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December 16, 1896 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-12-16

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Black Bull Underwear, Ypsilanti Union Suits for Ment

Ours is the best stock of Underwear in Ann Aibor.

Call and exaooise before buying.

28, and 30 South Main at.

Timse Table (Revised) Sept. 27, 189e.
347M N.Y. M
Mall asd Exs-P. 4 M . Specal-__-.73
N. Y. Special.-. 4 ,5 Mall ------ 8 431
SMastern Ex---15 17 N. S. Limited..-. 9 25
WA. M. P. M.j
u lntie Ex.--7 335 PocifecEx-----13
~. JN. Express--_ 540 WesternFy ..1 95
G. R. Express __11 (5 0h1. Nt. Ex.---9 lb
G.REx----- 73 5
0. W. RUssZ.ES, H. W. HiAYES,
G. P.& T.AgI ,Chicago. Ag tAre Arbor

Fa sO. 9 as3O3 ,+t0iT
0005c O eo ~e '
°~ 0 p c dr W
tlC{ +

1The OSleein nuhsne betwoes


TimeeTable.,5Oct. 27, 189. :V"1fN UtON- TI1E'MtAR -Tbe Only Sleeping sr Drawing Room Gar
NsT. 8771 i> ' / "nmnno .e.4~"7 .Line between Toledlo,Coslumbus and
7:30 a.m. *7:09a.4 5 U 7=A UJftlNFE EO.7 " Marietta.
*11:30 a. tn. 11::305a.m. ..4. l...- .x/. [ 7 2" .,§ "* Tb. Only Drawing Rooen Gar Linebetween
4:30 p. m 9:523.3 "!""""""""""""""""m"""""" Toledo, Columebus asd Charleston,
*Rune between 05.5 Ann ____Arbor_______and______Toledo________only._______ W. Va.
All tais aiynxeptrSorday: oc r.. TeJX: U N 1 ftePee-',A K rlman Sleepers between lCelumbus and
trai.s daily eAgent S ioayhTonlIFeeder,5is to:7thePARKOR Fountai in ChOiesgo.
E. S OI~le3E, geet Sipsoo I~erlerio C llt ~THE ONLY LINE welth 4 traiseacb way daily
W. H. BENNETT 0. P. A. Toledo 0. between Tolodo and Colembue.
THE ONLY LINE withP8 trainseachb wayon
/S {L (± y ( Sundays boe-e Toledo ad Columbus.
isost 1,1 BeI:so. . 1: t s eothe ic~ycle. A perfect Pee aod warre.d by tse Porte inly
i! ,J~insti lle, isTHE ONLY LINE with 2 traisesabhwey daily
RAIROD TCKT BOKRS YenCopan J.C. FRE UD, '99, 4'7 S. University .Ave. THE OLDIECTLNs ewe ToledoneCbresoWV.
Pod te V LrinE neold
THE POPULAR LIME 'oteoe Toledo, Poo.
Wholesale Cigars, Tobaccos an:d A Poke B ok or 25elee isuyres, Granvll e nNowark.
(ria2ete.Fell ieformetion relative toIaes, limo of
Cigaretes.trans, e.,will be cboorfully furnished by ay
W e have qie12 l"~ 111(O 'C oktBoswih Aetof the Ohlo Cenral Lies.
Cor. Main and Liberty Sts. tlt 11~soteto elloktIoswia ~ s MOULTON HIOUK, G. P. A.
_______________________ i.ve, sli pt at this price. We ti 3ve. 901m1 that are worth more. TOLEDO, O1HIO
Mum er'sDrug Store, I7.4h v. .and Opera 1House.
r i ^}(x 1 (1 N~I I 0IlsI, : , FH.CLEDR WEDNESDAY, DEC. 16TH.
'Il( n l l.- 11 1: 1{1> « l -(!
ti II: :sl s i:::-Ac *idle ::1110 ol -S'i ! 11::.a i.osn sssis 31. il 1.
.00. - 0 ..l'Ii: 1:: il si: islss5s" ii i!lisI i slsSine. jeTT. LGU Y
I 5 : 5lbs:s:l i s:15 :5t Jys~~1:,, 5 Is'iols#I)_so 0 1 lis us B R O S *~
Complete i. he rolitsyil).o1511; till. -:~t~ OI~)i M n te s
~ 1i~ nv Outar Madoln, :1iii: .santii :-sss-gpoins iil. est. j .71t0 f(ii: :0s:I sso sre____
<< h!doop y" eIIlascur.LRIII l 1(1wst ii russ illit I 'Tiss . I :sULIIrt i: c I l exCFs O 'Ir-:I lts'x O P ie I-3LI h~ nd 7 c
BoH m sR a nj r Zi hrly Ciom pilletee I I iCF \ - :lii N o 'e s 1l:~l~~ e ts s c as ae t u e Ijsisi S se
Ps-ox ssse ee: sssid lsiroas eoal of os I li :ai De . :1 . 111 9,ss. IS9 -:- 10. toi=l:7'1 Iss I N.u:sd I ik tpe.osb
WVs-iithcsoutssaew 1897 Modi~eiys:l toseso.s I::ss'ss-s:- - s:: (I'l s : l-1 E, 11:. 13 0_______P R O P ER_____________3 0___
jii sgsiis aibss i s ~s soidsg: 00 six wlIs: Oosslsi 1)::. 2- , 23 o11: are
fe:: teCseilx trainilto 'Icls-'tan.dIsisii18,sscssis
Pies hv ed id5' escagile dn s a esulyyof.the.. hit; I f-.i "sselfor lbes-is ilst tril).u .Pick-1:7:::: _______
buiakiui asbun oevry latpicessign cx- ssI s , ('t, wlii o.I~sii.lii .1 i bso:ld Doc. '?-Iis }.s l ui 'il Asi
Frocise ~bom$se oopccc . Is.lols i il11{ iralla
OO~iisbeoo ic:sue :sb~sss iclcei x5ieioei is he .:o.:1:. usid 1 llsol isiii:: Alsoosl .call. 1,is: l"00d o sir iii lii-tolsi"x I TUI AEII P11TaAn.

«orii.:', treis e:sd (iic usS::. y y the e lcsiog i is-'et'i:<'
snirncatcsieceiita:5. o rtsciie s fosseiscdvier17: ii:ii ptis:. _.>()ss ).1 isi-:is 10:15v gb-s sin :d Wis ve is- ssf I IEa t
setfe nrcipt of apicatsio.iece:S ccsieer :11-is. 1)r . 111t: iS. iss it'o 71:0 ::. 19:45. 3 t it 1011'e ,o tl'iho11 iday i N IO A 1 TA AND W INAM ACI
wiot?)esprsivi e:eof eiaio i ct from thsieo fctor. ). I? irv trt ous7,)a-l.M0 Ii' 1E 11 1~
A bWahburn improves with age aed makesa 1,1V olt i)N. .I..i:t'ff
lill that increases in valueas the years go by. . 1 uisl:v::'V 1.1.7 1 ts.A 0 lin si t.lj33E_ SC11dL&R
It is really worth manyltimes itscost. is l. 5C. 11. V. & 1T. 5 is. is:.. i'essis. is. -__ ________
ft LYON & I-EAI.Y, 5i.i:.I.is 1 .s.-i15: ~ isl oy (I 115551 . sLael Ilsttil:"---C .~ H
OP. WABASH AVE. & ADAMS ST., CHICAGO. -I 11.1(1;twIi::lits-ls l P soS 11 111Ii ise-N AR O . IO
osot ( 1). 1r1.. to.: lsol ?i. j)5 . 5::. :i1 N A B R I H
ii. ii, .. 1.1. & . . >:10Q p tilfsl. l~vsrys::s - oill os: i one. Pst-
7117.,cs 'C.,ooi,(ti.:5L.. ii.KI.IAC.
1 i: , 1(.5:0 .Ili. i l.11 . . lii- i 1J .1.! fl:ll ls::-l 0111
Eveytiiog fo [1: pssco Jalses, ligst 111 001: 20 5 n~siasO ~ slacieu be o l se S bitagolly.
etc. SoesSdt iga y o111'llst:-rssall:-giIst
Foot lisliMiteiially :sloists-s 5:yot M IfsLeeD
OPpoe boasoda'll lBst oftlle od ard._ Os i
Shoes cbe fo reys.Din loon1ad2-AI roMihAvriei H AL

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