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January 08, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-01-08

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VOL. VIII. No. 69.




Hasreceived a full line
for Fall and Win
Suits, Trousers
and Overc
Al legretti"
Fresh evE
Only in p
60c a pour
Just Received a Large ar
Lizwe of New
Hlot and Cold Lunches at all
cor Huyler's and Williams an
Chocolate Boo Bone.
308 South State
Cold Su at
Winter is not got
more winters arec
chamois vest is the h
tion against cold wiz
doctors bills. We ha
ours down to close ti
If price is anyi
you will ;buy whet
themfor men and
almosi any size. $1.4

Associations Were in Joint Ses thle IUivi rity iicccal Shoeicty
efiultil aly 51in5115th ie' li-oraci
ofer Novelties sion at Cleveland. for le coiig 1May 4 ativcl.
ter in - 'hee's iSeveni atlIdger isiisilec cof
Tic' last weeliof''4i7 was an ci- rtiss tltiiiin liiiirmr ectrs, kll Of
l'i'clii (ionetoltiiio1(se ileci'isli'litioisiin the rot ank. F+ist and
matings Iisii yadiiie eniiiiix ildud t i c 'k- foremosst, Garsii, at pirwenit lie giic-
edi thi es li 55i~iiiono h io Aleri est sicirncsi Snger cit VWcs-kele is.
Ecoss011iic Asscci'ici ad liiis tli si- ,here will le iwo li('w s paIiiiS
F. NEAR MAIN cd i ieeiiscoth ie Ascir sc tc'i- rs. Jennie Walker, who snig several
, .Cl si ciiiic. Boh-hus hc ascu:i -il-years ago ii the Rledemption; andci in-
ol'. iiet iineveiani.ilc ic, asil I iotiher wicse iiiicie i.is t yet ai-
nicetciisxweric attenldIy priccici n u iiiiiiit'l ic s Stcc'ccer, whoicousire
S ci;,isi'icicccs4cciiciairssfrosacall K"-sic h it lle ucess las. yiar, cwill sicg
ii s othlii' contry. NIsid he ii'large igailiacid als iscsl4ei, ie ofliii
at tiendacletui d iicc incs inii ilh cii c-tcvories iinpsts years.
es . incs were ici-cicrs citftavicraile ciii t'raiiilic5 hiIeids lie li t rl-
cccc'cc. Thi'ec'uIicncli'A-soc ictkmici c Ice.Dtavii llisjlacc, liii'Eglisi
ryl week. icn session tfsiii Weilciccily. IDcc' lii listbritone,.cviiwic'ehere ccl iicnocthcci
Id. - lc, ccciil Fridcay tiec-1er 31. 'i'-i'ci-'c iiss not soc wvliikiiownc.Mr. i~lacic.
'IS if you itcmet icc joint ,;sc inuwi' itike Ik-Pralliy ltiher'xii c'ciiwi o diiiilllc'
tiirieil; at ie o s hieilisseionls iii tenorii, but tici a lyric singr every
p l''rc'ssi' i hilftirnisihed'ithiii'pro-cciie iill b' sitislicc srlywitihicWil.
MAY' gran cani atcl ci otier chi e lit' e_ acss. licgi'i. 'lhre xwildalcsibe cianoteri
cccii 11ccTcecincci lirs ofl tliiacriic is- cii, ut yet nciiiicciiuc'ls ac ciiia-
-Lins Wceiiex-ery c'ciliiicsii'oc-cchist, namicce nt yi't givei, whoicihcs
d Elegant i ii'. tsacc iiici lit tarlcc c e ni'eciii.i,,.neveri plcy'dl ccc, accciii'liii slis.
P p sIIt isiciccibiii ltii twci cccc,'iciti""c 1cc1i1 1 '.cThursday evenincg de "tinzci iicc li-
,100ti cc ii 't vi'eus' t \r'ixic viii.e Ie 8cc. caicccii vii cgiic;1?r'liiiyinigtc acc-
. hours. Ageoss~nghatcd Scittuii'y lgl li
Ld Werners o.e C th o ltiisisscithe two .assc r sic'y nightith
ciattisi cin clccccc\iccrcii ly cl ig _Diilcicccai" xwiii G isic i
L &CC). lrnccipltoplsic- 'it lsiici ccis '. Si'ita.The othersliceers'cwci'llxxihecc'cc-
Sret. tecincg ocistcory iiiciiin pau. T'l'iicil stiia.
tecinlcg cit i'ciiiiiiiilc-icciitfaryasc-icheli' 11ae oft'reservs-easc llcvii li'ti
'ilThursdacy minsccg. cit Msi.e 1
licc theci' ncicicie Assoiioicc. dci' Training Table Statistics. I
thciiiii. liii' clsi'ilccciicof ct xcii'rgas ' lii I ias aua l icicc i-isIsiccecicn
andi'iaili'itri'i' 5'ilhc' of iaiiilic idiic fthcal tliii ciini%, ~s cciii,,
andiiiheii'cci 'circc'potc'l thitaii'cx ic-ic igici xili. icc cc i hc ,o irccicsiV l'-
so yet and riciccicfc it cscci'lcicci'i xxii'tce oitccc th iin ccg ccliiis ac cciiiuii
oming. A illig topicics uceccc isicaicii'i' of iii sr ilidic iuiici'. Icc tisilkicl iii
cst prote c- ticuiciileis e wc'ixcc cloi cieVitei ( ii ,ii~tccc 'c $,ti; c cci
ads. Saves tl iiiclecsiociocithlie elaticcncbectweei'niii 111'cccbuoaxigcc,(101 in cctrckciccci-
wve lemarked c ith ict-eiiiiur ct comihistoiliry ciii liti cc f-2c;-1_cit''c'iccc cc c'
hemn out. jTettlcto[,
iducenment iccliUCal e'lcmy, andiiieliii rct ofioucciilucincictalics cxskcthis $074:
a you 50ee lie 'c-aisuers'dlmonetii'ary eni-c cci-tilw'i incxx'lcci isccic',the'l' ccg ilccci
women in isnciuccrirentcc'v rlc. icislichl ci'hi'cccx.' cclicci.
,00 up .1 c'rite i etngs of lie l ii ac i-l A cci,-
iciiccwercycl irkeci iy tlicee siiilg- Awarded His Ph. D.
cud intiraricl c'lrccc'err-fthlii' ciscs _____
ciA~t suc.s'11hesoures so i hlsslistudy ixro. lI'cciir lDenncicson, iisctccr i 1-:
IM CY >i lie tchilssrtslliiyfr lislordei,'~.ilic ucin lie Uivesiyyofsi Mciigi,
sudy abroad xere' the ka ii'si'g Pubi- lcs satifct'tciy scitlncil beforenthelii
jci unes di lrn.ssi. aSi'r. 'l'xx'icc'. lattin caniiiGreek-facsulty of tel l;'-
ot isecu iss I' 0 aValshsscsilter Ii''virsiy te exaisisccslo trlieidegec'
oinlie "woc 'of State Hi'soricl iss' of Doccr cut Plcisoiuhy. Dr. Dencl-
0js caicos andcalgasrke or ill" Wiest is degree rpree'ntls511 11111511i1
at ic' axsocitioni raktas.-Daily ccctsscd of cstudy ascoii igsalc',arei
lsidi~a Carlnsi cr'iedt 01nisisli I'exi'i'icioicsily fie
"Liaving Pictures" a Success. icicdiion..
II A I bouss' greeted lie livid0 Oratorical Board Meeting,
Pha i 'e tures from Gliso" ast ight, ai'd
j "a goodly uns was recaidfor tics At ai scctisg o.silie saici'i
Rin b indiss olinag oam. 'lie sorunwxas epee- I Boacd last nighticcoslyidsises otcc
veInorwoelwith a caraeteristie antilife-like ronilce Iiitil'tt wacs ii'iiisic~eei .ic-s
a epr eetation of rlie "Gilsoic Gil ." lies Aicr looking atethelc oisg
t.53 .,1One ot the most strikingpictures wxx-aoiiciihansd orctrieci 'siets were
of People-35 ai a ise.rjh reiig tia ~r
rs.-a. . i3tat etitled "A Puzzle." One couple chloitc.Teieiiu 1c si
is jlstetIring c ieb gouciadjudges xvii e annuncscei so. ll-
Ha- -..r2 anotier has just been interrupted by, frs are bheig ccaiii to scutre Mrit
Operas.. IWzi .at unwelisrene icoher. he Jpzzle i'I i o sie .
', --w I r cvicich girt was kissed hst in ten-
toccit ofoliday icisues? - EciX ard C, Marsh, secrecary of lie
: STOR sixiaicx'e iit is due -MissMia J- Brscoo f oMn c, lra i'rsigneditoiae-
cbfr le]rfetincof-ti.c c'.rpt a psiinn thecDtrtSoncg
Down Tows tues andto as. ' c Jl oilan idsrsucl. i s sccesr h s nty
,sts ourtos
Main t 1s.Lmb~as'ifor -tie togu. j be 'cicoen.


Will Present Gillette's "All the
Comforts of Home."
Th1? . St 81.,tcoeclrClubhahs de-
cciedi to pre'cccct hiehhce's icme'dy, All
lihi ('occtoric of Iluccu-" oniiscilurdy
right, liei. 1. 'Amoncig those- o tapk'
paut rc Mc'ccr. lBoyntonu, 'Wacgr, Me-
Kerr, Iiyec ccciii isI-cu'e lsoiddar.
-Harciry Weieicci'iii ccuiccus accc na
Thue11p 'cvii itw i cc'crc'cntdicl 'iltud
cih-Icc lus 9 hl en lii IM1cucciuur iciphu
alc ef'tf:u cilie ccclii',dccodcclki'it oce
ofctheSic-ill ei'x-c'uoti.le1' iciccu, scc
theei ciieiimcany isiting ,Youncg
lacies i dl ii'ciy.
'111cc scc-csu'cillxcii(,i' iviuicci bi.
cxee "I'lhcc Adlhuc'cii'Assodiius c ciian i lti
Friudcihutiand iFow 'r icsicio.
News from Prs. Angel.
'W'iinig foC oncc 'su.lccciccci c ucde'r
prem' d cci'ulci-,,elf ccc folowc"':
"We8'ciifairytlc'dcclinii cccintrccii
lusrec's. cclcciu ccci' erc-cc- cccii l c
ccd li ch c ommandccccacccblecuccifciu liw'
dcc'er ci loch-cpa cl'ofiticciy ancccl;tic
acenwatc-uIliiucicacciii -uicccy. Thei
Iy. Ichowe''ver, s id ct cvey liciccicul to
lice i. 1'.)" ccecic ci"'alucdnarow cccii
ccci ccx','c';tn ciuccu-. lc'Iiiost prlar hge-
it cchiii tocgelg;ccuI ln wglccsiw11c h ccl
ciii agurcuieliii.
"'Thlc' csic'ly cci dcccl i'suainlyclio'i
lii'e ioiliculi' d. IButi cce'knoxx
siomehi'fcthlii' icuiiclicul'. ini to,,xi. Aicc
it -uunsuscicrauclie numinofr itAcie-scss
ccuiiitip lccceo' cciirt'elc''s. As we
ciei'n iiilii' risceistilhol. cc-care'.liii
dci seci ulci. I thinik te l' sccc'is tusi-
lhlthcddiy. But all ice, 1I 'i Scud
thinkc lfe' Iie is liely toi1.eroni' to
eitheri ofi'icc ireticudihi' dtclife liccAscii
Arbor. 8ly ofticcal duis keep ccc~
pilcciualiy buslyuchilec'laingiii'rei
5ctfliiciIeih leisisie' tor s"'cdincg acciiex-
Iloinccg ie ciy. Th'liii'icii'cl, frcom
dlii'Sultnsh ~ hv luciiuxc.ccc iilben'ccvy.
Echoes from the Kondike.
iCuccerou (. Birn, thei'Detc'uutcr
i'ic'c'itiy r'e'uiwiifromicthci' IsCiodike.
Whenesi was' xx'i-cuig dved' lie Oil-
knst -pac" icc'sate accfaccilicarfigtur'
citica, arlilielunIts Nhack and aiccist'
dlropped'i his ownicpck wihls atonSh-
uest. fThec ie gve lie 8Nfleciganu
lUiv rsiiy yell:
"U. of '8. Ito-idItah!"
'Thie other naci ccho wcas going itos
the Kionike eves- theic is dr doppedi
his p'k like ait hdstove lii, tccned
arotni andi yelled: -
tioc' God's suk who as's yu?"
Fiei'was "Fa'ctty" Smuih, the old Ansi
Arbior alf back. wihewait- hi s Gus-i
ve'ity Wheicuns w-c hee--Dce-
1ro1t Evs'.'uiig News.-
A I. of M. Alumni Association 1105.
been organized it Romeo wils )
members. Among the iuuber is ens
oft the class of '54- anti one of '9.

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