literary trork. Nearly all the con-
trilbutionstisotseInlatnder so far
hiave cosmse fromsithe Alumntii, but the
pnresenst ntutber shiows conrltusiv'ely
that tie neditergracluates of the L'. of
ML are etitirely capable of dloitng
good literary trorkin isboth prose
atnd verse.
Atlpha Nu Literary Society Election.
''Antytmeisber wvho shall not save
pail all cites afin les implosed by
the Society, and iwto shall not hsave
takets part at least once duritng the
seniester, prorided lie be asked by
tine proper comsmittees, shall forfeit
the right to vote. ''-Front the Con-
Yale-Harvard Debate.
One if the speakers to represeint
Yale at the comsing Harvard-Yale
debnate tell be chosen at a competi-
tive debate, twhere the question will
be the otne decided upion for the its-
tercollegiate debate. 'Three prizes
twill bse offered its the competitive
debate, the first bneing thne histor of
represeisting the univiersity, the sec-
ond $12 and the third 1$9. The
lKenst Club will select another of the
speakers and the President ttf the
Yale Union trill appinlt the third.
'I'his last acioin is taken to insure
Sthe participations of 'Mr. M ullay iu
the intercollegiate debate, He is a
nietuber of the senior class, a Keys
mats, a "1L11t' editor, and is trying
"for the Totwnend Prize, His tuany
Sduties tvill not permit hsisi to enter
rithe competitive dlebate, but the
1Faculty desire that be should be one
of the three tmets to represent Yale.
As previously stated, Chauncey
Nt. Depsetw will preside, and it is
1possible that the date hitherto se-
clected may be changed to sit Iis
fconvenience. 'There will be many
Y ale alumni on. he stage, ansd it is
proposed,;to invite Coy. Bolkley,
'Lieut. Goy. Merwin, Judge Morris,
M Aayor Sargent, ex-Govs. Ingersoll
iand -Harrtson, ex-inrister Phelps,

m Fouititdepartmrents-Commteercial.tsr text-bini,
it mitnuseitpt work- &ngttst, Sthorthand ani
- ienmtanshi. Flegaictbuidiag, targeeit
- -- - tcadane ttiittrinstructtos, ork thot-
$25per sweek; studentsaasnitei topositios.
Foe catalogue, address P. K.itt ASS President.

NO. 12 W. HURON ST. 'S rn
U. HAE?-EPR Suitinqs,
Repairing a specialty. SOUTHnMIttST
Ann Arbor Savings BankPatlos >
Ants Arbor Mich. Capital toc , es,,000sso,
Sureplas, $100,000.
Organizedunader nbceOGtieraltBnunamg cans !A[nd1 -
efthi uascale. Receives Deosita, says and (
aella exchange en uhe principat cities stfte -
United States. Dtsnashe uon proper
idniiatin. OfficPrs
W. tD. HAsasnan, Vice Pres, Fa c
CHAS. S. HISCOCtKt Cashier. 14
and the Rev. J oseph Ttvwitchel Of Vestingrs
THartfordl. A large delegation is
expnectedh froms Harrardl, and nsoney FROMt E:NcLAxis ANtI Suvt1. SNI)
is beitng collected by subhscriptionis
to propserly entertain the visitors. JA '
INotices inserted ins this cetamnas tterate Nto. hut Southltin~s Street.
ot 10 cents per lisr. Special races teertlonger(
time, and extra linaes tarnished sty applyiag atI.
te DAILY of ee.t
Sesoo Wstce~n, -TheGoletu Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Eagle Clotinig Companly, sof Detroit,', Michigan Railway.
will be reltresented by Mr. Rosengar-i
tenu, at te('ookHtoutse, 'ITuesday, Feb. Tme tuard in affec Janttarey 4, 1i2.
16h, nwiths theircomplete line of Spritig Arrcral at trains at Ants Arboro ny.
(lothts for Suits, Spring Overcats anst
Tr-ottsers. They are still ming aettGOtNGNO TH.ys
leather of ftull tress scits of fine itti- No. 1 Mailt ad Express ........ a n
- ported wiorsted, mtude itt the best style No. 3. Passgr, Ants Arbor Accent .120t to0t'
at $3.'Te best tof city references No. 5. Mail Passenger -0........ 55 p. i.
giveni. By leavisng youtr atddress at te ttOIsNSOTH.a
office of Clue Conk Htouse, Mr. Rloseti- No.21. Mail Passentger .......11 . t it"
gtsrters willeuall ott yoit. No. 4. Sail Express- - -s....... a.s pt.
- Ne. 6. Passenger, Telede Acc. 7 ,00 a.in
S-op-Go and seeXWil's tewsptrttng Trais aid S cutsbetwecen AnntArbtruan'd
susititngs. Fifteets orsders takens Thiurs- Toledoaonly.-
daFeti 11. Central Standard Tine.
day, Alt Trains Dily except Sunsday.
1.ss't'-A biluek pansy Scarf pits set w H nSNNETT, R. S. GRENWdOO,
wnithi diamtndtlits centre. Retcurnito 914 Gn Ps.Agn. oa Aet
S. State, tand receive r-ewtsrd. Oe.Ps.Aet, LctAei_
Assesstlie of Neckwear just received
atud tno better styles nill be found ittD
towsnts Yost till say they are onse-hualf V~ar
the priee you pay for thuem elsewhsere. Q~u 4 (
Mack & Schmnid. is\
Ladies of the U. of M'. will find it
greatly to their advantage to call on us-
whuen inu teed of Cloaks, D~ress Goods
oFacDrGod.Mc&Scmdor e L adies' Makintoshues in beautifnl
varieties, juxt received at Mack & C A
Schmid's. I~
to $4.50, nmarked $1.95 at Mack & EEOMO
Sebmid's. J P SISO p S~~
Hot and cld bathus tO cents, at Post Tu.D .ISN. .X OS
Office Barber Sfhop., Stato Street Grocers.
Full line stew style collars, 4 ply, 15 e Students patronage especially solicited.
or 2 for 4'5' Mack & Schumid. 24 S. STATE STREET.


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