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February 20, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-02-20

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flo i'abo(Ro od ob , 817 jBNTP NT COLLARS UVEAR BST'a
Time Table Rvsd eb ,15, : WH N MADE "FLEXILE >FOLD"
alond x-- 47 NYSpeci 84alNiPO NT ON ~ 1 -c.ijt s rM
Allntc E _ P75 Pacific Ex -- 12 16 ; lv7 Ee
"OP.YAT 7,AgtI CL'uaooAl . Aobor
Theo Oininbleep igar Ln btwen T-
RAILROAD. i 0 In o and Colmbus
TiSllT'ONaTIN1, MARK O / * Tn Onig Iepng o Dawing Room Gar
TinoTble. Ia SOL.,TI! 9 1T 33 a ®73> Line betwen Toldo, Clmbs and
A a.mU:ARA.NtoEE_, ® Tei Drawing Room Gar Line bewen-
4:40p* m" S:35 p. M. 000*000@0000000eTom, Colonmbus ad Chalestnnon,
'1100 0110001 Aos Aoooood 010110 ~lly lenian pro btwnlnoGlmbasoand1
All trolos d ly except. Sonday. 010 fsa .0nooplo 00000
E. n. GI10LMOTi, Agnt9 oy d'l,'.s or _ TE'ONLY LINE with 4tanseach a y doiny
W. 11 BEN7NETT 0.P.A. Toledo . tnr , 4101tht ooo Toldo ad lColmbo.
.oeooho,7o THE OLY 7LINE wth 3 trinoah nway doil
THE INDEIt1AflDEN BILLIARD I JLL 1PIlc., bHE ONL eooToledo, t riBolooig cGeeoan
10111 y GA0W~~j0Vjj 5(: 'Lz C t _t~qTHE ONdLILNE with '=trais each wy dily
RAILROA TICKE.C0OKES000LYToledo od Chaoesoton, VW.in
0T0I0D' on'0 t POPULAR LINE '1 ooon Toledo, Fonio
Whiolesae (igars. Tobaccos and ria,___ Bucyrus,___Granvil__e__andNewark._
(igarettes. A. SII ON n n FuPllioom 1100ionrltie o rts, imo of
transoe., will b0000000 alyrne lbd bany
C Le00s010red 0iv1 10i.Rand MNly & Co ,thla ill higgoodrurns too-o Agen 00110h0010io oete Lines.
Cor'. Main axed Liberty Sts. 5s0011 ill 101or1111s10001.duel g0 oato. \ e li. 4o100;hepseaies on our MOULTON HOUK, OP. A.
At'as.., ?.laps ad oherLpulicatlionO TOLEDO, OHIO
10By Rob)ert N ToIoer, 71 1) ,of (lliO~gldOIldiO.l(College01ustissueoOd,1isthe11Gand Opera House.
s ,boo ol 1 1011531l uets C0 lulocac rc011ulis so 1700.plicie.10 N I H N Y
"'''3 onailoJy"' 01111 111 ,:."' ChanesOof Hours in Latin. U. OF H. CALE'NDAR
110 Home Is Really Complte I I ii 011 i'ei1170ii l i-l' lllroo. lb 1. Lis 1o I
pf Guitaarnw A odliaio~lCnet
ln Bajo o 1Gt lce .i s io 2i l e ctel~ions wi11ll 10011-(1 1re100' illiii' )PLAY. F A
S u irl Bnj on k~oi - ,ii 2.111' 1011010stil o' ii' 1 ' lleol3'4, 0Po.cb . > Lw s hire0111' LINCOLN in CARTER'S NEW PLY
11 e 0. O i~ a ,y e 0'tlooono luwo1110L1w710' a(t1 rical. Cotst
s o l , i i,'"il 2\ . i clcin.Fb.2,L w Lcue PRICES, 2 0 3 0, 0 ,ADlM
'rooo i00Ua d iao.l l I 'Cu, lN 0l10F.17' ll. 4,LatEe 111 ' 3 Room II lC
Prm V o p sei 11 . 'Il, b I.Ii 'i l"11111 "1011111flirs e ar 51.11' 1 ,15'0 111o P ,1 01101 da..00 o 0 lo 10
01,11101010 MIt ordrIno c+o' , ' dI'.'V . .M l 41' 1111. S.o 1101 11 ,'1 e11. Iuo so'o eu i
' tame'' 111 ,, lc, r rll oo, 110 11 .4 'Ill, a10 J. 1R)0)11 10) 1 41 h iI 1ill,1:,, 'lb.'20. 1,a10'L ele ~t I ool, ENTS H
r 11 1doltolood eiir, Nc , yo 'IMo' 111l'. Siono1 111III. H\1I01I ll, iii I loc,00,11 oeieSil 0OHiliItl
11' '.l."'oe, 0 0'e0l0, .111'Ere.Tum 1 0 ii.11 20 '. I. le h'100 lorliter luol '17 lo lcois' ot Il
ato',e . c~a, Roome.111100. _ Ii. oll 4.1 lii, lolllx. Teti001171.a1.10, ~erc ABP.MC.
GIi e r e'ectin'' \f Ti 11. ',1a01111,1
'i o 1 4 1 " 1 .I l 0) ' I,.os'll ,,to 11101 ou lciot'la i ue' 11 iioi '0 11 'lii
A R'slibun imrove v'sh ap a . rr " st li i i4 DI'lik. 5e~ti~l lANI'l AAL tTHE PHLL OTEOPO RAPAPER
Gill tht ioi'lsos niib a esar1 s . li . "') by '14 1 ' at 2. lolil 211. 1. If., Asootio lt W s in tn B loch.
LYON &H iLY, P111 11 Dab. SetionIV 1' w~il0"11111 lflim'(it0IN
COR. WAB3~A VE. & ADAMS4 e 5 .. ' Illto 2:obbe'll. O',li e ' su. A'l ol l ,0', 1,1r01 cliii t1
1.01_A .. 0T\01. M bly 01701', O o"4 1001'tseok 0it,1
6 " e 9 101 ' I i s 'c'ionI .''l, A44' l, 1 lb 4,Iooln ouiic IOl loo ',I ( 1cayi114011 1. 'I1ar.t ,na lx
., Assisiant 1101'1f. l e. sI 1- 111,1 orh'i l100 050'S' a111c11'ole\-os1'b
® t ion II 'lob, R', I'lb.t1.11at (10 0111 9 free 11 Inemlllbe rO of the c el~ os. Toeo S
/ n ,h~tIf. ssisan0111P1111.Le .oC seeliou oll 11' 1 beI O'1 .0,' t10'c0u111e
111,O'', A I~ll. '4, ofII11TON'p17111'1'ID.lV'. SUPPLIES
l ouItycly '1''B111. leb. 22, iii' 1an
V o 1.A 11N 1?, . I "patich league1 111ai l, it .. 01 .l~
1 11'>l 110001 tl of tulleullg ill glel Mooiog'es 0110 1111 o r 1 d,011
I e tra pr1sill1 rt it1ppi01110olfcrck t t i nd il d oll 1110
'o ne , w i i)''0o. 5 111 l 10(111' t'11 1 1 011iniciorci 111ooill -o 111
11 ': o14'In n ''lto stlllol 11, .1.t1 S r 101o f 7n t o' 1 10n 1e 001,11
<o-I 1~',01p111. (rs)1''bosoll 011,c. I fr-e. '1117 2aooo 1101 1031, llo
--NO- Hul( E.-- A. G. SPALDhI'4G & BROS,
75NOTICE. ('1ls1"0i L c-nit'e,'1 l 11tie 011P 1'ivei New York, Chncago, Pinleacla
I 111104 1;<1. 7NIIa14101175(7Life of 0110'Aieob l ilii:1110 illbe
0 - ifIJENTS 10are ul ly aidoovd ici'oi 51 Tbodyl 11Iip11,,at oC1 EXCUI'IOlfN E HE O\IN-
1ta10e'PH SIOS. ('C 1 ISlE , 1110 0011- of M~od 'ys 111 2 p. f11.1in1te 1110 1111151'FOR1TE1I1
t ' ' Ig' s01oll 1'' . I1ls.o s inel r l 111"buolilig. 'Thisi oeis 0 op00 en (1111Iaal' AUGUIATION.
frel Engineerigdol)So.01107'will bec 0111170010 11. L. D'OI)(E. On 710001100of 111e7 presinl0 in- 11
1 0 deloayedi 1l9(110ntre.year in1 111011le..tri- E eyhngt7las1t0ty a'. igro10( c eremoois ath. obInt, the
I ' cal worlk. HENRIY S. C('AR AlIT. IGootbagotod 1e10170 1 t 'rothe U', Ann Arbor TR. It. will sll excronol
_________1Go ord od0010 o k 2 tickets from all stiois to Yseuiiog
'Boaad at Prttylan'o, 00 N. Uni of DI. Daily on the iable to keep youie nlrtina n aefr11
versity ave0. You will find 1110 Daily poted 00urywhat is going o at tele rond tur oefripeikeswll0 fod te
I Ill~~~~tere to greet you each dlay, with all greent uiesity.lo,27ad3 iotdfrreuno
WAGNER Co AGENTS , 011 latst college OCOYs. Swan Linen paper' is a1.oded wile, March Sb
W RIJI'I~fl 06 I~U.,(11,1 a copy of "A Sweet Face Hulns Bosiness moo like Swan Linen papr Nwlnnrg aeSa iet
21 S. MAIN ST Ae ' 1 Subcribe for the Daily, paper.

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