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May 28, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-05-28

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F 1

W IL ALL. ABOARD FOR DETROIT! and ifMIesf hip canoses Ii-uino
IL_______futhetbr trouble, the ihurdles alsc will
iArrani; emenlts for the Bid Game QW0hltr11Mcin'sie
Rec~lve a til lie o Tgo etoIntie bicicleraces Rachtelle, of Ciii-
Reevdafl ieo oe, and Track Meet Completed. a. a h
ties for Spring Suits _____ Is t ite g acct reputatiosi, ,bti
Mlicii -t has a trio of worthy r--pr"-
and Trouserings tonit ti-n at itand 11. . 7. (1cc01tsstitaluhd-ne ad ot1
ar l imte, te trains wvi1ll u ott for"
Detrit. Arrngenens hae bc i ,v wao Ire 'slt ahle-to oak'- very tos'
Dtt i~c't At rmad gelts v ery hgpe-t ie h oevul steol il
I ~t~ intttetti-t c' eryctity I 1the 1' is lred ci altotly tiet-i
NO. 2 E. WASHIINGTON ST. NEAR MAIN. i,(t o Itt, ost smtoothtly. Thte a t t ttI i l'cd irtteo e
1 ttat 1.:to0 Detroit litte, andrt l ie J fo II terschtteie 5;iPee record
tt'trttetittg4,%,' ' l eaves llo llitl out tt tttfi vbepint's
G GARSTO BURN.#'' 11 110ii tiit o11 O tihe hlrttint, 0as t te 0 55 11wil otoittChic ot.
and good ones tolo. We uil1 l11ely aliow itle't10 c1- h 1irod-11 nc hm
carry all te leatding poptt- u torl c nat ht' cli stteil by.
t ar brandts and cant salt 0.1111 to. fTh . 11111 it r t;lt first
y u tat. Cigarettes at l 1.11tin wl o eIt itt l tdiarceiltill to ilcil i c '(, Nvhsiu i le t i g10'h jttp atti
Po a te'. P AR aYnd l i cie slt tstoi lt.' c1 '_'lil t still i d for t' ait rt'ty!Vot
To 6ac .ostATo . "1 t. sitelita-w tote i'ndln'lllilo 111,th 'it It'l11 Iil' tttu..s s-l
- - - -, e. .B.Iitc s ttttcitt I.i i',.nse111-ialet1 " u ,
0 A T T tI cstlssssAttMACY.H it.,ic'-lrt t Mtctbidt f otettrelyi' i i
B lLIliii'i50 ttt til ocenrc
46S T TES .1 ' n t'haves oil caIn is :a - t 1 2-tat'it i' lt ' cty liI 01 will
it 101' lltt'111i11q, to 1 11110i ' I th i is eve t sssecure.:tt I t -w ,O v
tttve~~allia thatt at siatil 1 ;.n11sh0.111d tct, 1111tcci'
such sh~s, blss to w al' lietti. ,11oIt stslilsitt' '111111 irstiyw ill l t' 1 ii tc t1 Itr t' lt'cos 111

'98 Law Defeats '98 Lit in a Six
Inning Game.
'The se'cond of te inter-class gameso
'soas tplayetd at thse Atitletic Field yea-
terd-ty aftetrnoont, '98 L, ant '9)8 being
lhe pi inilpals. The formter t".ttttonl,
the scole statt-tittg 10 to S. 01.11' six
3innuings twcre tplaycit, beclltle oi hav-
intg to tturn over stecdiamontd to the
tatrsity teamo for the regutlatrIliac-
lice,.fBoutthitteiers wo-rcte tctedup
to lioely fashsison, '0)SLgec'ittg t11thits
1and1 'h8 12, Itt strikie outs each, has
six, Wheeler, for i'98fL, -000 the
I teadie'r, not fgiit.g,t a.bseott balts,
' wile Lazceabct has Itree against h~im.i
Thie Lawts camoe to bat tict and tile
lfirsttosoe nsoent to base'stotl balls.
pa tssetd ball auct wilci llpithscored
onec and 'Thclntiocn's htit scored an-
othter. Twso m10oo-cwre attttint tthe
secondona.t'base ottbltls, ta stolen
basse, a saocrticee anal hits byi Clark 1001
' Mack, Tomollre catte in lithetirt
110 htlto hb- Wheeler, -tireeuloIctantIa
't l'li50psn.It hetcfourthtwo100011101
soc weetrecotrded, a triple Pby1Hi1l, tFox's

W . tiJ. FA ..I LL iiicttetif te st~asis. 'tithigtin
13 WASHINGTON ST., ANN ARBOR. i1 m iehr 1l01st. 't nt t nt p'i-
___________________________old-time____riva1 ltin isiidetermtintecd to

1No Bicycle
is Complete
Withouit a
Wve Pave Camnetas thait ar0
spec ily adttped tot btcyc

51 11S her Stciilli t trs1)11(t utIll'v
11,1it cby Im-toll,tNil occtpy t1e1'busx.
t ck Intlin t'efil-ittti,'tl treget
ite11that-sir ts-orct tile wIt'll.~l
()f till'fttr'ttost in wsesters) track 11111
lii -1111 1tea1. 'tl"blitctof tihe ofd1

il- i' lii's111 1111 II lt~~it I s'-baggrcandtcsingless by-«"hisecec
Pros. Angell in Washington. atnd 'Thompison itintg tite volk. IPu
'fh fllwin te ilfthth iey- oent oult to order, bht
apparsin he k,-the sixit broutght te usual to
i ritt tree tress1unde1r tate of 1Mlay
221' ccci a, a twcs bagger by Wiheeler,
tti't'byhiMack being- tile catleec.
Ikey Jamtes 13, Angell las arrivect hi-c
Tltt' 'a8scortartd it out tpcorly, net
15 ltoea cllfrell-e vitt Ite resi tainga esrc thtefitrst tihree itte'-
Pltntud lt'esecretary of state 11cc- Iosttti t otttla-ti
N-olts to starling for Ills list at Cott- I rtt 11 o tekadooc
1r1m15andtt again ll the1f1st h DM itree
c-sri'.1The' sixth owas a blankt.i
Itlsell, lte first loan upi lte fblot
tofitrtet 10 tllorloti ofce-ti"hiltt ilts right field fior tree tslss,

ltsrtat $5.00 to $'25,.0. P$.00 "1i~..,t ste tback, aninaneIlittly 11101ttitof
osill get a good 011e. Ask 10 oehet iseot-Ib tg
a~c Wiehv endeeoe0y8a
0 0 :
0 - x ivted1his pelrsonaltl attention to thec
0 1 II 1111 lean t.Tere are os-c-cl coe.t'
CALKINS' PHARMACY, 101hi1h Nvil be' especily close. Chi
-AT- proass of Smitth, te ttile runnter,
WAHR'S BOft0K STORE sathe fresMihian orn r

Just received another lot of
that fine U. of M. Monogrami

cci tlel'tt of svictotry for htittt Thte
pusintis ttlso will hoelc't':, ii'l'10

lit ite tattectedisplatcels tt th t have
I asot-ti bftwe eonte tti'artmtlf~t ande
olIlt relpresettivesinTt urklcey-. 'lle
necws minitostter suited It't tie1 t-ittldt
1111 sill'exactIly 01ll a )Ic wottlid
start for Constantlinoptle, buttetxpected
to sail at to istatdte, ThtelItest
actsit-cs'frottt'l'trkt'y itndicate ltlat till
sutltan itstmaifiesting a disptoitiont to
mteet teviesss of thtis governmtent
in a trittltttmore stttisfatctory lmanntter
thsati heretottore, and IIit qtcte trob-
ale tat by Ite stole tit.,Angell
rt-achsesltis 110sftihe osill tindst oany of
thtt emtbarrassmients wvhicht madte te
selection ot an expnrit'nced diplomt
0o necessary, entirely removed.
Senior Class Announcement.
ilsoibs ltof Ite senior clttss wooldisi-
sire 11n0e thatt te rigtularnutmber of
eight invitasttins -forcommttteneetmett,
-tn st-dec extraitllviloulloos it ten
ces't apoieitce of any niemaber of2fts'
invitationt c6ttstitlee or by dtroping
as card to the eitait'tuan, Herbert ill.
licha, 20 S. University eve.

bust ove-e'ran Itirdi tand oA15as I-tot1.
Mee strusck ostt, PRiter sin-iesl tid
Petit sWent Oatfrosts Iitcereto first.
It thte secatisi IeeandtilCoolidtge
-trutek otoustCittaukin senti out at.
first ott at grouttnder tIsotf ieetc
stasrtetdte fout i-~thasl idge, . tOti
so estouti fromstthirdi to firat, Coolirdge
0was0lit hb- sa iitcedesbatll, Cat olkilts
tit for twvo Pates, tLatefltlvsngled, as
lid Itider. andttlee1cmatdtes'a iostt1e rttn.
(tattlkin s -a s causght at Ite platic as-
P's-it so-ct outt ott a fly' to Itird., Five
rtuns resuterd. ThetehIree 1runs lt intte
fifthltswere tiatte on thigh !-s h-by ttt
Coolidge, Carilkinb and aussei.
PFor '958 L Titotpson ssttg-ltaa fiat
gamte, andthe l entoic' teatti h ckath
himt 1115oell. Clark its left fldtitmtde
x, pserfecftfitrosw to lte tomteiplate,
es-aig a score. tiussell for '95 mtadle
(Continued an Tb1iry Page,)
Campus mass meeting in
front of Gym tonight.

Papor, the popular shades hits suvt stielt rensttkablo itttlrcve-l
Blue and White; also a Nosy metisthlsiatiohing leslts thi sscsos
Stock of the Variotis High ss lal lie itlelt1win frotti licitsattan
Grade Correspondence Paper. Ths'estuarter saile isntto stre for
Visiting Ctrds Enrtved. atid Mlts5 gnsot it appleared betoro Cap-
Plate Pr inting. titn I-Ic rd's injury. Even unosw past
reccortdssdo tnttdettand any coocro-
WAHR'S BOOK ST1ORE Nion -to Citicago. Chticago appearsitot
havaslilght advantage in tim' hall
Up Town Down Towns ln.I h ie akTynsol
s. Sate at. Opposite Court Htouse t l nte ul vi Tynosot
Ass Arbor Mat's (Ib% mote thtan equoal to thte occasion,


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