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April 12, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-04-12

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VOL. VIII. No. 141.


f R_

At Wild's
Sprng~ selections just arived
from the East. Call and
inspect our..
Suitings, Trouserings,
A ll egrett's
Fresh eveiy week
Only ini packige-
eec a pound
Lowney's if you
jut received a fresh supply of Allegreti, and
Williams and Werners Chocolates. Larest line
ir the city.
Lunches at al hours.
R. B..JOLLY & Co.
31o8 south State Street.
L-A tolding Camera with
plate holder aid carry-
ing case for l$7.00.
Takes a .4x5 picture.
2-A 4x5 Plate Camera for
$5.00. Takes good pic-
ture, too.
3300H5 T 011E.
A good Base Ball and Bat is just
the thing to develope your
We have every vaity from 5c
to $1.25
Sporting Goods of all kinds.
Base Bali Suits made to order.
Price are right.
up town Down Town
S. state o. oppolte ortaouoo
Ann Arbor Main at.



Senior Classi Memnrial. I

A Tie on Games.

AthetiIAliTe follcwi1g is the re prt of the By City tedlic higancin 10arne won
AtltcAssociation Money Ac- Memilc Committee adotd by the un the peet series yeserdy yscr
counted For. scnord class a1 its mneeting lst week: ing en eeoc to the 'Varsitys one. The
_____This sholrsip is to be knewin as 'asity pt ip a1n inferior article of
The follwilng is the report (oC the "The scholarship of the lpe of '9."1ba11 th most raggedlyete rsnted in
treasurer of tse Ahetie Assoition ticitlseprpose being 1o0aidi needy students at Lelr did lie bex werk foelday
April 1, '98: attendiinglihe Univerrsity of Mieligac City a1nd one lone hit w55ialltha could=
FOOT BALtL. i thse future or thoe nwti have attendle mlade oil his-elivery Miller swas
Expenses tRecipts -,aclws oecen t iep~tcye
Salary for ceaches, traineesec n ws t5etr, nth ay ouhd iprahrivisly at firt ht
and mtedcal atteodance..$803 net of theirtuitioin fee and other n- laer stadied tlown aid did effetive
Tralding table.. - -...... 76 Q
suarantees and advaitees- -220itS01) cecOsryexpenses, the mneycif scidIwokltuwheIewabinhths
Printingf-- - -155.O
Suppliesotfits, smgrs. per- rsholarship iiobe placed cwith the bad cc Idaescwere either making- errors tie
snal acet l- - -..1430 0
Nitestohbn anid thicao Cfregents and Ici be lacnedct the di- sodiernadte ieslt wsd Isa
easonticts...--_-__ $ 58i 0 retiocnicf acocmmitteec-mosof the'tros cewricic-cicvery ucistisfoc--
eson tichets-- - -s a161 I
Micellieou --. . 1p reicent f the tUniversity- and thi Cry ti th ccacecoil aftr te gaene
- ---0 Sicee~sofctthe literary and enineeriic0 all the crsicitsre icc c hcihc
Tfohbalance-.-- _____1232 eprtmnits. Said s1hlcishiti Icc be hll heti". r's prh tiii
,0 1 7,h01.)1 esignecd primarily feeritie use dof.sen- The sccore-
Baay AoSccEhe ALon - rs cf the literary- aiccienineerig ,Iynes - i6It 11 F
Salrefr-oahs-ndu-$414y(0, - ,0 010r6 a
Training...t.h..----$15000ry d epartmcent. and to be lacned to them licliii ..0 00 0 - 1 1 9
G4unanees -and -advances.... 06'i -0 asiacive previded.fit if at teic ei hatitr ies ichitian Mller atid
Suppies outits, ogr. pieof lie sead week oict hisegtinng l:urnByCteia-ir-n ulitvai.
soatlsacet - - -40i 51c
Note tobhootand Ioleres..ic oieeyar5hrermiii.ici60i ccdt i i
Gamnes.- - --- - - l6 09 n olg erteermisinsa lqa-la n lre
Nite fromi batik-: itt.. 30 03:,<hclarhii Cicnd, uns ed ir ailel I - - -- - - -
- 4st o o's ic beuse bylie-occo f te accc e High Shool Prom.
BY blane, eliit _..-.. 1,01 1 es-ritio aicamcountece ing- $5,i
42370O4.267 80 NetIFricay evening the isuntoe cid
TstJf Elhcl be lccaiieito the tcdetsco- sid RAKTEM seir-cIassesiof the Fi-gh Shooluilcii
Salary esach, rulihor, etc r t ertments at the deereticoni of thei
Training tahler ... O169i50 hivi their sith annual hiioi, aidcir-
Guarantees a1114visifing, abcce named cmmittee.
teams- - --.. li37i5 c'iicstaiies will cembne to mae it ca
Printing- - - -1ifcc0 Scd scholarship fnd-Ico be raised ly cr ticr.a.aar ~c-u e c h
uppies. outfis, etc - 41026prUnvriyafr.Baueoth
Gaues, outdoor __ 354 er capita lox.of $150, leied atth
indoir: 00 5eidof the senour yecr and iy the sem CstIa - yc-illetecdiih
ihyhaii9e8d7ict - 016043i 0mkigbefire the sirigreceslony Varity
By alncedOfci-.-_ce4329basf tlic lasc akngstich yeary tdents itendiig ltolecve ionthe lae
9_7 6 9 ii2 paments after graduationic..cieyory itranscor oScturday -hcve macde ar--
TENNIS. uscri-fue.
Supplies, outfite. labior 01nicngeoets ti attend. Te Chequm-
grounds- - - -ill 1 Tneeclaes citecI 5 geiercl taxo cC151.
Guarantees and dues .. 4i 10 gnfist1 inchetrci cwifurntsh muic
Entree fees, gaises, etc __. '1 101 but noatiowcsactaken onciithi- tx Ci scdlgtferomriswl h sd
144 ii 7115 iter ptipoes. -The iommittee haing mattes ii
iyulsedl-i111 The Food in Illinois. charge icorcmpo~sed of. Messrs. Maoic,
144 71 144 Ci
GENERAL ACCOUNT, rwVuhn hrzadCevr
Athletic buttons------ 17010 id. . Li. Lamert, '9 L, whco has i-ciaghnShnailCeer
-Salacy toGe'andall (carertinet iohmfnShwetcviCthe claw cif 1h'.,cind Mesu. Ciiicn,
tuber-Ietjal --------- 31.00 retucrnandtoihcsrhoof the clcuscof'93
Labor on grunds-....._. '6270 , ll., because of the Glood, cwris a friend LtaadMoeo h ls f'9
Printig------------- 11354
mihscel'aneous .-- ----- 2)7 ere as follow: At the Homeopathhc Colege.
Universty and- --........ 1h49 f___
F, & M. ank, canceled nte- I "My- folks lre all OPK. I sent tem
and inherest--- -:....-590
Membhershp tcketu------- 141911751 out on a teamer seoct-fee the levee1 The hocmeciatlihic sita has be
Subscriptions.-..-_..... 1,11 01 eiOi oe-iidheBo l ecddIiio-ci cprt o t-
- Hnatios, Comedy Clu, $250 rk.Orhm sto h lo l rwe t t ulcpct o w
Glee lob, .0 7'12 902
Fin's and piiee 85 ight. :Everything In the fr-I oor wa ncinth ast. Tie li-c nesiro ed-
Nue from bank-----1-- 4 20 lst, cir at least is is he house as it stad and fsinishingoswererdered
13,20 3 3,94ISsainds in about 15 feet of saer. The yesterday. Bginiig at 8 iriseck-his
Tii balance- ------2,7138ci
oapes exaggerate nothing except the mrning the clinial fc uty will gie
1914 183,14 1
SUMMARY OF ACCOUNTS di-oweied list, Fom last reports at ai practitioner's course f oper-ive
Fcootball department-- 16,5 33 7,5'9 61 lea.st 0 pepe are losst. There is e- in all lines of surgery. A cosciderable
Baseball department--.4267.80 3,26lhOPh
Track department ------ 15871265139Ofriible distress anon the surviving por nmber -of _phyicians fiiin v'arioti.
Tennis ----- ----144 7h 71 1
General epense account--120'3541,14 15 people, ut the surrosnding town.ihave p.rs oC the tae ciii be in athtedance
Tohse - 13,16454 15,, 00s asisted us in every way they could, and aI large adiin lto tie force has
Tobalnce - 1-- .4015500 l- 1__5 "Theflod is subsiding nd see hope been necessary. Ga Wedesday night
15,F565SH 0 5,56 0 o e able to take are of the people Der.14. A. Jines gives an address
Foobal epatmnt Cr r and keep life in them until they failelto the viuiting: physicians and
Baseball dpartment.. .04171i help themslvsm or get to high ground" I sch sthers as- may desire to at-
Teach 'department- ....443 29________
Tennis department - 713hMs a E alr tnTe66tr ilh i h ipi
General expense account 2,13 8 isMa5.1yor ed helcue ilb n h mh
1, 5 h85697 ittheatre of the homepathi- htilding o
To b'aiance.-- - --- News of the sudden dath ini Chicago tie cam pus.- At the cosie of G. .Jones'
-----,-of Miss May E. Taylor has een re-
,97 11 0967 11 ceived in Ann Arbor hers she lived addes, Dr. and Ms. Hesmdale ill gie
-Ieight years, Mis Taylor graduated a reception at their reidence on Foret
With Wednesday- the regular wirk of fronm the high school and attended the avene to the mmber.sf the tioe-
track candidates will commence. TheI University three years, although not -lion and thei' friends,
men will report to -raner Cox- and Dr.1 consecutively. he was president of _________
ft bethge, the latei' having charge of teWm egei t9-6 ic NOTICE
removing to Chicag seha carried
the hurders and high jumpers Soon on musical study, and wa the intruct- All candidates for the track team
hockersu will be' in place under the or in -music in the Univerity of Chi-j please report at Regents Fioddaiy
1grandstand,and every man will be pea- cgo Elementary S5,1001 Teirt UIiver. frm30to50p.mfrreua
vided with one,Sveral of the candi- sity Rer for February 11 cntaIned -
dates wil reman here an4 train dur-an-ariclce by her giving an account of.I opening practice
log the spring recess the wont in music done in the schol. ( J. M. THOMAS, Captain.

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