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May 29, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-05-29

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VOL. VII. No. 182.


- -- i 1

canPROPQIER SI RIT SHOWN. mass meeting. Thlonas -and Lutm
-IL )'aLwh promsised that their respec'tii'e
LatNgt'F asMetn nlearnS would put up the fight of their
Reeiedaful in f ovl-s lives and the smeeting closed with the
Ies for Spig S is EtLsaicSces rio determiination in every studentsc
sosIl to stand hy the teams that tight
and Trouserings "'Tie massusceting is susie of a'rtseeloanBu.
s'tinsever." sures wats th1e __________
ctiisai.r emuark last iiight. iTis Entries in Today's Track Meet.
, AIN Uti~tvasa sene f ltlune tilien Ttie fsllswin.g are tie teaums that;
N!. 2 E WS 'ISTNSTofE tMIN. 1 tisossiand us sne cast any osre Sl aslea eri oly
NO. :1(01111l~~i p ii tet i liga is to htiindit i ll euea erottdy
pt i(,~isi" s st tofhisteams, victorisius or IttAN
SCIGARS TO BURN~S d ts t itd I'iscEtissisitenderedtsosse sit'10)1) andst221) yards stsrins-Thoscas,
arid good on es too. We '1it behisltio'ans, lirscticed issrets- 1 t,<b'Cisossipss.
carry all the leadinsgpopui- ~iwiandtsui t he ii ciioil d ga tya tesd tsserssi
lar brandts and can snit toh
your taste. Cigarettes and ~'5 ossisettile'norti rus(1 ,-les's Presidents 'Y'iOyarls runs-j''ood, Kinig, Aides'-
~toacct', too. I icls~srsls isuldtinis tousual earniest x,0ii
is---ii 3, ~is't irser' elipurposses and1 ile ruisaWosod, Whlitcomsbt, iWhit-
0 PALMER'S PHARMACY. is' lieof the usertung. 110 exi.rIs d
ii sile W iltS I'ryon. Woodruff, Psissh.
0 46 S. STATE ST. 'i ito 50ttunsuit .sui61stasis toya 12 'urls-Ayres, !Wetbster, -
+ e- smn. .4 1suitelti heitie asisin every sv~yiy Ie
s e. t tisi'. rame next aou z-st wi 20iilssrdles-Wehsicr, Chubshh.lMe-
SBIA.IJ T.', s3 <<esit tidsiso thait h Ao!ii _'
Cli iter 'iss isie' ficycle-tlsot,
clIl <IFed thestudenstssto isdosstici" pi
so Ihe lv, estissily fervenit r15 i,5 I'ii tissiti erises, tFlssssnoy.
i si' s tscfr visisiry. lThien IHill SlitS n- Insst esiioriis. ies'is
tr silisestanlut ave 0+aineatssiliar Stgu-liver, Letir.
werte novelr so h'sppilly united. Ptos- Itf how ltinswiere g:isig fis the i_ e is is tthow-ls'sssset, Oliver.
E' v ~.,"y="n tr nr~itPoe va'ult-Tryon, Astssis, tisittiti-

Michigan Wins in Singles and
Chicago in Doubles.
The dust tessnis meet withi Chicags
L'niversity yesterday w.as a success ins
every particular. The play wvas of
hi gh quality sunt so large eroivetof
ensthussistic spectators was in mttesid-
oncee. The result of the niee itself
wvas a tie, eacih teamiswiuisigthree
istatcses. Chicago won the tw ,o
dosihlesisatessansd Miehi-ssanthree
of she four sisatelsn iisingles.
The gassies sisal attracsest the mosst
attesition were blisce in which ttonds,
the Chitcags chaiontiii, tosk part. tis
itchiswills terricls was quits' close,
as Hterrick Aivons thme furstset; hut
whesn BResistrcrshIis gait, Herrick
swas at liihismercy. tnuels Dan-
forts and Lambitpuit uti a goostsanid
agssinst Ronst suitAndierson,. hut were
outclsseds froms the stsart.
All the sisigle miatrises wser" elose.
I two of thse it wvas sessarklsts
lsssv tie Misigan rilireseissItires
pillest the gamiseslut of the hure. tial-
sly thaitttussel 5-2 ini the deesiitg set,
lIst yet Russsel woni. Again, Gtltiebt
hist oie set osi Lamb iasse the score
C i 40-. On the seconsd set, howiever.
Is surab isaced, won tlisseeltS-t, asid
the desidtisig set 7-5
The seconditisatch iiidolsuess be-
tive wess laclkwelter assitGrottlieh, arid
tlarvi'y and tHerricks was aihardi-
fsisgttcosntest. Bo0th tse Chicasgo
sieibhtdlpreviosly heens sefeateditlit
sisigles anditwere ressilvedl to wvti; tier-
rick wvas also determsinedt to retrieve
isis defest lby Besis. Thrsecesels we-re
requsiredi is deterine the ressilt, a
v'ictory 'for(Clitcago. Dsssfsrlli -ian
hissmisschs wits Blasckw,-ldter by fist
play'sitits"tsill.tissasing ansi iii'c
tag iii line style.
Oni the whole she resiult of rhiseiet

stiv e piuassrn usosmersly.10"
such shoes, bliss to wear tlienl.
0 0 ' 0
50C ADOZE .0
0 0
In cfase lots ot 21 dozen, s
-1 All Iz q. .- l. -ss -i A o

tisit 'lisiiis.hallsi'silisd 1to ~;1Siei _____
till)y1dsis its slus. tsil lstss ls i (tses'swill tie re1t'"Slesstiby the
. t-edist ls. this is'ssss-wh isis sssfliisis ess
thatho lp; sls.ys fe'llllfiioneisi' the . "Sprints --Bors'sisgts, tPsttes'son,.
estiteusi sasuitht th lissias tule lirsot I'iii ii and Ahernethly. Pt'ssoin
timells e isis' hai slt a kcd i l slow sit st'e PO yaursdsasis last yeasri, but
is' rfoisisthe esitralee 'vasus, sit "?-«-aslsetii hy Thomas ini the 22))
ill,; to hits yousthsfus lutmpeirissscm."' 440iyais '.run-AWhite asid Fa.ir.
Itold ofu itYale's griasi lrsts'ls, lii iiWitse vs 5'defemited 'hysMicliganm's
o iie vesit downt li to 1-'rs 'sitds'lircseiata'tile isastyear.

li, tie sco re ssgsiist lii's' isil themi
lis i tussisig. 'Tie first: to7o Ymid le usi
woiwentl to lbst iithe smintim ss'sl
slit. 'i'he'nitime bays whlookedssisitafter!
OwIm.'tisais tus'o-ssto hik thiems site

isis) yasrds runs-Witel, tBurns gist
Sasitli. Wite you lis event lasti
lisirtthi's - Httsetmhs'sges, Calhouni,
Loust "ItdtCassmpbell.
Mileh' wmlk-tekes.
II I ts" tsmssier thriowv, shotttint, high
jiiit,tots' vauslt oastd lb'oadt julus
Itersithis rgm'' is tereit.
t.wmhmcle is the entrsyin th icsyce

r - t''ui vuU/s'm Naltr l'mssiil). ssms'sssher osit stemss
i great siany ttf tise anaa- sr ssunist hsig the S. C. A. wouihlsluut
0 0
a teus arae using thes'andsoul vosi, andtitlis ts staymil setilere
s are satisfied witha thesas. 'Ii'y "'se.Time thirdsssRssm o10 iar
0 0 ilsi'seo I' 'sihliiilie bailt andstbefiore its
0 0~~ tiislh'Isl M lihre lonmg tim's strikses were
CALKIS' - 1 PHAMACYIe ; Iohmu. But b lie uaused to1
e bltth itxt on ad betat time ttall to
_____________________________________nell t istt WitititCmsmsmhs tsok a try,

Just receive I another lot of
thsat fine U. of M. Moniogram
Paper, tho popular esades
Blue and White; also a New
Stock of the Various High
Grade Correspondence Pasper.

ud Itie unest isan lknockedtta luomie
uni, Ibriniginogim all three. 'rie msrsarl,
mis sr to eespair, iwaSspointeid eust
vecry faorcibly.
A umost plelisisig feature of lisaesmeet
isis the speech of MTr. Rout, Cuue sgo'o
tennuis clissiumiios. tHe teldhtiojust
curlespolirt as that of the miass inet-
tn- estabtledt Cliicato to wint laot fall

President ThwinE at tho S. C. A. tosstisfactoury to Mliuisa. Otusiste
P're'sidenstChamrles tF. Thmiius" of orftBous, oarsmen are issue skisifel
Western Rleserve Utirsity ,wh. tanthoise frost Chicago. Ands as
spieakls next 'Suniday evenisig at the BI~des is a grittussase, Mliehiiin men
.Methoist church in the Loud lecture ecan sest satisfietd withu lie tie. Next
orse, hass conoessted to 'dmeo the y ear ina similar useet ivith ail. our
I tudstents' Christan Aosociation its pilayers hack, thte chansces of susceess
themir ieeing 9:t1 Smssdsty morning. sill he musselsituour las-or. The umeet
Presidlent Thwing is ossa of lime has aloo shiowns that time Western hum-
otrosigest auth best knowsssn of thue cal- tereollegissle Chuampiosship is siusgles
linoepresidensts andmldrrisigtime 1151sowil go to Chicago, witi' in houblil's
leo' years lie has be-'ms artrsu.'issg so have a Ogblittug char
wise'-ansdt favorsable at tentiuon tlr'a;hs Srsuury of matces lou'1w.,
its sagazisse antdheriod'al arttces. Sissbels-Rond healt ITrrick 2-C, 6C
Time subject of hlis staraisug asdres-a; Danforths heat Bt amkwelder C--4
is rot yet bsrssscd is' lie sw,,. 6-3; Rtussel beat Halsey 4-6,7-53,7-4,
probably give us ml& of" spec ads 155cr- Lamnb heat Gottlieb 4-C, S-C, 7-ri.
Es' taaeoh'cmnmr.s Doubles--Bond ansd Anderson heat
______________ Danforth and Lamb -, -2; Black
Thse TUniversity of Wisconsin's crew vselder and Gottlieb heat Harvey ansil
rows Tale as New Haven tomday. 'Herrick C-4, 5-3, 6-2.

Visiting Cardls Engraved,, and It certaisnly soas a nesy feature to heira
Plate Printing. muChicago nsssn address a smassrueet-
tug called to ivrcst victory from lime
'iWOM AHR'S E OOKASTORE "ummroon" learn. It speaks yell for
friendly rio-ahey to hove such good
Up Town Doswn Town w shes exchainged. Let tbein lie con-
5. Sate st. Opposite Ceart noose.
Ann Arbor Alain st. (inned < sid made a feature of every

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