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March 12, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-12

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VOL. VIII. No. 115.
At Wild's
Spring selections just arrivedi
from the East. Call and
inspect our...
Suitings, Trouserings,


t S 3

Synopsis of the Work Accoml-
plished by Them.
Proef. Walker lecturedI last ai-lht in
the law lecture room on the "Tvwise~-

Harri1son1 was elected bhauasesof his
popularity. "Tipperanoe,"an I ,'Hord
Cider" and "Log (Chbin" sware the aries
that eleatedt him. tHe sas too old, when
elected, 10 accomplish anythsing. Its-
chanan eras little mcore than a good pot-
itician, and hadt naserd his Pest years
whsen elertedt. Brrause of ltceI)rel
Scott derision eturing his terue his party

pp ASINGONFourtePtsierts." The lectucrergave seas discredited. tLincoln ewas the
NO. 108 E'. SIGO ST.. NEAR MAIN the nsotable rvasts tn each administra- greatest of thsemesit. life was a good
"_______________________ Lon These ore (tite generilly t gotwn soul. to Pothaex'cutiveabaility ant

Al legretti's
Fresh every wreek.
Only in packa;;es-
60c a pound.
Lowney's if ysu

tbe stoudents, tot the manneer in whtich
le tbrogtitliamain to coon 'a toe ilasse
the issight swhich he gave to tO'es-tar-
'!clarsanasect iatiticatiosof ata aolfliha
presidensemaee s'lecture extre-ly
intierestisng.'Theptooessor hs ake
teseaof husmaor andsexrese's things
ic n itca.'iscg eand e'nte'rtaining sees-.
iaoshingtocn casmeefralts el adnisnis-
taics -etvatemasarklec.snre ieee wheat
WNcoscsegleess tasthtans ewsiat e 'lid. 01
sea_- aelsdiinel y tdretsciacsatenssWsh-
ng-on ess ssi eitactdtHamsitseecr^%-s cccof

legal ewisom h le wsness arkse bsle. Sits
task esas the freeisng cof the siae.
Grasst evas a great soeir. His civil
(,F res- as n-ct as Psight ass ti:; miii-
tasry' career. He wvas testscosnfidisnglee
hec sscessflstis sffairs ccf sla''-. sssnd
eves sliest deceivaed.Hatesa xsas thce
asblescticolitician,. ande Gaerfieldt theamsot
gifta ndssb rilliatassoee-esler. Arthutr wss
cc polcishssed bussissanessan sand manseg-cl
lt'e affairs of govesrnment's Iitsa busines
ttay. tGroe-ar Clev-elasdwstaccremaerke-
aiblelshracter. tie had haidscino aster-
iece'icc naetionalsaffitlilt he Pecamea
presiet. Hs ewat s e ccthlistrlongest
cci cli thersietsi.
It is sacidtHarricsnteat th eenly prcc--
iet cc o stisorstlda tenyline-havt-akst-
enschesar e st ay ccf Phc-csbisset cc"-
ticccessti iht eefulllknow 'edge cifcaiiits
teccetisgs. iosarostility- vasorem-assrk-

Ann Arbor's Music Loving People
Heard the Popular Soloist.
ProesorecGlardnser S. Ltamson55, ccftile
Ueniversity Sctsol ofi Music, mast'lyhi
tireesstep -earan-e since'hssseet-scfro-sm
Eutropte lasot ight icc P sistrcsies- 1Oct1.
A tessge csedience turedes oustsetoIceIsea
sim nsdnthieir iestc'ciestie-stse-scmark,,e--O.
Issdeedl, the estctetoss'lescs-e(I wst
mer-ited, cites' r Bee-occ- 1.55555o ha
made5 teIis year cci tcs 15esl sec ts- e tll icor
cc smarkledt impsrovs-'sment . is tones'st
r.ricacsnccl finer, cccd his en 555c515c5
st smeueccleares an-c br e. e-s-- c-ic '-At-
together.1r. tLason cs cc -le an else saes
ser-(c'r cci tscstt acccdithe'progrm
seatst-alt ar-sengedtoic bringct h IIis It-at
tdtaltities. 'ihe umoest sir.a Ii--blelade
was Schcsmancese 'lsh--asmac'-" Ther
I-IsI B-ineg" is aeen cclet iavorite'wsthl
.Ann55ArIbor aenslcs, n ascesseli
receivsIed s usueal. T' l' isies t lst
ccf 'Cac'seic verae elas t t-e tests
slieciiIcciatd edt' l. '''Pecroc f-sor stes
tihs rec-ipient ctesa urge buchc-isfcre--i
sects's. Prcoes-rSi colas- play,>('tllie
secrpaice cccincchIis cosectals is il-c
taFtosllig tes-c's lhe' ccc acer

theP E S A L E - ,thilssuigcuainn
.i_1F ED A L 1 ci~l af~iviasic- seicis. JohnseQ. Act-
F OR THlE NEXT WO EtK m ddbtlilt' durinsg his term. SHr
Juz eceivceeS>s.teeth suPleof Alleqeet and elsiohaghy-n(]sepellc-tatsbiy ]t
Wlam~s and Werners Chocolates. O~seee-licoo
ins She city, tore t ecc s esesul icen sih i isip nomatic-
ILunches at all hours.relations-wiscae. Je'frone s a5
RZ. 1.,EJOi. LLZ/Y & Co. se nictrrtcs'cc'th11c ccstieticsm
:308:Southi State Street. n t ecrceoisiana, th11crkcy lee Icc'

Hai'r Brush?
Ywee, Sir.
Good bttstles, soltid hacks, msate
to last and give satisfaction.
Almost every shape that is sal-
able. 25c tn $1.0(0. Medium
prices are better thasn cheapest.
3300EST 0REm
Text Books!I

urIcc-csented cutie-is-ca man )f Coetttfe'iit- - -...... cciec-a)"t
tef 18i2, saId-Ic etabllishred tscsliocsciy sosltsc'ctc-r~a ter, wsolect l se-ittcic i . slds. 1 eaes rscee 'IIeaacclclcs -....t1 a."0:10
cci therUtediSlates. Is croc- sects et Whats th ettit accompt~lish.reaitosbo1 1b'll ittd: Bllazezsr-- 555.. c~ic n sets
;r aentdiplomaeeet, butl sed neithe-r ,teat , s cc. iallat:eThS''s e rl JKicco -......I.occsac
ccorage ster enserny. tRcPes th11crea-it
ifcr the tioI cessc tstrine, bP estsaiogedac A New Literary Society. -ccaMle' lcgll','5 teat
______ Thcs'Norther's ay -secShort,
iiscas esassst iari cetcas-Therer till icc ccmeeting inLosse9, I. Itrethe listen-.. ~~ctttltel(ie
wcrittens Its Ithes Quincy Adias. (tl aieHtl tl ctrscststI.re scee'leti-'-S e at
sfll ourcrtesidetles. .. QAsaiccteo-est etteIttct4'stogssco - - - - I
sects the least ttuatlftiedfree lcesitionss
ceaselilterary society. In iformo it ewill Otld English, 17th C'enttta-ls't't;
hb- resas cciof stilitychoracter send
cc a..~,-. resemles thes'oregsnissticcn cci cclagis- AleThtt.fe- tic as oci lra-... .

tie aeteec cirs'sumstaneces, scesning
irsesm asdiscreditedt party.
admteired. tIc seas hasty,- heastrossng
seed unfaiir cal limeestseas ther eman
fra crisis. It seas hcisidoggaed pertien-
acity Ithati eect itleecledsthe disoreraly
aestests cci tiertime. 'T'ee lpreeuptions
arts s-aeer tcc P'esidettV\anss lese
althouesgt e Ie dist little ae". Polkt
broueghst sees shelIr.zlaetes waer, csi P'-
rces lhesUt'sced S~tas hadesq5555eery
geod claimsoset tesserritorcy ice disptce'
Pest ice orser chest the staarccifanmpire
meiglht sew sest Islae its stay. Pratt-
sdeest Tasylor, "01tOldRough andeet ladye"
ihadt co ciualeificationees ifor a pr esidtent.
Wsebster and Chitsn-wera passed tsy and

live body, asnd seill teevos tedelntsirelsy
Ice debcating -end elucit parliame'nt1ary
pratis-e as is ner esert y involerd ice
its maeths of cciIcccereser. Th(ot'e5in-
tee-ste'dl ar~esnited Is' atte'nd.

Peiip t he alt s--es-a- - -la...Ctid-
Old Irielh-'To'Saris ofitle-Got,~t
lflary.'l'hy LaueghelIssSwtes...
Sctchtlts-Scots WIV +so li-es'---...
Blind Leads Blind.

For every department in the Uni-
versity. Law and Medical Beoaobs a''ayttr seesminated Pecatue haeculd
specialty. We can supply all your Pe alerted. tPrevious 115 his electiocn h'
needs for the Second Semester at leastnest eaven talen sufficient Inetereut
lowest prices.
Second-hand Books Bought, Sold in pelticis Is vole. Oaring his ccl snis-
and Exchanged. tO'allen, seed Ileatof Fcilmore, shc two
Best Linen Writing Paper 15c and -ccnpromise acts seespassedl. Ocur
21c per pound.
The A. A. Waterman Solid Cold Fountain meat polished presidesnt was Franklin
,Pens for $.2a. Pierre. Ducring his. term the asss-
-Nebrausa Pill Cretepanned. Thinsewas
WV AHR'S.BOOK STORE the catese of the foundatien of IheeSt-
Up Town news Town I uhlean party, the ('ls War asnd thes
S. State St. Ifppaslte CourtHouse'
knArbor5;StaIn @n. 1Imanutieton of the stases. General

Demcrati cCub Meeting. The thercsl uustels ed sete- cioftt-'
bliedsel adineticshe blind eattraect-ed-es
Altcc coating of the itcsecratia club ileheetreenc-e1c'aee t 1c
hsael scst ight the cleubstecided.cto aItshslerrestrnieng. T'eOcat-este-ccsesbltindt
lend the lBtyen banqujet ice sealrestittudetsisa1thliteary steetcrtre-nt this
April tsemestrta. tneaies J. 5'. 1Haeiltees, tho
A commsetittrtes on sranger-erests ncwlas ellesn
Issndpan ues-. u-essels's ransas
apintcisted consisting oset'rsiensttest- joeo h etwetesi h
dis,. Eneglhardt and I". A. lowers. or-iy)I 'ste sc g-st-i e esee
.1 assessingceeumiie'cciIn-lceIlessell. sehoenteireelfirom 5--Is-cit she
coat. appointed to constofcithe follows- sec-std semeslter. fteYlamitonhs
lug: Mtcessrs. Lambert, Lerhe. Hitlery. de, arfe ee --r nIi wl e-
Sanger. Risne,Crodw,leseyEs- vIlans, quicantedl nitO the canmpuesseendasl.thec
Paul, E~nricks and Thsosas. This c--m- beuildings, whitele . Russell teas yet ts
mittee n-ill mast ine the see Puilding for learn nmaslttiesgs in regard Ice the let-
orgsanruatiodn on Mosnday at 7i p. m. sctioen of the s'sriouess buildings.
On the codmemittee on speaklers the 'roe tioeen ppen ochavele Ise earce
set the same classes, sansd it is a etutmnes
ifolloweing wvere nacmed: F. A. Bowcecrs, sight to seae l. lHameiltosn galling his
Sanger cud Oavildnon. All snenmbers de- friened from Puilding lt obuildingteand
siring tcattend shousldt hand their fromn class root-H l ases rotsmS. Mr.
names at eonce to President Landis, Plamilton uses his resewitth amazinsg
so hatsets ay e esevedfo thm.skill as Ice swiftly picks his wasy cloncg
stetha usln ay a eseeadforthenthis croweddwsalks, sled50hr tee-a Plinde
La Folette Tonight in Uaiversity men macsage tee get sroundtd alcnot as
quicktly ssthose whosaserblessedI with
Halls "Representative Government." eusimpaired eyesight.

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