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February 03, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-02-03

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TimelTable (Revised) Sept. 27,1i8965. TO D a J LL CONSIDER =% . it Iw
-l.M I i@ I H alland Ex--1347 N Y.Special - 7135 ~ '-c. ~ 'i
N. Y. Special---4 "8 Stall- ---8 431t ,r r-2r
aiternEPa ---10 17 N. S.Limited."-- 9 25 C0 h.~ r1 ~ I-. b.ji d
Aitlantic Ex I7 i Pacific EX--"- 12 15 j --r1-ro--- er- - n r .or
tNExprss 9 5407 'Wcstern Ex_-155 Via'cJ-" tn 0 LE t a5
GOR K. xpresi--1 il5 Ciii. Nt. E-Na---9 10 4Iwi
G .iR. fix------- & 5 0 Ruo LE, 1.W.HA E, t y T17.u /cs - p Oinso
G. P. &TT. Act., Chicaco. Apt. Ann Arbor f} , /x er( y r" // 'j If, ec'Nc No a9 F 4 iiia e IT
% ''.P "l., % f/% ;Mnce S .n " Y e(4SYe-i
RA L O Dii. < Tl 04 leit ar Liv Nv1 ~ o ilety nn ."Ta-
a. oe- ~' -Ahe nSleingGae L ined, twen Toa-an
pe .im, ,. -c- -9ledo, niaGolumb nuts ar. nn
AlNeic O iRycH. p SOoy HioiLinedinoeop┬▒in Toeo tolanmbus and
7:30 . m. L7CIRP.'m Agntarietnaeleoota.
S. :2 a.E N E T 0n . P. A. To edo05 ai. mi.i i =sii T M arT i e lt attoa.ii 0 0
p000,* ili~ Th e t' e Dawileng odom a e betwee
X ~ . J ilactsS C i-lia S Sya lcToledobs ad Carleston.
THn etweenDEAniEArbILIad llyOLY.IHl W.Va.oeceod-l
RALRA TOET BGLMROERgent0ly1TH-E 0a taple0to Tel do
WHoEsalETT G.AsToldoacOs a dnycaddess.ePices:- THEOLYLAIINE iiTlehwdoaeloy
Co.Manad ietyer poiIcoc i 0li E. .PRKRF utinen 19TH0ONLY INEw3trinsec bayn
0-_X________yr__d_____ot-_aidCataogueFree gen ihi etweenJo aleo dCo. mb
-tcc- - bettw111eeenlgsscclIediolcycc.Aowling Ca ndGreenedby iaPndc
RAILRADcTCKEoaipaRA!y, 0-a. riiss'illcz betie.
3. CHEROUD, '99,C47LS.EUbetweenltolAve.
Cigarettell rialBucyrussGcaniclle and Newark.
- l' ai a dLi er y St. S P111,s,'n.fee 11der 1991 is lis to the Flllull inform11''11at1 11li I p i slaie oraesieef
em ealy Cmpeteit.I.19 ili~ssis .1111 '11.91 I.Ii.sc-llc-srsainsl11 ortc. ilb e rfuly-ra n i.sOe r a
__..l 1i a.new -0gentodelhe Ohio Oentral'Lines

0 1 Guitar, Mandolin,
Banjo or Zithaer.
N95lslslsseioflthe very-last ~ldsi
From $,g.oo Upward.
sls59s *1shb 919Indl9 isaraiald95r'u
c- e t les. Itisi h 5'. ts, as ::1
'lh' -ar sedsl0exclc-sie.yby te 1999 55 9
f.',1 19 159on1riceipt of applicc-.If your lol rlcrt
A Washburn improves withoage and mattes a
- ttisncreoo-eos in value as the yeara go Py.
lI- ;.Fc-daily swortlh many tilhesaits ioot.
No waiing fcr Columibia and Harstford
bicycles. No sdelay ansdlconseqent a nnsoy-
ace- All modeslls ansI paiterssnowcrady
for iiiiiidiate iieliveciy. 1897
areisadeicl-cscively ssf 5 peccnl Nicikcl
:stee l uinsg, thecentie; p1.- ~flflTO ALL
duof o icsh ,eco cssiresl. I$100iALIKE.
Hartford Bicycles are at priaes
within reacP ofn<eeryone.
$5, $60,50O, $45
~~~{Clog free fromn allyc-Co'19199i
dealer ; from9us1 forIe 2-{enoti~
GreatesticlelFactory - I
in jtieWorld. Ioes 11ha0n
17 Acre s ofloorSpce.
town. ycsco 19

Di. . 91901,11 Is. 9';9191 ,m9t1 119 9
I'991is ' iii1le lls 191.1 1194911 1,f1>11 is9'
1)(1i10:1 19- -.c-91s A talii . t f :11-;Is's
11199 illiis,I t1.91 lt,1 fr111 1 lc -9io'

i.tlrlV(S iFUIIt .111 1,1;1110115 Lo 11 lsiIIII;;'-

1191 111191 c-s 1lc-i At91 9)19'f115e' 199' thl
11119,trip.TcktsvI- 11111 eisold9191 .191iI
lsIt, 291 911191)d.. 11919111 for1 19 9111 1o
:Mar1chl511._ _


19199.Iy .19ut 9111 19199pc 11 n 1999999l99'3 's ('A 171 1 7-21. O IITs1'
a I "<aiIN j ~~1 ) I'.111fi 11915) 10 -a d attt'Iai 1tn
Amoing thse Collegec. 119111 sici ic c'c. 11 II7 L T HL 1,
1il?. 's' I 1Flo K91-of1 C'9sIittl9 l 1V lsc Ilc'- 1. - t's-l1 ls 9119.c-19999 a 91 sll 1t'
piyfrti crea u1iie;osi"1 11 tc,-1 IKp-1 Psi 111o11- ANN ARBMOR. M1CH.
cc I 11 ls cI-l I 19i151'i s'1 1'1.111 . li 1111'li t 1l9.9 91112 19 ,t____________________________
c tr919".1. II 1 ntains 1) 5~.v-s 0lb' 1919. 11h111e1 Ii .liT91991 s A UA L I:P I 6R P E
11151' ci 'Ionll 71199l.49 1'1 9-9991-9ltt. 1. iju,,l 995 'i119199.1911911'99I iigtl oh'
Is-s' N'sc C'1911 . ' I i 1111 -I I's-I ____ - I Allnl .rbsor.
os' s' l1il.l Il 9.5 d'1' 1.101'11 ------ lon a - "b s 111i
1lls-Il.,5-I-- 9091 111 sliil 1919 ii 1111 111s
111119' ' sfoi 19115 5'l 1 s 111 ic- c N 1,pel1' n
. 1119111,18 I 2 .111. Col'u--c dido illsiditle
.171.il oHa-rvarII'.d I Th s i l o 0 99 1 '1i1 19iols 1.11 11 iss' 1-.1119
111111is111121 is 2 1 05 91 1111 -sllll 109
1LO._91"01c-icrt. lcyc1Tal1l11 ";c-I,.aco;old11'
C- iii 119111l111111911 - - 'relllsl 1911.-a1ch Avith s1t0o1 ;;old toadscaoslfelle
Thseiii'I-i 9'-'llll111 )5 111 ooisi soacof lagood s .i'v i ntiIfc u. I-c. "'pleaselct1119911
1s1.l p'fie in9c-91 c'911111l'o''tI lly IflpD Lyci ic 1110Isd11r71 A ..SPLep DFil.Gli.&Msk eo.,
tI foretirnto-299a 110l;9' andsr-ii1'tl.-(rU, O M. CAend l a. Im
(l 119'i-ioiisliI 17 ~-11 '0Hols0 Io nckes, c-acca anolf'- cis l , i'rc-I( ac- d 2, eior 0119-111a
'11$il ralise 19111n111 1 'til'ol 1 1X150,0.00 vcrslodp- will Oscar one.dfoo4 {ilsiCogplete
11E 1 vi-11111e1 110q119 o-- iir 24 o tlints.le oclina Noety Con'. t 11111117 o> 11bc-o ac 1, umnier o rts il
The 1111' was 11115111e11 fo iort l'ii. c7 1 2 cro- tC iag.7 !2110 aii il 0 5 .A
y19,I1'.. ..191 111100 t esole e i i'li boi1fli as p lt d -11a lft i s oillng On N.t 7s1-fslilp ,Chi-awAoioi ica o Ii110ib05'.
i'thIree 'years1'lds.1.een .1' 1118910. and -il Uivest. Yl wl in 110ilii
_kb1Iltos 10 1A19A-11 ' totyfr wshel Hldre to ngre elyo, .r011tical',and us- hrd allay ,-eio scala
ilthi 1'llsat ncadt reo thep1id1for15 et.Pineys. l ConCo.,, Bgin o clc-c Set
Wi'dDearborn st. 'I'll c-ayFebiiary112, Universitylhal
l a Mle--ln asiul fr prlitir~-y ,Chia,, ll L ithr id 11n hill , in c-.L.
oloss'~~'917 OOcli. I~ coaaati,15 Irest a 'ciini. I -cusC Best 70lumn tc-iAnni Oe .
Aet e etr -..1'. ''llA 0-M Z VS. 1lotsfab oa.Yo wilfn th aI
I- I allhena__arb rfrAork Stouse a egin-ers course ,11 Seeiti
Scanes inen 911as.0 a l.m oenfiis. roSiomsibe8I,"iF1110 tDa nu.. Bst E111101.O

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