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February 06, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-06

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AT'. l

Vor. ll.-No. ,)1.



INCALLS' LECTURE. I Tbt lecture was half ended before( Communication. I
Jr Int l egntodi mS heEis elofsni
An Interesting and Pleasing Talk ial ea o(irs h
by the Brilliant Eu-senator. '"prioilemis"'hchare to lie soilved tIn eet su,017 R
i~irg a iil a~I~reiisticeing sothe les;t century, and ic iih, li rentssciiisekoa
was ssemledin tuivesitt 1)1 popoitioni bs the I'Universitysofif
wasassnibeilin ' nn-esits Hllas lit saidllie was thanul ilie isouldt iscotisin ts o oina western inter-
last evening, Do hear Lx 8inatss t o arri ete. Ilth tcolleit'thlicnassociationi. To N -W'
oli 3'1 guils els-e I isle iter11lem m ieintioinedl was thec stifIt outfi our readsers, at least, it
wl"Polilenis of oirSieiondsislE'eii-betiset cptlasIllsi II ins thiat such 'in associatioirnolid
lii Ilt5 i i si ilil c pro ei ed ai unesoon to i neril biittoliiilu11 it ~ltliy intrem
is islitei " iieicans5155iii lst1abd11ictie te do tin oalltti s iiiiamnig westernl cotl- 11ltl{JI
nl liesient rearkstical ilt I iiiiiileiglsii ci iti e i s tliain an)-thing else ciulil is-
liti ic 'its iiiei sltI thiat «mliii tiri a'ucestiirs ltft, a-is usl do. lit ill recognize tilefait
tenllsiisim. i eI Itpoke of thelt 9i5 l ifiii-hencs
sub ulmmui iii it~i~ iii~ilii'' tiiiiiofid the riiituse oflthit ballot, estermi conem'es to enteri isitli theiim LS
«e th se ate. ktiumils have, forii cnidr
is- ipparai ciii 'mci sill inill li~li thatii t e motl s tipti anlt intousila silt tii Iotestn suints fs
barsi tile mut-lilt'esuss i irest ses-I lo s i ssIs Is ls I ntist l est sc I illibysl iis sii i
p blmo his es-lure . (tier let 1 1 s-if S catldntt eein i ng Ei s o
I iiisasliranc fSenator11515Ihtglls''bosgi hit Ir. is liiidisusse
is iiititeliwlsis it'-I 5~ frame whci ihit isis well Ikmissn 0to snc et as iccthe sdtsciiig amslosfor
thsI favorii mi inigrati liii 'suitsotialissis the easit ini New citAn aai
pli ar ii ittlecnoiofii teliead «islieu )

Mailed to You
'Through Your

1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i th iiwossi l~ e li~ itrlil whlose isais are1Den - ions li lt cii ifsiori ll~ llit I ~ lt ii i o c , 'lm re a t iis ies tsc l the ss c ha i oshctsipiof t e m
oissrasmifItt. I istii to n. i1il~slll o i
11111li ltne iiilmsosst feeclte effect s Itihain ilwhose samles sie IEli.'' lcou try Iscomiit'i/i, "liiccue t olf ris -iin-lssse aet'tennllnSye
I)<iHestliois nihicli byothtert arelit o5-01Whet ltou is inIlic silllesne 'ililetis'nn'iiei
Iigon is topponent ts, iof tiel rad , .thesrisasin the colle's ath xliic wirlSi in sin ins ii i o1]ittarl s is a im a ittrtr
stittli if his arm ss inithl i chlii lite ut cI i la iltilst lii111 ilt Iniste-adlofiitakimng it liir grntees thliat is-iii'ss ei i tiec'isluiet
MrIm nalls cintirelyn-ored.
illi1115 hi lsit cii-I I ci -ittle iial sisiln Illrinceton hIielit CC' l pan s cllsrmst.00-.I
silluusiionito f liht. Inishe ist Ipstar it i ilile-ii it il selve ItsBy allIme alls letfis have a DI'- J't-l ' 1HleIt.
rt'Senilr Iisil s ~iikt thesestli-es wsithi the soliuin of te iwstsernin ster-cuillecgiteti 'ssocitioinI__________________________
grester sines. 'ITose mihui have cier aistustriti ew a aenn
sit~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ke ltiessioliiliis111Clt'isMr. lngalls ill Congss or huhiave5 in liiltn lII:IA
I lilt Ili i isl ~lt Iisilcl -'ltes nof thle athletic spiri t saim ng thle~ fl 1Lj
toin unt onitil hlose duailitisi i nofis cllag wIe5(ii I stern coslleges into lpraitlitcalri-
mnduia'ndslreligiossn'whichi haie al- hardly sfail to be slightly idisappinlt- stilts. C. ( C itis. SpcIc I 5..t L
ecl sithi his lecture, for it scas wn-t-. - '- -
teaascsolced so mny ijislioiis antIe ok.aesllna ral e
whichi, he wsas 5ture, isould solsve all mn u -ecstiiian sliti ha e oos ied prIhicsther c hoitc eii
lthe lproblemis whi thetetitliiasdisiietIsshetles A large inimber of Germani anid l nt Iitcsfic oc
cetrHma shil e lowsspleakssif Iispistuical lifte iil loliicnisebI.htof NeckwectrITUncloi-
store- of stril ole 'anh developmnt sase uto hcatauheilms eiti t the library. IThey ticsreat11t il li'iihili
remeivec mew nteest r om f 011the uniisilem IaiiIal ecslIpml rsmipisnl Irincipally of literary an ii istoical G'ositt .
interest in time issues idiscuissed. tslis Seitvumoliumes tof H1-fel( o isi- od
isurrenti if(droller y ishichcli'tonm -;_,- tpc. SvnenG a d isetgo s
mvidis mist5 esoi clctmmTableaus Vivanis. I bes ok aeasiarci
It imik o lii I ig ils ii hll Nest IThum rs ciculln mmg in ;i-i n)thme origiinal laisguiage. Phese 1iiI 1
smuntoles, reni-rkinu, in thme l inversity ItallunditeIlte usies of wi orkissuch as are suit traislatedi Chap. Spe]ler & Co.~
gsageoa noaithecr, that lime first t1Im- ' tlilt-' hleltic kssoiciation, lime IDeco- will foiriis time basis for a series of
ily iac liafter l-anding wnas to f'sll on ra'tinte Art Soc iety of Dtriit swilt flectures to be givenl ly- Irof.'lmonias ' 'lte

lhimitkn ees, thmenmthey- arose andl fell ine t'sab lsux ivns illustrivm of
spillnlte borigi-nies, anditsieteneithlie greal Inli hpotets. I There isill
mus ltheClii Iese. BItus of l'sughter Ie sevetratchi'siacters ifromechitof 1s
mush appisliuse greeted eachm onc of his1ltelpoets, Chs'siiei .SpcccmSha kes-
Sltmoi aii sarcasms; estiecially s i'ssI tc'rc NMitonsasHIricklitronin
thec udiience enthumssiastic mileu, iniIeonysion, Arniold, etc. ASmith oi-
hus remii'rks on the Cliilean tr oubles, cliesra ilstl fuiinishstmusuit. [lie
lit cmupared the Unilted States to a entertainm'ent will be giveni by souse
great condor swooping down upon of the best known tattles in Detroit,
tile little bantam rooster strutting in under the dircectiotn of fils frost-
lime barinyard, and comnnended the bridge, whto lint one of the Greek
sdmiomo of arbitratinugwstll England, pla ys on the stage in the East last
amid denmanding apologies anti threat-' year. Allthtte tableaux wsill lbe given
elis1 war whlen difficulties arose tinder calcium light, antI the enster-'
villi a government not so powerful tainment promises to be bsothi uniq~ue
as use of oulr sm'all states. and enjoyale.

next seiester.
The Assyrian Lectures Cancelled.
P~rof. It. It. iyon, of Hiarvardt
hUniversity, iwhmoinas to lecture here
oni "'Assyriati 'M1oinumeints ainclthe
IBible,"' has caincelledt Iis Ants Arbor
anii Chicago etngagenments. He wvas
to lecture here betwveen semesters,
buit his stork at Harvard conflicts.
Enough tickets had been pledged to
bring bin', and many still be disap-'
The books for the "D~amnation of
Fzaust," save arrived.-

I 9iozhrn Straight Qut.
No. 1
Cigareite Smokers whou
nre willing tosmty a littlQ
F more thathl e price
chiarged fon tie ordinary
trade, Cigarettes, nillineii
-tHl ISaBRANaperior to
s 1 The ltichmonsd Straight
tat no.ICigarettesn aremade fromiteright-
esti must deilcately flavsred and higiest nest
Gold Leae graws isn'Virginia. Thilt intie Ol
and Original Brand of Straigit Cat Cgarettes,
and teas irougit out iy us in tie year 185.5
Bestare or iaitation, antd sbserve thatt tie
firm sane as beow is an every package.
OfC the American Toiaeco Co.,
Manufacturers. -' -'Richmond, Virginia.
Nsorthi Main Street.

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