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March 19, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-19

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VOL. VIII. No. 121..




At Wild's
Spring selections just arrived
from the East. Call and
inspect or..
Suitings, Trouserings,
Al legretti's
1rslievery week.
Only in jackages-
h0c a pound.
Lowney's if yen
.Twa receveda f reh socle of Aegretti ad
WtIlamssand Werners Chocolates Lricc line
ithe city.
Lunches at all hours.
R. B. JO7LLY & CO.
308 South State Street.
Yes, Sir.
Good bristles, solid back, made
to last and gie satisfaction
Almost every shape tht is sal
able. 25c to $2.00. Medium
prices are better than cheapest.
Text Books!I
For every department in the Uni-
versity. Law and Medical Booko a
specialty. We can supply all your
needs for the Second Semester at
lowest prices.
Second-hand Books Bought, Sold
and Exchanged.
Bet Linent Writing Paper 15c and
lac per pound.
The A. A Waterman Solid Gold Fountain
Pens for $.2.
Up Tows Dowa Tows
S. State St. ;Opposite CoutHouso
Ann Arbor Mats at.

ORATORICAL CONTEST. mo; ie. 'The only refuge of o'ao is law
The secondoipeaker xcas Air. 1F.5.
Sims, '98, will Represent Mich- 1Altiolland, twho opok, on the 'Maid
it;an in the Northern Ora.- of tOrleans." 1Rogioti seemedi to bce
torical eagde.ined to humble Feraoce toiher freet.
torial ~eaile, Fluhedwithsucessthey had oid-
Iccorncednsouthwvard ito Oritoc;, Lheoly
Latiotnight tiio eighth anntal iorto- barrier yet befccre thern.io.NccvIthere
ical contest wos held in Unix' r -;itx Ball, cae iii tnesxpocted dlivcrer in the
the firot three ito-es gting to the Lit- Mi fOlas"TeDuhnsie
c-°arc- Delcrtineoltini lie foltotoct-or 'MiIcc leic:Th' ttiiiitiei
uponi thio last strat- and(1put Jeannei at
tot: S imncocs,first; Wie r'0seond1:a- Lthe Iceadl citthe' triothccusand icnoin i
11100, third. 'rie juidges on tthoulht iccctchebiceigedci ity. tier enthiasmi -
compoiticccwcreo:Supoitendenccltc S.' 11-l;i lce soldier.acid tthr inolisti
Wh~iitncey, of Sacginaw;c Plev. it P. Olii one ere sweptibeforethem ii. '1'lit cccid
i -l. icilantt; anti Hon. V. W. 'tic tic adcienitoceiroil t oFract, Coo hocec,
ctreyr, of Li.ng. Tlhe uge:ondei, her11hocc, her lilt. hiutlice oeryt-ciirt
tltvter, itw-reIPrtinctipall iP.it l oitne tof s tt ha x-raved cospiredolg cicot her.
I1t-illccci; Sir. I. N. l-iccitzecr" ,ot hiCaimpanctia sir cadecr ht otcharge


Tldo'tandccHon.c.. itch,ccof ccc-
ticc-gcto v"i cclco
000,.,i, edemec or a
'aa liltttiaade
ac Aldichl
,,,ef5jilrodr Onotsterner
gnuo'e' onliade Fitche
x-,txctlitGrado Boon
ia''ia~zociaSum of Rans
_~c. 1 Fial Ranh
Hioin.James O'Doccnnell ibresicdetd aut
iccocudiolely introcctied tl icehotnscecik-
er, Mr. S. L. Taittum, wvhccopioeIon
"'LynchtLawv." Air. Tatung11 preseintec
lychlaw asnotheipeuiliar Americ
rimne. lReligionic acd governimenti have
bieeii oiierricdceic by lciwleos mccli, 1an11
C'hristian imeii aid wiomen, tforgettiing
their lotrutotiris,liave aplauidedt,intl
the ocildiren hare hero dismissed from
school icclecirinleconcs in anarlcy. Its
rule has bieen mccrder, raeine andtory.
'The negro is Ropt in nolaxveiryofifetani.
Suppitression oif blnck doiniatiocn
ws the pretest for lynch loiw, hoc
nowcc the horihie crime in practised on-
tier the name of chiva.lry'. hut slcall
cl ime he met hy crime? The o'hite man
mighlt hove learned chivalry firoim his
darkter brcother. During the -no'r the
negroes icrotocted the white incthers
and sisters and kept their truist invio-
late, Rot the chivalry of the Sooth
hooted down the whiie nomen who
cnine to teach lice "Niggero." It in not
a Iron chivalry which han n douhie
stanidard of morality for white and
hlnck, ood man and woman, Lyc'h
low is tnt confined to the Soiuth., bob
violence most be met and put dowvn
and the sentiment that alloyvs it and
sustains it moot he overcome by poblic
opinion. The law moot he upheld. Law
is deliberate and sane, hot the mob in-

aga'insct tieRccglish.i I Ir g'teerals 'de-
s-erc-cthocriicancdicwith r liito t11cite',
curl 1Joanneit'waxscoa. lpiisocner - in th
hands ifcairelitlessc ccc' . itlchl.li;--
itico cindcth1churii ,'tcht,'mctntoi cc', itt'l-
'ciatnotsituecldi, clda. o Ic'hrl
iio. .J. ,A. Amccit1g. iic- troxt sokie
cci -'iicc iicc in t11cc' lIu'ctiicifz o ct-
tit s.'' Fir'saidlwcc rctnlcocralc ccci
fccrcfaitheorts iccit cc urccfcccoii.thr-.
Iii pimnitive' 1ays-0xc' 'iiciltsit's10r11
atsienii, cut soccit mcainiliorn,'ci ioiiakec
fire riubb ihing tic - stickscogeci t-cr,
adtihncbcanlthlc'slcicer-c ctfi woan.
I-'c 0 ct11 trioo liihe iife'Nccci a iere
becsccif tbuicdei. ,Xui'ccci -ccsicatiocis
bcam agrc' icuturlii'c I ciii'ci ei'l'i 'ciidi
ito eqcualiitoyxvith meni. 'Ii 'ccani ,'as itie
inspirctiioncit thc' 1110' ccia.%
'flih' fiishing niccilci' Iccar t)use 11c
nactic aginolst slcvry coas the wkovucuf*
alcwcmrn.ULncle, T'-io'Cainiprerici-
fair-clhe sormcndcthe' inotituctioni s
cdcccmecd,.01A 1t'eic~eof cth1c oiliicc
w-cmano has icoicbhicu ciomittedi icc cli
plcesi', aid note they aiire a liviiigtorce
ini the licatcio'slife, Bthouwomaiin loday,
wcith all hocrtither activ-ities, :s ci greati-
or- iiifieice in the hicme than ivcri-el c-

Lawe Building Contract will be
Let Today.
Thce Bociritof Uo',i'cc s hetl lctir -
ulacicmceetiing croto-rilir alot ticnoac irc
the fcllccwing Itilsinesi:coc tub varingt
froccin$41,00, lii tCarirccty& IC, Ic~ri ci,
to liltill fcortt'cecnsrtoion-cocf thei adi-
dliticcitoicceilawccbuIildcingucercc--c'estc c-
ccl. Thelcocncci ctcwc-itcccxti-io) thei - ccliii
oc, but iatcer it wcc o fcundc 1hat-:ci c Li-
ltkc-hadcicl ic ei ctc i x ccii c io,
soc ticia1t tithe f crm o'c cc- il titil tlis
aiftrniicccctich g herb Ii h
cdcsircec. The ater , ic, t00 ithe
luicicic of actin-Pidenoct,.cIicicicict.,
andc iicclrlct-c-Jae iii ' 1 dsicpoci;
on. itie'rcarmncil iii I fcc 010t ili i er.
ity Senate, the Chtitmasi hlildycvi-
coatictciixtoc gn n husdycnsea
ccf 1'rid-c-- 'as t ir.,c iii theli c 0 rttiil'c't
roomion hecseconi floor o the 1ccr-
na.iuitliwas givccen ito tlic Athlo'tie As-
sociaion or atroph mor; t ttsucr-
clcc tc o I'the'ticoitiaci icc ciii -
izd to furnihthIcnirse' 1')rOli~iccy
lidc ito wi e"thlic 1itl f ; ('11 e
ttiu ith the nic l lictric pMcii; 'Tccb-
is _i)it'tcff's lea e ofabs c( t'; I 0e5-
ccii' oneyear: 'lohl Nc-it.StatIc>-
riciccit er cc-ri-d ifccr the ix ctFth'
tit s itc -lcd- ti-iz11e1d lccic cc-c i c--
-toct iccicti lifor"cntriicin 1was.oN.
Y", it Prof.i ean C.1 W 1c licte
Indoor Meet Tonigitx
'Thetentrieso in fenciing, bocxiing cnd
ccc tlng11 tdys1ots t 'lc Pealin andccanin itcertinig .ser-
ies isIprioid.Thie prelimiinries in
fenoingougci0-ichtobe ofcpaicteularinte1r-
esi. Nile, '919, riddUCtt.'OO L, n-ill 1101
a10 jutdgiesof thiscc-rot.'The admnisieoni
ctill he 'di centsoo'ccd focr afterioccn ani
evening perfocrmncies.

dir, l. L.Al~ierscofcllccwced cwitSh 1111


ctihJecl "Poularity- of tGcvtrnet."M U. of M. Band Reorganized,
Siiin has eerbeten stroiggling ftccindi-
vioultnd cloustcial liberty. There havie Te1.o A- admt ensa
been twociforces operatiog appa~renctly night for the firot time sioce the reo--
nuntinallyexcltisive, ltceoe for icdi- gainiizhiucn andtt 00ommencetd rehearstals.
viduial freedom and the othe'r focrso- The band is ittuw under the leacldershipi
oial orgainizationc. Greece lihthetdthe itt Lee'WVarren and 1will praotice' tnt-i
cane of individiuil freedomc,but ki- dcr twice a wvetck for 1t'he alxoneeuof the
dled ci conflagrationi whioch10as der- year. The fiirotIappuearancexwill he Sat-
huned litoiunsume. tUnrestrained free- orday night at the 'Varsity Indoorc
dour leaido to diointegration. Meet. A mioie extendled write-op of the
thome o the other hand develioped a iband offiocers, mu-oters, eto., ccill be
cplecddc entralism ancd hoc oagies given in the daily 00011.
seemed destinied to gleami the world Mir. J. B. Johnston, instructotr in zotol-
over Bu soo th civl wrs ad ng-igy in the University of Michigan, has
ove, tud oonthecivl wrs ntilie icoolly trepared a moncograpth on the
lected citizenship bore Rome to destroc- minutoe stroeture of the storgeon if the
tion, Rot cwith the coming Chistianity gtreat lakes. The paper appears in Vol.
these twvo principles wvere harmonizoed, I-.Nit, 5, of the Zooiogictil Bulletin, andt
and inidividuial freedom aril strong has beein repinited as a pamphlet.
governmentOforished side by side. Indoor Meet-Boxing and Wrest-
motually dependant. A noey era will ling Contest, Sp. in.; Varsity indoor
dawnvons society, and the lowvest citizn Meet, 8 p. mn., at Waterman Gym-
(Ciotinoed on second page), nasium, Admission 50c.

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