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December 14, 1891 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1891-12-14

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c f -y. T Nit charge in that state. There are cer-
~ ~ tain expenses that may e borne y
the local associations, ht the move-
Publishted Daily sanderys eepted) during ment can be rendered more effective
the Salinas ear, by
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION if the University authorities ae
s(oe fods on ad to defray ex-
penses whichi should not be borne by
Seheeiptien pice 2.0 per yer, invariahiy loal centres. We hope that the
in adsnera'Singerncopies ents. on alet
Ihenan's na Pst offic nwsn stand at 12 'ribune's sggestions may be carried
nelork, ntoin. sbsriptins my e let at into effect.
the stten nt the Dairy. tpera onar lek, at -.-
Sheehan's, at Sttlet's, or twith anyat the Al Concerned! Holiday Rates.
ttnoru nications shuld reeti the olee hr For stiets U. of M. 'ad Ypsilanti
7 stintS r. m. i they are tonapeatr the net Normal Sol, T.. A. A. & N. Al. Ily
day. Address nl matter intended oepulichia- sill give a fae of otis atd one-third to
ions to the Managing Editor. Allbuinotes all points ii Central Traffi Associa-
commnications shold e sent to the titsi- iot. Tickets ot sale Dec. 17, 18, 1,
neon SManager. 1811, lim'ited fr returning Janary 5,
THE U. f . DAILY, 182, inclsive.
Ann Arbr, ih. I adtitionl to this, for the pulic we
will give same rates asi above. 'Tickets
eelros.oti sale De. 2, 25, landir Ja). 1, im-
EDITORS. ited tor retrnrtitg Jan. 4t, inclusive.
RAPH SONE, 'T2, Managinrg Editnr'iR. S. GEElNWtOD,
s. s. CGrats, 'ii', Assist. Maagigdior. Local Ticket Agent.
. L. CTAIrA, '2, Assist.ManagigEditor. 1V. II. IloxNE'r', G. Pa A.
J. C. Taai,'11, Buinties tManager.
F. 1E. JsAr,'TEs, 1, A srrt.Itsirrero Maaer. BUSINESS LOCALS.
C. W5. titoonvos,'14, Assit. Busiess Mang.
INo iesinserted in this cormna at tete
H. D. JtewetLt. 1. 0. w.I.DEL~ENaesC,'iu afto ceritsperrlie. speial rates tre longer
F. 11tiOsnN, 'l. 5. . tOGL~, 'o2 u tne. ad erir lias trshelity aplyige at
w.. PARKER, '93. .. 5. Anset.t, '151. t' 1ILYto otte.1
. I. tirgert, '0. I . F. 5teuL,rLni, 'li. N 'tc e fiew l
x. F. Mi 550, 13.1CAS G ras. Iltan 1. ''.A 5 tN ~tce liswl
,aE aaa P~~sa~. Iris da, Deeiiiii. ront 27iiit it 8:4 p. i., to
... _ a oriniliat tudtiie'its aswith loliray
Til',capan gon raz semsto tickets, iiod hio liiviitiay tril tet
Tiso ca an goco raz acoistolay. I. S. G(ai.x:sro, Aget.
atack the colleges iii this coluntry For IIisldry fGoods, Beatiful Hattid
perioically. About fice rars g, Pirltteil Atiles, cleaptlt 1 h~oods
itt the city, andmn sy useful 01111ornra-
a fewe of the armallr colleges if the mental tiitgs, go ti Mrs. M. romd's
E~ast adoplteid tis studeent insignia, Sate street store. (G1an1111eiOilir
Wednesday 111111Thutrsdaly.
andino0w IHarvard, Yale ard rin irce- Modiay only, Dec. 14, tTe liwn
tori have fallnic n i l ie, ard in all Samts, alt Neckwrsear at }. regtlar tirice
probability M\icigain wisliolowsu it. Aiurid> o. Seeswiridoiw.
Oilr Tesiay radWedntesaiy, IDe.
H-arard ad Yale seiors use the 15 and ii, anty ht inithis hose for
cap andctgowctao012couiunracenieit$Ls.0, c'ostitg $21, $.01, $.51)ard
clay whle rineto stdens wll 4.00 for $ 1.8 tworidalyoly, at the
IlY, whiet Twtil tilti5wl so Sant. See widiow. Biy yor
wear therni all throuighi the year. Ovecoats and Suits, Smoking Jacket
LOST-A silver mounttdtfotntaina
TooE electioin of George B. D~ygert pen. Initials S. C. G. elgraed upoa
as Michigan's foot- ball captain for it. Fider please retri to DAIY
otesoto S. C. Gliden.
next year is a very wise otae. ygert Dan't forgt we keep sweters, best
is principally knowen for his hustling qnality,$3.l0to $4.25. Mak& Shmid.
qualtie, ad hi ablit to nfue Ldies'Makitoses ilbeutifut
c~otites an lan lsiitytoinfsevarieties, just received at Mak &
the football spirit into the players Seitmid's.
unuder his control and tirection. He For the Hoidays, te r., A. A. & N.
M. Sy will give 011etrilloti-third fare
is the kindt of a captain Alictigan for out trip. Tikets oti sale De.
treetds just at this titme. It was 24t0, 25th arr 31st, 1811, and Jan. tt,
1895., tbetwssn l 1lttios on tiei,
chiefly through his training that the ne d ter poitsrdsigated ott and
93 lits trays won the class clarapi- lills. Tickets goor goitg 011aove
daltesadrri eturnig sn any reglar
otship txwice irastccession. If traini ritiil Jr11. 14, inrlsive.
energy anid enthusiasm coult for If. S. GlsExorslo, Lsetl Agent.
anyhig, apai llg xtiii have Hot ald cold bats 10 cetts, at Post
anyting Cattai I~yert Offie Barber Sop.
012 excellent account to render at the ull lilae new5 style collars, 4 ply, 1 t
close of next year's foot-hall season. or 2 for 23. Mnk & Semid.
$.3-800l silk umbrellas worth $3.0
"" - to $4 51, arked $.03 at Mack &
'HaE Detroit Tribune, xviicla always Schilils.
takes air active interest in everything Ladies of the U. of M. xiii find it
greatly to their advantage to call on s
concerninrg tie University, advocates when in need rof Cloaks, Dress Goods
in its Suinday editorial columns that or Faly Dry Goods. Mack & Schmid.
thestae egilaureasistinextend- Atessline of Neckwear just received
the tatelegslatre ssis in ard no bettr styesa wilt be found in
lug the benefits of the Univrsity to town. You xwisay they are one-half
toewiro are unable to attend, by the price you pay for them elsewhere.
those Mak & Schmid.
making an approrpiation at its next U. of M. Buttn, 0 ents eah, ard
session for University Extension with lass year, 73cents eeh. We are
this only makers of this three-eighth
purposes. It cites tie instance of iela button, with eorret oora and
the New York legislature which re- polished eramel. They don't fade or
cent pased n apropiaton t besoil, ard last forever. Sent postpaid
cety pasdaaprpito tob upon reeipt of prie. Students are
used by the educators having the invited to visit us when irs town.
Roehm & Sons, Jewelers, Grand Circus
University Extension movement in Park, 271 Wraodward ave., Detroit.

~HAN &Q., stade 8f.,
liacs received for tise opernig of college 20,000 Books, new and second
hiand of all kinds, Greek, Latin, Frencha, German, Law aiid Medical Books,
which they will sell at Greatly Ueducedl Prices.
Mathematicarl Instarments arid Laboratory supplies. See orr-Note Books
for 1891-2.
In theLt' SDr nGscHOo ati~lt~rFaa,
3 4 ~ 4 r iW For deprtnrents-GConreir-in],Inc tearth
at " -_ or mnscript oorh-ntgin 1 Shoirrtndn
-rPesreansiriElegant bildin.irt at
= - tend~~~~~aneefcetisrcos okto-gh hling eapenses extsrellow, Ins toh
$250Opertreek;students nsr tel to poitions.
Fnrentalogue, address P. R. CLEARlY, Presiderit.
"The Niagfara Falls Roufe."



F 1 ~ Tie Loader !-- EASTWAiII)
In asllonS ll 1STATINSoar Marl Ony 5te MY;NitAhi. Kal
li ihttS IExp lan 1xrrxl xl Ac
IA 'ltumlnt Toil- 1'tir An M ItO 9. rIca1 art' M 25P till. 15M
lJ / ~ Jackson.....i.i5 42 , o 0847, 413,5161.2(,1,5
o ra1lig. Fine110 Chelrea....n 1 . . .. ItO7 11 i 26
Dexter........ 41; ...j . 5' 3 7 2) 1 -
line hof Pinto Dlhti Mis...430111. . .n231 ii:'
SANN ARBOR..4 42 &025 020y 4, 5 4.i 7 4 1'S'
Goods ho Select ( WanJne 5 2 .. i c7' 3 ,i1r3
frota. ('all fcir Detroit, Arn 65h i 4 i. .' 21 ",114a5; a5l 211214
0a1111e fittinig
StitGl NI
rent C OteGi. ntLa. hePtEt
19 S. MAIN ST..j Net.T1T) OSap ner Cap ~i vehx Lint aiAco
AN ARBnR, Mnon. 1 S. Alaint Street. latnimmaa..... 2O a 3 4t 5<4012 5( masto
AM.AM P.M P. MAr AtP, . Ps.
DtetroitLv... 852' 144' 1 28001 5 l9105 44-t
SnWayneJane 9it. .8 3 . . 9a55 5n
"" "" prilanti . nun gnu811.5 2 tt5'9 ....10 15 540
ANN 1ARBOR-.9tar 8 412 19 9sin I0ta 100325i5.
Dlrhi Silts.. 9S4.i..... . 53-i
Chelsea . 955 ... 945 -.10 i2ta601
C helsea.....1010. than58.Iitr1076 10
1slP~t~l5(l~e~h~e~5~ Jacksn.n_.... 11 00 91955n 4 10da011 15 In11-55
___________________________Chicago, Ar.. 1553 51 050 650 4 50 7Itt It 15
0. P. & T. A. Chicago. Ac't Ann arhar
4t Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
A, & ( Michigan Railway.
71 Fort St.. West. - Detroit, Mich. 'Timm.Gird in effet ct eer0, 1891
~Aa l oft rainsatAnteAObor annly.

Monday Eve, Dec. 14, 1891.
"The American Jenny Lind,
Under the Management at
Hotel Aberdeen, Twenty-first Street and
nroadway, New Terk.
Prices, - 35,50 and 75 Cts.
Seats onaSale aP. O. News Stand.

No. I. Mail and Express ...... 7 27 a. m
No. 3. Passgr, Ann Arhor Accom...12 tiltoo
No.35. Mail Passengere....... 4 25 .
No. 2.Staill Passenger .......111ISa.mi
No. 4. Mail Exress.........S40 p.nm.
No. 6. Passenger, Toledo Accoti. 7110 a. to
Teains a and 0 cut betwennniaArbor and
Toledo only.
Geatral Standard Time.
All Trains Daily escept Saunay.
Gen. Past. Agent. Local Agent.

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