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January 21, 1897 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-01-21

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Sunday Readers Offered the Use '
PbshdDiy(Sundays excepted) during se,
the tiotiege year, at of the S. C. A. Library.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. -ieflae edlillfat (r'ae
Otr(,,n Times building, 79 S. Mtatn St. be-
tweneliberty tnt William Ste. il~i ttlinumbterofthlie S. C. A. iBulletlinis
A[ IN .tG[NG EDIlTORt in'ethittoletstyt e~t cotelieatiotis f
7 . T 0.%1osA', 9.teetilly etwleltetni t h ie Daily a

'. :
; Ii '

'winsthte jury of sbae buiyersandatidsl
ultura by a hteavy etejority. Fetwtear
shoatldi be loin quality. Tine fleet caiii
staIndlanl yting else. t'ries shoulti be
low, no as to kneep tebshee taix withina
boundrs. You won't feel oue shoe
priees, beef they wiiiltmaie you feel
pleasedi. There arc no eurn growers
Clike bad nstoes. Caie to te anld get
somteltig tat jailcan wear yourself,
inteeadlofthCie shoe wearing your fooat.
L., GRnNAror.

0. 11. liaNa, 'C8.
E. L. Gresseete, 'C95L. '. S. Sal00y5, '98.
Fn. i. Loomis, 'CN . . OenttIL tA , li8 L.
Hi. it. Cr'twntit, lii.
C. )I. lGREEN, i99.AthlticieEditor.
WV. WV. Hug;les,'5e 5, W. senitle 'Ci.
F'. A. I{ uci, 'l8E . innaise Dodge', 'Ca.
WV. P. Mitll. '55. Buetlee Laitte), lead.
A. . Smite, '9iC. C. Lull, ., 99 lltAt.

n'arel-p ee ili t'e Deityof lain', relneile
enar lie W~t'~ind teyf le iiieen . The
s'ttin tose cottitnty le nenous.iit'e
chl~ienn f ibethie eem.(lne into'' sta
Slltey i ienth teenly Ciy se tthicnhI
net ny nnf liehe stininCs tinatnieetoatoIt
ngtelsnyn.l Tne ung., alint ties) in wenelni
Ctetittly btenliel lng Ceote'en'itapt
Ct~ett el' 5'eltllll ns leelel iii Itenen'net


' i' ,-.

;;- _ M N 'S Nul In

Thle subcr'ipionptot e el.'' ieD'itlty is ee~'eie
forithe colege yeair, teithin it egren e ti. en y mtneen eiiltel telie' ln
befri ee eten'epo h e in inny. Nieitt's n nenne tn i -a n'- nle ee celn liel lttglla 'ell
ione,aneed nttier mtIter innIteit e'ornpelice'n -" 'lil'w th te lu~f '~
face S6I n.. teor n nileldnt theine ~ t'r lient . 'l ent teeti'lt3t' ta tnn te i''i
p. at., oathtet.dty pteviet tent t oew ic cn teet 1nin the'pireint e non',1 . e 11e i'4t "
Subescripltons menne elee' ft'd 't 'lie ltie n'Iti ii nei''en.he e i.i i~ ' "
Office, . ie'ye r snor stoet ,len N 'ett'nnll oe" lll t1 oj~t~d b ttoo%2
cn-1in it n.tsse JW'tiaenegee S eer il o:
ter a Cea ent I by renportlin en e r tl In it t'. ttn S ile.e lbr .11 ie (' i ' pe I
elict eney failurtef 'ne sto'tee i vel s ntl eilap'lin' eiee ltei
tjtlee Ilin'. efliee' et S ~e th 1 hoi sel toEll owtin t eeel ttiet' len's no
b le n n' inn) nli l't i'ettteenSo n i ley I 'n. itI
Cetelnr cn'il lt ir', ien'. .eC 'inn't ol
atii be in el'e ie'rin',i's' ti ns i ') n i ' n , fete iit eii
wil e e 'lelfee. thel itn e nt el n ' t :y' thai t i ttei lii'lS
bae' et 'e e I i ll hint+12 be ' 't'nrt', i 11BaIxtel lt-tlt l I
brifit nil'sinte ~ 01 In ete l eteeC lien' e tttlatedlt "ttle
tites ti elnd ' ltt'nshould rf bee 1GnI 1....'.til(re i''tilg lietteCen
ldn't'i'i nI iS lnnie'il ee ie lu l 2y,, '.t'e ot e lete ruone'Inil 'Sw efk-C T iI A '
buit oe notn lnl e lit fle Itlite
ceitnliti, nel l int'toeil i''' ie't te en' lliele iitto te oni'te l i )il,
tirD'eei lnt t eenS aun i.e in tne ltej ee. 'til in" ni
tiyn soeybcii fmei.Ie;~ litostdecideee snot le lereeetvier.lIty
Bearbo'uri liltt'o'd. fleetii 511"'dl i n ;.1i ":h t elst h rtrtia'ilRN EO A
ha dl b r le te tliest e ec nie itferorl ndte lee 3'nts'a11thiiy ilee l hn ____
it'veone into et iint Ihaveol ettli Upnen
te 'tube' ii ntl o e theiRln i iernI f1r I ( V T
litre olin'gnae ilietn lnnr ee n s' ncehe eeinice in:>tti. Itl ld
introhee'i'Ciiitty' net giteinwetille. ttInss
pli n C pgii a er ,utitnisuredn a nii(tIle eio el'mltrlsl e
eatec 2.sEee' y nteint lenneAitor nea11) a nl o et N w er -'11a dfn
titirthisenaiteirenc'lsucitolentfn'oIntel ni l
whse e d'ene itoleeitenene a o utl ie ' xcr oilL DIaii.
liery corin'ii vaueniie'lesnodo libu
ieie. Om i i.I nelenlrot i i 0.11iti Altil cerainy o grate (elite eotiliktReentCocernet lio111rleetllle IhPEnS
lee, ptyte caafntd e Iittefr iti e~i in t t i i~s e~rittetl isltt'u ont ourA olle c te tio tese eotefiee aoi di eli ayil
si eitielee Sn'inenese tne lo i'en'n'0 Mo i i'l eeua'tilin iler ielile'ftne
teep di s i iell lelid ell i'tl e Ci te e bi-sl~kirt e ra tm oeopru eta
iees'hetrvotersn1Dnromnitheinfayrmeltres"deeet' Sntito vinei orei l f ith castli sf-
ofp 'lih~ iii fie'eeis te lint I 'eIs'n''aiey llne
intee n 5 o 0net oterlela p'eelts ef feea ttn slii e nee c Cei
nore etfee'ie'eei eeie'eeiinerRtnfehit' leneneen,
dicus heprbale ,~tO1 4f he ni''eenie el e "1e'.n'le '. ileseteetea '1t' e' , beeane Jbl' ets "anelle ane t i t le s nit
pout O tt'. ieteslet 115 is e i e'r'nel
moal jefigiey mein it''en'f hel ref lint'
lafls'i'ii'o g0'li'iltg beart tee hl e'feiti esies inee le e hil stLA e CQr l D wh cliae Dli
be aneatMr.sB'rti ureee ,s'en' eer te etntee eetbo L) l l .

We have cut the price
on all Men's Suits. It's
our policy to clean unp
every suit iC fancy pat.
terns evei y season. If
you want to save your.
self a little mnoney, now
is the time to do it.
tee Our Window.
hI' Stari~Iot1iri Hous
a Lot of
Saet Desk Cheairsto sell. If you swaut
01n1 badn nenoueghtto pay tue wesalet
price foe' it, aiid wiii buy it before
Febji. 1, se'wotuldi litre to do beesineess
wsith jolt. Siplendid n01cestmaerme
solide ak, $C15 tll.
Every artiele tea ser vast stoeks go t
beig reducetiosnitil Febl. 1. We dlo all
hind of Furtrure reitairiug and Up-
holstering clieneper thian any other
house itt theconoty, andtihie swsrk is
guaranteed to please.
56-58-60 S. MAIN ST. - FURNITURE,

":pull" if lily :thouteeiis tl en'givenetot
tlee perneeanent x-'tlftite'oef ite teal).
tuetiont. Au n ie'etet flC genelt
Barbotir lay thee ite llleai parely
wouldi give the Untiversity' lila seices
for another Meint. CRegeint Coker hase
also sione a great denil of good xv orkc
as (a tRegent aind it would nitu be an
easy meafter to Scud is effbcientl an
offietutl. He is surer of a reomina-
tsnilhoxweeer, as lee is itstlehtntlic'ei.
Entries for lice MS1ignnenian eon-
testes Close tomorrow.

''tisme il'tne i5sll Seuenayjacfie'-
ntoates frome 2 to 5, a1111 everysetek nay'
,frotm S a.I. tm. Ia 101 p. Ie. Chtsirisil-
'gee -e aelutoeeey free Inn every otto
swho cires to eseme 'tild enjoy thibe.
"S o ronite alng, 'Sufferer'.' 'Arcett
our iviletisen. It is ta crditchcue, xx'
sseere yott."
'fTe followvieng is -a lint of tlxieSn-
lander exemainyt's oct readuig rosin
tttlle :
TiesHarvard .Moctily, The Yale fit-
scnary Magazine, Tine Nassau Literucry
(Continued on Thurd Page.)

t1 ;%'etnn 'Coot y, '01otSeciA Monkey
nlu11 he'ote Sesl
MACK & C0il


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