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February 20, 1897 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-02-20

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c (Continued froin First Page.) I
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) during Il il. ~ssSehrKthn
the Cllee vear, at tu ~c. IissSipeiKthn
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, P'atterson, Clver, Colie', of Ann -Ar-
ceo(,,': Times building, 79 S. Main St. e- br, Mlessrs. Win. T. Page, Wn. Str-
t ecu Liberty and IWilliam Sts 'st antiEdwin Ptter, of (Cilago,
J. 1. TaooASo, 97. RoL.WgeHry epA:J
I5USINESSIANAGER (aog, IHarry ~iigwell, Hugh O'riell
. IH. Hb, '55. . inod AMA. WCamlol, of Detroit
EDITORIS 'Sigma ii - isses Dlse ancd
E . I, Onun, '8 L. . S. Sustos, '5
I. M. Loorus, 'u. H. . SottuA,'9,u L. A ir, of Deroit, -MiRSo Harlan, of1
H. H. CouuxN, 'u, BOo'sReon ai, '00. VtWashligtonl. D. C, -isss DWitir
C. A. i. nee, Sit Athletic Editr. inlIraofSldsy,0.Mse
10 V. Iluehes. 'u. . W. Smit, '91 lBrwnlmaali Deby, of Kagina, -Miss
F. A. Fa'cit, '9s. I. A. Campbell, '00 Bennlett, ol'lb-tllii., MIiss tBotle,
W. P. Mrrill, '8. . . Iudutt, '0.
A. Al. Saith.'91. . Lull, jr., 99M. (o'Albion, 'Miss illee f ('icgo,
_____________________________ Al__ is lanforh, of Aull Arbr, ilo
N Crootnig of S. Josep,. Mio.. -iss
The subsription pice of the Daily tfiss250 sit fh~lsoeul
fr the cllege yer, witih a 'Osuls deliery i'teiiDeltla (Cii-'Mrs. Pyle, of Gh'i
befre noon each hday. Nticeu, rommunica-
tiones, and ster mtter itended fr public'- ' r.W X.Itals fDtot
tiemust be hustled 10noil the Doly ofice be-
fuse N p. I., or muled is the editor befoec9 I -'-.- se f oeoMs
p i., of the day previous to that on which .lo .I.lt~(d t oelMs
they tre expected to aruear. S .Suple'p efacO. hpr
ubstiptiuns may be left at The Doly ''.,tt~hio eil~' i.1lot
Office, Aleyer's or Slileto Nestand, or soies' hAlsstiGige l'. -_01 ier
withlBuiiiess Mtanager uttcierew ilicon- 'or''ttt'gr
fee a ftisor tipreportise promptly t this COts" fDtot 1 ssPl n
ufflceeany failure tf carriers to deiser papee, .o orllMse sh n
'fiai'iel'. ott Ch'icta.gt, iss ltuggett,
'Te acliot ti he11Junliliir lttltco.l' f t 'iarlotit. ul., iss ( ran"oll for t
iiitls'e regalrthug poi~ttonof bototils ZAlt'ssillt'. 0.. I-; lotnlissit.of
seoems 1 tt'estretehllit pa oini tis zfal. Bilffalo, IN. 1'. i.lsltel, tfT-
Ill 1llaktheitt1lilitr 1105 01"tltotit- l1d,OsHMsss Jarvis ad inttitnriig,
destroy-'rol tratititos andltitnlt's. tlnoio. Iidtliss Ji'b't', tf Aliini.r
Wei' hasetoou fits 1111titgs nltis. hbo.
'Tii' iea,of thainig frotm a.iatio for Deltat;1a'fotnit t-191. t). l-ttolta.
the phtt't's sthithitlilt' frltott's t 1' Aiiii Arorti'. olti ot it't 1i-o
hy' lltttretaii il t' giod ttltitooliMicos ' iiotr oani Solivan tf Ati
ofp itiutie iiitrliti s iow ir f AX'oti, l isSosill',tf X'sil i ii.
thteir poitiiolis ever'yeytar tillilct'Si"ifetIhis ye1(0rtwas tolflos-s i%'
ilytp Itoition i lel -t al igielts R aifon, t'hi Pi, rutll Cblbioini;
pthe isli sggoand ttfusellnin otothet' i so. Dlii aititi 'Pio. littli
fes'iysto liha(: h1si u' ;tt fefolr '('t' i Isu, Hobo 'lii thcollo it' , . .t
Th Tinir Hotp rtthsis yea ittlMOt ' todresL'et .1. X'. I'. i;oi, liilt;t
anewdrXtiltl'goftthr totsittihas5bete1.t moits)r. t'l'Ooii. . lb.ioib.Sign-
1(01t ois t i t ii p 'tt.io5 t' i s it'lir.a1001liti l int. S. S. itit li cl tas)
patios' au e. T hat such15101. fanolvei t aa .A. i-n-,'Ilet eta CM
oshotre mae ttptert'neottuliolt ofitt' iTato 'uRepubcan Clb . 1ri
our fuollegallif esb i'i oitly Csi , i Ipsll.carln I i A.l
fel da s t tis me of ucy ti is h'"eu l ielt ttu Diltan ; ilo ora'lti
therunioiou es slois tsoofditiem-)u!to..1- 1 eit iNp
and oul gofartow rd gvi ('th pa tsilchiit tii , _latiri, 19b ,Sbig ai
ho ;u t vhtt if n ed scirily il list Lsi ol I S ,'iily' ltliltor a "' i-
ftr sevt' an' l ait ion,'tud fo Stiioitsi l it ti lii iit'ititu t - -it
Ctts byteresetudnsth eoradd- Th 'eubicaiCub
ed gie o tGfeeClcln' utt-ila
'LceninigedntoIl gt (i-Pdt' htii'ligtii
atierfitintliold toisof ietnt i
seles-husnra uigit coibia'tou s 'itl tt' i t at etil it_igo t yl ni'ght'
Pesootivitwii touicrelii sllg pr .;Mn lvnyneier a"s
by bingiigtheulttitltstogte iii ______________going.
ii'b the stuitas 5519'115 t t0i1511islt'- 11rn nl 9r.ihedotgr it-
meate i 11msing iia ralte Actienytoe
Try th celeratedSo-anLinenpip- it9ctie onp ieluitiovrthe ices ssv
oral $11ibitoy aongaye slut.

4 v )s // f j t

wsins the jury of shoe buyers and it's
ours by a heavy majority, Foutssear
should be top quality. The feet can't
stand anything clue. Prices shounld be
lsw, so as to keep the shoe tax withtn
bounds, You ss'n't feel our shoe
pricesa, bnt they w-ill make you fedl
peleased, Thlere are no corn gruwers
like bad shuos Conoe to us asd get
something that you can wear yourself,
instead of the shoe wearing your foul.

you ought to attend the performance of Win.
Gillette's Comedy,
.......1Y THF .... ...... .
Grand -Opera House, March 6th.
Tickets on sale with directors of the Athletic
Association and State St., Stores. Reserved
Seats at Sheehan's Saturday, February 27th.
PRICES:- 35d, 50c, 75c and $100,
C'itt-rot hteiistry-i'he ,tnlber of Course A, Heginnier's course, Sect.
('(thrst' 4 ill11 'Oithescodso-lessorhas hT.,Ahbonday, "Wednesday, 'Thuruday,
htoiiehanzgedit'oi itouthrse. 5 in the -t-Friday at 9, bloom 11, Unisversit Halt,
lioztlhl('t'. I. C. i-tILER.IV. E. FR-ANCOIS.
NH'Ii'ti-tAll whlo tdtsire 11to t'oha Vihilt' "'flitDefanotuieo," LclnsIt.
nosorse tif fent-ing hissons appltty tt ('ho~big sucnntss, titti's ottdetptendt
Catit. i. Beot.,'termts, $159 for'hituitonth' oonittindt'nhaic-al ctfonts foo
thireeto- 1tlth$. tLessouis given in ttrosltiti s sicts, ittnesvertheless hasr te
osvei' ('atkius' drug store WINeditesday benefit of miagnilinont stalge sF sli 110
and Satnrdatyafipinon a1101d'eeinig. 10 ehiroti exprelt'hy for it. TitsA'-tiery
- is 5''r'y'elabhorate a111(1 lttsono -
btig smctt'('t'55. iir onsthueli ptrevailing All candidates for te 1900 track
encstont in AXustralia. of secnrinig se? tcamn are reqnested to report at least
v11111 from aiuoig tiltsconlvictsswithi three tines a sveek at the gymnasium
guood renords. 'Tse prinnitial1 charanter fur regnhar clasa work. Candidates
int plhaty bienotes site of thit' "ots- fur the freshtmano relay boom especially
signdctist'rs'oints,"11s theyaeit'trot. shionid he at thte "gym.."regularhy.
H. HODOMu-%N, M!anager.
Candidates for the '98 L relay Tcam
are requested to report at the Cyintt- All thioseo lt intend to try fur the
nsnum daily at 5 ocloek. 'b98 relay teami are reqnested ho hanid
P. 11. O'DONNELL, Manager. iilteir nanmes at once, anid to -report
-- at 'the gymunasoun for prelinainary
A- very inice front sutle furnt' tt ipjractice. Actise trainaing wvill begiti
181/2 F~orest ave. Math, Itt Ri ottiiudnext semester, J. . H iOMAhS.
seaoter, Blest ef table board. All caadhdates for the baseball team
"trials for the 109 relay teato swill btt must repor t at least three M'inxes a
hoeldtihIis afternooni at 3llp. ill. week 'at the gynumsasint for thie regu-
C. TI. TRYON. Mtanager. loir class work.


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