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January 08, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-01-08

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Published Daily (Sundays excepted) during
the College year at
Orrti Times building, 325San St. be-
tween Liberty and William S.
J. F. THomAS, 'OS L.
0. 1H. HANS, 'to L.
H B. SateeuAN, '55 L., Atbletics.
R. L OIsMent, ".5 L. G. D. iENTToca'05.
BUTLno LAMB, 't. T. i. WOOROuw, '98
1. 4,. CAPBELnL, '00. A. CAsPBELL, '~
F. EoeELHAn, 'O.
The subscription price of the Daily is $2.50
for the college year, witb a regular delivery
before noon each day. Notices, communica-
ions, and other matter inteded for publica-
tion mut be anded is at the Daily office be-
foee 8 p. in., or maled to the editor before 3
.p. in., of the day previous to that on which
they are expected to aoar.
Subscriptions may be left at The Daily
Office, Meyr's or Stofiet's Nestand, or
with Busisess Manate. Suberibers will con-
fer a favor by reporting promtly at this
office anv failure of carriers w deliver paper,
Tiel soitors ol'tIhes'toliog 'apsi t
1'ehigh abeetxtused from ltilt' requtired0
essays5 oflihe Etglishlir.'0'
'Th'eiieiigof tOlcand its for lthe
tlracktteali (lhs lafter'nloonshold be 1(
-et'v,ias 55alead~y iloulicetthere is
110 131-k of 'idnt's!ietllfor 111011 (f
ability 1o at eal oiike a. tlifor Othe
will welhl rpthe tie(litn1111work x-
Ann Arbor Boy Wins Prais.
Durinlg tthe' 'llistii3O l'acatiothe(it
Detroit Comedy Clitb ypftttfldl at Ciii,
Etire thleatrei '01thu0 city ardon's
iclllntdy, "A Scrall of Piaper.' Anll~loC
(hehoot i0llvpet'llvlwst Kal Ilrlti'
1(1911'whto as eaClst for the' pat of Al,
lritliiollt-e, tie ld etolilogist, the
,Ctomed'ly tittsloroliled "A St-lpo0
Paper" 'lbrtt' y'arls igo.Aloulgl
ass~oite d 11 Cli.' performancet'tof that
eveting with lpr'f'stnals ad iu ii.'
tto's wh11011(1,1laliytd ogeilel' for Ohve
year's, liiheDtroit pileroWes' silani-
(1(000 i their verdittt (irl. Otosfr-
150000 wok was t(le bs ( itelnie
play. Several,Clietdurig tflcit 0(set
of the tprforidi we it was necessliy
0o stolp the aetion ofOil.'csoedy uniti
the0 audiene hads recovered is C-al
after (ho is of 'iagl~erOthltIwolld
foliow 1risilollciesspeecbs. 'Tht
"hit" inase by Mr. Harriman "was in-
dividll land disiii.t an togilll
thi th~ers in the tot were acquainted
,withlinost every out ill (le adiene,'
Mrt. HlTilon, depite being a o i'
Crative tanger, wov h o ss(l t (0al-
plause for hms work. Iiotpeakig of
his aoting the Deroit FieCrsso said:
"OQf(lie gentlemen, thie beCtowork was
doineby Karl E. Hrimnal, who, asI
MAile. Zenobito s venrablse and fuisy
hbrothei'wias imost amusning." The D-I
trot Tri-bsie sad, 'Kasfl Harrhmns
as Driomouhe wvas worty of speciai
luhation." The Detroit Journal eho-dI
the opinions of the orning paprs byI
ayinLg, "Good cawrater wiork was
dos byKIi i . 'Harriman, woearn-
ethe laughter and approvai ha ad-
ie1e a:maaifetedin his prformne.'
che cuiing Newosaid: iKarl Ed

wsi Hl~i liil s H. Hri stotrc lee
iiad tite bitof the p0(0co. its nae-
ip wazs tsxte'tiitgiy (quaitCand litcsi-
vseioisei lltnuique comedy vein."
Oin 'tie occasioni of (lie perforilie
lt'e EttlireOteaitre wiO tsflled to.lt
tlooris with tiletmist -protiiisetpempli,t'
in Di.troit society. Th udtltine vols
lihe iitt iiitaiit of anyll'thtit-lis at'
teltltla ortt.itiic itaformlaneitiert'
titsteaisoll. In out' of thit' oxes W.18
Ir. IC ay 'letii'nt anod (its uifle. Ttem<
Olenwytl i, 1(11 50''lli tii lt't 5 on
l (ie leinitti's l"Jtimsilty. At tils' 'vi-
t'llittttolf fte trforiiitiice Mil. I113(C)-
tlulin tou lle tipto n 1(11by Mr. (titotleit
alid lisltiaitags'i'. -bot1(of witoiti s'x-
llls'ss'dtl (ittliselt s .I 1igly' tlo'.is.o
twoth (Itsilt.
Higher Education (?(
Pretsiodt'titJoseitesA. hirt. of (t(1e5Chi-
1cago -.~cf 1 111(c1: lu, t isteIitnig to
faolr telit de(110 otfoa baseball ufiv.'r-
sfIt Iti oelltl1111.ahsipirtnts tor 1m1,t"
(douts (is to whe'lt'r (t'e 5540(1(0 ottl
meint ari behtinit . lit soys lb' spklibi'
i; luanidAssoIeiatiolli will fturnishti t
"We 10110dO'it rytiarsd 011;gset 01101
idlyct's," 51011litt "a1(1ti (tilk a Isei-
toall scitoslowill ise just t(itin-gflor
(lie Noitiotal League. A gr tea't tinony
yvotintg iteit who radnoite fos e 1 iljge
I olloe's .ire' oiixiotit for btioselill foatme.
in1 0(it ii~ito ttit 0110(1dIwork lhii(c ny
lap, TstCwont to jtimpitright onto ot'e
Ili,, ietio', .If Nvte1 hadts eoolis-gt'we
'oltl be, suite whieni 011'silne ito lmll(10(
Iloilt lit :lioiltl ollii iio.i(i:fog' 'he
"I think Aiiison, iflie sNvs degiiiti ff
Cte uivrsiO ty.couldotio (ellinideto'of 00
monthili-whethter a litialtits 000 to (ply
On ilie iigleaguie. If aomtlnctoluot
qi'aiify for its' NaitionaliLeatoiglieIo
uoight oofor -ont of (Itt ti.(Iior leagties
1 (111 tn.i flaor t'of ite lan ltit 10(oilg40t
doslttot bi-oto' anything alioott-it isideo
Irl '-sot sltl i solw10 i liipape's. Mit'
like schteines 1101-c lse triedlwliflore'
tol I fiied"-IntiOtcetir.
comittee( aptolPhited'4oyh e IlicMohigii
Loyal Ie!ions to see thtth01( Amnericain
flog is iiot trailed iln the duist anti nlttd
by 'irrev'ers'it aslvo'ttisers, et.
Send to

Beforeo Having Your'
The Berryman Stdi
(Successor to Gibson & Clark)
112 West Huron Street, Ann Arbor.
Should the Governor of South
Carolina meet the Governor of
North Caretlina
On the banks of the raging Huron
he would nmo doubt, say: .
"It's a buog time between now and
July 1,, and if you want to be one ofi
the boys-in other words, a live0
wire-you had better inks time "1513 .. sMywsssoO
U. of M.Daily ANDOLI1NS
And get the current college news GfuITAISANDBANJOS.
Itos a hummer and is understand ithe TeWshburn is ite one and only
unprcedeted fferof $.50 s mae." oakeof world-witde reputation. Solhd
unprcedntedoffr of.O~s mae." by first-riltss dealers everywhere from
*"Think f will," oaid the other gent $15.00 upward, Initated extcnsively,
and they took a drink-of Ann Ar- so he soretihat the tname "George
hot's famous water. \Vashburn" is burned upon the instde.
A beautitul WashburnHook contain-
Leave your name and addrss for tigk(.ortraits and Ittrs-from OherIDr
a regular morniig delivery of tm e szkesCalvel, Eamrs, Nordica, Scal-
DAILY the rest of the college year at, chi anto'oo othter faouts artists aind-
the U. of M. DAILY Office. tciicbett mailed frec upoi requsti.-
A otCto Dt'ipt U,
Stats Phone SU BSCWPTION $1.58 e aoSAe e dm t ho~~

No.e_5 rassed wothiS ~entfic l
C r Typewriter Machines '~
Cqsel snofsthe hih-pricesiahines is capacity;
. - aeel quality of ssrh,ad enmel then is coavesiosme.;
Praciceal, low-piedi, iortahle, heyhoard machines.;
r oRbo. No.7? lt isth Sietificor ;
Wr'hg lwasys is Unliversai keyboard
-sight. . - Price, 3550.1
Dii, inhingnod
l1Ceqailto aoe hundred dotlsllairsfoldin or-
.-yertrnwo h Aekoheed~sx
pti- liyof nsr-
* ISoss Sold is Two Years. Mosdxrablenmachines
Oa na aOe aprovl n respsible mande. 7
ma I ihia. Weigh oysixen
F. FAIRBAITON & CO.. GeneralMises'
93 Glriswold ht., Detreit, eMich. Typewriter nsex e 4
JS.ALLAM, 48 S. Fourth Ave.,,Local Agent -- no-- mrkiet. 4


"The English Language
Ain't strong enough ho express my feelings," says the farmer as he
hooked back down the bill and found his load of potatoes had slid out
through the open tail-board. We advanced the same sentiment our-
seives awhile ago when some cuss from the country with feet as big
as the side of a born stepped nil over our oore corns and bunions.
Happily, however, we discovered Sarg's Corn Plasters and our. feet
now feel fine. Get a free samphe of it at J. L. Skinner's Store, 306 S.
State Street, or at your shoe dealers and try it for' yourself. 1 dozen
plasters 25c:

130, 259, 241 Woodard Ave.. Detroit. PARISIAN REMEDY COMPANY,
Designs and estimates furnshed on all work 28Rnop tet hcgILSl eln gns
oc this kind,20RadlhSre>CiaoIl.SlSeinAg ts

tATTYEATRE Wed., Jan. 12th
The Famous English Beauty and Orig-
inal Gaiety Girl,
IPresentinig New Tork's Greatest
Laughing Success,
Bly NvmLestecq, (author of ".Obane")
and E.%0. Robson, an produced for 200
nightesAt Moytos Theatre, New Ysh.
MPrices. ._.__....25, 50,756cand $3.00 0
Seats now on sale. ,


Of dropped lines-an opportunity of unexampled granuer which
comes just once a year and this is the "once." Styles sacrificed are:
den's $8 05 Patent Calf Shoes-.-........ ------........ -----.......-- .... ... .98~s



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