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October 16, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-10-16

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AL Affi AA


Has received a full line of Novelties
for Fall and Winier in
:Suits, Trousers,
and Overcoatings



AlI legretti's
Fresh every week.
Only in packaaes-
* til a pound.
Lowney's if you
Jest Received a Large and Elegant
Line of New Wipes I
Het and Coid Lunches at all hoars. Agents
far Heyler's and Williams and Werners Ce.'s
Chocolate Ben Beojss. T Y 0
Bj ii. &308 Souths State Street.
Students should try us before
making any purchase. We are
bound to satisfy and please. Our
large stock of Law aud Medcal
Books, in short, Text-Books for
every department iu the University,
new and second-hand enables us
to sell at the lowest price.
Blank Books 'and U. of M. Sta-
tionery at low prices.
Make ourstores your headquarters.
U~p Town Dawn Town
S. St to st. Opposite Corlllosse
Ann Arbor main st.

Brief Outline of Senator Mason's
Lecture Last Night.
A lar;ge sod appreetativa audience
gotiered illi University Rai1laLst even-
ing 110d listened to the spelning lecture
by) Senator Wili. E. liason. of Illinois.
In part'esipoke. as follows: The
fitrst notion was formned. by cells ar-
ronged :so as to best psrotect tiucoo-
ocives against tole elenoients. I ii 001a1
taring "and 'tragic struggle msadietoy
naotulre to create a tadpole. During
that1 strggle one dautletc mitcrobe'
set: sati.,vtthout'bait or ptot, across
anl 1utrted udroit-of ovater, returne'd iin
safety to is friends, and was evei
titer sptokei of isnuntcrobtc isteraturt
as a inotti Columbusn'" It was a long
stride from the first, notion (tile caller-
tion of cells), to the creation of other
inatiotto, suhl as a swZzarat of 'bees, a
shtosol of ish, Lanti a 'band of oar in-
'eresting 'friends-the tmonk:y. It ovas
also a long stride fromi those nations
to the t ribses of the unciviizoesd110,111. tn
forest aand desert., bsii'a.greter 1tride
tas, donsle nature mtadie- in reotetilog tin
ptresent, socalledi, elvitizossi isattons. till
lbest: of Which we belier' tis be 0111
own-i Uited States of Ants-ri-o.
1'Te evolton of 0a ntion (.1wtll-t
up100oil theeoltitonttof lteenc, soroot-

elsolitles: Inittitois -- Cttaotstte Athletic Pledges Fulfilled.
't"alhtr, (ielevieve L.. Dt-by, JuoliatiT. - -
* iteese, Lottise ?M as-Keazir, Gtitee 'f'ile fo'iso-itig witt-cfito' soid tupsitstl-
Sind~ller, Gerrutde N. Chte iantiMrc-LIT vipltllo 10 tott' AthltieicAssociation:
1011 C. Kaiotto. Finatsce-Ilose fosod- U. of lit. Daily,.,$25; Lw-is If. Lis(-
Allit,;.Motry E. Wilonl, 1Maccyarl-I Lay- 1111-c, maimailger of til-A Itilts 'itr,
ton Isvoa. B.rulce and111 Iizetht- Boul111 05 D. K. E., $1100; S. A. E.,.50w; ti'll
-oi 0111. 11froesllltoll--a t- L. tary, Isppa 1st, $511; TZeta SIo, $51); Jtas.
Hienriet11 ta -isalsn, Irteint K. (roddlzd. Pre-itiss, $15; lobinsoit, -;J. Dte F.
V etot tllltttttcrLltlt 11111('irositi Cob-tor. lhitrds, $5; it . °'. Clarkeo, $111; C. C.
- Il-tepitttl--Sy-iyl I'ettt-e, ?totttit' i. \t'illi, $5; W. A. C ( 'tolk, .$10;C(hais.
-G(ibbs, Frei-Ik IGillettoe, Ma-rgtretIt. Dsonel, $7501; IT. of -\1. i'lil'r 1tiosis,
- Ilacoi andh May 1M. Biott ckt. -x$10; Mack-it& Co., $i0; Ftn-lI3 .,hltlr,
National College Republican Club.titItI ttl,$;.A.irdtii
Wl. G'. Patlm~er, il0; AV. 11. Tftll-, $11,;
-A. L. Diis-is.119tL, is tis --r'slpros- iPosey, -$5; to' tartwrig;io $5; (Xlily
- l-ge Leaoguet, haintg ben el-ct-li it Ill & Co., $;")0 (iolls ilud, $10;;1V.
I tielt'Lst ittetttigof the leagueild inci it Ststy, .$5; l3. Pottter, Si; IL. S.
r De-troit, Julty 14i 11111 55 Sinltly, $5; G. 11'.',Kt'ifct. 55G(. (G.
Th ' Uinliteod States is (dividedlinitots Witiltb, $2; 1-. A. Colon, <S,+ 2; It. II.
-fotutteen districts fotr tite putrpose ef tittitig . $;; R. St. Sititionts, $5-; II.
-thtt governmenl'It of liie-lete I(', ao ve001c tolltllt('ll, $5-; W. W'. iittgites, $5; K1i:.
I.loitedl'i y thit'prestient whto s lt li- Itliscll11e-al t 25,112. Tt l, $5.54.52.
- lir- suptervision of the coil,-go celubs int
- htis divisoni. 'Varsity Practice Yesterday.
- Up tot t-e lslslt tlingec Mr. Day-ts
1 1111sittaie tile foloitng itittoiltitl: lThe- 'varty lylit-il Stitly 50-t
i> i-Id oo- rdl J. Hiliittg.CoIIllsmiiT ittl1 11 trl'L~i sig~satu ir.- I. ystlo'lilx be-
g, Vs-ily, Iclltttltloi nof lie,)Ilit lilstrit, cat:oof l i ithe Iot' ;a-_ ''1"h-y put
o ltoitt'isilsg the1'stales iof Mitl'illotos, argeia it t el tot 0110) 1 t 1ltrg y i1110
- Witscosinstanid Iowao; S. A. Cerlnitto.Il- tot-t.111notithlO 1111111. 1111-fact
illversity of 1WoIshiitgtn, el115111111111110I tthe' vltiler 00-is lil; too ttri iti
i n! flir 'el i::t~i t . ntto-"ei~rv c .}t ." n fnt ttt-f11111iir t " ll 1, r1.. tttle

.1 Wa-ilittottOre-gont stdi Mimo; A. U.-i

Senator Nason to the Daily: "I think any citizen ought to be patri-4
otic enough to take an interest in the politics of the country. The4
man who does not vote ought to be forced, and if be resists, hel
ought to be disfranchised. Students ought to study the questions of 4
the day'and to exercise their duty at every chance."4
1111 111111111 0111 w 1 11 itli t'e Itolh l. 11001, (1111 i 1 1Iriesto ('lit il<11111
''il i t o 11 to11 be fitee, 11110111110-ow itOsot I(1d dish let, to 11111,,shlita-1 te of
11ci 15l l i ot sillt 'tite cit too-to to bt Ncew-Yosrk.
tee iititl tlow so o- ithtst fr'i'olit. 'e loe b soill tis tfill Itte lmiae-

ot-totilo)teattlts 1li010u15-0011 aid os-'ei
00 lry ON0lll11111t1 l ctto, 1110-ftrsttelotr
it x1t111 a sinrle toy u el-.loll i 11111i
ito-l t 11. tHodig1t1-tot 5 illitt wa,
'poor. Ro' isloe'flitit, 10toold0101 loll
Hise aoo nd hoisi ilis to'- ltlocoitol.
_liiltogotts l11111t vwilh e1o': CD ilt ta~L~ l 1 l i- 10
c-tili-; Ottoto-and Coll-.-. g1sot--od,;Leot
and i ttitr, tac-k?: -s; tt-'tttt-lInat
'i (' tzvi, (oots; Milloros 111.1 iceolt.
Itloartor; iiogg 111al 101 5 art. Ihalf-tacks;
titiannanfull-backt. rlit- - o 1 00; il
tbo ..C. 1-Knilght, 'riit oI ; Ilit. 35W l's-
511. itsioanti Normotal.


'T'is the bits of libo-rty, as is theit' to
of loo', temoore ytotugive Itheieotore
yotu ihtre.
S lue i otbtidoiient of usar canot tcomle
Pi a dly, tier call 000.ati oncedistbanid
otur armsy anld ntvy, b)11 by puropues
consideration ore can hausten hue du(y
os-len a, civilizautiont %vill inaintaits its
trusy and navoy only to de'fenod itself
against baubatisus and aettle all inter-
.ationasl disputes, as we dud (lie
Bering Sea controversy-:by interna-
tional arbitration. For my part I be-
lieve rtat to acquire territory by war
is barbarism; to acquire it by tiiiloin-
acy is larceny. I would never set tis
dogg ever any otlher na-lion except by
te consent and wis of the people tat
that notion, and then not to levy tri-
bute, 'btut simply to help them to .the
glories and responsibilities at self-gov-
Freshmen Spread Committees.
,The freshiman spread wrhich 10 us-
wally held at this season of tile yeah'
lis been postponed on account of tsar-
lug no-ights in the gymnasium, until
eatrly in oDeceumber. MAiss :Florene
Spence, vice president of the sophto-
iore class, and acting as general
uhiairnoan ;has appointed the following

is-t Purt 3its cuuuttolgiioug llhuttes
twhereelcioons arte tot Itoheld.

More Minstrel Talent Needed.I Tennis Tournament Postponed.

Qutit' a numuber of personts interstedlc
in utitetrel sork asweootredu the call for
iaptplictois maude in the Daily lo.st Weod-
tuesdaoy 0usd great centhuusiasmu was
shouwn. Evrythuinigpoits to a ve-ry
sluccessfuil penforuuitnce ausd all lhat is
needed to guaratlee a cousploto sute-
to('s is -,tue alsluouruuce of a boor more
persona sith talent ini ble mtitustrel
line. It is sincerely desire'd that anty
persons with such talent, or any pea'-
so00sknouswinug anyone else soiih taslent
will ptut in atn appearne st a secondi
useoting to be held next Thursday at
7 o'clock in Room 24.
m Base Ball Candidates Meet.
Seine fifty candidates, old and ness.
for the 'Varsity basseball teamninuet ini
roomUs 1. H. last evening tr 7 o'clock
and discussod (lie plains for the coinn
year. Henary Clarke, the groat Chlicago
titceher, Captain Btstler, Mosnaoger
Keithi, ox-Captain itiller and ox-Sian-
ager Atkinson -were present admtasio
L. C. Boyle, '59 IL, is nowy Attorney-
Goneral of Kansas.

Thb' etnis touurnuamuent pr'opeur tido
not tbogin yeste'rdoay. lue cief oast
silly indtranewso-s tho lascltof tbtlls.
Mauogo 'Herrtirk announces btha
sotuldl thebus-lbs .arrive ini tithe, file
touurnuame'nt will begin todauy. If it is
not1 statrted totdayt, it wsill sturelycoo-
tmence NMondasy -afterutoon.
Yesterday-, ty mututal consent, T.
Russeoll ptlayedi Chandler; bRussell was
retturnted winnier after a wrell-played
g iuthuthble stcore 16-3, 6-1. In tue
fit-st -sot Russell was somnewhaot un-
steady, and tOhandler on tile other
luatusiptyeti extremsely wsell for a
notice. Contestants owto hare drau
each otlier 1110y play bsy mutual con-
A meeotinlg of 11101)T, sttiudets froms
bile slates of (Ohio, lIdltlO, Illinois
and 1o1issoluni wa-s hleld ini Newberry
thall yesterday afternoon. Althloughs
the attendance w-as light, coansiderable
wvas done in the way of or.ganizing for
the comiug freshman law lettion. The
old story of M3ielligan vs. outside
states may be looked for.

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