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May 25, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-05-25

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VO.VI o 7.ANABO MCIA,,EDY A 2,19.Fu AE- 3

Reeeived a full line of Novel-
ties for Spring Suits
and Trouserings
S and good ones too. Wo
carry all the leading popu-
lar brando and can snit
your taste. Cigaretteo and
0 Tobaccos, too.
0 45 S. STATE ST. 0
College Men!
College Girls!T
While cultivating your head
don't forget your feet. Here's an
The correct College Shoes, Mons'
and Girls' sell for $ 3.50, $450 and
i s Complete
Without a 0

The Tennis Contests Schedluled
for Today.
The only match p1a1ed inth tiltu101c
tootrnoament: yesterday was in the tpte-
limein gtnrountd in tdoubles, Wright antl
Maotch met tCutre attdI1,Obtytrnnd.IT he
tatter tteomiwon a rather uninterest-
tug cotest 6-t, 0-3. Ttis leaves Gore
I11n1 tttlyllttnd its the semti-tfinals. A

Now Specimens in the Museum.
Prof. Worcester, cinator of the
iruento ant iMr. Wood, Ihe taxider-
mnist, are att present ettgaget in est-
te tittg specimenus of the different or-
tters of thesottgsand game birtis. Sev-
eral itte stetitnens htavte already beent
secred and mountedl. They iktotrate
ptreventtiv-e eoloration, sttooo-ing tta,
Nvinter aond sutinter plumage. Thte
slteeeatls ositt be ptlaet on the see-
ont floor intthie 111(v owall ecases. The

Work on the Botanical Gardens.
Ttte newy botatoteal gardens are be-
ginning non- Is loose thteir hare a-
peatrance, as ntore plants are sft out
tantd ttte seeds ectme up. 'There ore still
a great many seeds wttietthav-e not
splrotedtontd matty perhaps will not,
ctomeneement tte gardens owitt he
site of ttte attraetions of tte eatupus.
Thtere tare alreody set oat os-er :30
ftattilies of dsos-erittg plants, whlile

latrger ersooc-thlttn otstatl switnessed tte tdift-rettmttodes of tiestitng are also (thtero is rootm for ototaot twsice as
se 51111oun7lhietis autitng tell toltrestutect. Mr. Wood i also many, whieti is netarly- pr eto
color tothte seene. trorting su a twiter-tscene grtuti of Itte fdowsering ftamilies of tte globe.
fa~os-o--em iltloriitt itathe 1 ltss-5tsts, rltr-ettlhgt t tThs3met--ottittg istmadte to shon- as
v, ill tw platyetd. In ttte sew:tintal ittl tir wointetr plumallge and lit trers tt-arty ttstiossible tite reltioshtiptbt--
ton oft s sinegies Danfottrttas tltr-i -,Nova Sctotia. Whtent ttatltotatot ts-ecttftttnili-s. Ttte ttost hiighly not-
rteh tand Riley-3cottcs Nvth tHatrs-ey. atnt ettssife thtte t-otlectiott o-itt repre- tvatetd are trrtatnged arotud theto on-
1 ytn te-ottcom-te of the- formter settt 40tdiftertett orders. Seserol litte sihe ofthIe garidens. This is so thta
nttttthetttsprinu lotlttionht isiontt- tpet't-tts of tobnormaltolesoratio.nt ttIthey- sill serts- hteir orntamentatl lmr-
ccdct t to rest; be--tta-s- of tttis fact the ttllttittolt itthae itet secuetrdtalong os11e0best.
ttttty twf i o lwthetixvitiitt eso-tiJin-th.m-It hilsttit e.Thte gatrdetnso faritave c-ost sery
ti st. Itt totles torce atdttallty- Lais t-ttridaytsswot-tell reserv-edi al..tlittle, all tie plat tsuitdseedsto laig
iotttt soitt conttest soit ttaxter attt trts chitls tsert-eece itvedt attdtartettnttedonated. Thte IMictigatn Agricuttural
31 -1St Ihit fole aplaee intthie linlts. lntsof11 itetax~tidtermistt. Thte~shlihhsIolege ttts giv-entabott1330 iperennhal
=.f1e in' tenby Lie-ttetatt Itttesty -ott- Iitints atnd seetd s itile tte oriettI-

Ploy Illinois Wednesday.
tTe llilte"Sit13 of Itlittotsso-vill11
itill t.1 ic t t5It to.ti.

A Commendable Action.
Eite foitositgresttlttitos ere p.t-

(Ick"lled the Illinois lean ol? tine ecl at the recent meeting of the orator-

9 We Itave Cataeras that are0
specially adapted for bicyc-r
lers at $3.00 to $2,5.00. 08.00
a a
oill get a good otto. Askq
a for Catalogue,.
a a
Just receivedl another lot of
thttt fine U. of M. Monogram
Paper, thu popular shades
Blue and Whito; also a Now
Stock of the Various High
Grade Correspondence Pttper.
Visiting Cards Engraved, and
Plate Printing.
tUp Tows nowa Tows
S. Sate st. Opposite Court Boas
Ass Arbor Matnsst.'

slitr itto tip w-tinntg 11y a st-tre ttf
to 3. Slate tilt- Illttols ts tnet vi-
11 1115117 tthe secotnd tltst1Fridaytito tt
t'ilt Io .1110salso beettplayed twsice,
- t- resuttbeintg tovictorty intl atde-
ttttat forleaetch team. Tite score tboth
11111 5 sos £9 ta 5. Last Sturdaty thle
Ittlli20i ioi1. Fron tlit--bttett0 i ;aures
iis qitevt-ttidint htte Illinos
j111l rt-retlayting 'atttard, fttst gainet
tttin tloate ittprooetl sitoce Mictigtan
1.-It Itheti. '[I"t(o gtanie lttmorrowo
1ttl'nt hietttt exeletttttcontest.
Tennis Courts Almost Ready.
Sijlt. IRetves sttid y-estertday Iltl it i
it hat-tt tlbeett toerttesoet owealter OT
late, I t ese-tentis comts wootlidnoWo
1ic fianistiedt. As it is it opotes to con-
I31t tht o-sktitta toupoitle of tdoys.
1'1Tdo-wire fentce is ttetrly cottpletedl
tantd tll thtlretttainsis to spta th ie
clay tand roll it, btat this ctatnot be
tdtntt as lontg is it is in its preset sot
cotilitiono. This stutmer Mr. Reeves
Ixlttels to lfiishte soroth01 Itegyt-
ntsitttn itproiter of tae o ma~nasmnew
hbuildintg, httt it is a . tter of ucer-
ttinty as to ovhenth le rest of 'te fin-
isingetan bhocdone. As to oter builid-
tags a fete toinor repairs wvill he matte,
htut notitg of anoyinsole.
ItaniDoozer, tte Northwvestern foot-
b aill-player, has acceptod tte position
Iof assistant postut~ster at gEnanohon.

Inattsmucht~ as thte Atltic Asocia-
tiolt antldtte fieontd Btanjo tCluts of
Ite tniv-erst-it t e tottdered itind 1and
elletoent sees-ice to te Grtto"icttlAs.-
eitilt illtthteret-ecit Northtern l.t-tatttl-

co tlest antOillnprevious cotlests. thetre- es-cry specie;thattt grosss. Lotrolo-til
fore be it tanisersities httve long recogiziedthlb
IResolvted, Thiat this bord exptiessoadvtYatges derivedi from a gardten of
is grtiitttde to ttteOtaidl organiztioonts ttis sort antl nows-theyiea-utrtly tll etre
andO be it futh~er thtorottgiily eqauippled swithlht h itoes
IRtsolved, 'ihat it to the sette of and toll thto nicestory lttrtslhtoittlilt.
this hottesthlia; e0e1ryttembtietof 1t1t2 Prof. Spauldintg 111)110 to thtve some-
Oraatotical Association shoutld at-tttay a gotd collectio~n of wsoodetdplats
temtpt to retarn te fttaosttyrdoinga Itul hts tatecdthis spring by- settinag
ievterytlting in is poster for thle stuc-out 30 or 40 slhr-tbs 0111 trees intthlei
tcsof the corntig (lice anid Ititjo spoace bark of 1Tppaon Hatll. Tlt. 00in
(tubs coatcert. tiate toill formt a vtalu able atddition to
Some Interesting Statistics,. logtreo
Theo repotrt of the examaiaatioando- Annual Surveying Trip.
tiatantt11£ tae-Nos YToirk Statc Theeosrveyintgcltass, consistintg of ?20
litoad of tRegetats far 15136ssows 1that juntior engineers, swill loose for Catr)
dutring lte getar. 300,000, out of -100,. Lake. -near Trttverse City,. next Satr-
0110, atnswoertpapers wsritten, t--re ro- daty mtorniatg. lTahelparty-will tie itt
ceioedi at lie deptirtatacaond rated chttrge of trof. J.IB. Otto-s, tssisteit
by unaivesity extaminaers. A rettark- by Alessrs. ttllstwortht, tirsons, '07,
ittle itacreast itt thae- namber of Lttin andaarilahnchardt, .11. Protf. Davis left

ttiti ldepatrtmtenht of the L nitItat
hattio ntibutted ihog'el3-. The grlens
ia-,) conain mhore ithh 200 odifferent
,stpecies. Sotno of tiles-- act of stiecial
ioterest to stoudents of phattrmacy -on
tcaouti of tiheir maedicitial Irolperties.
nin-g has been mtade, ttat beghniutg
is at5good olo aattt it is thitnltention to
eto-i l hhav11 loe -rrtangemnths for
ohatter platsttasO tvetllt as frna

anht Creek Ialtras tubmatteld, os ttsa-
tpthent, aad this is all thteaiaore ooloat-
ishlantg conasideriangthat tte systemtaof
ilaetivo courses is oidly in voghac
ithroughotthIe preparatory schtools of
Net YTork otate. Does it nmean Itat
the systoeos of etectivoes, witth batlahce
ct-urses, toads inevitably to a n Its-
crease in the poputarity of ctassical

last Satutrdtay itsfiv ita en 00to pepare
ctahapl. 'The party' soill to end fotar
Cotelier Golden anti Ci-ter F~ielder
Ftitter .tave retired frotha the Norttt-
western University toota hobcause of-
beintg lable to give tiane to practice.
Michigan vs. Illnois, Wed-
nesday, Mtay 26, at 4:15,p. m.

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