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January 11, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-11

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W'J. o ~ ~ Yale, its closest competitors,, and
,"1'~4 its tgrowtht is therefore the more re-
markable and significant. Wetdo
tulshedt Daily Itiandays excepted) daring(leietesae d-
not desire to dcietesaeei
thae Callegre y ear', by
THE . O M.INDPENENTASSOCIATION lairs. We wislt merely to so c them
THE I. OFM. IDEPEDENTthe t-niversity, to prove to thtetm
that it is ii granid institu~tiosn, and
naiwanptionaprine tt.3(t iter yeae, i nariably ta ti lnrigttterctm
at ad'nne Single eopies 3icets . On sale atthttislerin<ofhe'ha-
nenana an ntostficenewan s sadat It12ionsli 1 it its best interests. Above
s'alnlk, nna. Subscriptions may Sbe left at
te atficeaofthSie DtIiLY, opt'nsae lank, at all, Vc iisht t shlowthem svhat a
Seelhan's, at Stafflet's, ors st it na th ie omagnificen t bodly of students are in
Comniationlsshouldlseasis te otitan by atteindaniceticre, and sac can best ado
naclottk.,a. S theyas-nenoacceat the teat thisi by tuarning oat in fstllIfiorce to-
day. Adidtesnsal mattes iteandedt ttr pstblica-nroeeen1g
n tise 4Maaagiag Editor. All buinsn orowta ~ i
communsicationathosldSte sentitstetBusi-
THE U. aofSX. DAILY,___

*B1eautiful Ghri~tmap Qiftp
1a) 1I1INEARTI'3001\S AT
InurdSiaI ct C n( H ( al t Sti S a 5 al
a sit Srtarattmt Ct s eat I' tat d Im

SeLIts asON, '92. Manastging., Eitort.
S. Wr. CU Tss a.'92, Assist. Mantagitn Esitors.
IG. L. CItt tt'IN, '92t, assist. Mill tstv. diss torttt.
J1 . Cs. AVsa, '9l', Businsta a ttage
F.F aNTT, '93t, AtSist ittlainsstam at r
('. t5'. ttet S' , l.Asist. iittains' 3n- t t'nt.
-.I. .5 eta., I'. It. tF. F. ittt ;1 '12.
1W. I'.Cttttt,'l. I t.As55 5,
W.- MEMt'ltsaaa'113t.1 nI. 5't.astjtt 9.
1ts>:vanntttttgytmttttsi/ie to stotgly
tite great itttateC tf a ltarge at-
tises to itt' itldto-tmtrtowts(ett iesslas
tile edlitors Oftthtim state twill1it_,ill
tattndansc. Te eeces C\vt ii itt
ttf itertst toss tetestar~e'tinsrl a
as thte flee ('Iutbsof tiin artvstll
tmakte its first applearanice. thtere in
tonsiaderatble curiosity bteisngtitasti-
tested as to swhethier thin yearnvlsb
ticastires ip to te ighi stasndardl nf
last year's club. It insaid that store
caretnl traintitng tan bees ntlner-
gone this year thtan ever before, asad
thtat ite clutb sall be a surlprine tol
lttvers of calege sons.
lint ifthtle studlents of the I'sliver-
ity take a patriotic interest inthleir
ainma :daterthtitnis one of thte bst
chasaces of mianifestisng it. If the
tate editors are fanvorahsly implrennesd
bsy the mainittise of the greatent of
Mlichaigans anay statte iintituitisnsn,
smisre is ainedalitntatfintsttoughtt
in aplaret.t Thlese editors tire
namongttth smot itflutential maetn isn

I Notices'tis te d s5 isa tsia s stto aasumn as at tleaates'. E t Ici T tsass 'a ' tsit Sit-
tsft10t'c'nta sssr line. Spec'ial res forit longer _______________ _______ kt~to'aa ,a't1 citntln tts i, M o'tt t(t
tm.adex tratlisnea ss'urnished btystapplyinsg a teatasena -nti-teiss cat nttai rgeicss )l~~eyIwx 32
t' DALYas offsice.]$.0prse;suetsasseiopstos
Issenttayen etissg 'Ists. L. i r. IItt ~For castagise, adsslTa '.IR. CLA't Yi i, treaidetst.
it a sits'.m sf 1tissiiyae sdeetiness saiss
thrnttl ,h sttenitit' ststs'n . ts stwo k JSIll V' Ii S tFOj
saio t st s'ls wiu''.nsisth i tiikI saintsA>F0t
s'isva(sst siIstsvssls' t iirgsyJ i.S a t-al Cincinnati Hamilton & Daytonl
sti'leu 'ssins's' titse t 'att.i15151 (5 iii i
lisa~~~ ~~ F 1'nity. ta iti tie l n ltaitat t , of511111.t nmo'sItiifa
t tsss-Iaaaale st' i t ii its' sti' ssbsesis i sitions in ly 'a
a. ssl'ttsr~iat i t' is wich' d(sli-~r siy. l tC . it t
'iung. o sssss's'Itseisisiiytthooglstil-riitto. est e istt, .. l ,- ~5 ,) l.
SC"lto is adsta s at ( ti ngctis'f Isis... l.t: .ts ,l5
eveni'tsttenli to ,atnussil ItoIgaill ties fineosti ( il e l iii tn.. z., 3I :!
end.s Ofa' orsei lieil isilly lit luted, !t " tia i 51 ...1 A5s -.51I +(:
1 s'estssl i n'isaiealtld . S. 'sat'i. i15Citinnti'...-s3l5.sstIl
Is or fors 25. Mactik c& Ss'lhsid. 19 S. MAtN ST., o:5 lt conctons'ali tilit sll Sothe isar sen s's'(. tt,1
Ltadies Of the U. nf SI. isill list it sssos' tickets r't itti .tIt . I). , i. la'S n 'ttt
greatly to their tavantage taoatill oSit,, ann aRBOR, 'MACHa. S. Maln ts lrcet. Issis, ininsinasi ans ianpls
shelinnsesead aifClotas, IDress (Goods D. 8. TRACY. N. P. A..
or Nanicy Dry iloods. :flat-k & Selasniti. s5n JEFFERSON Ase., DETROIT-
Sisnethlignew:-tIsa te linie oastI'. .-'*-w E.'
of M. statistery'. It 'xcels till itsntie-
decasaisos idesigni.(Gets. L..Moore,
booksetter. Mains t. ___-
I'te clesp seciilal at tionto chiantge ___________________________
of ant. J. T1. Jacobs Compnp~ty.
.Attendtiatte gretat Overcoat sale. at J. ID. STIMSONT & DOlTS, I[OGRAPl
HO O a"The Two Satans. Alto, Stilt Sale. Onse- SaeSret(rcr, O 2wfHJO
fth ofltisf. All gloies onte-fousrtht.ltt ileLroes O.1 .HUO T
(till Wednsdtay msorsntng. Studletnts patronage especially noictted.________________________
Hot nd cld bths 0 cets, t Po" _4s. STATE STREET.
Ofitte arberntI Stop. i a'ts.iitstToledo, Ann Arbor and 'North
OlieBne l.J. H A L L E R, Mihia Railway
Lais' isllcktltosltes ittslbeautifutlMihan .
vtarieties, just rece'ived tat Mask V'I' me -siardin effect .Decmerasit, ISOt]
Ss'lisaiulS. Raepairing a sptecialty. 46SOU aota In S T -. Asa-talean t.sasAstah.
.\ sieseivitteofNerkinsrattts receivedonly.
51111 li Ncyetrjs eeie n better tyles will tie foutn~d ill T -pT'ts ' tl STT T GOtING sNsOsTa.
ton~. Yosusiill say' they are onie-hialf &,GI~LJ U.0 D .Nso. I. Sail anad Expessn.-.... it. Il-
the price y alt sy fssr therelsa seswhere. Na. I. 'anane. Ann Arbsor Accssa -in .1IS ntol
Mack & Schidli. iNE NIGiHT ONtLY. Na. 5. 'taillPtaseng-er...--.. . 5 pt. m"-
$1.915-sil mras'wert $8.-30 1Tuesday Evening, January 121 N.isGn ttOIGSOUTH. a
Na. "~. taillPasengr..- - -a... ut18a. ill

thin state. M1emblaes of thse state I Sc'Itsid's.
legislatnire, to wahichu the Lilversity Don'tk forge'tiwe Iseep asweater's, beat
mast look, its great.Ipart, fsar its ntsllity, $3.5to $425-. Masvk & Schamid.-
finiancial support, wil =aay mnore lDecemaber 5ths, Rlt. .1 oelasa, setninr
nmember of. the firm of Ronetan & Sis,
attentions to sahiat their local neuas- cotmpleted isai forty-secotnd year iiitahea
papllers say Tthants thetiargums~ents, jewelry busitnssstartitag an-'"lhop
boy" ita 1849,.Roeham SSota's Clarist-
110 statter latnw powaerfull, of aix Hilis selectininitclude many elusaive
"' y f _rbbits n~~t,' noaelties'ansd the latest productti-s-iss1am f1zbbit..lhe.1"ie iy
silaer of- The Wjitiatg..and ttormisa
15 its rapid developmetnt and ad- $tai'fg Cos., and other leadig naakera
s ance, under-the able directiotsofthtieir pace-heing reasonable 'at ali
times.: A partof, the policy of this
Ptresident Angell, to thac position ot house is to select articl'es for their'
first place amnong ;American es-uca- "merit and beatity uiid t@suittinetaste
- of .teir pattonS Vitikstrigt regard. to
tional institutio1As,inaturally is con: iqiality. "M ih grade" diamonds: and
'illall in need o ~unds Itis rnoi te rcli sti~i~agspre
y 'inby of Mesars. Roehm & Son,
Iseavily enidowed an are Harvard and marks (lain firm anthse (Genm dealers.

Isansian Laughing Succs
Tt.eAo; 'sual sninsaal Delectiave ComesdvyI'sie
AWin .tiudnptddjs' - -
A4-Stfi1) yDefined -SSarru
Lis of Firmfaaov4/l
Prices, - 25,35 and 50 (Its.
Seats onale at P. O. Nen's Sitad.

Na. 6. :Passeager, Taledo Accam.-. (500 .us-
Traiansu ad 6 run between Ann sArborcand
C ientral Stastudned Titan.
All Trains Daily except Sunsday.
Brn. Pant. Agent. Loaa Agent,

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