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March 12, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-12

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Published Daily (Sundays excepted) during
the College yvear, at
OFFICE: Times building, 329 S. Main St. be-
tween Liberty and William Stn.
J. F. THOMAS, '0Lb.
0. II.11ArtS, '00 Lt.
11, B. SRILLM AN, '98 Lt., Athletics.
E. IL. Gnissito, '99 L. G. D. litosovir, '09.
BUTLEts LAMn, '00. T. R5. Woonnow, '99
L. q. CAMPnELL,. '00. Alie CAursEL., '99.
F. Esoct-sAis, '95.
The subscription price of the Daily is $2.10
fee the college year, with a regular delivery
before neon each cday. Notices, communica-
tions, and other matter intended for publica-
tion must be handed snubt the Daily offlceebe-
lose 8 p. m., or mailed to thie editor before 3
P. in., of the day previous to tihat on which
thev are expected to appear.
Subscriptions may be left at The Daily
Office, Mleye's or Stoilet's Newstand, or
with Business Mianager. Subribers will con-
fer a favor by reporting promptly at this
office anv failure of carriers to deliver paper,
Baseball Practice Progressing.
The iidoosr stari of tes 55501sl san-
didtac shaxstow prtgssed rifa ts'ig
so(hal . asomewisat tieli-ilo tsrecast
as tss tseteass s trs-ossthissas esomnde.
'fTsepittielihalssbeen carried s?-n s cc-
ialy fotr teer a mottnitinthiesagect'si
sire moist iloo-r osf tic gyisnot'sits road
ints e bhaissemenit. IEve ry dasy bos teen
te wros-sf ;e it'tetsimpsroving, ands
nese s-retfo're liss it oben so far asd-
casted at this tistrosf lte- ye-ar.-iBoth
cstoacs, NWaliins andtitisi-re. Ot vteue
fuliest ctonfidence o f ts-csmen. ant t lilt
strains much.
C~andidates thisearsee s- orne usi-
issisthlan es-er. andti becas-eoofths
tetchtmanthasttoi-t (se-itgit-otn.a-sitar-i
inrdividtuai attenlitin as is dsirabrle.--To
st orody thinsith'espoore-rilotyorslase

Buotleritsbserment: Kreafts, 1ot hose;1
Fox, Gdrim, Hill, tGulboct and -Z'oole.y.
2: 0 1o 5245-iday, lot bse; iFraa,
C'oniverse ottdLouds.
Cansdidates for iiitcefellows: Miller,
Sawer, Lehi, McGinnis, thoermnsa
Wilt, lcNicl, Greenwald and Draka.
Ctlrt - Lusnn, Mlcee, Stiolr,
Thsomsons, EmossaotndHovey.
O(ut-fielders--Sutler, 'lensai, fGoy,
Davies, Coopsier aod Geake.
Caodidates above nanmed wsili cesoit-s

Before Havin.g Your

Photo's Tak~en

....-AT. ..

The Berryman Studio.
(Successor to Gibson & Clark)
112 West Huron Street, Ann Arbor.

datily, and u-beta n-s tiaksingrhoesecil
w-srt s osiior wil pseur ita~in. Weller, '94. is sipendinge a seedsitsAirs
Arbtor. .
Out-dosor writwill comnni-c a7
johnists n sts setr,0ex-capI5tiniof te'
;(olansogissondss aodsvethser see-
'Varsty foostball tesam, is fistat OOsl:s.t
relit- .
_____________- .-iemsis t fort-cIe Illinois tee(0.-IndtItt onsi
The Comning Indoor Meet. C'o., atrJoliet, II,
'Te :Indososr 310cr, (to t eldi Match All nmembsers of 1900 biseaac(tll 1teani Fine Confections
5. is (seisigpishsied asnd the-ecs-i-easwho are noew in the engcineeringc tr lit- Eon Eons and
outtos oms ssssse in rapt~ily Os-. ssss -ste sn. str partmossetsiwtill neetdissisi se Chocolates.
The wrrestlintg ad ott intg ..li:ailts will aftrnoonsss-Matrcih14. its Rsom 5.wsct,
se thes satie a st ytDear. sail,sat 4 to'c-locki, tel apsstais. 20EATWSIGO SRET
'hse evcensiwsill teObrin-t ofs-f itn WMs. W. TALMIANlist-c. 20ES AHNTNSRE
the afternoons -a-srithe es 'iisso will be Subs((st for rise Daliy. 316 SOVIH STATE STREET.
gie pt h sa rc vat.Thre-'will iprobsably isea textclingec--I @ ftO MUSICAL !
test if mtoe ansteso tun to 10citt r. Tire( Mel Gillespie, teacher of Piasdois, Banso
x mu evetis wililisegint iromptitly at 8'ci5-S.'and Guitar. Instructor tn the University
'The adissionswisll iso5iS '-strs. '('he ISchool of Music. 18 yearsoexperience as
a teaciser Call atAsn Arbor Music C's.
U. ofIt. iBanc. hssasunroisedsto itseit aitStose to arsantge fos hours, --
prssoramsointheir boot sto. 'Tte bands
has bseen reorgansized aisd tisaN- ill be MONEY LOVT ANED
left a r. On Watcihes, Diamonds, Wheels or oter Per-
iris's fsor all eenissssay (obefttrtr sonal Property.
Fitzgerald's office intshie yasstiurnsN VAT'S MY0 trena5FS l WATCHES AND JEWELRY REPAIRED.
beoginsiting Monssday, nd h n tris ssiesseiil lI1 L Office at residence, 331lE. Liberty St., Attn Ar
cls a ococ Vc~ sly,11 cS oc. Slliect. All buoleess confidentiatl. Hours,
clssc tr i ss'-iss-i A~s-- ts i 5it StoilsI0a. .andito3:30andf tosip.m.
ifG. Tise fotlowinsg istte lit f 5e% csephC.fass
UITAR anUMAi'1aI . Bargains in Secod-hand Sttoshes. adDi.
l. Fot'y ar i dash. Finslhits.iA moods.
2. Fosrty yardl huordles. Finatl (ots. [he Wshburn is teone and only
Pssi s- esso in~~akse ofsworld-swidererputaion. Sold I VN iEBS
byfrtcasIelr vrwhr rm alf-'nitre all..;tu5.oo opward. Imitated extensively,
;.Semi-finaseitsfsorty js tec1dshi. so be sore that te same "Gcorge FRATER~IY STATIONERY,
. Shot pot. \Washsbiurn" is burined opons the inside.
7. IHaif-tsiie runi. A heautiftil Wasshurn Book contiaiss- BADGES DR PINS
.. Fosryrtsd ihurs.semci-ins. ing portraits and letters from the Dr
9. lorry yasrdidash. sihsnsts. Reszkes, CalvO, Eames, Nordica, Seal- Send to
10i. Forty yard hurdleiis. Finailo. cbsanisomo other fasmouts artists air)
51.Rrnos~g(sghjoss~. Oss ~ ~ teachers, mailed fret upont reques. - SMITH, STURGEON & CO.,
237,'230,241 Woodartd Ave.re tit.

-Z'ednticdayotrhoesrunser wsts ow 1i.2.ss's Fesncing. tsr. Wahash Ate. and Adios St., tiiuIas. Desgossand cslittes furnished onsllswork
ice. Relayacecs. _______________ f .~~ tiskrind.
ti. lirry-ite. - Alte rt thisnsuuittsr wxill
b' tdied 'right aiong. Nesspaai b s ntus-
yet cened, isitses-ct. willi e is vett s
w~i proitencykstor slitsqua Stupeyendous Un ertakin o pltd
'-b-st uprooicriencys greater thasntclit a .; udthrennwreane01 p e
Nee(sforc bate enstrmanit st.rs
Ntirt txould (se considered good,. lre- Tho last volumes of the Warner Library are now on the pross sod will soonflbe ready for delivery.
etuted themselvees, and this (isrtrue of On the delivery of the finishied work, the pre Hut 0101) rates will he withdlrawn anti the Publisher's regtular
tsst of thiscitiios. _., large rmossmbse prices will prevail.
isf time unewrenomaiesith good records These are the regular prices: 'These are the present prices:
moade. on teamss. Everything (akets itt Cloth edition-----------lb_ __ _ 3.50 per vol. Cloth edition- __- _-------$ 2.35 per vol.
st.osidtratiess, the eflicieness sf the Quarter Russia edition- -- 4.00 per vol. Quarter Russir edition-- 2.65 per vol.
coacrhes, the urevious records of tire Half Morocco edition---- 5.00 per vol. Half Morocco edition---- 2.90 per vol.
candidates and the shrioinsimde thus Fu:ll Morocco edition---- 6i-50 per vol. Full Morocco edition-- -- 3.90 per vol.
farrwould secoo to waranut the state- T
mnt that Mit-iigais srill tlis yourihave NO TEm1 'Pi TlE DIFBFIF TB riN 0CE
(cas thialtsrill he able to sorotces- The library inosy be now secured for almost half the regolar prices and it is only too evident that intending
1,oily n-sie with any inthleWe( purchasers will save money by placing their sobscriptions now. We cannot impress upon thse professors and
Thlie followeinsgpsrosram of work han students of the Uuiversity too strongly the fact that thse present low price will NOT prevail innch longer and
bern adopted bsy the coaches: that prompt action is necessary.
Dottng ranisehogito t IsdSsod The plan and scope of this monumental work, its scholarly character, its wonderfol variety and readableness-
ins atin tll3;0.prctcebein a 1::0 dand its immense educative value commends the Library to every lover of literature.
5~~eiu130 to 1:45 te folointg in-fiders Professor Wenley says: "It is a work at once entertaining, useful and wonderfully accurate."'
report to Cosach Clarkse or catint Bui- Professor VOoge says: "Tile work as a whole will, I believe, be a source of intellectual profit and pleasure
len in bsasementt: Condoun, ist lose; to any who may be so fortunate as to posess it."
' lood, Baonon, Goodyear, Bisop rind , o, 0 ,'ora s
1:41toks. 3o tnuyWdedy The Ann Arbor Office of the Lihrary is at 318 South State Street, here the first twentywhr volumes
.sd ridays, slidinsg practicec on cain may he examined and where suhscriptions are now heing taken.
2:15 to 2:30 the follooviogu-ill report The attention of the readers of the Review of Reviews is called to the eight page advertisement of the
to ctisr CachWatiiondf ootitsLibrary in tse current issue.


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