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February 06, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-06

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C.Of'M r k ' i taswelabandon the sparring,' +FOR of] e e 1I TE SECOND SMETE
-~ f ~( wresigandwllfeticiag contests, the Q He Eli.U ~L WUNJW2LIU~L
base-haltl enlte(rtaainmsenttwthichaiaas Greek, Latin, French, German, ans] Mathlnnttjnei
the tihe I ai rrunaex epe, duing to base been given intt Iniversity + oks\e«' andi Secondiflaiat
131 nM rh3 n aclte T"THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION II] tl iac ,adcne
conitrac ts iith our coacb PeteCon-
wvay, ansi:lose the rink. The pros- Pa . ks +
il d rW-tat-t-Singe Oennirsti3 ets. On, sale a t C tof aii11eastern liilastyear was ' -wsrpinp-e e er naibyUnvriyBosles tt tet
anren an s iaPostatofieerwris tattit lI: t he ii life of' athletics. All the enter-
o'cckr,tno. Subscripttionnstay tbe )nitat fu
Thn otit t-s te titus., (lnspeira SeSoc, at tai a turnts f trte beneft Iof bass-ball _ _ _'

Shean's, it Stoetorithsattt asf th
Cottmtticztion shrilt a~ecitheitice tnnby
o'coci,ia. m.ttittreyare toa ttpet atttheient
day-. Addtresrtlltmat ter nitndedttotrttpubalica-
tiara to the MantaingeEdtittor. Altltbssintess
commtnttttinrs stultd1btersettott teBuai-
neras -atarrr
Arts Arbar, tMich.

n-ere largely attetudetd, atit the tintdtts
tf the nstutdetswere tilvertedl frit
tunhiealitynlportsto Itase-ball.-
"The petitiont this year asks for
but tite lay itore titatn was gratnteti
last year, attitl Idid nay best to gel
the tript witit he liehml it f last
year's, hutivansunable to ciiisit in

EDITORS. accout oth e difliectity- of secutrintg
. 1'1'crriet ',9i, ManttagitnEdtottr.
t.,. L.t'APM N~s, '92, Artist. ManainEditt ilon. dates whi ih arvtardianti tale. I
Wv . Mu-les-ttn - Pt. Atat. NMttanagiitorn catitot see httwt the Facility can cuitt
J. a'. J't is 2, Bustlituess tMatnarn.
F. Ei. Sntr,'93, Asrtst.l Itasraitutinae. this trill doiit witlhosttdeciy inigits
C. W. tiaCtuenT.'ii, Assist. Buiessa-lian'r.the privilege if titeeti ig lthoe utwt
5. 5 . its titinnti,13.t .. Ast -8 ~,93 ti-erisii. hec ief tle if tile
Fatc. til-ri. i nwii 9. Ii Pa-sc, ,"t
«'t.I)crI.,Nst at iii iTcas ttnir. Ith4. i1lvii
5. -- tiiiti..n ,ew t ae O hatevetr acin h htte Faculty

NO. I12 Is thON ST. DIrng S CO1o3UIFS
ilt-t eti at atktgte Fib o ur Sn istmnt's h ica x-1
tip sty li-pn iileltiss apntI7lilsinn littytatis
= nds cec fic~en insructrs, +o i'tl~t

The Edittsdo not ld tutiursisli-esr I-eso-
sbefte iti i s ori tnstatemtiti ofti I eat
atttett, aptrin niThi ie iDalt.
Tii rlint .t cells attenitionto anthe
iniserable contditiont of the st-lk iit
the east sitlecif the lainbildcitng.
The tttldatid clisratvtiis--icauseid
by the c-nttrutctiotn of the ticit-addii -
lion, have tmaile it nearly ittpossibile
S()itimelittl 5the future, lperhtaps
text year, the reatlers of tite l~st cx
nill be glad to learn of a chtange in
the old atntlantiiquatedtlcustona cf
reserviag seats for the lectitre course.
It is needlless toi go over te argit-
mtents whlichhatee ecied sin tfan-or
of suelt a cltarige. The tmatnifest
sup~eriority of the ('hortlUniont
ttnethtod is evisdent. ttiblic ointlion
tn terteilily iii fatvcitof thte latter
tmethtocd,andth ie tray to)britig it
aboutt, is to elect next year, a board
its harmtony writht popular snutient.
The Base-Ball Situation.
lise -hell Mlanager, Ralph Stote,I
inan askeid this mooni ng if lie had atty

tak~es, I hcipe iwill lie taientext
MnI a vitevieting, p.an everyboitdy in
iwirkingtin ai thatlf-hteartedlicay, the
cansdisdatenstire iot nearlyi as ntiuc-
nianlit- an they iere lent yeas.,eail
bane-bltl natters genierallIy tate
Unity Club.
yt the pi te (lublso11 Montday
text, M1r. M~ax Winkler will reed a
paperttoittJcart PaulRichter,'"atnd
MisElsie Wlnitnnan trill give ata
per etititled, "-A Witnter at thte Cot-
corern Art Schtool in Washnllgton."
The clutb wishes to call attenitiont
to a chtanige irs date whtich it tas
seented atdnisable to mlake for several
reasnts. It seenms that 00 Feb. 15,
the famous intt aderewnki trill
give a recital in I; nivernity hail,
wich conflicts with one of thle bent
lectures ott the Unity Climbs course,
thtat of iDr. fluharlen Fleltrer, of
Granid Raplids. Thme lectitre in to
be about "A lay ontthde Rhtine,"''
wvitha 7stereonpticiatn-viewns. Since
ttlein i the cane, it seetts liest to
Ichaetge iteslate froitttMoncday-, Feb.
- lvt SatnurdayFeb. -3


I; s\ % And4
' Fancy

S~~Velit psonstpaidi inirecenist of priice.
RhOEIIM 'k- &SON, Fritint I-:

E"GLA.nlt)5,AND-ritit. iNh)

D~etroit, Micemh. 1I O7TlT1P
Bathr totomt irtntaanectione. Porcelain 'rtsb. N.ItSrkE ttrS~d
Show~1er 1lath earasected s-ith eacht'Taub.
,J. R. TROJANOWSKI, 1 Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
as Fi. WanltraatnSt., AnrnArbo~r, Michtigan. I Michigan Railway.
--- - - ---- - imt e tard iseffect Jarnuary 24, 189:
The atintal gymnnastic chattpion- Arseal at trains at Aria Arbiir taty.
ships of te A. A. F'.trill beteti

initimoatior s e to whiat sdispositIioat the 'Tlure is bitt vne irrincetoin gradui-
Faculty wsostlcd make of the bane-ball ate inthie Vale Lain School, atndlite
petition for te :-atern tripi. iHIclis thinsitinctioa of beagtine first
sai: Princeton teents etiter the school in

it ei ok lre~Nuo. 1. Mrril andtiExcres--..... . i - i
- > i--__..__Ne. 3. Passer, Ass Arban Aec-itat.l1 iii o
BUSINESS LOCALS. . MaiiPassnger........- -'. .m
LNstricsneredliantis eaolrmrratthslurante Nro. 2. Mail Passean-er--....t.11l ni
of1aent pee r cnlirue. Scecial rtes ttor eager Nro. 5. lail Espress- --....... . li 0p .i
rirae, asd earns liars furnishbni y appling IrtNa. 6. Parsenger, Talerdo Aec-turrt , 00-.im
the DtAILY ate-S Trainsse. ads crt setwen Ati rboiui ri
L-i,-r'Two livedalsliar bills kietwnisToesoo etrial SaatrlTn
tire lost offse anrd the Uraiversity. lie- Ail Trainss Daily-excert Studay.
tuarrn Io U.-of Al.Dhi, rosffice andl l'- w. 1H.- BENNETT, IR . rs tsRNOOD,
ceive rewtardi.Gert. Pass. Agentrr, Locsai Agnt.
A netslifnre of Neckwnear jutnt receivedh_____________________
ansI rut better styles will be founirr llr
towna. Your will say threy are orre-half
thae pricer you pay faorlihera elsetere.e
Meek & Schamid. pQ5
Ladies of thae h7. of HM.viinirtf
greatly to threir adlvanrtage to call onlran
whtenillir raed rof Cloakus, Dress Goods 1
or Fancy Dry Goods. Macek & Schmnid.
Ladies' Mackinikoshes fi beartifful A01. Ie
varieties, jurst receiverd at Mlack &A-,
$1.9-5-800h silk rrmnbrellas worthr $3-5O
to $4.511, narked $1.95 art Mack & ________________
>Selamid's. Q
_ Hot arid cold bathas 10 cents, at Prost T,. D. STIMSOIT & 8O1s
Office Barber Shop. State Street Grocers.
Frill line mew style collars, 4 ply, i-5c Strudents patronage especially solicitedl.
or 2 for 25. Mack & Selsmid. 24 S. STATE STREET.

"I.lsknot ntotinirgnimore lhau nnhat
theD u. nhiasalready pulnishednc,
namiely, that a conmnittee of fine lies
been appoint~ed to investigate the
lustter, htlwhern that comntnitlee
will report I rhonot krnow.
Ilhope tine'Faeulty mnay decide
the rusatler on ?Monday evening,

'lie phnysiceel sdepartmencrt of Amai-
hterst, under uDr.I}citard iHitchcock,
hen compiled anthropontetric tables,
undler fifty-five itemst, of the average
measureinents of bodies, proportions
sald tests of streagthr obtained during
thre cllege years 1861l-2 10 1889-90

because if arm eastern trip is to btc fronthtie study of nearly eight thous-
denied us,- all ouir efforts to raise ansiAnmherst stuidents front t7 to 21
mroney will be without object. We years of age.

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