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March 10, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-10

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M .o 4 .Pa 1 . Pay Before Play. J f
~;I~ f~1~ ~The manager of the Ohio Unsiversity
h-- ase hail team submitted lhis list o P o ' Ta e INS
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) daring d eates for the season to the faculty last w
the College Year, at weekt and reeived the following corn-
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. naniralion in return: i h e r a
ogtc: hims uldin, 329S. i St 5. be- "Tear Sir:--In response to your tet- 0 E


V~1jtween Liberty and William 5S. v
J. F. TootoMS, 'OL.
0. 13. Ithus, 'ItL.
11' . SKILtLMA, '8 L., Athetis.
E. L. Gotustos, 1 L. G. D. tlsoxoxT. 'dl.
BUiTaLLos, 't. T. R Wonow, 'Oil
L. &.CAMB'ELL, '0. Ale CAtroELL,'il.
F. EsottitAtt, '.
The subsriptio price of the Daily is V501
for the college year, with a regular delivery
before noon each day. Notices, Commnica-
110, and other matter intended for pblica-
tion must e handed in at the Daily office be-
foe 8 p.mi., or mailed to te editor before 3
p. i., of the day prvous to that 00 which
they are expected tootppear.
Subscriptions may ho lft at The Daly
Office, Meyer 's or Stolet's Newtand, or
with Bsiess Manager. Sbriers wil o-
fer a favor by reporting promptly at this
office any failure of carriers to deiver paper,
'he Mihiganesniatn prie cotesto,
which clooed recently, bronegt ot, in
the oaotiooo of te judges, the et cl-
ecios of stories adpoensthttthtas
ben 1p0(1ducedtlat iciiga. 'Iis ap-
yresult ieodiretly traceale or ,the
generous poley atoted at tte otiet
b~y theBoard. Lat year te oatotfe-
jent sects determnted to eep any of
sle dollars frotm sippting'troga their
fisgers 0a(d tocresult swas tat Crot-
petitiotn was far from toisk. 'fhi yeas
serves tlU(as ie tgto"- 001 t(
Attetilonois aled to the meetingl
toe those contesting foe the Carows sup.
This is a matter to swhich all football
melshoould attend. Kiking is now as-
oumnttag uti a prominent pat of lbs
game tof ttotball thatstaoteatm cnn(ot)
htope to be suceessful swithout t. 'What
a goot ickstican o foe a fotttal ttam
tas beet shosown ino a nmbeotiromo-
inent gameo this year. What might
Mtichigan nttt hve tdone this year with
o peintid kiker. Itwssjt sucthlsa
cestolaothis thatlbrogit out _i-
Bride, Yale's great it-er. The pries
offered ught tt be soue further to-
ouceenett to get all nen out, soethot
Michigaon eed sot again hsove too x-
plain defeat by saying, "otiseied."
So let there be good kikers atd plenty
of thsct.
Kickern Turn Out.
A meetitg of all metswostxsaers too
enter lthercnest for the cup tresent-
ed by Dr. Carrowsswill be hell Friday
evenittg at 7 ocokt is Room 9Ui-
versity Hll. It is expected that a large
crowd of fotbalmnetatnd stodents
swbo dsitthe sucesas fthe eans will
te present. At this nmeeting tist or-
mies apoinsoted to draw up rules to
goverts the lkicing eotastwoct11gie
thteir report. Besides the cup preseted
ty Dr. Carrow there will be a second
and third prie ffeed, sot thot, it is
oped, no student will consider it oot
woroth his time to enter. It i expected
that Dr. Carrw, Coach Ferbert, Jons
Duffy and Captain Bennet will be pres-
ent to say a ess words to th boy..

toot g-iog lotes of proposued interol-
logiate'baso' ball ganto th" faculty rot-
ed te folowing ressoluton: 112 'West Huron Street, Ann Arbor.
"Ies-otve , Titsltheeitioe re--
turonedoo toohle signoers oith st'state-
tosent tisa, havitog investigated olso' coo- Philological Society Meeting IF YOU WANT THlE BEST
tdtitt osoof cootlege' athletics, aodtosing Tie et regular noeting of the Phisl- I FRATERNITY STATIGERY,
foud hatth flodnari f te ni-ffosooisal Society will be hed is oRotonr BADGES DR PINS
veoityha betot~sd b l Os rose-L, Itniversity Hal, Thursday evening. Send to
srottogtcollege -sthletics tot insur M0ilarchb 1, 195, ot 7:0 hrp. A paper
largeindetednes inolvin thecredt ots"The Etymology of to Bto,' to S IH T R E NB O
of h ~ ve~itteUr r-t t ox sle Conpass,' 'ox-Pleating,' et.," 217,29, 21 Woodard Ave.. Detoit.
oly there's'fort'etline to oeceive's orl t' ead by Prof.SGeorge Iteopi Dsinsatdetimates furnisleoiooalt ooth
cntsidetr 00007' ltiotOO Sco 'eoonn" tos t_ oftitl bnd.
LOUST-A gold oalsci. Fnds r will_______________________
leticsooootil the mtiot.)rits- of te.taets please lease at thisfi cetb' n'doosecei-e'
of this l'nio erst-spt, inttr -e-rctfoonroto sa rd. _____________-@ MUSICAL ! o
andb5 aresooonitlorgantizatioono, tot-c-Saturday, Maorchs 2-l.ooFollett le--
setdoooetso hyaewllo odtoebeforoe GoodtOtovernomen't.t ('lait)ii Gillespie, teacher ofMndolin, B1100:o
abesn o nneta hyaewligad-Lo i and Dolar. tstrucor Isthe Usiesity
c not 'to soty.vtoo ooooiotc for s'the r o-ist'tn -School of tussl. 5Ryears experience as
cootl indbtednoess, btt to oosnit can:I a teacer, Cll at Aton Arbor Mlusic Co's.
_1 Stre to arrance for bouss.
ottotooetd antolptid.' MOEjL A E
"tot say this sas as urpise wouloni1 S P ON Y L A E
hexo o'aoo'ocoo it bot msildy. Whil-' On wathes, Dasonds, Wtheels or oter Pe-
I sanl Propety
ooo-iooo aoco-e Io aisitico tot'to -WATCHES AND JEWELRY REPAIRED.
haveo teetnexpecteItd, i wa00son. i y ro a y Ofieat resiene, a3i . Loety t., Atn Ar
loooled forcInthis foorto.<<e00000woultot - -00. ich All busness cofdential. hos.
atteostpt to: criticise Ortheovee-tlot-be ' '' - BagisI Sgs-adJsph . Watts.
it'olelayiTheiisSecond-hand Watch's and Dia
organize'd and loos been gettinog reads'$NNT M-150
for oactiot. Tbis dol now100plaes LI
heto-oasi ohtotmiiolinossoito the sore l AdY1 Y0 'f Ll I
sterer to:betoe 0gameso'this espring tie U ITARSano ANJOS. -
ftsolt d lotav eoeenannosonced 'oo- 'The Washburn isotheontecand onilyI
i00rFil tht mtotser, iroot:t-ismake of wosl-idite repuotation. Sad
-by first-tass deaiers eerywihere fromn
shoutld itehaben cslolotoar,ao-.o00.$5.00 upward. Imitatedtxeisiveiy
Bot tat lotosaleahot is toll, aoosol soo e sure tat te iame "George
- Wahbburi" is burneti upoo thetienside. Fine Confections
ceon best coot -ontouoorselves owitosoftaits A beauifui\ashburn BIook conain- Eon ons and
as se at-c toutscomp ieled to grapplte iig portraits antilitters front the D
sith themos. The debt must It told- Resesc, Cave, Fames, Nosdia, Sa- Chocolates.
thi and oo other famos artisinsaind
Wet casonot afordelto bet withouts a base- eathers, nmaied free uiooni request
al teoam, note ('010 Ke let i te said Address Dp. U, 200 E AT WASHINGTN STREET
that the' Atleoti'- Associtiot',o -LYON & S£aRY
- Cr. Wabsh Ave aniAamas S, Chao.g 16 OT TT TET
comted otfioanalldisasers"M6SOTSAESRET
St pen dous Undertaking Completed!.
The last volumes of the Warner Library are now on the pes and will soon be rady for delivery.
On the delivery of the finished work, the present club rates will e withdrawii and the publisher's reglar
prices will prevail.
These are the regular pricet: These are the present prites:
Cloth edition ----------- $ 3.50 per vol. Cloth edition----------- $ 2.35 per vol.
(Quarter Russia edition--- 4.00 per vol. Quarter Russir edition- -- 2.65 per vol.
Hlf Morocco edition---- 5.00 per vol. Half Morocco edition-- -- 2.90 per vo.
Frill Morocco edition--- 650 per vol. Full Morocco edition---- 3.90 per vol.
Thse library may be now secured for almost half the regular prices and it is only too evident that intendiing
purchasers wil save nmoney by placing their subscriptions now. We cannot impress upon the professors and
studensts of the University too strongly the fact that the present low price wil NOT prevail much longer and
that prompt action is necessary.
The plan and scope of this monumental work, its scholarly character, its wonderful ariety aid readablenest
and its immense educative value commends the Library to every lover of literature.
Professor Wenley says: "It is a work at once entertaining, useful and wonderfully accurate."
Professor DOoge says: "The work as a whole will, I believe, be a source of intellectual profit and pleasure
to any who may be so fortunate s to possess it"
The Ansn Arbor Office of thc Library is at 318 South State Street, where the firt twenty volumets
may be examined antI where subscriptions are now being taken.
Thse attention of the readers of the Review of Reviews is called to the eight page advertisement of the-
Library in the current issue.

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