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February 05, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-05

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r"11. Dar school from which it is issued. The
, JJ ~journal is the only one of the many

aslalished tDnily (Sundays excepted) during
the Collenve yeat, ab'
Suscription price X2.50 per year, in satubly
;advalwe dinecopia--a3 cents. On sale at
nfeenan's'anadPsatOficessnes stand at l12
o'clock, aoon.Subscriptions may bes lefts at
heofcecof the DAit,tOpera us clek, at
Shrettass, its Stttlet's, oracw ittany ofithelt
Comunistcations- shouldtresachathe office by
o'clock r. At. it they are to aptpeusare nt
stay. Adtdress ail mutter intensded forputblica-
tion tot the Managing Etditor. All businasss
comtaunica~tiosshtoutld tbt senttthusi-
Anna Arbor, Mich.
SW.C 'tans s, '9t2, Maagingc Editr
G.1.i'ttsAtss,'9a.,Assist .itaatnia- ia Eitore.
W. . MCttttss, 'lit.Assti MasatgunEitorn.
JC.Tuaats, 'li!, Ittsisness itnagttee.
a. . .AssTTE, 9tlA ssast.tflasinesn Staser.
C.'. RtKTscuna, '9d, Assist. tBusinaesMaane.
W. P. IAtu, '93. J.SR. A11EIt 55 93.5.tt
F.1 Mata tvtta.. '92. I Itt AI '5
ti t .tc s aa'92 isaeesatat: s3[t' . i
1. Z;.R asia, 'ta9. tCat tEr.
Thse tEaitores doatoldtthem lsia elverecs tat
cattle late os'spinitttons stsatmet ofI- tat

U'niversity ptiblic-ations whticht is of
abtsoluttly lpractical valueitoitheis
lay stttdetits. It is wvorths ttisaev to
thtena. for it is anittinstrutotar itttile
princpe ol~11ctf the lastachicha are the
c aital stitck oflthe lawtyer. ITe
lawa stuttettws shsouald taste ala espaecial

'F- IlsiBuoks, Ness-attdalSecoatnstdat
130 + University Booksellern, - Sttateatet

atinaerest inthetltJouitrnal, asnadthtey cans
assist ia n aatt tati tg stehigh stand ________
ana seltloytint first imembaetr, by rton-
lrilatiaI;tgoatits stqt~tort. 3 ittigc
Cooly's tconatribtatitat is laoittis to
attract statitasaal atteintionslot otat
laecatase of theautathors celi estab- D-ur eSn 51s t :-PCus c nostia.ot t x tcns
lispsead reittaatin, latit accatuse of ' - -_- It a hi }lgn uldn" 21e
thst timeliclahara cter of the tquestiona ittgh, lI itgtcaasses ata tasas 'ty ia, It .5 t
lie tilsetasses. -50 p ter aweek; stuidetassneisted tat tacitissas.
he iscsse. Fr rataststuue, adress P. R. tEA tti, President.
INTER-COLLEGIATE. F U L ~ odoT il at n'v-a hi IN E
cear, bttthelair anineand1111athiletic 01O -i ttI
team cwilhat tery strong.1 JI xfA
Bly thataill taf Miscs\laaria ietac NO. 12 W. HURON ST1. Spring
slit, brw trtvt aiaersily vetciavcc
l a o,ooo to sendowt a priafessorsip to Rilt-wontaitas- ainisgliar fotlow.- Suiti nqS,4
be knowntvatas that l- Ite-lictsrofes i stsOli-s isa celi~and atai itisbutttions.a
sairsil. 'a

r is vera- seladomtahlat a a glass thacitselvaec to sendiala crewtoa Neac
enters the U'siv-ersity switha catchka tanndloniandviare ntairy-inagtatraise
ttter tatck ofat)ysac Wih he itt- atthg mney tat scndsi 16 tisto a

1,11D 500in~l~.14 la Iantioons,

.u, n i , .) V . 1

exceationlaotata fewtspiasniodic effarts
ion theiartu of indsividu aalsa-.there ihas
I, -eta so manifestatioans ioilifteit 95
tin tine foot-basl ield ansalill the
class taeeting, tlis atte aartless
lack oaf isterest is shiowns., S'lt is
tisis so ? We cananot expila it. We
diepiore tine fact as see have dieploared
it on several differesat taccasiotas, atas
ccc wili continue tan deplort it as
hang as hope reomains. (Ota of tint
ipurposes of the DI).cYv is to foster a
halatiny athnletic sptirit, asadits.cxlli-
insg attentiota to this slutggishnaess it
hopes to furthner this inaierest. 'lhcre
as otaly onethtintg for list freshnta
tat do, andat htia is tat brace upaitasd
Itt somsethiing. 'l'hcre will be a
meseting of the class 011 Satiraday
aftersnootalatrotasmiA, at p. 111
At the last mieetitag only- 5lX tsrneda
oti. FTetresidetlwtas also ab-

Else trainiaag table.
ilTe laestionlafair tiletalVale-C
iHarvard debate will be: iResolveda, -
The immsaigratioto10tine F' S. sisatald
be restricted,.iHarvardi vilm- Sentpataisisoitsreceipt tof pie
taita the affirnmative. iROEIIM SC;SONT,
Tine legisiatare of MA~aine has esn- D~etroiat, Msih
actesi a law swiicha waiicis reqhuires ali
pubaiic schnool teacisers to deitle 0. IK. B.A.RBEBSR SHOP
some line achciwaeek in teachaing BstthsRootms insaornetioasn.Porcelaian Ts
kindiness tatoaimalas.Ssuertnscaetdashcssla
'Fiatfacatlty otatinscetons iave vie- J. R. TRUOJANOWSKJ,
cided to niake every Wedsnesday 30 E. Wasitgn St., Ants Arbosr. Michsigans.
afiernooatassisaif-hotlidiay ian order toaa--
give~Si freer scope to the atisletic Si Edwina Arnoldai has lbeseta'n

-Vestin Js
. lisa-a I ci IANtIAND5SOTLAt ND,5
Nat. 19 Soutsh AltsnStreet.
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
S Michigan Railway.
'vanme Card in affect IDecemberi, 18it
{ riat ot traisaat Ann Arbore only.

gasmes that are uisusally flayedth ien.-
Se-aeral naemibers (if itaefaciallytat
IHarvard iaave protestedi against stat
raf iteDucdleiana lectasres, 'The Dle-
tectioatanssciCotaviction of liteIdosla-
try,* ec., iftiteRaomsissh('lsari. a,
C'-. L.-lark,.0ont (f tse victimsa

sent. This is asni opaportunsity foar ii ieso italassgttsi
shiowvisngclass shiisasndalsisotalsi sot ( grands-standsladuriing thne Sale- insc-
lie steglectsed. iota fsau-bail gaue ntssNsa-a. 27,
- sS.i $u, has susedtithenters oal'the

55VF' take pleasure isa, welcosiisg
slit latest arrivalso-is tefield aot jour-
nlist at ltet sassercity of AlI ciii-
gao. The Nlclisnan .lacy Journal
saccaspies noi entirely necv' place isa
college x┬ęsrnais naansi cots sot
tread up n-lse -4erritory'". which be-
ikongs to' a otiner cotlege. pusblica-
tion 71it Il anexPerieuctta hanids and
judging lrynnI i cobiehts' of ' the
iirst nuiniberccwill reflect great credit
upmon tine 1niversity and sine law

grousid anthesltVale asnd Prinictont
teanasfiat $15,ooo damages.
Prof. Adas has annsouiscedi a
one-hnour examnation for Isis class'
isa tine History of the lieaelopmnt
of, Industrial. Society. Section I
cviii be examiined at the regular lee-
tssre hour next Tusday asnd Section
II wviiilie exaominecd at She regular
lectutre hour on Thnursday.-
In1galls to-night.

gaged to c-rise a poemn for stthienaINGNOTH
inag ,of the wovlsriifair. no. I. staill an Expres .... .. n).
BUSINESS LOCALS. No.:;. Matil Psnsetnger- --...... .3 .m
INotices itnsetted in thia coumns at else rate Nsa. 2. fxil Passeniger .......sits118a.n-at
uS it centts elie. 5Secialrutes tsr lunger tNo. .lail Express- - -sat....... 84 p. ina.
time, anad extra linsaturanihd say applyittgat No. n. iasscenger, ruioedo Annum ...70 t
thse DAMsfice.1 Tratn-:tandt0erun betweens AnasArbarasnd
Iaiss"-Tsc'ivlie adollar blhs laetwceetn Cena tllandard 'iime.
thin most shfiresanltieleivecrsity. lRe- All Trains Daily excepst Suntaiy.
turto In.' of ?N. listLNs' office ald it" w. H. IBENNETdT, 15. S. 0 IEENcvittsO
cehye-erdS. Gen. Pass. Agett, Local As's-t.
A newv lite of Neckwceasr jiust received _____________________
ansd nitter styles u-ill be fotalad in
low-IsYoss cilli say they are none-half
the price c-aoa pay fair thesis aIewchere.I " I
Mack ., Sechoid. A r I~ ? "~
Lasies of the I'. of M. cillindis it 1 1 (
greatly to their tadvanstage to ctlnus0~I~c alE
when i15 need of Cloaks, Dress Goods
or Valleyliry Goods, Mack & Sehide.
ELadies' Mackinatoshes ini beaustiful ~f~~P
varieties, jsct received at Mack&
$1.95i-800O silk ubrellas cworth $3.11)
to $4.50, maarkedi $i.t5 at Mack & ________________
Host lnd coild baths 1I0 cents, at Post J. D. STIM-SOIT & .INS,
Office Barber Shop. State .Street .Groceys.
Fulil lilne necw style collars, 4 ply, l5t Students patronaage especially aolicitedl.
or 2 for 2-5. Mack & SclimidI. td S. STATE STREET.

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