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February 06, 1892 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-06

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C _ Bt ro l00the pricerof ClothingHasCapsi, Undierwre-, floves, ittens, Ilosiery,
tIRUNKS. VAL ISESe, Fine Shirts, Collars, Cuff;;, Overalls and Jackets.
I We are going to let the public loose aonog thirty-eight thouanid dollars ($38,00000)
_____________ ~wrth of onr echodiA for twenty days, wvhi will lbe till Fidbniiry 9, at (oe-quarnter (;lt
'-- T off marked priue. We boon not pickeonot a fceo goods 00(1 marbed thetaclown, bhot offer
A'T IIE 1 IxvTo S AiRemember robot we arsaying: f)NE-QUARlTER off tie reliicc ofevryrthig aod ony-
hinigi our DoaleI Store. Nst oureidollor to go on the brookis; eercy dolar musi hr casti.
We ought tomivie ONE 1 111)1SANI) 1D(1L1ARS' sworiti if goos eveiryitay t ths
ANY ' PAIkI - Of' - PAYNIALOONS lprices. The J. T. Jacobs Company,
llcadquartrrs fii this sectioii of tie Stoie of Mcitgcn.
hr tic hcouse far $3 S5, costiuig $4 50,$5 oo, .oo$6 oonarid ,65-0 for$3.85. T it.l.Ciutsdaesrild elt areiioi sotiytcrcok t(is (Cc
Sole UN Ill tA If RI)AN'NIT .N B-ConrdelswilowelfllIo come____in,__and__assort___up__their___stocks___at__these___ prices___
.otZ3tTHE TWO SAMNS.+zo as o&~Iiintuw
'i cloftirur, i Does aii enriral Banirngtr businers. Iayir inA
. terrsoni Sating eositsrin.:Hars safety
511Forriotiigo - T O E 1'A W EIII IF Drrvi( iuiro orElit rch ARNOLD'S, - '6Main St
H1. KEEMPF, Prrs. F. 74. Ilt'.~it , C(sier., - 3 ,
511 f~is, Bank___onen______________evening__
Ann Arbor Savings Bank 2A
AT HE TWO SA S. ArtioreMic. Capiitalttocki Ii, lOlti~N DAL 41~j
L_ -BL,.ITZ or nhisrstore. RivsrnDriuuirtos, aytnd INPOOGAPS
srlls xn eourrvinthr princripali eiiirsof Dr FIE PH T GR P S
U7nited Storer. Drarfns castled iupionii iriiiirr MILLINERY AND ART GOODS !
W. u D. H trolRis ,Ve(Pe. 3 ir tet
. 1, . J J. A L_ _ (E , SHORTHAND (Of ifteA
Seri ungia sprcialty. as SOLirtutMAiIN ST tiu i i ( 0Sonb1tt tet
HRll AIIIor StOuiLaJRIII I. C 0 A L. GEORGE L. MOORE,9( Ivorcot itoci)+ +
'WORK CALLED FOR and DELIVERED. FOR HARD AND SOFT COAL, A b'lline (o fll ColegerTt'etliiiio, n uriirire r rzll ndrtMurtrrtit3,c. (iMt (tri
CA,,o'Cheurpirt pare Sir -Niteifali t o vel ov lriui fPcnsintre iity-. IFri-iiii riii-iiiuin. ((((li-ri er".
SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS. olud frietrds. TInwirertmosrientire stock attmy store oni NO. 6. 4Nsr
Office. a23 South Fourth Ave. i. II WEST rWsciii(,iciNS titli Otc.2 OI.


T OWN,1VT' I1J1f w 100 sT() -ICE,~
C) ItIOSIlI.' ILSto ttreci it'd a ftil 1l i tof till Sc onoiilStienfsti- Test-Iloolco. 1 odes)IVRY BCKANG-IIGELIEL
- , rr1ead(lERrY, - f ale SATEattended(to.A.I11
011 ~'I Iladitiah'is fr (furtitit inriIrrncl }itblettton, Silc) I'Oritro furt itr. parn tie, sterirPdit ice
HIOUSE, {ageirt fr'Whlliting's Iltine Sfaionecry itnd IxodC &iffe 4e' J1. ,,,.,tNST Ti.elNA CeertdN teitct'feluet. SorigGos 'teItiritiriirr;Iretyrttrtuiru-I.A1ivet tr
t JOHllS A.-tSiil.11:. H-an all tire iiiep rro octreir-ery-, unitis pe
SREET . Blank I-ooks. IMtattage'l. ┬░earrel te turntfitrottes work eor short rit-
tire. Cornerrriiitwrturrned utserdirt.
Prices reasonablet-trtriwrk-tguarrateet d- No-i
Elcinof Officers of the Jefter- 't F Iit ronrt r. Aa'. iCOVER'], pi cir.
G Ai t,. ntilORi i Itictit irttitrheifleollowinig otfficers witeice cteid Cloth caskets, Metallic
0'I'ED for ic tsJh.' I~(A LOlt' 'titR;. P rcpti- s sotiriterts for any ci(o -te rscirit- a le rorei i f r ct--i-iri-__ CMM N OFIS
-tritre shoillEthe(trntE..l-Srioeiei-ty'rr unIutrucil Thursddctnt i- i --ay ev enintg.- 'rest RINSEY & SEABOLT,
t.rirerutrrts ral cerim. rlctis, C i. jefierstrodgres;t sireti heiroae ulur iio'B kers aiddraier itt
fte most pracl resutsA, dents'I Jeff.41.IRT. ~rrut~i~-rtiitoiri l~lltiters ieprer nt 'Groceries. ProvisionsFiour and Feed,
1c to pepricoAn Ifearinalto d'AtTJaeitR F.. 'S ot toOiiie atir toi ecretary-, T- A - 6 anit S I. Wtrlinrtotin.
For its rCOiRME1ti'rL AND i a01VI3IIANDa DEtAItdM :NtS" (5h' leadtito- schlrrrtor buiiires. I l orriri; cor. secretary,h)attlYanicey ;
Forc the extremeily mtoeratr'expern ui toliirtu e trnt-ttdirg.T ee xpi-isu-e t e r-teonticiartbelit'li- j icri-r 5thl tcanidtates fur this
utred lowerr wth r srtru n tanucry otlltir i-iitatitttr 1i ioutiloiiirtiin- c-iou-y-, arid at the- treasiurer, I - . . Lockton; critic, - lus'lot1ilii ar c uei-iti
som ue ti e lie ellacttdomnfortabler. Ev-err-ting -cirnished-r. ,ib s halc re eq sed o
A. I . V tV.X, Ieiideiit. A. Siuthuerland;l tmarshal, KR. A. Hlt. Eluandulin their cmines at onuce.
- -..It- - . tt1tRIE.st s, SM anager.
Faculty Notices. etirely ini Frencha. .At est coiursi's Adeiphi. Nor ii i . -All isihuito icontetc
riutuandSare ceilttiredut. it - . - rrnthis' boxintg rauti restling toura-
Course 12 in CGreck, isuutuentto ''liefolloinigis this' prograntl for umnutoIile luielh-Fhu. 19, vwill tulcoc-
stiuderats iii all couires. Thur course itn Politicaol Ethics, Irtis es-eoing: handtihulr nameuus ho thur commuuittee
flue teachers' crurse ini Geolourgv (tailoscahhy i) annuountcedl lir thur'at once.-art autul IWauner, Shone.
cith aoot be ive nssmetr. hrst setuiesler, still hue offeredh for tOuReadinur - -u-.-'lire- -i-r-t--r-isGrtr 1.ireBuckloisnan rficon~ite
'hsint n etxlgt e et corses-t- semrester. ('outrse 2illi r~.l-rhiitec Rel. Tlitit it im~re Sir N'N o-t-,c S secoandtl Cof roiceus
Thsenedigtalcrcuss- Rsle.ophy is requireud. All caidliates s-arda rt ceasroibte a State. frtosih' hs (heI'i
anI 6 in Political Rconomry will fo-itaect te') leCu
-tare requiestedl itorenlift names l~at Affirmrative --- -------it. I='Wilt-uoxic
)hrase report at once as informiation nc.Aiuti Negative--------------_---I earborrn will bt' heldl at 3:10 p. tar Sattrday,,
s rrin Iaorsder to avoic oofusoilnrrrt ruaeRe.litAiiruoir 51fresha-
if stock. fl. C. ADAMS. Norces.-A special exaiartiont---- -t"'- nnm aeta irotot d vuur ours, w-heter
'Ihue classes for course 9 ASssayiing, for studenits coocditionoed in Latis N-Ien- Inprartlnius they canrtersrrintiusic or 11(t1 shronul
antdi courrse2f. t'echoical (as Analy'-still be held in Room E:, on "ruday, meeting of the Athletic Bloacd to'- apply.
sis, hoc next senuester are filledl. Fetbraiy 19, at 2p. r. "'his is tre ray, at 6;30 p. nil., alplsa Nu hall. N4oT'r:.--=11 candidaites for '94
Frenchs - Coulrse a i - .Modernl last examinoatiota for conditions. Meeting still hue short. bareballheat h anrd threirtnames ht
frencha Comusedy will lae condutedel 1 cis W.is 15'. ~sts'. 0 C. A, Itasi EN. Ilse managerKitayIM. Gunen.

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