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May 08, 1897 - Image 8

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-05-08

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et friendships with all nations, entang-
]n-alliances with none-Thiese wvere
the cords of Jefferson, and the ines-
ages of ecery succeeding president
linve echoed his sentiment. St ha,
tahalped all of our relations, all of our~
interore ith the outside world.
Coneived in the golden ago of Amer-
iAn patriisin, when there were hut
tirteen states in the Union and a us-
ionsil domnain of only 800,000t squat's
uits this sentiment has heen opera-
tive throughout ousr amuzing increase
hi -esills. our vast growth tin popula-
tin, outs mighty eiilargeimeint of ter-
ritory, oast all the revolntioiis of ouir
Bt now. alas, after a century of its
- ssee-.sul opseration, it has b~ecomse
fssluksssa-hleo for Isis Press and for
(c-ag rees alike, to question this great
f, em on sf non-interventios, asnd to
cossusel the sstcxiisdonnseut of lisss-
. leiluol is rincisle of indlependetice tsy
the auts-plion if sa so-called "vigorous-
fsoreign potter-si policy. nit iof coesise-
liio tisisd peaissbut of at-litirtiry in-
teree-ense sinid sarbitrasy siggressioss.
This new pslicy is advoctatesd tessensi
the tlouor of lie siationasl tong-rest.
Pispisl-iriassons sre stirred hy rtiist

of vantage frosts shicls to wage wvar of the "imperial system"is oe the ( are wvritten forever the worsds of
upon0thie totted Slates. 'Thus, msistak0- "gresat empslire" creatlesd by the X got-1 peace. Wiithisnthe ismits of thits land~,
st- higotry for love of liherty, tno- outs foreigia policy of Palmiitr tesn tild on every Sabbathi, ::0,(+)0, yeai, fasr
lessee for ditplotmascy, lsartisansssip for Be-acosfileld .and Sailishbsry. Weerattiesrtmore titan 30,000, tensples are sl1ier vii
pstristisma, iviths iis miotto, "'My coons- Ipsinti-for inistrucetive Nvartitg to Easg- opsen, in ivisi'cis tevosut mienandstu wo-
ts-y tby wholes-er smeasns extended and1 tassd's lingo policy. It wst roisgi mess assentshle that they sisy svorsip
bouintded, miy co-tutry right or wirosng" -igs istigatioss tut (ret al tiritas:,'n iiso ivho is the 'Prisnce of Peace.,
te lingo adsvocaes indefissite Serritot- wras dragged its thsatassfist ritst-ss Is this a reality? or is siteChiristiassity
tat extoasision. stands for the "Fatust- wsie, a u-or that-sctiher fivreihuttdred s o rassssse, our profession a lie? It
rcciii of the post, typifies the love assditillioti pouitstdouiblestte armii es o "1,1tiotbe. Let ts Ihope ts 1 suve shall
list of war; and its iis feverisis Aisgis- Estrope asse yet effecteelnotinsg. Yost see, atftio distattSie, saivagery ito
tislito ulsilatike esery schoolboy 'a remebehes wlitshousssandsciponsslsus- leinger listgering is inte sidst of civil.-
i-odeS. eerey citizens a soldlier, every sects of Euigland'.s;hravsest soldiers laid Nation, anid soiindtitorat i ti-itles
sipit a mass-of-u-it-.ev-ery scalsort a5';themsielv-esdoswis steS sied is inte spresteis; otssre wideely .anisong-stir iis-
Gihs'slissr. Flousting the lessons of isis- stvaiittts of te Danubse, bty the icy pit', so Sisal avaliisg. as it ss-er-', testi
ty.igisurissy tic lasissof nature, lhi' wstersof the Euxisse' in the wsild tic- our5slsisiters, stnd gir-sisag siltoesrloinss
isouit regusisse te W esterns iesisi- files of the Balkants, at the ktsma, at tomoe leiius u-sit, we sliss L ahbor
sphiere, atnd inicidenaslly te- wvrld. SIkecisiass, at Baialalo-s, assil estre eairnestly foerte fuslfillmsenst of te
Why tissnsativ-ism? AVWisy tis fats- teduttl reel isousises of Sebiastopol. irophiecyt-hlit thetre shall comse a. tisse
stic hostitlity, eopeciailly agasistEsig- 'Ishe world u-ill ties-er tot-get ts-eSirs- a blesed Simte.hast shaslllisS foeer,-
-land? tEngisititi cisctradsitional eemsy, tatuy, te avisgeryof tSis a ssr. Rus- is-len issnaiiss shall stot lift sitsord-s
our lheresditarsy foe? Aid eta we not stasis intseirefrenzysotlisig Esnglissh- anitS natiuon, neither shall Sissy -sect
Ste iii belosig SoSt-ssae esaee, tsestae ell whwit ossud listvcoffereed chestswartiny store.
Susiehsssextirtest ft-otiskinst he wa i-stesrtsisessc-i tissir aoizn shirt hto-h wrdstloro '1h
Mstg-st aristte of its ipolitical righits,, I-sgislsssetlinitscrowss-brifling lt-e sock.- ower of liruphecy- edwells iso usisre
sanSd si h siwonsfrost te isuwers of nas -etoofteissess iliactitsey ad Slints, ilsmsesn;yeStteosraining seye eve-c
ltre ts' "ssssiis, its-cifssslsiss if belles- findintgoften-ti ~ °., tilt- ptlssss-l--s stis-es to itee te S-trets of te fi-
fIts-s 55ma-s-tril 5igrss"?I Atidilrstlthose sitiffessing cs-sss liitttes (),f tle fure. Look forwsardi std see. 'fles-o
notou sie Sls'issi s prt'ing frostutstw isgiti sindithsite Ililti tHumansinatsuresuffussedlit int-e sfsessslstreassof ts'
:strdy tsfescee Of 11ng lishlii-- Y! . Itsrevoslts iStrtt'horrors of ':tICrimieta, ct- (i g styilssy s sello-v sthSie mr isi-ti
1{Ilstiits-lsissts, bSic siisof Ihig ilitvisitssitsteen't-rtitie (f s-f tiioa- r-- light of 1le1e. esaissytuponia s ees
bltodset, hseests- ssoesssls still isrssne- Sellilts std yestsill st i-sas tS a it stsaiiits swhseels hlsf sunsksen intil-
l)- sit-aktei-Egylishlanguatgies-cl-ing itsistitisigsi's-t'ait t isosiglintgsos-sirt'h', lit-s ia c-sststot. Ist ni'estii'issg
to E'nglish esiossiistslawssSt- '.Eno- infliuence'atsh Jingos iitstigatitss.risc-"- iirouthis c-holedsI si-le ssu: oni-ss
lists jury systemi, ch-ishsss Lsglistiliras etitoi-itissl insandltwhat 1st-c ltngos--e-sssss11s-oussfois tsrSembinsg iviis- cla-Itt
sditios, n dtglory its Etiglislia( ietstSLousghtsit -patioitic tsapplauds. tori tndtceteptsschaintingyi itsos-actthis
isi-st ? Desptite till estsrtangemeint anth Etiglttiit's iterventionss itnt:srss,'it -tsif 'Swus indiiseit slots-isfreres. Wiist

ts luurlice-j-'udli-e, iislesan itisy lasli-
it ast prsejudt-ie-is fanned a'lmoist int-
;to tilse. Its sathus ssof ssslssssssiici-dt
gon-enasl crisis, of unssettled luti-
seeof s-hi-stle trsade detpression, tse
lla ows Cuoisgeess, ititetttsitely list-
Feming tse snssessary legisltations, tias
- ste the precious hossrs in the abuse:
.of Amurign g-overnmusetts ail in lurisd
-susesleelauniaLiouts,'it iIs stttleusenttd


sill itossihity' dSicsis it- alit-salisitiiiO
sl lc''i is ~ itunadj~lls' Slithesssssssiu's
sit', Et:'igistiis shill this umothesr--sssst-

is-r stNs suliiltsstsit itt~-s'us - (lossessi buti c'iz? It sytiabohizas S.its-

tpby. frantic enriesivissto tI m esu i-issost tfsur it' is cc Iettsili- t hy.t°
simicosuratiuns hills for lieeassstrtuc- ~-

Vomu of addtiioal iron-t-ladss, f-jis tis--
-m--tttetion of a vast ansI elsitoraste
nylssof coast fortifiscation; forsgettinsg
sl tise while that one strongest, mstu
li e toisptest coast sitfeats-scosusists
is justice, cossitistons-use,self-cestss--i.
.aiin ht u n siviersal gsood-srilltes-t
l1 .tr. in thast recent Anghlo-Aissricsin
- isautu f atiohration
'I t m eriessn Jisigo isa surnvivssl, an
.- nrssy in te Christiaus civiliathisoi
-o the twentheth centurty. Wsar-intosx-
ic-usel, iristtsivi ith atsigoasin. , it-
iusuat tem-lshthse sptntof harbssris,
li- a blind anetptaiouatanduspIrejus-
duei Loskingssbackwardl, nost for-
v.asu, ihis i-teats rore tmuciieval, nout
nuxn. uMestselieine assl ugresive,
('swtussid ussetsssussss, hits spirit
is thatci-i conqhuest, Iis reason is fairce.
Irsmo aissnd Osuspiciouss of oilier ties-
toss, litt' rs ites all thue anisisiies
of ste puss. Te liehasge of generatio,
-.ta mIte lght of tisse, temutsations of cit
cesnstcte, thu itot loosen Iis hastredi
The 11ngland of today is to him tse
Engtaud of George Ill,.lie sees in
her a tradiossal enemy, ,an lieredilsiry
fas. She Isovers overiHiawai nhoeti
hMW le&esof te Pacific, and looksa down
.-ills greedy eyes upon (tubs, as points

811,11tnoiteessi'colIstrie ssn of «':lslict.:-
iti tlooksihpeirioi -st-letitlilstastitt 5
tht ltand of ut-otis llsit ndsisitti.i sss
tSlskeshetre; asislisll niththisfe-lists-
citizens of this',grenst Estseti-sttor tsurn
withssysistiiiandtuhslis'stion sothsti
htist-inhst s oil,lsong- befsoreousto-is,
''isiiso osscred foretse footstpssof f5
olise"? Sitsis ntclike'i-sits, tse
ioesosf ntissns, ibusiheohit erssss'of
cisc greatsuct slitssssl isscs'ssshtss
tsttostii s to histos'y. Iigsttsl, hilt-
fsttnders'cof cs-ssssssssssesltiss.lit-hissl-
iwst-r of uprsgre-s-,s.t'e slit-irde~fende-
ssf hhiss-e-.tis is W irtenus"sfllO'ss
thcIss- , lo tSo tlt sussot isle; sf thes
"si, aud uponusvcicy' huge of c-seth titit
rellgisous atithcoisittusrctssl tfrs---ssssus
Alt, swc wasy flotut liesiaitundtredh._1'suits
it' litty sossss111C le',, is~sssts
tst' ss'gsssstlist1(r -stisis LS )11dIV- iT'
piuii('5 uississ: 5,55 us's- msst'i'ttts'ttsts-
t'e Jtitt st isisits-s. stst s's's'ssss'i
tsut thssisght ~iIs:iciesut iililsy is
'ssstriisstsshetr ptic-s le-ssesi 's;gc
thssusgiui telisgist'usoheitsc it -iss
Rouse ses-hsi-, ay-I istin t-he titirei'-
bloodsi Shsie its givesn us, thSloodsss
51ust "heats (stitour hessrts ande
throbs along cur vwils", to-s iBg-
lard, England that gusts no, liberty.
And yet we arc no blind admnires

iti'c555a.ti Situ'hasillts-sst-ci-thasdesti
if ssthoss andsssitsillioss spouds, sands
doinsit ion ths sapedishtertset hretth bt
sitstroayinug-.ises'ittsur 's'tttity). thess
igisisst 5 tathud'sstetd t tgsear lsspet
thus princsipslte of non-inteirvenionts. s-
c-ueitsiheic' hut-cisnterestosit-cs' siretsh
tutu obsioslsy ssailedt, sites-ssoildt
haveu beentitIs sissiftominst uistof utst
pasupessrisins atist -crimes Sy wsiteh uer
gs-'ovrsusu'ssandstet ioplet hi-ti' e('_its's keti
dsirsed. Tists suissan iots' si-lit
isis-cbeenita gsrtvr y 's si--c- htsshhi
ss'sghult lsts-s Sue-ti tatrssble'N-s perit-
s-it ishitrSe-stits soiliight lists'
1st--sieductasteds. Eusgissnitmtu-u5, lus-
(ieed hailitss'Irsus less(if usiliuss u' goy
liusitisshe ' ussit svehadneit-i: tr lcafsuhgssr
sitr Wetrloos;list sthis'.'iistis ihaves'ssi
tie sighs uxtustult- sit s i iittuilusitisut,
fee'u hults115insstitiuitis, (ouruteosussatd
just hut its conuctsttt ti-to.s4;I-r ,eign
ssttes, anidirettit-pIts ohio'o'-isSt-e
site'tsigeuthlet-finihtiot if Ciiisian
AO dosiits eit'tasos, () Aniuis-ss
telsusyto iii greast tChristisi i ttin?
Iio is-'eu-sitpe-o titsue- sitits'out
rusle of 'deticin tso f h-5sieir-'as
fto sit ellsh, tpure asits-i s ti'dl,, fromu
thus' dlivisuine srales of - sui, ftuthue
tilet-sii evuls Shuts of thus I tisutiuiocet ?
es sir(' snysugs-ud llusthus'ITiisi'ltstthicss
prsoject of illusinitigthe--tissle eartii,
eveus to te remotest and dthsrloat re-
cesses, by thue dissemnation of chic
Ness-Totausical, on -whuosseey palge

histedsi siti's lgie-st asisustuens, 1sill-he
sir suere uolosus rus's ontellh oodus'
cisues sai ougii ss111oual's ltilts stus
iseu t ithout it i-s tm , oesoul sit iii-
outs it sispe.
'Bows the dark future, throughs hang crier-
Tue ehoingsunds fraw faintersund thena
And like a bell with talemns sweet vities-
I hear once stare ike voice of Christ say'
teases and no mare frets its brazen portals
Tue biast of Warts great organ suaste
Bist beautifal as songs ofthue immousrls,
Tue holy nmelodies of hove arise'"
Harry NN. l lsuou it 24 ycsars'if situ-
Hts receivedtshits tarlycteductinilltshue
ec istriy schlool of fuisdisticstushicil is
its HtenryecosuntyIowa.s Hev a I si e-
hottest fur college at ftowss-e' seuuusl
sit 'MS.Pleasantl, to.It thus fasiof 1tu
hue sueunter shut-State Lustuesosiysf
Iowa, Nusluere hue is huttsisututthu'hil-
osohuusl courese intshie College of Arts.
Slice his entrsance at thue Utiv'rsist-
lehat' engaussgedt itsltmanty forenssiec cos-
tests, She most timp~ortantstof wis-lsrt
thte NortrnruO(ratorical League coa-
tessi of 18951, in wivchlshue scons i uict
Itonuors; thus Iuva-hieag(u debaies of
18901 astd 1897, in bulls of whtich losses
seas sucscessfsul. Mr.Itasoneusexpechs
is msate this lass Iis pro'fession.
1 'rune Righut of JRevolton"
Eternaul ini its iwiepltisus, suivesal its
it-s apliiatoti, immortsal its its dusra-
thisn, the ltihueitli of existeuce is

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