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January 16, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-16

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Co-Ed'┬░s Reforms. the wtomen studients. la tas ially thain mentally, and this haI'OF YOUR
Al iiiis-Otetligof n epeiiliiarrangedl for boycotting tte irl stbeen the case for several years pasOtE. B1G
withI the purpose of diingi"themo We read In all the mietropolitan pa-I11I
ills Wednsesday noon, a (elega-I rr t:
-it ics eectd o iertsit a onfroniess institutissson.ITle "lor ious hers tils mornsing of the great or-
I -10z1 ailed to You -: -
t' inof tietegates froini each of Areis r ivitege.s sittiwesago this turi de ntsofatingcontest le, I-:-t-Through Your
societies, Fiday nssioiol sic es N otet.wasan t'ipsektaisghedlsthnis of inI arvar siat I aHlAPlTB
oh dorm t rt hs thets dsiriliIits of riddings''the 'assi1) risdge. It ssas tpresidedsl sover__________________
Tar oh closing esvisening irties, tci.,-______________
a reaiinslt p-i-ha I i sis cshool uof Isnsatr students. hehre- ly the gored soc of tlassachtssett P8("I PLIAIN
lte 'sfa sltsy siasd litit seemsi, li 'cuss isnoted siseitof Newxx Entgland.l
as~ iftehosls I u iisc lsledlitsit ito t 'sill remrss'ik. Surely the great t'. sif1M -.isill1 slt s)otn cle p n t c IH t ( 0
ss sftea calisi ist lii all is o eks passed ahdsitlt oy b e htsiid ser easterts sisterstosustrhi
Stis ABearesgIssnl tiing cnothinge fromntthei reitshotsswork. Slit sias start anssenthi-ts ,iiteetltseil
till rs. t th melinst'l F idey-t4t icssssstre asf xne'sPlai
at as ettasctedsta llsciltathelir- sin.The itdetasisinformsiedsthlei sornsiof ttsicathletic teasiwe sicctagizeiDETROIT, - - MICH.
i ciss list isilsteco-s haveiii anyi) stnitti'e itha tihe xsoulidinoil psi tilt'eiseesi uf. sass'"orsatoricaii teins to _________________________
control. ect is15 te loisrc great
last attensitionstosshlis t t issn I I tipp151lemen5t's thesis. Nos istterI yit-
lass celeisrasisons -lte freshiansan
Ifirthes riiseisuncedilte sacionftht eis iasinisis fistthe tcainiing isf sosi g
I~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~on men lelsautrss silusisr ott ses-s a conuspirasys aisidisoratoars tcans1be' providedthani iistome
iots, and fil e sei i uorrtcteptions--Ilhe isottldiexpel frco liilegt'eevy such active, esiergetis- anisi itt it 1
shtall tloste lust later tl ii a. i i. Istiiiuden 5 t i twh i n t fss ts shy tIki ntg sorganiziatitons as tlilt 015e 1111roo
What if tlissreforiaitvezeasl shldsiI Ii aitIio it s~t ss \ss sseIei iies si. VSi i
gt still futhrlis di sit ita t not a h sisess s'tissis h i
aptiln it sit ihal slotraittallsevens- - -
Itsts51btisixtses o tiltli reusd heHavadI. .clienaton
I1 call i e o c .ll. li-li timei o Itsysnd w ree peld 1rshiucs, itw tli t-I a slt ts suit St Acis
t C ar leigh t 11)1 1 11111 ilistst; ineShoestit'tiiita-tosfsillaita'ie lessiriiits is-li st-is
itslste sfa ilty otil elstsasisep ltsti l it (is s te stnewspaper dics on
Political Science Socsety. halif ofltecprtfsisrsidosisite i tsoTIcr. Gacrisons's letter conFern-1R E. . (6

--asctutuuof ltespel ledstudsisents, ands
IffortIssite beinig miesspasi e thelistshier prosfessors staningis lbvthe
11 o iilSciesir~e Society (l 'scsi--sit h'le exlselles studsentls save
stltslirbsts, 1)y- enlacginthe isiittii Os taiing issnsel tosgethiec, andu
a i sis andisiitsceissiglsteitttnd-'hi stitssiii' lteadisaiis'tiyof ts-ig-
tslie.ftiecrtarositerets st ini lrgal stps againa is tetolliegteandt
te stuckisof ipsliiticsalandss ocst'ilstetitans.
(IluestIons, andsito nmakelist socisets - .,.- -
5 thiciin" 0ne, it hissibeenidsietdilcommunication.
ts secticestevtralipromsinenrt sipeask- I i I.is-
trs upothe litqiuestitons o ii iteEits H'i' e inoticed ini a rctctslissut
esi h wviisllIt'slk betsfsreltesociety-ofIthe Somi.', thit meire statetii
somtie i te earfuure 1r.tisat asmtosemsent Iso organizea
Robsiert Posrter, supesrintiendet of liii s;ssck-consgress frtoms thlistudenit~ts
stells censsswilsdefendiissworkt -ofthituivsisemi o015fosot. 'this
I o dli teciharcessif 'sismanagrmet i thit tossy informsations I isase hatd
Iscisigit galssi ins Vi i asi o00ltesubtject, istst hitprjc~st Istems
tilt Glatddenia'srsininettminiisteltioimse is-ery' commendtstablcecult, sand
Cotilubis, Ohsitsxwiiitalk ssptsss desire wsithsout delaylto rsaise six-
soc05 is robles.s Bosthi gtiltliitii svoite iniits startys-utpporst. An is'-
nied 150 1etoimendaiti ots. lTe qtirk, bs'ysisosmeasss exteredut

itsg lsIith ii' (ick ltbat iHarvard-s,- - - - --4 -- .
soscsets- at its Nvord aind551expretss ttu ni- i1'Ii.tjPL SAL
stistsinthlis sosluititoss:
"VstedI hsatthis Iboardsi si reeis-ed (lois. saeri.-l& (i0
withmuchssatlisfa1511tisonstle comusni-
eatsuinpreseintedl ho tie sresisdent sind ti I sliPing g ret'i re-
fellosws by tise iersbers of(lhe 1). K. iE. isiuedprices,thiri'choice
societyansithait irelies n he I
mebessoi1n and ssosi faiith of thse sresent iise sf Neckxw'cnr, [otici-
- one fui oh ie I).K. E., aissioisPthi ntsi sand ialisurniishitng
ssueeessosrs, ho tihdistisneaisysian┬▒
practices wicsits e ibhy sany possiility I( sCitlO 5.
teinsitossthe sdiscredit (if HarsvsarsiCo-i .iG oulnd ispec't goosisi
Tw wrosther resoulustiosswert passed, stiuldjurices.
indsicting lie temps~er tsf the (Over lChap. Spnell er
sters on this anth other omatlersc S SAT, TRE .
Prrhaps lteimost imoiilrtantiis thse
'one losoking, tostilt estsbishmssesnt o
aipermlanent officer usc ioardl to hiave SA VE TIME AND MONEY
I onerl smerisin f all lusande5

monitey' to get ttnimIsere mssitshbe Y711 7 1 l(
mari aisosa riuil ii suisuluc rf -socie ties. lPresitient Eliot's policyi sstu ut
raisedhis subscriis ti o i ifrons the fritinds, Itakessat randromlifroimssesshes ssensiorseul hysitulmst unait-i
studhenlts, as tie treasury osfltesii-I of the fousr litecary classes, has scan- issouus vote.
rids- is ens i~y vinsedlmnitthat amionsgus secy' tsarge - -
War on the Girls. sarI of otur younsg mess such an or- Prosf. D as-is swill be aibsentl fromuusii wieweaellle
gasass esiiileuiishsh-ip Iis ulassen for one sweek.
''liene is a mserry sear iss the Amre- olar. A '93 lit. hsas beers prohibitedl theCA L G -IAN & c .
icani -edical College of St. Louis, It is a fact lint too evidenst that -.iseoflis' ihrar- y istasisan
ands all becausesewonmen are trying pusblc speakiing and parliaml'entary librarian., A hook xwan draswi and
to break into thse iiedical profession proceedure are being sasily sieglected left in list reading noon' thsroisgisltPULSE,
tlhxuigis- te institution. For some. amnig tie students at Ibis great in- noon hsonr. It wonld bet a good J114 Monroe St., (Cbicago.
reason a nurmber of the stuidents in stitrition. We are far better aisle to plaii to save tie library rusles pnb-
sll chasses deseloped an arersion for sihow to-the worldl our strengeth phys- lisised in list papers.:-50 S. Sta~t St., Ann Arbor.

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