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January 19, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-01-19

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published Daily (Snays excepted) during
theColieg Year at .
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIAN.Oe[twe. ibryndW2ilm eS.b-
J.F. TOosAS, '05 L.
OilH. HANS, 'it L.
H. R,. SKLLoAil '98 I., Athletics.
E. L .Gxtsasl, '93 L. . D. HDNtuuuv.'i.
Busses LAMB, 'i0. T. I.0500000w. 98
L5.CAMnEL.L, 1'. A. Asss'ELI. '99.
F. EisNr.OARD. '95.
The sbcriptions price of the Daily is $2.0
for the college year, with aregular delivery
before noon each day. Notic, commnica-
tionno and other matter itended for pblica-
ion mst be handed in at the Dily office be-
fore8 pr.,mor ma led to the editor before +3
p. i., of the day previous to that on which
:hev are expected to aspear.
Sbcriptions may be left at The Daily
office Meer' or stolets Newtand, or
with 4uasines anager Suberiber-will con-
fer a favor by reporting promptly at thin
office any failure of carrier to deliver paper.
'The rUnior that apteareil in .t D-
triit pap11er to the affect that it fatiel
on tieStudents' Lecture Aossoc'aiol
Board is in favor Of e.Hproll1isin9the0
Shotage is entirely without foida-
tion OnetlOf thit'delijliets as al..
ready settled ii full anld the otir wil
pa in a few dysy.-U. of M. Dily.
The editor of tie Dtily knows tat
at the board meeting last Sattrdty. it
mlotion was made to comlprom~ise with
the doliniquets for hlolf and would
have passed had not ClirnilT'. W.
Htosier, f the iivestigating ecommit-
toe, crushed it by anoucig that "iis
cointinittee woud accept no such eo"-
pronise. He knows also thatle hin-
self favoredt this miotio. "Olo f till.
deinquets has1 setted in fuli and te
othier',wiii sette in a few days. " 'he
Daiiy would mlake believe there ae
only two deinquents. The e'dito.
knows ony 1oo well that tiirewe 1re
tout. Two hivi' 11ld111lu. Thec 01111.1
lwot.had anot111111' 51)last tiglt,111.2
have beenitwrned 111111uiless tey
do so today they will be recoi-mnid-
ed 1o the 'factity fr texpulsinl.
01nlyItsoit tite ago tie Daily
camne out in its usiali cotbination Of
newo and editoriai with a deiiatat
there was any storage. Now it does
acknowledge tat there are two de-
liquents. Au old proverb ullties it
citiss of petsos to cvhum good 1110212
on'eo are especially necessary. Tim"
Daly would do wel to heed till
proverb and either itltivatme itsiieii-
tiiy or quit lying-Shudeaits' Iegiser.
After a three days' seret. the 'Daily
ws able to find -a copy of tte above
sheet which claimTs to "reach every
student ini the University." Having
found it, the Daily itllrl. that the
diays wvhen Aanas 'was carried out
dead are over. There are ust five
saenments in the above artle that
emnatting fromt another sonve might
need ciasification; coiing fonmte
R1egster they fal, naturaiy one and
all, ito the lass of lies ture and -4itu-
_ Iipl .
o motion o comlpromise wit2 the
deltnquentS for Half Wa1114mo0d T'
thught of at aiy eeting. esmse-
o 'ftly G'imn as. W. Hos 'o,
2 e muvsigafing co unmitte e'e r
unhditiby .1on ing tat hi
omminieewould a cpt no Suh on-
nroise, and, fortfe se rcasn, 2
fo tno ther, te eito f fi tmper
neesrfavordsuch a moinnTie

delinquents had not settled up to tilt
tinme the Register was published, sne
loudcdone so as the Daily staged. The
Daily never denied that _there was a
shortage. To refresh the memoy of
the ttegister's gpower behind tie
throne, we w1i1 quote f'romn the artitle
to which lie refers. It is to he founid
in the Daily of Thlursday, Dec. 10.
"TiDle committee app~ointed to inves-
tig.ate the ticket matter reportedi.that
no0 forgedoi' duplicalte tickets 11111
been discovered, but that the h~ii'ibert
of tickets collected tallied with the
number indicated by tte funds aireaudy
received -plus the shortage reported b;-
the anditing i'oinioi'ttee. ThMle investi-
ga ting colillulittee ulls contined and
e:lmoered to take all steps iiecessa-y
to c-omptel 1lilediate littleiiitit of ai',
slyoita es."
If tie esteemledtetitor of till' iegis-
tei' will take the paiiis to reaida copy
of tile Daily tdlat has not been 'blurredl
t'y his Ihandlig it lie will sees that it
reails "one ilelinquent thas ali'eady set-
tled andli'thle others oili pait itafew
days3." Butth1111poit Av-ill hour ro-
spleeiable frienid atll'mptIs ho hake ill
this conneictionl is too silly to merit
t1a conclusionI we wotild like to slate
thtat p~erhiaas the editoriall writer of
tile Rtegister svonid serve hlis ('ountry
just as well it lile iould soilueti m,,s in-
cluide an afoul of ':.Itat in his efforts.
MNr. 210511r it eOuDlmletillg on Mir.
Hubbarid's mmeilodo perhaps pn-t the
case very suciactly: "Mrt. Hubbard
hetars a ,few rumors, gnesses at others.
imagines others anld in the end hbas
1111 iterview which places all tile rt'-
spaonsibility on somleblody else tid
t":iligs imin iitoo or three o;f the
much coveted dollars." Scrilture
bithti it that "Money is the root of alli
evil." 'thie genltemianin li Iuestiol
thlerefore gets 111mloey.
Takes a Quiet Method.
The f'ollovinmg apipearc'd ill ye:;tkar-
lily's edition ottlt'e Wasltlilmw1 vn-
tug 'Timles:
Iire young umen who have taken
supreme delight iii creaf lug disturb-
111te in the gallery of the Athens Chea-
ter recently, have eactil received a let-
ter frolul Mailtger tisemner to the ef-
fect that they will be ref used adinis-
.ion to 1110 theater hereaftir. N.1r.
Lisemaer thinko this mode of procedure
to stop kissing, whistling and e at-call-
iing in -the theaterus preferablle -to
ejecting the disturbers during a per-

.x Every DsriD.ALREscIpiOn.
_....... :z.109 N. Main Str'eel, O0ppolte.
ehe Court" Moose.
TAn Opportunity

This week we put on sale all our
Fine Tailored Suits, in Cheviots, Cassi-
mores, Clays and Worsteds-all made
after the latest Winter Fashions, equal-
led only hy high-priced merchant
tailored clothes
Choice $14.50"
We have cheaper ones _which we
have reduced. But _this week we are
making a special effort to reduce our
stock of fine suits prior to inventory,
February 1st.


Typewrter-M--- es- -------
J qul toyof thelelglepriced machlimes ocapacity
(and qualiysof woriband ecent them is convesience.
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wthig aylwati Utversal IKeyboard.,
Sit , Price'.'$5M-i0'p flos~a
sit omayoe Hndedsdoiat ;U ifold iofel asi'
Typrmierwansssts foits ogposor.
SSl I To e Si.Mn.
S Mohssdurnbleesecbisee
man dn I~n u1Mime ennnaiWegbtsulfy.les -ud...:
F. FAIRBAON & CO-5 Geral Aelts srietSt55
93 Griswold St.. Detroit, Mich. Tyiiewriter ecu aimth
J. S. Al1A, 48 S. Fourth Ave., Local Agent meuket..>

Send to
227, 239, 241 Woodard Ave.. Deroit.
Designs andestimates furnished on all worh
of this ind.
$ Prices, - 25c,50c 75 and Si.oe.

'The English Language
Ain't strong enough to express my feelings," says the farmer as :he
looked hack down the hill and found his load of potatoes had slid out
through the open tail-hoard. We advanced the same sentiment our-
selves awhile ago when some cuts from the country with feet as big
ae the side of a barn stepped all over our sore corns and bunions.
Happily, however, we discovered Sarg's Corn Plasters and our feet
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208 Randolph Street, Chicago, 'Ill. Sole Selling: Agents.

These st

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