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May 08, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-05-08

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Bayard A. Ames, icigatis repre-
sentative, was born in Niagara conty,
N. Y., in 173. 'le attended th' publ-
lie. schools of te county until he ws
14 years o age,. whn his faintly mov-
ed to Denver, C'o. where he h
since resided. WFhie attenong te
North Site High School in Dener it"
wsou the annul oratorical etitest. Ic
was graduatedl from the East Side
High School ot the same city inle
sprig of 1593.tsmnd emterl te ii-
versity of Mlichigant in te tall of thit
sante year. Mir. Amsscwuill receive
the A. B. degree at te net coincuece-
ncnt. 'While t the nivrsity h hias
devoted him~tself principally tthei.
cassics to Englst and to elcutitn
anle will etter the htw departtnt
net yer. Besides re~eiving first
place ini the oratorictl cntest ie is
te 97 class otrndtuustik at ('i-
cago last year at lie Wasintgtn's
Birthdaycelebratiothn ci' tie lnion
Letagie Club.
" Castelar."
Ii am to speak to you of a1 Imittwits
hats wrested potnar rights front ty-
rants,tatnd, under tin' scetite if.a-
solutemouottrcy, itosimade tepititi-
catisittdimintat; a foreigne,. by birt,
by ace, antl by alegiane, bit an
Anglo-Saxon ntl a Amiericainitthis
ptssiotate devotiona to poular rights
--boiiio Castelar. Castelar lhs lived
in cine of lthe tmost testibiuo peritts
in te history of Sptin. Sic l*tS
lils cotntry irisa experienced narly
every formn of government known t
toot; absolute isoarciy, eonstituttion-
al ntontrchiy, electie uonarciy, re-
putblictanisn, regency. civil ietlat'ttti1p
and nilitary dictatorship. The royal-
ty of France, Geritany, Italy ad..
Soutnihave sort the crosvt. Cotsir-
mtey, insurrection, rbilitit, not ittis'
ful netihods, have been roide to
lower. 'the iayonet has displacel
the ballt; the amy has stupeseded
the cotes. At every' plitical crisis
has beens heard the imtquiiry, "Wict
The ettrlier of these distur'titmnes,
htoseves'oh'a, hutse bent bt thie
savings of a troubled dreamer, sleep-
hng in the dtrkness tf mediaeval night.
Drugged by ignorance atd supersti-
ion. enervated by clerical and royal
leeches, Spain iao, subered in
aaiithty. But wsitin thelast quater
of a centry, at te call of Castelar,
soe has risen from hee coch, ad,
shielding her eyeo frotm the dazzling
light of progress, comeo'haling and
Stutmbling along te track of modern
The story of Caselar's life is the

history of the growth of popular lib-
erties in Spain. n 84 the indigna-
tiott of the Spanish people, long a-
cuulating under the careles injus-
tice of Isabella atd her licentos
court, burst forth. Madrid was te
hotbed of insurrection,te teatre of
resistance. Suspiion spread its cot-
tagiots far and nide. ThroghithSt,
shreets charged tietous tmobs.
Othie tigt of Sipiltee 22. a.ipu-
ic mteeting of electors ssas heldin t the
Oietntal Thieatre. Detagogic lades.
ptoired out isetives against fitex.'
istittg gov-ernmitetnt, and lashed lh i h-
coiiiet of the people into ai fn~y f
rage, bitt presetntedi to tesigmns tor'
sigaisized, lttsfutl efforts at aueora-
ion. Wiaried of sotds, tle c"iel
pouita'ce bigots to tmose otiSofte,
hlttito tossible eeds of satgtire te
rtapinet, sshetsa itvasersity sttdi-tinm
whiose tdark eyes burned te etkind-
hing fire of sntttsiasan, pushlel ls
ssaty throughb the croiwdiandnmonntedi
the platformi. Tie atdisince litted
fto i mtt in disgtst. Bit thei str-
ting began witll the voice of s.i mster.
A stitdetit of hitory, a politicti gui-
iahis opitioints ssre foet:i 'i, isa
titus ready, his sntetcs ttiisie.
Oirder, iot ttanarchty,esottiin oit rie'ni-
lution,wism tihintureen of i isess g.
'Te autdii'nceeitausid,sasete', Tunetd
tutik Ito ti'it'sets, tttdl surre ere"-'
thietsselsvs to le ctitt'tt of his veice
si'ntimuent of the stpeaker, att I eat-
like silence altei'tnttedl 5iti deaeinttg
appilauuse. On the motoss his sit'eli~
issretud in eery hamtult of painii.
It itti'biief ttghtshle hiad lisped ita
ftuxi. tie wsto ttonttger Castltt,Cie
uktnossn,lihi'sttden, le eitts, btt
Catsettar, he lcttdee, the satesuitt.
"the glory- oftilte Castilittnmrostutut'
At tlilsie begatttnis career as,
political reformeit. (Ctlleid itt,)7 to
serve his Aluma -attr it the l'cat- of
Phliloisophiy tand Literturte, it" soot
afierwsardls foutmdeci asReiulican
ttewsspapier, 'l~a Denoraia." Frotm
tlatform, anit clas'--room, atd ress.
Is voicie rang out nton tly to ign-
antmi.priest-riddenct, royalty-crsed
Spltn, but to "db-oppressei, con-
scenetme-smlaved, elass-dominatd Eur-
sie," calling for repubicatim antheii
otisihlroiwi of motnarhy, for altitiott
of slasery, for freedont of speect andi
of tie press for unttratmmseled schools,
tot' lihertysant etuaity itt reigion, for
thei separationm of cttrcht atdistat'.
tBufor's its awsful tutnder pricet'ads
granmdetiqailed; riest anti pomtiff
stood maute. It ierced lte lic'ntiqus
fris-olity of the coittt, atnd sung the
cottscientce of Isabella, seared atti
blackened wvith lust. Butmthe paid ot
his aggresioan. Courtier and queien
st'tek'back, atnd (Castelar was io
iettger tetototed ptoessor of ad-
IShutamiliation tdid ot decrease Iis
effort nor idatmpen his etusoiaaum.
Rst'umt and tpress swere sill tle t-
gites of Iis genitus Tie leaven he

scattered did its work. In '66 theI public! But Castelar's strttggle in tite

soldiery of Madrid raised te stand-
ards f insurrection. Carged %iih
comaplicity, Castelar fld to IFrance
atid for tn-s years .tsveled ovei Eg-
latitiamd tie comtinemt. whie te
nenspapem's and magazimes glow',d
ss'thm Sie heat of his plthipis. 'Dossn
fiommthe Pyretees, roledtilSe iu'tti
toirr'tnt of his rhetoric, coisimibig tie
fabric of sophistry attel iypoeisy
wsoveni by his olihonits, md pugrgn
the midl of thle Spanmishm piople of le
sumpeistitious atn lnreditaty eerettee
for tpontiff anti kitng Bylte els 1iias
of 'dl. Isabclla becatmete exie; ta-
telar, tim eoiqueue. BtiishiiuetO 'tail
btet his aothesis lilaeturni sas
atriutmphi. He laceti stl'cltises
t equal Roimanitposit. Soilsts hlui
in te fruits of his agitatioti.anh
itmtotng hisifitm uppthortrs hei'hauthtem
wshiolt of Re-pubicau Stait.
Enteinug thit' ortes of iiie covu-
ionaul 'tov-ermntmt.he exeretiAlithSt.
fem ces of his earS anti braiti ti amautl-
g aat te stteurtd factioms of hut
Rep'ubmhlicant party agautst theii'Mii-,
ui''iitts It iarS t'esct-i'eded. le-,
iptublican feeinimg inhigh: thit'"Via
ha Roeputblic'a" of his folossers tiut auth
rolledl hiackte " Vii tila 'Monaquia'
of his o~pontenits. Bit cousersiiec'
Spinhiwias notSte attyfor Dmot-
t racy. Ctastetm ,e'sloutenee might
tham rtandth i1nil.but it('outhit noiot-,
s-ttc the detputiisoitthle phit'ictu ility
oft a.fetdeutl Rhhiliu. U'ndero'lt'e
protiutdtitle of Anaues. Duki' itf ott
a sommof X'iu'tr Ehmanuelt' aiscndetl 0.'
thronei', totly, atefir hsos ytars at us-
fnsaliti, mitsfortutnei'atitia'ac'l', t
abdici-ate andhutsvi' Suan nli.htownmi
he si-timi'afmiti io f aiect-tlcitilsit let-
tlt' is "Bintg Maca-troni I"
ccii. ('onitlutional i tiiai-iy,weitu
ticitet' a mtltanditu nic'n'lt-iultte, tail
ftailedtito restore lhiiarmny andutipia''.
Patty tstrife imadtibeenmi i -t' iit. Fin'i
ity hatts hailbeittdis pned's't'. iTr'
utitisitul piei'hailbeeni'i'i im.sail by
fitteigni olntuei, atut u am li' thd
probihls'm," sai c aselsi. "is tt ally
oruter' withi liet,.''Thliii'ulmt ia'
ft' S raisamuaRepiiaublit'cofIlls hir'it' st.
Its bhwuassih'iera'lde hit- mis lashi at
arnus. t wisteii'ohsping of cic-usi
stout-is, the protege of eat-i.
'rnquil at as leu-mmits teginisg.
iti' cursem't'of the SRipubhli'i not to sbic
smoitoth. Cmfoeeei diuultttits in,'
Sltitgey pessiones, omarli;tugisitiilt,-
apptloinutmenteap altte trotutof the
gtovirnumnt. 'Sit he mtasots, lthe' Se-
publui does mist being tie exectet
Utupiatt. Bigueurua, thtt fitst ipeidit.
remains inu mufsiitefourmi' thuis, tent
leatss ula nitmtry ama exile; Migalt
autu Salmueronm resigns titer sotasSten-
Icae. Ntiona affairs are mnerging in-
tot chatous. 'ihleiteubli ij),iotchi-
mg udisoutiont A letdic;'is etuticul oe
si-itscuassaythie minds of ties.'T.'
mtantle of dicittorsipiusfasls upn Ihe
soltaders of (astela. Great are the
diHiteultes that ecmnromt huim; Priest
and tul'ilist, Monttrchitst and tFedea-
tt, a s'rriedi stntsy'of uoppositin; te
csoonies uvitling in reslt, a dthisted
treasury; jealousies and mates cess-
mg his uown-sparoty ntotutction: tel
trim';,fle immstigtor of seition 'tther
tliun te guardlianmofi'order; a luople
so unschooled in popular govec muent
thaItimhey tnk of hune suffrage as sa
decoration to be disributed by this
Gover'nmnt at te bull-ights! No ]inu-I
titan power could have saved that e-'

f .. "


face of adverse ftue nas teroi.
Against theloweing gloom of disas-
tee the star of iis genius geame even
mcore resplendent, and wvtent the tRe-
punblic totered to ruin before P'iva'
gumsthe sympiaty and sadmiton oS
thei siorlcd sieecwith Codsene,
Dliinsig to co-operate nwito 'iutu-
goguies, he detuarted, a voumtary exl.
to Frtance. 7'uhe eubiwasa cushe.
Constttituitionsal muoarchyy oucceededt..
A seisa of the degemneate Ia.ihtla
n.oiuuuuleii uethirte. 3Wht ust ave
lt ithe grief of the iustious exile~
t ie theslii'ruinssof isi issopes: Attas
for his t'loquuence!'Howis oftent hail
Statun t'mbledii'th stitits edec-Ic tt'ih
'let. lkeethesiitit)ii leruddytit ee.
he the light ini Ser msaiens' eyeso.it
etouldtistly- taucuse sandciexitu; i tltS
uot retran t nt -tontrol!
1Werec'his itlarstivai'!Wtsii t t:
t0 itiji'i'it thewssitheel boidetof
slutnialt uisiizations.eomeduuu'by ou-
pumtitisi, ii.'numuuhed by i-inn'}
dwatufedi by ignsorance.teuuieneuug
ospirit of progress anth refornut Wtto it
stou, is-leu mnachyut-dlun attsied
ordet, tnstiliceise: muoettio. to i-
Wta it sa, in [lsc fat of bitterst
oppsiosition, witthifeeblest nu'ouuu'c.
wsiths uncecrtti u porauot, to pret'tv e Ite
fu'uc'uto~. t' otonof hus tountity.Is
letuse it ua tR'e'ubic its esence,ittutu
ini muinueT 'heu a tttaIts a il.uaiea-
tioti itte's-un;'ibeury--oin-sg peopc' it
earthuti sisers,"No?
What t ascelar hiss toe. sicottudr
utaiiii n thisniutoulldo. i''itt fl-
vanuout gret Sminuthu perio'ittes- I
mutun, hut'toIsao to' g''tatt othinat
hus ie His tmtinial 'endaowmuent. nit
hits physicali etnforusuti tuuariisitI
teideal tuttu 'utilimen'ut ot' i'oqoicice. Ofi
ut~i uiheiight ad ob uustfigure, it.s
itrll etruh; rest tuu'nritugc'111t)tlitusoiu
heut' l utuuis; rite of his chest. A netk
or' tniuttutpropoiusuawtts-asuantu
u-it. greua tt ';c' eys goinsig si-ihi
iiarnesttuess, Ithe. donne-ikes'forehuaudof
Siuiuu'aii thSis is I 'tsettu. Hu
suet1'taisgi's fruitm thet sotet wshiper
Is the flu-est tthue of utge. Chi.
'sonsnt, mseodiousa titrilitg .- i
swee'c theii'gamsutof itt1it1,um1sassuionat
sautd i-ua s ithinsits thraslesenuseutt
iuactquaited'i- isills tie tastilianton5i-
gte. Sits sech is scuorouto ailed
poetic; instinct iithi ens s'auth
rnhutuisu; usitjeaiu'as Boier; ..muuais
so the spuioimitg murutusur of ils alls.'
oicamus. T''stt, ten;-ytge ields its
secret. Seforet'thin'e eesof is aaulii'r'
RrunandtuulEgplt. Palmyusrtt adCrii-
ttgu'.is-c agtain. '11 pius icies'atndutdi
iuhuuuutsth ie histouries and lteaturs
of u'sen;' iuropietim sate. fusedl yit'e
nuigic of hus genusmar et'poureufotht
Ni-ilsinimuitable' flueny, its clis'c
fiut- hbrilitnc'y, oith autiappalitggout-
hurst of paso..
Comsbinuingmuchtt gifts of oquotu'tc",.
wsiittpre-'mience i tt sli'atttitii.
Cttstea'iut'ogeniuus is sitniumitt te
glue;' of Stain rfm'uedu'i.re-eunranu-
isedi,resvisvifiesi. 1808 saws a Boutu~sus
trstdtia Bnaprteuu'tc n-uuugiug sie' c.'
Spanmishthroei; saws-audis-iec ieole
stnk it ignotruac nl stulsecattlisu;
satstSpintulttctie feet of tm'te5. ISSS
satso thie mcmitisters, tie pesiuent
of ('smgess, s-s-ur' tsoulueust itsu.,1inii
limo ascendesnt patuty ama-mtny ithStu
oppousition,. sonsaof tie Seple tutu h-
tebtedt torthueesiuuscee, nt is rotytl
favor, not to patricinnbirhi, but tu
biillint abilities, o ulmouatis is
of goverumuent, o a represntative-

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