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October 16, 1897 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1897-10-16

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Eat a tir1-4 1 +Athletic Notes,
1 l.Wbse to agou ~itr3o efore Having Your
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) duringthfotalcniteys'p1ItNSETTEWR
the College year, at will be1 used~ !for aidvertiig pen-pos. :P o oSo.z n...T.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, J. A. Jamoison, Piresident of lhe 'Mibh-
- OrricFn: Times building, 129 S. Meln St. be- ranli "Ainili AssOidttii it (Cicago,
tween Liberty ad bwilRa Sts. 0,lere Visitinig friendso. Rae gral t ici
SIN~NEDITOR ii'1 The Berryman Studi&
J. . ~omAS'90L.A newi tacklinig inaeli'e has ibeen
JIUSNEC IWNADR rigol li li (le Aliele Feldand(Successor to, Gibson & Clark)
0. 11. h3ANS, '00 L. herieafter reguliar work will be given 12'etH rnSreAnAbr
EDITORS on it 10 1lie WesaHuonStretAntAror
ii. B. SKILLMAN, IN) L~, Athletics. ThO.SU.ta rioat.1
E. L. OnIsMno, 'a) L. - - Monday ThI.S .tcl r 2_____________________________________
MUTLERILAMs, '00, - - - Tuesday 0010(11k this uIliciilg via th Ai ni, A~ ST. THOMAS
G.D.ilijeixov, 'H, - -- Wednesday leilod way alid ai eci fint (if at
A, OSRAOY O UI U . - - Thursday leoo styin Michigan tndd COSEVAOR OF MUSICEL'9,- Fia
I.A.CAroso ', -- utrdy The Ann A-~bi IIr hg s ol dei at CONDUCTED BY THE
1 . A C e m P E1.L '00 ,S at u d ay 'd lie -A r i i Ifig h S e lio c i y s t eid a is
1S 'to 01 in teii -diodte hlis. T-ihe S
The subseription price of the Daily is S$2O.50 diicsoentoite1 sI i
fbefr e college ear, ay with a regular delivery kicked seaml woe-k.
hefore noon eaeh day. Notices, communica- 'E.AleE~erl),foelianclflJ'
tions, ad other matter intended for publics- Pi.tliilern iliai(11 lii ] aT~r ICIINVENT'
ties must be handed in at the Dhaily office be- a1n( $ltiiflceeK1 oi the lii elesen (is here 4 5~J~Z
fore S p. in. o mulled to the editor becore 3i .1(1
p. in., of the duy previous to that on which for a foss diys, anld witnesse(d yi c PinoFote Vca Culture, 05 easo~
fcSubscriptions may be left at The Daily day 1i ie iOrc. lie wvi ill l 01 EWE2 Gutr__oi,_ Y
Office, Meyer's Me'ror Stof~iet's N ewstund, or .Allumii galine iii' ladoinne~. nin J.. i1i u l Yi
with Business Mhanager. Subcribers will con- t a amoy ao b eotn popl tths Oeln upresheeGl 1 (bt.f y
office asy failure if carriers to deliver paper. liii ari' oeiing odooV i nii' p~n n eea uia UITARS rBANJOS.
Every mlin proinentl h. tiny line sulcceOof t heir tea'sin nIext So lt'- Thoy. Stuedy of Harp, The Washburn is the one and only
wh cm, oAn rbrthsyerwiiclyTheo.i'yhial e wl tk make of world-wide reputation. Soid
(lie ime ly ill ciglit it those odds, zLCss E1182% clark(D z. by first-ciass deairso everywhere from
--e (lirvevd yse Dasiily fbhio i__________ $15.00 upward. Imitated extensively,
'- ''tyCaa-nagli ('Ideago's cen'teri, is ot so be sore that the name "George
ue of the. lilily ne(w featurles tilla of the g;ame for the psresent at lea1s. ADDRIESS, Washburn" is horned upon the inside,
ill be inroduceid. Wa~th iiur co- biecause of injutries reecis'ed in the ST. THOMAS CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, A heautifut Washburn Book contain-
munfurtheothes. arl par oa th wee. Tereseem ELZABTH SREingR portraits and ietters from the Dr
titno or(li oher, arl lar)oflii cok.Tide eeiic ELZABTHSTRET Resckes, Caivd, Eames, Nordica, Seal-
(0 tue 110 Satisfactory personl to lake is chi and ion other famous artists and
'i'le 'Daily begin, toi lly a cycSteil- pliac'. Ff111 lENT-'e'y diesire-ooi sitie of teachers, mailed free upon request.
otie' canvass. of Ann~ Arbor for sub'- Thle idea of, haing~ii iii :ii-011-1 l' I15111 roo, ithi sliltilIr)' boss- vi-lti hot Address Dept. U,
S8iiiiiio. Wbe wantt a( least 0110- laiii fc-ihai ti'siii till bi:'eai abete lilel, toc- seed cold swaler; liiit asate' heatlig; LYON & SEALY vsofteprsueeltyarbt.Iqiet43S.Diins. Cr WahAe:nddmsS, Ciao
tier Ii es'el'y housie wihiie'e stuent It wa fiiunid that ,r. b~e 11) lipart-i
100111 It siill psay yon (0 do yo'rtpa' venllits aend toolk assay class intirest
tossard liaillg otir project elca ei nlo~se J
tion, the Daily isill hkei'p youl u touch bb'r'eii'diy's football sc01es fullsw
wih (lie Unis-orsity as nothlilg Cee Chiu'ago 25, Aeteoue' instituelt (0; tB-us UUht ~ t r s o~ ai
Mfedlo's 0, Notre Daite 0,; Beow e2-,
eat n. 1~ Al Uisihyeain te-cli Philips J 'Havar YAeit 01;
lae ew frbu Oe ndoelal W scnin 20 Pfvlulhe Nd-mloos 0; FORTY-THIRD SEASON.
t cet p515ter ibay. W'heei 0111 soliitor Princeton 34, Slate College 0; Penll-
i'alls, sic to it that tie delca-I, sithi at vallia 42. V'irginiiae 0. THE UNIVERSITY'S GREATEST COURSE.
.i least one namie onl his lisi fromie ii t''uf. Stagg eiows tines its) hits 's-arsi,y
11101 Igtitlist 1t) screeis 15 praetice
hlouse in wihilch yon room. gmne' and thei 'sarsity has nto trouleo
Adelphi Literary Society, ill scorinig af will, Inihating (list 'mi-SLTO GRN CNETCo-.. - - - Oc.&
'he Adelphi Literaey Society will cagto h, extra5 stron~g 01' the sil-ubs ex- HON. WALLACE BRUCE.-----------------------------------Nov. 5
i'eet his its ioal On SdatelI-lay at 8 is' In. traorinarily iweakh this year. Lot vs DR. F1RIDTJOF NANSEN---------------------------- , . - -- .Nov. 1G
The qe(stionl for dibate is "'Resolv-ei, ie' it is the laitte'r. HoN. ROBT. L. TATLOsI, Gov. of Tennessee----___ _- ---------Dec. 3.
That~i piety latblliillo is better thiani in- No'rtusestccle football Ollii t1511 LELAND T. POWERS--------------------------Jan. 2z
dedenhtt actionin Is iitics." The are dtssatisfiei i-ll the siche'ilie ar- BOOKiER T. WAsrnNGOoN, Chicago Alumni Number_._-_Jan. '29
leadere fuse tie affirmlative is 1S B. Pi- raslied, as they hiave only 01n0 ((Ig OS N i OD - - - - -e.2
kill, andi fo" the1 nlegative t'iaroii'i gamenlin lie Siists gANDuds tHIa BANDi '------ ---------e.2
I1111re)'. Thle tirogeii isill ibe opnC iscelodn W'~on~I 01''hanlitgis-ing. 'fbe men- ORATORICAL CONTEST-----------------------Mar~ch 18
by oil iisalegtt'll addiress biy Pi-osiele-it ag-or is takeot to task for 1101 aeraneg- HON. J. BURTON-------------------------- April 18
A. L. O}sgood. All tienibers are -x- inhg a. date ith Michiigei.
peted to a1(tit andi to ltke toset i Ohierlin atid Otlio W'esloya p'lay hi tot- Season Tickets, - - - $2.00
1t1' dis!e-enssioei. Neiw mn' siill I) e'si-l- (liy 011 tie grouteds of the hatte,. 'ihis
'ice inihi-it huve ati eopportun~ity- siit fetntsJhi tli enthutsiast se nop- Season Tickets Reserved, [Extra] .50
to join. poretuitly to :si'el up eOr chaine
Alumni Return. og'eatlshtoeeie ldSaturdiay, Nive001
Itlos, evseryonl'ee evise, (lit iliii
'rue folini-eg hiase be leInn lthe Oticc es, '115 1110) play gentlimn 11111 1(11 it S " .'OZ 0 m S
eallers all the, office of thie Secretarey ofi The' Oboi'aii thi lb w ' says ,peainhg
1110 a-.tlumi Associathti durieng thei 01' thei Satureday)', ohe'thin-7d'Ihue Bogtbfrth re ntisinheaifin
W.-teek: gae:~' "Obterlin rsen op a scoree of 223ltbfr h eetrs ntetrf n
W.A. Starrett, ix-9 , noiwi a biido- to U o~gusiero thu famtoues Puerdule eli'ven sures you the bJest for the least money.
tug 00111ractor at Ch cago I". Ilfa- thiereby ty cncellhig that heaius ctliinS W P~iE 1-LS."\1 'T17iIIEVI\/f.
11:111, tOi L, trail of 1thdepartmleent of ffor the~ pre'se'nt .at least, of ctaisneI i 7 Tl' ] J/e-1~i
etrstory ot Ypsilattli; Whilli l-hiioCOe, S1h11 of the waest, -i'hi they have hicid
'951) T, It,S. Laned Agoeih so Gthlrie, 1, for the tisst toter years." Post opu t in R ye o
Oklahiima; Jshni A. Ji1r11meson,.'i9, of Mfr. Riewi's lian. Puerduee hias hd ei no
heniiciheeb0fuiielahtheei ye'ars at least. 201 and 203 South Main Street. - - Ann Arbor, nitch
Sunday at the Dining Hail, No. 209 IN.
Fourtih av'e., wssa a grand SIIOCOSS and SHOES SUCH AS SOLD BY US
tfopretor unave engage ie7 am. They are the luxuries of shoedoen,.the "elixir of life" to weary feet.-
frnxSudyOt.1"DETROIT, !'ITCH-. It's unjnst to your feet toe do without them.
Mies Allie -D-an o 11 S. Ad1k'i Makers best finished Y] .1w P R L
St., Ypshlanti, Ph, Fniste, Dance 5Y3ork s" 'n . * A.PR Ji iar
Speciality. 21 U. ofM. Flags and Fraternity Emnblems fig EAST WASHINGTON STRFET.

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