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April 12, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-04-12

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'VOL. VII. NO. 150.



-~ - SE lb TRPHY (t--sat Development- Richardson,
WVV L LD 1 t1; Ijains, (;; Tryon, 2.
Woo y A Ricardon '0 "Total numnber of psoints for each
onbA.E. Rcarsn,9 i.n-.wtestantt-iihai-ison, 34; jains, 20;9
Reevdafl 12 fNvl it Ia , '97 M., Second. Meadlo S' Wilk-inson, 5; Tryon, i. a
ties for Spring Seits 'ldcges; were Drs. Nanciede anl ItoL
Tr be itlige andi Prof. Pai tteroon.
and.±±~~am1O1 i'l(' tt auca Sente 'le Nwinters in the two previous con-
i trtt aiithe W'tertitan tlytnnaoiuntnSat- tests wire F-linterinan anti Blooeng-g
1897 ~ iit!y night dlrew a,, large audience, stolt.P
whith w's rwardd wih oe ofthe Bangs In S. L. A. Course.
NO. 2 E. WAIGION ST. NIEAS A?111. i t xltiltion-t of gymnastics everc
gnt 'a therte. "ive of the men eateced tJtit Kendirick Blangs will airch'S at t
$ t 'toly coitttteti'l. titit the hauidoote nn to(day andt will be entertainedel
.A 00QLVM B - - --tO"'slvr cuppiofftretd by the faculty woo while in tie city by the Psi L'psilon t
thaSt will we ,r stountin is a '(otti t i;tibedtiot A. l). Richiarilson, 'JS L, fraternity. As itas been 'anuounceds
oatne.ecan gieyou a'Si,tti-t,t
iswratdto wer 2 o nh othst h nt isin-tghre istttand throe ace- btefto't,lt'e Students' Lecture Asstocia- I
'ombs attsi title oe osth'.oendsitbeosies being gralc irset in ph}tlien ttChitogs'tettitsly tdontedtheitt o-ts'
comb sad finecombhs, g c ine. V
and chlealt comtts. ; ic~tl doeveltyittiett. Ste. licitardsoot-titis of thte sinigle odmtision ticketsr
--Z-- t'ott seco''ettti Il-tatst year. at which tothle Athletic Assoitiont. The lee'
PAI.XER'S PHAINIACY. '' t'i hreceissd the largest nunber hitrer's pteculiatrehumitor is well tlus-
46 S. STATE ST. 9.
MV~otion'' said the Dltchs oft
Newcastle, "'is tho life tif all_
tings." We keep shoesot115-
ig ,uneor the itmpu~lseofett
irresistible prices, mand it is K/ 1 laslvl ee

$& -
ti { /

00 We have in stocks -x lit- 0
e ferent kinds of yioet. We 0
e think tiat "GarlandI ot 0
0 Violets" is the sweetest anti 0
0 cheapest, eve;; at $1.00O anti 1
0 ounce. Seine are 50 aind 75 0
0 cents an ounice. Lilac', 0
0 Lily of the Vtallev, Carnto- 0
0 ein, Crab Apple aind May- 0
0 bells, are all seasonable A
0 nowss and coot you 50c an
a ounce. Come ii; and coin- 0
pare llama.0
Just receivoeI another lot of
that fino U. of M. Monoot'amn
Papcr, thec popneltr sha~des
Blne and White; alsoi a Now
Stock of the Vttrions High
Grade Corrosponidence Paiper.
Visiting Cards Engraved, anti
Plato Printing.

it' lt tintitinthe gyitinastic woesi, be- I lrateiitibythe fiolloting s-cry eliai-

it- g, fatt only because of look of
piitsiotil des'elopmnit. ttis victory
is; is a iopular atn".
In thitwresiling i'itoits J. P. tHttiu-
tot;m, iniercollogia toe emipitin of
Aii-nathtrewv It. t.. Gooidman, in 4
in. hi.t so-., anti 0. 11. tlans wst
t ittoriot.s oitt-in ulants ini 3 lin. 12
sc. 'lThe it-trkof <:u-its s-cry cloe-er
aidl -titltd fiti coitinona applause
fromtheit tuttituct'.
ft' Dt~eiis aittFreshmen, dhe 'ctter
weret siietitis. Ni tlime ntis ar-
sumnalitry follosws:
thence' tatilt-SVdkinsoit, 5; Rthiarid-
san, 8; Mood, 1. Hteintf 6 ft. 6ini.
tPiaalel Itts-lhiclclrdson, 5; ijants.
tig-tiKioc-tRichiardson, 5; tjtsiis, t;
Stead, 1. H-eight, 8 ft. 2 in.
'Germtain Horse -- IRieliardon, 3;

atcirisiic letter:
453 N. Btroad iaiy,
April 1, i1899.
Itisd t. Il-Onmons, Roil.,
lteat' Sir-The stibjeift of miy loecian
tn th flt't1th tiilllie "fie Evoltion of
the Hlumorist." It tractes the dev eloti-
iwtt-ttof hiiuiort' ntuthle tiiooiisf
froiii the tieriodilof Adamsclots-i
to our owtn day. t hat-cut any
facts to give yon for tress 'notices. If
you need such tintgs for itress niottoos,
twrite tup a fets' andilli-f iiiekinowy-alt
thley tint' antid i it Sofar as iiy c-sn-
scieice still jpermiit, Ist-ill livt- upti
} Websters vs. Alpha Nus.
'( Tt' A lptit;Nii Society heltd its hOC-
hot 9c-try Safurdaly night for the joint
dilbate wsthe li\W-libstir Society -lad
cose fur ifts irepreseta'ltivs' C. San-
gir, 1J. (eismer anti Miss Nash.
'ho e bster Socetiy htst elected as
its representatives MLesses. Albrighit,
Ryan aid Kingsley.
The debate will'bte ldt'May it0 in
Alpha Nu Hull.


Played a Tie Game.
Because of fte bad codiion of the
pounds the game betsween Micehigan
in(i the Ieligibles scheeuled for last
aturday, swas postisonedl till Wednes-
ttiy of thilssteelk, anti a iiere practice
-use stas played. Sos-en innings swere
layeti antI the shuts-tg of the imeii
tao strong, when the adverse cirum-
tncostre considered. The tneligi-
les scoredin l the first inning trogh
101011 ases by tiinitond and a wild
trows to third by Lun. Aiother
tore folloived ill the second -on ilts
by J. Condoii and Lee. They again
scotrd 'in the fifth on exusable er-
Mlichigan did not score till te sixtti
ining, svtei Ludlosv reached first on
rfielder's choice, comning ome on a
sfe tit into right field by Dean. I
the "soschl, Siller aiit Wolff iiade
tie circuit. tyling the score. Siller
ittd Stean tdid the box stor for
diciigaii andilshowedot uttin excellent
fotm, the' fomler striking out fie mcii
ittd the latter' one. Siller allotsed
indy six safe its in six innings. SWat-
kins pitched for the Ineligibeo ad
diciigtin iwade but fie hits off his de-
iery. A stinlilary follosss:
"'olff, s. s----------. 2 1 1 4 1 1
P. Cndoi, lb--.....2 0 0 3 2 0
Dreisbe, lb- -.... 2 0 1 2 0 0
Butler, 2b----------..401 22 1
Ludatlow, r. f-....2 1 0 1 0 0)
Dtani,1.- - --......20 1 1 0 0
S iufice ., 5 -L -3h (I0 1. ti 0
Luna1, c ........- 1 o i IG 1 1
'trtisrigtt, c f. .... 0 0 0 0 0
tiller, p- --.......2 1 0 1 2 0
theelotlu, p.... - .0 ii0 ( 0 0 I
Totls- - -2.....2 3 35221 t
AR It1tt0 A B
linmiilot, e--... _2 1 0 10 4 0
W~atkins, p- -....2 0 1 1 3 0
. Condon, s. s.... 2 1 2 1 0 0
Shielids, t. f. -3 0 1 0 0 (
Duffy, r 1'. .........--2 1 1 0 0 0)
lettee....---------2 t0 02 1 1
"Totatls-----------...22 th G 21 1321
Innings - 1... 2 3 4 5 6 7
liehigan-....0 0 0 0 0 1 32-
Ieligible-....2' 0 0 1 0 0-t
Earned runis-oAihigan , Ineligi-
bes 2. Dlit base on balls-Off M11-
or 4. off Sheehan 2. off WTatkins 5.
Struck out-By Stfiller 5, by Shehai
, by Watkins T. Tine-1:50. Umipre
The election of the Daily Board for
897-8 will be held Wednesday in
Room C, Old Chapel, at 4:15 p. m.
Every paid-up subscriber is entitled
to vote. J. F. THOMAS,
Managing Editor.

WAHR'SEOOK ORT' jaino, 3;Tryon, I. ~
tip Tows Dows Towts son, 3;t Tryon, 1.
2t S. State at Oppositer Court liotrue -
Ass Arbor tlain 't. I Tum-bing-Ijatis, 5; Richtardison, 3.

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