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May 28, 1897 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-05-28

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4( ~ there imac be no doubt ttiat there is
+ ~ * Ir~'I. en* usc ic'cud to sparee. Auorganu
izced system of yeliniusl a 10ug left
Published uaily (Sunsdays excepted) during wa1 .
the Cettege year, at-
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. Dual Tennis fmeiet With Chicago.
OFFic:E: Times buitding, 7o S. Alaln St, be- Teday errors tile duat teuuiosuriert
twees Liberty aed William Sts.
MANAGING EDITOR wt hcg.Ter etne nsn
J. F. THOMciS, 07. geeancd toubles cwitt play our besi
ASS'T SVIANAGINC. EDITOR Ilieu1. The four ut'tiru itgi(s on0
E. L. lEeSsaeR, 's L. echciiteael wilt be reubed cnd pily -ic-
ATHLETIC EDITOR criigly their rheluibeu pluayily
11. 0. SauIs1osAs, '9SOL..
ourecanionltl, tiu'ir 'ecnd heet l iiyl-
0. ii. tIAI, 00ir ietisigoel se cicndbestucicu: caid
EI I'1's soccon. The saiuceciccticid ciii be cisei
F. S. Sviouco, 'i 5. A. CAic'eettL,'rt. li iitcig tlie tire eamis in doulcbles.
F. A. FUtC, '93 E. A. CAMPBs'ELLs,109.b
G. u. UuccIocc, 'tO. T. It. Weuoueo , '98. The colic .e criciccicig tiii' cliejeily of
BUTLR Lh1B'00. G. . Jr+Nics 99 lite six n iacices'wilt hr tlie u-tiner
m? siftheiSOtescrieit.
__________________________________ I__ olthec li'recsls of lice ucicicho,' lt
The subseriptionprince ef tie 0Dally y i is J t.51rLe '.iichdcw'csltile otcome,' ftitlie
fcrctlicoellege yce, withi a segculcs'elivey
hefoeeoicechclda~y. Notic'.esciemicei- Wternilutelicreilegic t 'li111liissin-
tleet, acnd thermastter intecidedi ccr psblicca-
lin us e lhandeld icat isc Daily ofic be tifip. Clliiclgo LUsiv-eisily hlsIonlc~
p. in., of the day peeices te tat eanchich 1Liadie reputa~tioni of lhiving tili' he'
tieyvareoexelted ccelpeice.
:Subsriptionstmey be left it The Daily c1o eni l r inteN s
Oliee, leyec eorStetllets Nestaind, or .elli.ii~tc' ccdeW
with iBuisiess lacatee. Sbcs'ibee'sewilleon'- I'llciisiprinigcheiler iisispisscct' c1rIAt'ci
fer a faveericy reportnt promptliy althis..
otriee aec tailuec arrerstccdlivcee papee. tsladless,ievigi 'it ilt ls O'tit"leoi
'thetr'iccs tscrie i.'tt he e ti t asito «ic wicictor ni'iot iihe; A'iild
iTreteisii touirnami eethsccafste-'ioiicc iii'tisrucy cili'
ict efli co. Itcirerrce's ill I iit out.'r '4iy< 'o sis-si oil! doic cii ilci
lierclocii o cii' .1 i~te ol Secitileiht iqiestiiIioLit Satuicrdain~ i
stilse dtcisthe rtliclileco i olie tesir"ei
b-nterd and nluot licc isitisstodc ir. ciss-ibetiii cli 'ii'i
S'illiiii'stis'lt' tees'' iicuseo es 'iiiane, ioi'iiiiiil. -Oro
pliyd seugs etigio.lk ii ilr ienlcclscii c'V'i l i
cc ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~nv thanciseti ii' ciisrii i giot'. dii' s'cs'c liis'in il's ouri
tstilliieici. t i g iilal u i rceatl(ei\\. s i 11011 :'.Ol i1,1iColcil's; Ie
eli ulemen: in ceg l.si 'Tbciii ks Iib ir-Boinsillei'h iscaheioiliii' ci .,.ls ii
-anii toc1iii, iiightstlicaci citheIffirIhid' e reputatciilltl-ioih' Il now
lst'essjo crle tatis A\cic to helte holds trheistNliii'rlcIie rl cnt
tc ccsc cii cIfry. Thec"' ti. st''i s~tll ciihv'i.tse I iil ci
grdeetudenitciisupporwll eups'ichs- a sit c\(>iii to lsi'ccthe. ~ tlpel
111, th tc'isu~cu~ ye cc'' lcre siliindols.Aesidesit;hciinnc'.
tic'' toANcsle to ecstdcrelseougt t'hlicsg tcdsci lcci' c il'gs
team ito ici't ccicTieft'hisigen a occ'ilis a tis lliof Hrckls ii Htavet
gruoatdeacliitcaiid ioian itonill etissit harudtcsoaniobatico.5sei' ciiI'
uueetate tic oqhelrs orfene ' t(hirits' is ad c. 'lii'ncthe t-rof
sCthis i sic2e sill11th11 ilchigass ll has W ith ttsc ciit eai'.tiicpcit-o 255

,.,We 'Ire offorino are grccntivalues, c hood
iccsy of themichlave beu reduceri from
k ,r Itifteeni dollars tu twelve doll.ars iu orrder
tc0 give yocu the best tcwelve dolllat'Stit
3 o Clothes iu the smsrket. You nceedn't
, ttake ricr wo.rtd fur it, cosme iunca-i elait-
is thceni.Theycr~ alil o turrwciuduow.
We've Got C heapar 0Ones and Better Ones.

ticce esaipel ui" Wo hass ths lstlti-
thod to sily ilcat Miicig'. i n 1101 rlt
bliiir the east iu supposirtincg their
leasm. Ae canu smake Michiganiotti
as famus is 11hrat fYle curt Price'
til, cud cce cc itl. tt is ne enthulseias-
tie exuag'geraion. -to say flier Sactur-
da~y's success is lrgely detoescie-at on
lice way lice sttidets terns ocit bothi al
the camplius aud crouud lice D. A. Li.
dicamond.i T le teass citt hbe cit the
uceess nceetincs ccci. it the creccd treets'
utp the apprseciiou that tics bien
shcown' here lately, hecv sinch mccen
kceunly cwitt they unsderstcndrthaisc
every iemvii's heart goes with cisemc, it
they cwiii to rejoice with themi, cnd it
they lose to sitand by thcewcs t tis"
sasue, as ltce represcutctuse of etd
Mi-ctilgan. Let slehedy caine iii the
cold cavitling spirit saying fthat the
team is anythsing b ut the best. Every-
body 'ought to learn the sengs ansd ce-
operate wits the yell masters so that

tinis~ , Biackelcr v'rcs. Deccirslis,
.1:317-p11.1Gotltlibcvs. tcLm, 2 p ..
Ilixcst cs. tHerricko, ascii ts-'y c's. Rucc-
sell, 3 p.ic. Dotslets-lhBond cd Hlt-
to v. Danfotrh cc!01.is f~
scler 111111Asnderson sc.'sHerriickuand
ttlcrvs'y, 4:30 p.is.c.
Yeostrdy tliiialsein dles %v cere
play~edI. Dansforth ascdlLeisiti .lc't
cit Giore oast tlcysict ti'4, 1--0, (1-31.
The ccissers tplcyed a listirss gaue'
tor the losers Gore tid soeisi'goedll
scasihig. Tueh e ccccittee acitsed
to scnkts he players repsortedasolto-
S isigic-1. 5 hsnuslss'T . D. bter-
rick; 2. R. S. Disitertli; 3. H. Otitocit
4 -. Butter Lcambl.
Diutes-l. Clccsssiieu Dasiforthianci
Luisic; 2. Hlerrick asidttarvey.
A cwhite silk fan caseo lst ct ithis
fensny Social ic thce Wateessi in Gycciwa-
siuml it is theughst. If lice person wise
found it witt deliver iite Dr. Moher.
thie owner will hoeniast gratefuslt

The 1897 BEN-HUB BICYCLES embody more new and genuine imprecemects
in cnsstruction then eny other bicycles now before the public. Never beoeo ia'.
suchcexceltlent values boon offered leerlice money. Our nece line, rconsstingg ciiglit
sccperb models at $10, $75 and $125 fee singho machines, sod $150 for tcndesms, with
lice vaioeui options offered, is such thct the meet exacting purchaser can b0en eicy
Students and Teachers
cost secure pleasant acid profitable week iutroducing our
Public Libraries........
_ini towns and country asid formcing Reacdiscg Clubs. Jus.,
the workt fur Students, Theachlers anid Minlisters.
t 'WeV alsu want a fow eccergotic field managrs. Stute age
and experiece in buck work.
Address Dept. "S" RAND, 1'icNALLY & CO., Chicago.


P30lA uly l tou Ae3.5 0mlcur i i
Vs JusticeHarla, oftU S. Capre muCourt. Fur
ANN IARBO3R. MICH'. istoeo, adess B C MINOB, Secretap.
Charlottesviile, Va.

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