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January 18, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-01-18

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board. The propoton ind ing os
**fav}or gseerally yamng those wo 3efore Haming Y ouz
Put~~~~nhedouhtto know is to make P oourT lastSET HE~WR
PbihdDaily (Sundays exceped) dring yaseic;Wtis. etrkon ISETTEWR
thu College year at as "Wtaddy," 'head oach and "Ikey' l0 o a e . T.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. (lark, wio pitcltetd all (Chiago4 g
Orrin: Times building 320 S. Sain St. be- ants itot year, tistoktn of as s-T he B errym an StudioLbryan ila ts itn. '~~.Whnti aftal
MANAGING EDITORO lOtismettottWas frst btitechet their
J. F. THOMAS 't0 L. wa i tgigtow wow -attotg a few ov i (Sncceesor to Gibson & Clark)
BUSINESS AIANAtIf II saidttfti it was ist ike gotng nttt 112 West Huron Street, Ann Arbor.
0.. n HA, 'to L. toettleity's catmp to get a geetti
EDITORS that if we wanted oint, at hcast we
H. B. SanlAt,'00 L., Athletics. diiiot wanot to do So at tieitmtititt Should the Governor of South
B. LEAn, '0. O. , Woorno~w 08 n re1 fui hn w-
BtLE A. AMB t. 00 o. . R urOnua, 'a8Otetlit at we shionld itiuslay or sl'res Carolina meet the Governor of
F. EtoLo. 1 't~tt rtroit fttO~i i~ttt North Carolina
Cottltititly dosltottbitt'stealitg or -
'i'it' ttswtetoltatll tit i tha tltt( On the hnks of the raging Huron
The subscription prce of the Daily is $2.0 toiOoc lhgt yft:i t - h ol o obsy
fr the college year. with a regular delivery Itill intl(IltittIkey" 1sdt as 4i tii a "It's a long time between now and1
before non each day, Notices, communica-
tinsadthratelnedefrpbic- hitiigiit iaiinow toas ois a (il- July)1, nd if you want to e one of ^^^'anotemterieddfrpulc- "
Lion must be handed in at the Dily office be- oml Iait v I lie 'wtil- the boys-in oler words, a live
fore d p. in., or muled to the editor before 3~' ieyuhdbte a h Onsagl
p.i., of the day previous to that on which .letrti4sd as titneli at WillautnS ItOt.BT YA
thae myba etpa.at The Daly 'e lt:t'Iiitt C'liitagt t. n Btislt.AI LI 1%r
Offce. Meyer's o e'Ne stand, or httreover. tnstVT oc ls'ae; .ofM a
with Business Manager. Sub criero wilto. titt1 fiitm ititrea let sNt 1
frafavor by reporting protmpty at ti thi tillte dt'ttof grttttit ietittg titnof vi. 1.aiiRy
office any failure f cariesa delive paper. 4IA ~sIA JS
-hS.Oiki ~vi le 1tfi And get the current college news The Wahurn is the one and ony
- - Titti Mr ('-ir t a Sfoe Bttli l sitirtid It's a hummer and I nderstand the make of world-wide reputation. Stld
TIhe DetrtitET-tlrig'News, tIli'og it wll fltlt rtr t r itherItosot unprecedented oter of fI-Ois made." y firtclass dealers everywhere from
Its lotal d'vt'eettt'tt)elo ourtls tclitt'tt i luttlit'm e l eisto"Think 1 ill"said the other ge $,1r5 on upward. Imitated extensively,
ttppett'l Itilst 'nigitth tl hus tf lthe' best mait vilabtilett'ftr tassistnt ad they ook a drink-of Ant Ar- sahsthaisturedn he inside.
intoottteiltlotimand utturly ftlse ' temand oiti te ueit)tf to-us nehi bots famous water.Washeatn"miflshburn ooupont im-
ports. As uotal tite. y. 1. .15wta's O r oisew alti thimattve hietiglttiuougt Leave your name and ddres for ing portraits and leter from the De
reiptienit of :the Nutty kidltttttetltt'..ito i(i t- tis yetr. a regular norniig delivery of the Rskes, Calv, Eames, NordiaSa-
After at fouthori luitt of ]utig ai____________ DAtLY the rest of the college year at chi and oo omer famous arist atd-
spacewriulig, theic'rtilt' olitit'es: Miss Fisher to ive a Recital. hAU f .DIL ffc.teahresmaiet re uonreut
11Aftction.4tit hit'boardtitl iitet to d rs et U itruic. YNhHAY
itiss ittnta Fisher, lsiritttr I te 329 SOUTH MAIN STREET.LIN&Stt. j
e'o~tpriiiie.'I fr. VWa b s ie. and Adams t, Chiago.
"h~t. Utsitir oaI: lit"wttrt I. to t he ttsitttto uis. t-,O ith i Stat Phone SUBSCRIPTION $15
thing ti r oay it-s tile iitd ffu--nu titan tl'tt itlt ' Attdittriitont' tt i ui t8
ifthlt'buoardt, Whots 'smedul tiritott Btt'iit -ilsl i ltiolt
act'the[ f MDalyalo rurt iiettgl. Jatiti. 2t'lt'eit11geit o-ill - ~....
le. Ief'.ooh.llowsiomtiir:ts No.5mFtteawtsitiictn aceserc
tt fttvoret'tiletting rtse ieltnutenslt i hett 1. ttiots:iniord itt , B_______________-.
etsy, publihingtigfake reportstht a 1 . fal SoitiA. I'. itik, -"Tpewrier Mahines"i>.
tot e ws 1) deicita~n .inat~er wt lustittl t'rot-t'soiomi(rtoti 0-0Ipiaos,Tper.r -acie
ihtr ts10llsi tii~theto httses A. Jenk,1B. AubotI_ J N al anysf t hih-priedratines to caaci
sought to ottithe l msettemi. fTle thi r e adqalio wriad ecelintheeamincasneae.
heili lp I hatiwast fhe Ev-ening Nes, . htt')'ittitatitti\I. liil s. i. Vii tt ,.r j Practical, lo~prt, portable keyoari achias.
whlichitomltheit'ielistitleof tafairs. Lit, the :hisses Nil. ieitg Intl (?.o-- ' AT*811 R a S01VornsdusS. etii
"Pu' ielinqiutt'ts stre in ito4 urry i ttlth1s .l s"- ---re lg aixyalS' - Uetortl yoanrd.
t Settlt,SottLoing iai lsttobatti tnditheii ~et . t uu ntioII, it'. cltt's--:eigt. -. Prc S50.00.
-- i. 'fiTotr Stlot !\hr. \Vt'. I ttytu . TDiare a a te
oo'leu 7 tliteySawTit helu'Ni'wi;sWus liki-ly "tttt ctws uvhite Ityl.m' tuo i t}o Cit "A o any ohunt ' sdriddo t e Unqindre meb -.
jllantio, te twoianoitits, thin ht's 0' Zsmenriter nwn othe io retr le
tolu ishndsidta slitpnfi"d tll, I lt'ytin1e lS' 7..U t: netr.tyi - or b n taen.
tr-it tilt\ if n ihr Aenalsathu Syon Sold are TwsYara hetodut reaetea
dAir. Itusnlitm'stteduultouthmit'Dly itst IttdteS' lbru Fut etmt Ateutin. hlt. o em dilinienretisnrain Wolb adeaai I
evettig tt hla e vulmertttadu'tie XV'. Itlte~ . ttlih. Solt. is i. sa guS.-
tht-euni.ig. 0a.ltt oit, oliso c (ir 'F.FAIRBAiRN & CO., Gererat Herein
statenititut miutttsdl to hitti tlueuetrt nyoehnrddla
.ts.tJos. 10. l ti-)-sc(-tumd Psalti (31ea 3 lriwld S. lDetrit, Mch. lTiorterinoonite
\ .1, c, 11dM, 4 5. FurthlAve., Lcal Aget ,art
"Pauiitht'i'ni i'u'" hecni n utdti "Iiiemeu0 ' lessiubm), tmixed cos-h .t, ireti'estl tit a~wasrH
leetheti'Dtly hltinulished'uithis'eu-hlo .Iitr;hehons".liii
t<tt ottatui ofitthu eise." atd.lit.letuir. soltist.
-No factti otinthe -botrdlnoe iutoed l'ftteieallert pomistitol-inhigly r: The English Language
or o'niidsrttme'dof t'anlpeoluusiig. u'njouy aibth rotighut. Aditision Utn
(iew'tnuitte st itoeitt ears. Ain't strong enough to express my feelins"sy hefre sh
looked back downo the hilt and found his load of potatoes ad slid out
fromi the lugtmingisug joust at 0ii. IF YOU WANT TRE BEST through the open tail-board. We advnced the same sentiment our-
Datily ithiditotu .Oi the faite of selves awhile ago when some cuss from the country with feet as big
thlii: ownitepoots as hitnttedlttt" FRATERNITY STATIONERY, as the side of a brn stepped nl over our sore corns and bunions.
i.diig t-taniitti('i'.fotr e maureo BADGES OR PINS Happily, however, we discovered Sarg's Corn Plasters and our feet
now feel fine. Get a free sample of it at J. L. kinner's Store, 30$ S.
oweestihart. Thu'y seres' rntiaend toti Send to Stte Sreet, or at your shoe dealers and try it for yourself. 1 dozen
settle il full ntl ittve stthle- Te SMITH, STURGEON & Co., plasters 2c.
Daily nver said.uta word about letting h.239 3,15tt Woodard Ave.. Detroit. PARISIAN REMEDY COMPANY,
th tititetl l to, thito tlet inOdsigns aedestimatesfrnishedonall worhi 208 Randolph Street, Chicago, IlI. Sole Selling Agents.-
-notterlproutlttof thin'Niw oderomis-oftihnd
Iii ttiis fromtiuriutsioti'dtof te . tio.$5 00 Mens High lass Patent Leather and
olbaloftiItt'rttulenr- ATHENS ITHEATRE------ ------ -- Enamel Shoes . 0
reopilcnts of te temainng Detioit j. _---_
a-d 'hrog iopr ootlt ot bhi' TUESDAY, JANUARY 2th. These shoes are strictly up-to date and while they are univer-
011i0. is')' lutave oent titnttihing lut - sally used by young and dressy men-they
cleia, reliutle reports of t'nveu'oify-,j" wilt meet with approval by all,
afaiah,. Steadily resiting thin presure X--a J -ePl-19 .WAHIGONS-<
bogt'y mtiinto force utnhem l) o...A.PRLLae 19Ii AHNGO T
efown to the level of the bteenngerad P A
of the new, they have been a a ld
'ntal aful dtriment toOdin tniver h fai
ily. WeXemedii e of (iet. Su scSbe fort e . of M . D i
Te queston of selection of coachiesuT ~ ~ u c l eI

for the a-eball teani i a cme p or Prices, - nec, 50C,75 and Par.0$ . 0 U NI0UL..

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