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January 21, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-21

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.-Jr -; eloqient temperance leaders in the
U Initedl States.2 , Be u iu
Mr. Small svas born in lIbSi5, in
Pahbiiohe niiy (Siundays exepl ted) (turing -Ierseanhshdamotw -
the Collsee year, bynnsee ndsha1 ms wn NI)
THlE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION derful career tip to the present time
-a rareer fitll of adsventutres, t hil-
Subscr-iptions price $V1.15t er rear, invreiabty rtge episodles antI seriouis lessons in
it))d tnteSitigcies3t cets.Onintaleat 1life. The iiioSt Ihrilliiigaiiil n
an ot fienwssadtt1e'lock,nsist. Substeriptins tsar ie left a t rrcti se soi assinii slife Isistiary
the sfitcs-etfthe D L ieiieHo usen hlocktit cast tesverlie store graphirallr tosil--.
iheehan's, at ittittet, or stitth any of ;li ti ie r ts s m l it
editos. ta hyar yM.Sml isl
o mu icains soldahisitt-i-ithe iofitf ic e is is5 h inrlr dClst tt it - t t le
untsh . it i is--i 5 tttiparhi mss-Iroiit lar Roosmito Pu lpit.
day. Asttens alsi t m te isiendes o u lc-lo otebaai ' it-it Citbue s itei
iitiiii ti S ttisitg -iitise A tssisstt In 888S, as the Natiuinal ]troliils>t -
comntioss hoe. uldb n of theIBusiiii- trnimii latpls L
esMae.THE U oIM DIL, lr. Sriait srwasoislligedIttst take otI - -_
Ans Arboe.bMicsh. i.it.- tst i-

Ghristma~s Qiest.

i m... Ifillli

S. . *Cst-i-ri ss '9;, itsui g ditoi tr.
G. . IC.1 ti-toe,'itAssiiist.tnaingS Editr.
W. tI; . ii-r-cjoE 55935Astst. ManinEds itorit.
J. P. I itit - 55'9, t i tAssa stser..
'ti.t he St!iii is 94 s s tis lt sis s . sit.r
FitinK MAti-tit -ii1iG s i-s--.5Di' M ic
F.t-E.5t s-sits-tt-- ti ites---
sit~le for the opi i sirstaiemitts o r
1is i is r;:7 ';I)ll~i swissdelaysedi
liescauseiof the-fret-siz itilis-hsi-iter
tist erss sit itt silisci les-s caslt-si

pittrr ststt attstittt)inirese te i
noitInattionstfor the toffice if (ice -a =
Ptresidtisuspsosni te Natioati iroii -50ptertweeh- stude-tnitisteti1oiton!~
bito ut iiiket. Alreadly the itrohlibi-
tionstis of the un iioni tre sri it ingaitnd N D
insissitig tupton iihis tking thestntsfi
itnastin int1892, andstin iih ttisome JAS,'11.STAFFORD,

tttsaisct. (ti-issiint Fst isI, sitti list-
ataiosgue, ostitet-. P. Ii.t.tiLAiY, Pe-idest.

state, I etteg ia, sns sof alli parties
tutu classes tire ttigtsitintsoliea
The (ii tit 5ineis says: lie
itf Geotrgiai.Il~e is a listislscholsr
and Itt- senithiastc ratr. Ile


Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton,
ini ltisi is i n N i oedi.i f>4) 1. 5 i:U klU l
A-f-~ ~ yet-r-littuIt Tisi itsDestlei .... -.its 11 1 ii -t 'ta
J( -IJ u str1ittfg. IF itne Siiit~)... o4,) l 5 (.U ::l
l 1S\ Gtos l tUs euiec t i . e
frouts. C(. iii ,1

last esvetniig tutd eitl ili e if-o tthir 5from us e <n r ) ltisig t iis t isi id f Isis a fits- hlltig pits Iua. ily
liase. li- i. slis-' r lit stl list ls-tts-. silt-i ttiss-nlots lsstsit. iTheon i ne um levi'g:o;; inill, t 5..,
Suippressed, isssicsti s itttsetl, but i irstirs iof tte age -an siats hi - s-ehingt nn- tittiii tI-t~ttssary ss a s~ r~rite nt.
l9OS. MAIN ST., Nit. P Is-iis-i(i'art; ot[ay xissiuTrin".
sili fisssss ses ils-sliss i. \r. Sisisli is-ill leisure Ini -'i eissucet ead .sits ('. u-. &a.- us.. el 11
- sits I sll, lFritiay eeettisig, j ass. 22 retmdo., sts Sie--i i int ttitsdIdanpls
sits~stteNisARBOReitCHisists.I.sir RitisStreli
I)Ri Ysoi 5tcrewoud geaty o th sujec, "ron I~r Ic~oi tlD.S.TRACYun, A.P. A.R, i
sblsige the reasides (ifthe IDmits b ii 155iiitit. - ,Avg.xDETROIT
has-tug risstesinissits issue siat nytimie - '
Iis -doitciumentairy evidseisce"i(or a The- senior slass ofthile Det roit -
Iortioni of it) wichl is sasidItto le cosllege (ifMIesditine hteld a meeting
ssvorn to isy promsinaeint citizsenis, andsilist wieek sisisl agreed to adopait the _________________________
si-iislh tend;sisteasroe itisstatreents cuanditigown.-it - AND OF I qrrp ,"0 TSTT IPHOTO GRAPH R
regardnisg :isnisArbasr asisdte ssa- N.12Wh NST
lsoons; alsoa by statingste late sit BUSINESS LOCALvS.---
wish sieasidIevisience s isaskenissdAn rbrad-ot
It tees tiiettsdinitthis ist atisthitte rate AlexandeToedrAn rbo ad Nrt
if i10usentsiaeetlinue. ptsuee te stalneLAMichiganAlailwy.
~~~tmadetalnsfrihdb pligttA the-rehearsal if mime (hoail theDse,Yiinteltoineisi n1susuuMchgnRlwy
1lm ierdDittyec Deeibr t,.I9I
titiouiughiittsver fifty Ladsies' Mack-initoashes iiin euifl , S din nof etiis--AeArbesonly
Tuesday stu~~vrieties.just receisvesd at Mlck Sit lt eun tSt isi oy
sssersuiers sierecatbsenat. lTetimtn- Sehimids.
ageusteut iwishmes us sle that there Losiei.-A leastiuer- basg cntatsininsg jlHelena WlI Su 5 lT.
sire a. Mai HelenaresIV ;2a. /
sive wtc1wthenrai. . NIts:. Isg nns - S SiAcom .oor
arema number of gooud vires wsaiting 1886.iindeaccitllutiplegaseuueaveit JNit .-. Mai, )astit nissin A us-sums lp.IS n
fuse a chansesten uter. If these slt- Stewiarsd'stfisc andsIre-ceise rewardu.staiM;StOsU-TH.
sences c iumse time toffendsers siill 'ltsstn-niate sswanu (uted. si t 11 Nit.-s2. -itt i asntsit - - -l ....ie u. il
I ut ae r o tie 'ltpsii l Sut t. I "lime-ge hiwosi teds- eople isill No.: i t~ ltuueresse. .... - s4 it .
tue dlropsiaed. l s er' rs Full lute itt-isstyle scollars, 4 p1y51CIse Ns. t.itt-nt a e6 unTuetwm e ius nn-- lostsid
establishuedl sihighs reputationsus o21fr sn25. Mauck iSSelnaisu. tictiully apearight ltsen u midst Troednly.N ssis5u-s etiims nssn
chtorsal tmsic at time -. of U'-\, ad amid s ittthei1. sit--uswfistinutut-theAlt Trains DailyueeptSi dy
greatly In their sdvattage to caul tutus its tin~rrfla
standiardi itlst nost ae losseredi. sleun ii teedl of Cloaks, hKress (roids ioriH. IENNiE7. It. S. GREhENWvsOua,
__ _ or Fancsy hDry (Giods. Mack & Sectumid. - --i ens. }'ss. Agntu. Incal Age-nt.
Sam Small. $1.5-800~u sills tunubrellas wirth $3.50 SA VI N I is die greactes t ustsr t 45,mre 19 tMc
Thue cisilizeduldnllhas routie, 1ieui d T-n. mainu hutll, Goatl Scafiuflut. it h tuutuiitg t ~u
aleusoty ast b aiirSeeo eart, set swithi pearls uand nt1
fes slsar yars toli faihiurpieredt withu oumall gold pin. Liberal a lii' siill s-onclieeeou thus
witha the tisse SamtiSnalil, lay reason ron-aid if returuned to F. S. Porter, 81
of his intinmate coampanionashipa sithAthaDlahiItse
thefamus ev Sae Jne inChrs- Souaaetluiug taew:-uuitthe lite sif U.
th asssRs.Sn oe t hi-of M. statiotnery. It exeels all its pre- MOI1)JESKA is tune of tue be: t,
tian evangelism as wvell as by reason deeessors ina desigun. Geo. L. Moore,
ofM.Sual udiedn smnebookseller, Main at. astetosses now knoewnsutudlsite
of M. Salls idepeden corse Hot stud cold bathus 10 cnts, at Post
as onte of the mosit prontotunced and Office Barber Shuop. cotnies luere on February 1I.


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