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June 02, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-06-02

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JOs VV., M OOLAF 0 ou Can
Fine B1lack Suits a specialty.
40 K. Washington St Yip Stairs.! for less money th-
y -~ ~Before Commet
Just the thl
T HERA HOUSE jEE L Rl, .Ann .Arbor M ;
Oane fursh'iyou with a first-class Fountain
Pee. ccenacdesicg repairing a spcioalty.
The Maa in the Moon 20 Pittasug stogies for----------5cn
3nisy cot he thirsty, lbst if hie mire, hie would 10 La Princess Stories for-------a5cn1 is ooa
......cliat l~rtoi S tllogies or------2 e
6arer' ConerStoe Stogie for ------ ---5dn
STTP S.A NDe Y'1 . UNIVER S 11AVE nsCgar fo .-----------2cn
TE ST AN N.U IE ST AV 16Sa Ciasfr------------2ceand getaIcie Cream -Soda orsme of ihis 6iRecord iBreaklers for --------- 5cn
othoe Soft clrioks. 32 si~o c ok Cgars for--
Poocons is feccd at every Bail Ocaoc KithD
Ft ri and dPeanutls
________________ 44 Sooth Tffnie Street.

18 Forth Fourth Ave.
We carry a ful lice of up-to-date
Bicycle Senries anid parts to manay
w heels.
Also Repair Wheels at living prices.
Give us a call if in need of anything
in our lice.
Echo.1es to order Women and Men's
Easoy Fitting Shoes in all the
Latest Styles.
ITO, Best Place
yt for
~ ~ja Repairing
43 S. D iia St. - Upstairs.
U OW iAINO PARiLOiRanad eath-
. o , All %ppontmentasecrt cas.
-rIdcwoeso-iilara. Ladies' crtIb-
-bl ! 1ci r a nga 1 kcbahingparlorc, ups
4 ll , eoaoasio30iS. Stateast.
No ;oug for Columhis end Haf coed
bif ._Is No delay and consequent anncy-
ane All mocdels scd patterns cow ready
ior immeadiate delivery. 1897
sr made ruclusicely oh S per tent Nickel
cel tauinog, the ectire peao- 0 T L
duc of schich we canteol. llALIKE.
H-artford Bicycles are at prices
within reach of everyone.
$60, $50, $45
CtaguerIlee rmeay Columbis
itd- r-,fom us forIc e -c et
PnoP FM F'G. COs
Hartford, Conn.a
Glreatest Bioycle Facor~y 0r lo i
ay Acres of Fleer Space.
Branch housesor dealerI
inalmost ecery citycand

-1 a. Noala, ol of t eS(1olo~l of 911000
playedoi ibeforeoI-be Sioooioooo t.ioeiolty i
(ilil Raids last i-ht40.
1C1100. A. lioiii ooi. ISta. ,., ",)I, dii
iiomiler ofi 10heIDily- 1200001 ril
1W, i5a001iin5cllt~ootil l oialiiollr
201001IntloioaioilT i ll law ilathI loiiioo
Co ollego of SLw, (ilicoigo.
SIilas Ellen C. lHinsdaile, whooiha
hail stuooyng in tdcroooiog fheloe20
threec yoooiio, 011001 otoboblihe Dix
lara odegre to oil Ral hger 10nhoelbruloo
arrivs-ot iomono-000Saituirdigflot hb.
"loe 1. of At.hass ocobooloof 1 lilil
g;all -,oriiioooiii old020 he iu rognilal
illollog ICrloooT-FtOill;;oo, .I1 but 1,
Mrf. Dan'sou, :1 oo loot c. Eioolioo
oficert so o h Oeliliiiof lt010
Mooloogyo si"Saooof 1000.Dol lootl 1sa-a
log qv etseonoiiiois 00all iolillC000
weal,01 0000Soo I iil.0y 0Siathlico. ' 0000
010 iI ii Cio-ooo, oa,5 100ltlii 00t1ho 11,001
S 0 0sitounlilo aogooi tstanllililooloo ylig
100000 elatlvesl0.
Athletic Notes
Toll (ofloloo l tVi (ico000051 llroa,
in th100 100001 too0 h ree 100llOil. lb '
10110000000 .105-4. ("oiol ieig th i 1
10000 of lerloo 011, tWico 0010100 omade
ioooig1oo1iooitl lowbig. Iloth 0(,"(-
ST'teooforn -i Sol Satoroay h,lAwe0
llslo0 llhiio olS 1100 Annaoiis>.
loil .-aooloiogSatuirdaioig 0010 05011
btL loa~lc.
lOborll w co0the Ohilol Iioteoaliagioi
trao- 010001lileet0001Sailtrdag.
fLOST-Souftiof 11.e liiy, 0a ldes
w10 u-iwithi 0001000001ca10. Llibealn
wardo. C. L. Meuder, 33 S. Thayert

A MAY OLINThe Inland Press
-A IBANJO, Neatness and Dispatch
VT_0_1',,-r'Ove thenagll. e
aanywhere in the United Sates WE ANN ARDOR SAVINGS BANIK
-tcegiieiit. Capita Stock, $50,50. Surplus,$101,11.
Resources, $1,100,e00.
i)for vacaion. Organied underthe Oeral Bankng aws
lug ithic Sate. Receis rideposits, buye and
(' 201 AND ?:,3-AST els ecaonge on the pricip1 cities of the
,sc, o., AHNTN ST. Titd States. Drafts casheod upsrpe
idetifiatin. Sofey do sill oes to rent.
Or Iceco Coristian MaboshPros.IW. IS.
tl , Hariman, Vicoeas; Cloas E.- ulcok,
$q~~p Cashier .JFitzP Is Ocanst asier
is G og hoo cioiars for.---_.2 eacs FIRST NA E~A 3ANK rA rbo
Proig Ciai fa- - -cotaCapita, $10000. Surplos and Piet, $411,00
Is 0 Paadi" igas fr---- ------ cnts Tansacts a genrl bardiotgsbusiness.
is 2 La tolso(Clie ar . .._---------22etnic Forign cacange boght and sold. uecsh
s 2 tarey Clays foe. . ..-------- d -2 cots letters fcerdi.
to 4 Owl o ts for-l -------------- ticnts .SD. IKINNE, Pres. 1A1012SN SOLE,
s 3 Royal 0osors foe--- ----- fo cnts OAISN .VitoPres
S. W. CLRSN ahir.
A I & COIM PA NIY. z rtt I t 3iii uk i
Elisha Jones Felowship. Cor. Aoain cni ouroo Sice
Captal &i;0,0002. Surplus 5$3i,(60. Trancat
o~f li itteliog o blo o .oolloiI~to1. e e eorrl baingicg hsss.
r A th neE inof11n cln )ti.) l-.Ap- P s OC FUe n.Vieois
10 10. oil es terl tiolor ofl n 0, loooat1t11o t ~n Ii Ott rUoCalh ir
,o1111 ', W s20( ci, 01l l I - - .Jo-n1s'
do-t saltol fclliooatsil i lt., 12 ~ g F.0 Sic h I e.S.,i
)d goo. Air. Sooaoool is n sonooo f 0i1 Slte. 20 S. STATE STREET
al0 t:1 looS i iof D tlit , blt i :5 -lao-a Selsa SolidtGol oi luoti n nat $t02
Olo~ti, boilBooks osed 2cersisatod supward.
i0 Uollg00lill~lt ooo bs . of l. Scs nd Pofessorss3200lbs. i-
actig y; istl~i 110 i -iat - Voltea). eotaper for50 cents.
Sehas 0coomboinedoo-hc tiswiaoath iii otO Nte oksS cetansd upwards.
1N oaship, 1ihaioaobee h t io-00 2aftilt- Lowney's Chocolates.
to{ e boot-b l as ot gyear aaloeo alit-ao ot00
locnsbetal cl-roundootl olleto.Th - Hot Lunches.
ion of tli l fs-i-oi500 and oi
lotiotioo o iiooiiltii ~ 's UTTL'S 4e S. State St.
iiir-entkololeris -MaoytG, 9) i:-{o'rIiBET
it lilo-Ils.
:, - ----We can nosy supply gee with
Wedtoesdayoi, Janai"2-I ihig00 .. See ot ie iiof samples.
Jiooonion, atoi A.XiAor MA-atODLEADING JEWELER,
Soot , d-a1dool5-AAF int oTol: IWM ANO-
Sl000.Jaooo5'olae li( OF DANCING
to cueti ni Covo-rity 1211. Opposte Lwuidig.$l.0 ntsil Say 1st
Tfuesdy, ionec S S3lo 0 niCi-r ay twotases Ofice,
o, i0,01 AnniuAlbo. 27t Thompson Street.
Noe trlig, .10e11 ?i-Siishoga.oaCa
Co- ell, a1 An Arhor. ust Rcicd a Largr and Eegcnt
V SIT 3i~~ii l5)2l Line of Noew Pipes!
Of oiioofsix oo igholt onl tlcgoaRlitunsd toldLuscohes at all looss.Aets
o fo iloylei slind Williams and Wrurs Cue'
to 1001uplol ar~tiiiaioc11ei i b pogi . Chooolate Boolons. ' ^ +
if dllilei5 at 0 tliiietsS od 009RSoi- FR. aElJO LILY & CO .
(rayas-iliioa-ds,83oh l o i ~a-h ra N0. State St., SagreBlock.
-10 oa ured t goaodtim11000. Private ls-
Ssonos isodooccig ay IrsoloSAirs.Iloss A LARGE SLINE OF
)g Gr ane oall b1 e aroigdfoot ly caoill-Valises, Traveling Bags, Dress
lgoiltItie Aocaidemiy. Ofthica, , etolitoss Suit Cases, Trunks, Etc., Ete,
00h.ts-Aaobouoy (SSMaynard 0. ---AT--
A white osilk foatiwaslbosb ilbhe Anton..TIeufel,
Pennyi -Soialilla Wiotelan0101 (o 1010 7S. tA.N ST.
sile iis thoogt. If the5 petsonSaslot
afoanod itills-bibveb-r it too Dro Siesbo, FULIJER & IXSON
>T a oth ioesoill he umoat bgotefuot A Slash In Prices. Pr a short
time we aill
is a Penny Earned." CLEANING AND REPAIRN,.
-^ ' -°- S22S. State s.. Over Roeys Bilard Roo.
SOFT SKIRTS he warm weather.
fonresthe hest styles are tobe [ F r e
isltod will interest ge. (Or rite '
of Neglgee Shurts boads for style Set Friee.
SUMMER UNDERWEAR. !8plen- Ta any prso nterestd lu humane at-
SUtrMaR or wholo bvee anima, we wrill scd ree,
sdid values in French Balbrigans uroas application, a copy f le "ALL-
and Jersey Rihhed for Soc.AC,' the rgus of this scety. In addi-
Thes ts re bauti~lltion to its iotnsely intresting reading, it
Teegarments aeeatflycentais of Ie voiubole and unusui prei-
finhed and are durable. use i ven y the paper Address
W AGNER & U 21 S, thin S 410411Unted Chariteu Buildng, New Yr

- .
__ ;
' 3 try1 rY,
i '
// '

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