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December 16, 1896 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-12-16

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xaa .am oW H A V E , H A L LE Rm S
QUAD, $500. . WA LDO 31'O ...J JEWELRY
A Uses glass plates ad takes_
good pictures, 3%x3%5 inches that are beauties. If you dloblt their SI7 1OREi
VIE.$500& 750. quality ask MellSGillespie or Mr.
.' GlL ~UU UIJ41Stuaner'. 46 S. ISain Street.
A ' ewscheme for csoryog P____V_______________
or 24glass plates without pato- , TESE ARE ONE PRICED- GOODS, PATRONIZE HOLMES' LI VERY
pq hut we will shade a litle 1( close
CRESENT $200 hoieJau1stand get the best service.
Makesnctrperthi. qaretl A.!N AOffice and Stable, 32 Forest-
Mae/ittt 'o e R O R IIU 0 0 . Ave. Telephone 106.
10 taheo~e o trial ad exchange 0 21 AND 23 EA XST \WAS1tN~iTON STRENET. BrnhOfctPamr'Pamc
or a btler oe it you wish ®BacOfiet lmrPhrny
Thiat tell all about them for 0Ba...oddess. r0«k s Capital Sltoc, 90, 0. Srplus, 110,.
f heakig./ ® a IF''3,; ldoonr. Resource. $1,100, "
IV. g fr e. d4o1m. ranledonde the GenerlIl anin'gL
- x --_/poitpad :dlito1 00,0
Srxtoossc, toO tltoa 1 tto s ttate. IReceives deposits, by nl
S500e,N..orka~. ells ex'agotie piciplcites oth
it. ALIN - l HARMACYd , ® I det foittton. Soey deposit to es to ree. s
* SO cEstsu Christiann Itact Prs.: W. .
ae~snsaaewaua~atmw amn®®a~u~sa ", toartman Vice-es.: Cha E. licoc,
______________________tra shie: Mt J.rit AssistatlCashe
.Be Sure Moeii(i ii FIRST NATIONAL BANK griz d1 b ~ R0,aeo1atntaunl
y( s e ti r"ital, 10000. Srpusoad Prfit,$0,0
;itt Ful Size.Tanscts a generl baning boolnoess.
.St li' titug for wintier.0sForegneschange boght nd sold. Fu lo
You're urngst
S. W.CLARRGN. CshieVice lres.
,On Footwear. __ __ __ __e_
P'AJA M4A S . Madeouf Outi Iluettel -
Ichreslolsoftissin tlbe lrae an d ."11.,J-1kI.- JA spleindid Sleeling C+tn~trts- - ifr ItItI J 1'F Ifl tt a
they'epat ised more'than yo00t101k1
butis ther: oe s o o'yur :ltso. lin adsol tirrssStreets.
bthisto:rgema es y u is our ig ht,(Cpital$0300.sopis X0,000. Trnsact
Ths nsteveeyiloiantes you s afe)011 vest- I' r e ero in in~iglissiness.
oc sil. t iu goil ss Surs ou o ~ ,,1S RPns. It. BOttst, lsier.
lusts's It l s& 21gStreetooeStereteesll1of F.. Do\.ReE ViceAr'oe.
good Shoes t prces wsy Iost. 9 Ann Abr
Good RbestoIt yos t 0 tem. Lowney's Chocolates.
ySecures Ancient Casts. 'tulal; i o ::ediin o is Ii^17 the's
" / Hot Lunches.
VV C R i I-iIardt, l- . ('hg 55;71h7; ltltoiut 0o i~'l'l131 thsin,11 lier
42 S. Main Street. 1 l usttnililir', ttu: li frthlI: le Iuirls sl,111 01il i' 01 ii ls s
TUy~~TLES. 45 s. State St.
1 OI B "w ' Bplc1st t 1o1n:lyxt011:tilbut itll,: TAKE 1131tINE C r
THE OPERA HOUSE JEWELER,Pb :isliionts. IAlInumbe::tsf l of:t 15il1oi1otn lnovld5 f0he1)0ill QOFM
Pa .PaYn afurnIsh nd0you igiwt eat sirs-ilass seslyt,,Fouttain Itgr m n mn. ' 1 aiu tl inntt"sliiniltl-I:llnts i-S O N RPN.-O VP I A L n le~ nd uu iie otrlr
s1t1n:'of Nelwh::.dnir: rweo al'::'-u-:WM.ARNOLD, LEADING JEWELE.
oi 'bl IIAin rll 1(0 E,_______________
---Special rates to Seiossat fAs ut1lPrf0 ai pel!te1, eld l ili 'n er'!M UIsT D
Be(-rrymrans s
111'1i1 e s~neii'lby' i'th 4i Illi ult I: PIANO AND ICOMPSITION
a. r'L~ u"1 p .c'l ts\ s:a ls l'g~li'll on thi 1'ttii'g'sil 111I A. N:: 'xiii'neei'his 1been1 Fro Stttgart tosevatory, Germanty.
A.lo.nprtntt ion .lsos srue bLe~n rihtnyllgvig 22 S. DIVISION ST.
I n It 'ots'li'uiup lilt sork li' .\1'ii'ion theii lii' :11)e'laborat'i i nn1:' 0101 uiss''i5' to Ieceed :iLarge and Elegnt
N: D ~ i 7 E~ O Dir o B C 1 S U ITalis s u u s s u(tu u llill'1 ' liii i l l 'ii f w o t t h b rtl' i ao1 0 . ' i ' s in1 1 ' i 'vS 5 1 1g a~. ~
kESJIKS i is:'l 1:11 s iOtnn(_0::' lls eoo Lintlflew P is
AND ''1r.11. X 101g. leS.co s'lliisell1111nd ' folihdytot'oittti Soiluani1}dlitnr-toI1r
Trunks Cld Vliet5Repiilnesatly and -Ii'i'it I htiiltle f 1 NI' S ilt:l .111is iotuiosd ('old liam1 s adlenr o
Cepy I :1110_esltlt i'i',i 111 10 le Fliii- iain 1110 Itl~liI 1011. 5 f'13 t 'lisisic ' hoolute 0011Bost
'Q g, irsIt3o1f1 iuiilg~uii.hlos u1lii:lll0:1511In opillrllii to stte l Ill lll::,:R. E. JOLLY & CO.
YOt umr r ao r IIIlto l'cipae (li'i 11 i iionf I' oll ifo'irll :O1wing oiliif't fi t isic' tru i liimy1 20S SaneSt., Saer Block.
ha~ yo son hos oobb 1'01111:fomo ii1a g:;rs srrt 11u1 :1 i Ith'lle uliuwrlelu. I t. 1
Suits Mil Wartlis trrinc'out. :itlgi oliptitcorpusCommonl1(Atf'1 511: stolhav1e 111' 110113 iiiiill iiildrtGoeis, Poiin
the ' I lluiulm~tt~li l11of ile,' tl,;lg:'l V~ll'esil 1'ot i'h l ul011 10'"1 and all kinds of Sanitariuon
XILWARD 40 State St. Msr.D oelsdtmt ae.e Foods for sale by
______________________________________ blilili ttuin il'tinlt. fu11:13_is, t ", sl e . dI h:', 'l' om'':u nyu::u:3' l('ltll' S t i m s "'lC o .
INTEEQUIPMENT OF A illVishlii3.'ll llil:f i --- - i24' iS.IIltiss'i SSTATE ST.5."'I
(NTH t'xs is les tleIt wiulhi 5:1':'raw'n:(1 1 t11 1t11Noelt-locket KIsils ill' o
S TOEN'5ROO, ullli ,tstl.~itII:b' se ils' f~r :: j islugl'lslllg'.lli te 1 11H:EtPHOATAOGRTE APOTGRAHE
1ll gnenerally onceded sthua atrioged I.in t lb' t t 11':1Nel:ritoilof tlost' 5 01 1111 ' C ltliitis:':eL h 'iii sll:3: Ist
tatarmel.t"iialmoss an atne'su1 Wash'ngsonyBTock
ecure the a otgreatest enjoan ymentcitrm the heit. 'niQIu'l'." ll 11 o 1sighnBok
nuarchlsse get the best yo' soney with aford 11 15 etit ed liilh aloll ut.stlhree'lint unnytitry11" rand(1."lie sit Dli,, Ann Arbor.
Expert dgmen pronounces the "Bay d'e hnt oeieI~ ots in t
. Slats" instruments the finesn Inthe sold hisll i' -1111 lusliltlt Ly lo of it':.n Pospaid fotr [onlt'i. s. OF iS hAVNOPARLOR and Bath'
An excellent intrilment is the (f the Iproosicationsls foundtia illtii,. itiltlill Nve1lty Co- X11' lDearborn At .' sunoo s. All ppsitmenlnSet clams.
(1hit~lo. ll.Imported ad domestc' cigais. Lades' atis'
DAY SaTATET $ 10.00 it is clear ctilte from tihe eiliett day" f _ 'hiil 11,tic humr dressing and bathing prlors, p
~ t~W.~ ______-- stais. J. R Trojanwsi 305. State t.
. of Babylnin litrature,01111 iot~ilil. Subscribe for the Das',
BANJO.-('ll. MATIN, Funeral Director Cloth
We have In: stock eceaper banjos D E Y U TAMP SMOKEkO" and M~etalic Casket andiFleeGrade
tan this, but foesa substantial. ;ervc- D E O R.~~vrS O Ei Coln. Embalming a Specialty. No. 17 S.
tdle instrument, at a low price, no Forth ave.
other Intrument manufactured ran R D OA
Slend for Ilutrated caNStologur. FULLCR.,
JOHN C. HAYNS&C. No Chand Wicks, No Offensive Odor, No Fouling of Cimneys- F LFR&H
453-463 Washington Street, Bson. A White Light-Burnis freely o the lash drop f oil in the lamp A Slash to. Prices. For asort
-Clear as spring water-l0c per gallon-Delivered in our cans, time we wil
Lot-A gold key with K. A. enamel promptly-Sold only by PRESS SUITS FOR 25 CENTS
on front. On bock J. S. S. with C. 1. DEAN & COMPANY. CLEANING AND REPAIRING.
below. Leave at Daily office. 44 South Main Street. tZS. Sate st. Over oey's iliard Room.

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