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January 06, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-01-06

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, 1. c it


H~asreceived a full line of Novelties
for Fail and Winter in
Suits, Trousers,
and Overco atings
Fresh every' week.
Only in packages-I


e4e a pound.
Lowney's if you


Just Rereived a Large and Elegant
x.0 of New Wtpou I
Htand Cold Lunches at all bourn. Agents
forinylers and Williams and Werners o's
Chclate eon eons.
R . S. JO.I.Y. & 00.
aoS:snuth State Street.
Calkins' Pharmacy.
.Books for the 'old 1
All tbs new holiday books. Flee bindings
and books in nets are new nwview in oar two
Books-weresnever sochesas.
Some special prices:
Cha.tDana lGibson's London.----.-------- $975
Chas. Dana Gibson's Pictnres of People. 1 75
ChasnDasa GI haonstrawi ngs- 1 ---- 7*
Wenzell's Vanity Fair............------ 75
oVadis, Illustrated ----------------- 7S
M iplinris C'e'-atn Consageono---- 1 IV
ingssleyns Prisnerrs of the Sea - 1------ 15
Gunerhers Stories of Famsons Ope-ras--124
Merrnans In Kdarsnt-I-- St 10
Lilian nell's A Girl's Point of View-3 StO
Sperial discount on entire stools of Holiday
Books.1W E
Up Town Down Tows
S. State S. Opposite Court~onn
Ann Arbor mlain et.


More Facilities Asked for Lawl
and Modern Laiguages.
At theit equest af President Angell
Ating-President tinttasist eiael
thle presden's repot for tie year end-1
Ig wept. 30,187, aliffireseted it at
the last ileetinig of the Board of Re-
Tile 11ep01 opened with a lengthy
t-titlisteit on te slowig i'nade by tie
Uivesity during thoS :1, anld epe-
tally regarding tie lrg; increase i
atteldallee of Mcilganl studfets. Tils
President Hutchinis believes to be a
signiian fatt in showig that tieI
pleope of the stae of Michigan are "
eotittg tu retliheinurt~e fir~ly tie ad.l-
vantages offered -withinitheir own ter-
ritory- for higher educeation. Foarty-
folr states attd territories and thir-
teen forlgn coturies hd represent-
lives here.
Vile over-rowdted codition of teS
todsernIRM-agutagoe dpatmtent ws
ntotedt and an apeal nde foras i l-
trttlse int the fore of itnstfuictoo so
sottnts funds fire uaslahi. The
graduate deprtment ws dwelt upon
ill length. the Prsidet crxtres iAug his
anld Th.'Angels belief tat auca de-l
pil~ittltI1s eetial not oly for its
innease on unergraduttes, Stut also
for the tiriig fopetilists anI thus
bindetally helpig StolsahItaila ou
tenvinthie issition amnag American oi-
Attention 'was saled to the ctswsled
coiltion of expe-Itntal iaor-tories
of the electtrcl <ad ncantal e-
ineerThsg depatnleis. Any increase
In studlents will e esstitte an increase
of shop copacity While the engineer-
lag lterarry departlllets hve iae-tt,
sepewrated, -Iresldet Huteitiss believes
that tuantui resmeat forliteary and
teeltuleal tases s'.olitl still be foste-
ed aut enoorged.
The deprtnt of Ied~cile asi er
gery Is reptrted aa sanIn urget ned
of iniproved ftelllles as tieir labors-
tories oe'a aove-croweed. 1Te
President expesses the hope that the
people and leislature will appecit
tis growing need If te departlment
Is 1to maintain its position among tem.ed-
leal citool - LLIn verllcali n of fte -
portedco Itn of theioit l, it ws-
shown thtat only 56 per cent of tose
japplying hae ben acoutnodaed in
SI he wards. "That tlere is a :growing
Iahpprec!iatIon amtog te rural ipopula-
ieu is sltswn by reenj legIslattion in
t tile way of keepng he Iospitals elen
during the summuer"
The iemeopatl itidlltdental shols
w ere reported In a cnditon snore

prosperous thiant ever before, atd teed-
ig only slight improvemens. The
lav -departmnt wts cti:nctteit upont
t length witht respest t the extenio
f the collC5se to three yeirs. Witt
his exteasioti ias come n itcrese in
tudents, ansi this ini trlt calls for til
itcrease 'both in lectire atiti hbriry
otm. The Btuhl bequest was rooxit-
ed as largely exietded itn pureasingu
forsign reports, mtaking tis -cotta- iat
tue of te bet in the coutry,-.
Presidet itttitis cosedl his reportI
with 'these words: "Atnottble-si.tt
of the past year will te amaltgamat-
tion of aittmni societies itio one ittr-i-
it ssociation, andi the- etsployineent tf
a psaidi-sect-tary whto is to give Iis En-
tire timie attd ability to futtlieriag the
Intetrests of the ' Uttvistt titiittn
aituittti and the people of te sate"
First Play of Whst Club. 1W
Totiglt for tite first tiete lli
versity Whist Cuo will tteet for regi-
tr play. Duplicate tentm play wiiilte
te etetaltient proviued. A itteo-
bets ipresent or prospective sold te
011 hanoi at Prettyttatt amanpus Clb
this evening promptly at 7l(51 o'clock.
Play will begin as soon as tie tean~s
are artanged and have drawnitfor op-
No regular business meeting will be
lard, but thte Constittion will be there
reaYdy to be signed by all wiltshavey
not done-.so up to the present tIme.'
'The executive comtmittee will recot-
mend that the club join the Americat
'Whist League at so e fture meetitg.
At present the mlatter wiliIe laid
over. ('rreapondellee has been enter-
ed into with te wist repreelatives
of tile University of Chicago, wetre
fitp whist and cess clubs ae lllited
iia one organzation.
Popular Athlete Dead.
tIHerbert Awartd, well kown here
because of 'ils etlltection as an iofl-
elal wsithi so tmany of the big football
gaein Ilwhehll ilehigilnth1as Itartici-
lpsted, dietd at his h11010,0letaicgt 01
the muoelug of De. 21t.tin a
probably one ofte Ibest k n-~ilath-
lete In the We-st ntlwssregre as
a true aport alla.
JjFor tile past tw-u or the years he
phas played on the Oak tark (ill) base-
ball team and in'9i played 011 the tli-
raga Atfldte Association football
team. is last work as an athhete
a-as as thle umipre -in the last Thaks-
giving ay game betwazn Michigan'
anld Chicago. Always fair and im-
partial and a thorough- geatesa, lie
was a great, favorie among. wesern
ca~ege athletes and leaves inny
friends to nmourn his dath.

rhe New Cage Will Soon Be
Prosipects for the -somittilg bal~eblil
setson tre excellent. lat year's teae
ws withtonie exeption comtposed of
tsw ttxen, b)ttthi year all of the old
ten will be back exceptt Shetitltl
As yet there has betn no tetnt tri-
thee. A nulmber of te pl~ayers-es-
petially thtose whoItsttend i ttry for
tite btattery postionts-htavele isel p -
ticing, hut teamlt prctienill not be-
gill uhntil the tew Cage thrrhves, hict
wvill be within twts weeks. -teanwhiile
all thtose n-io inten~d tr,s-Ilg- for te-
til."I ate requlesteil'tto practice
"sttarts 111 the gyr. w~itthe track
The cge whit-ithas beent enered
nill be arranigeott the twaint toor of
te gymt. It s~i be fastented to the
iron treslses, reahing to tlite floor. It
will he 30 by 705 feet and wi1l1 exactly
enclose the siate etwveenithe twco
row-ssf swinginlg rinigs. It ccill be
nladel of heavy tnnis llttilg, and-
stroing enought to stopt a bal of any
rteasonable velocity.
Whten not itt use, ie sides will be
trawn 1111, thtts avoiigtall itefilr-
ens-n ithlt slass stork. The cage till
fill a long-felt want, for in trlier
ye-ars It hals beetn imtlossible to irot-
albly practce ating until wat-it
In an interview ccwit iteDaly,
Matnager' Keith forecasts the seasoat
as follows: '"we wsill cerhtthly ;lae
as good i.toneratis we hlasItt year,
hand very likely better, ftr ccals-a be
gin developing froml where ne left off
at the oust of last seson. and net lioe-
to stat with a lot of newvnsei. Te
scetdule cr111 probably be made up of
abtout 20 game, but it is lon- too
early to announce it.'
Captain Butler also xlreseth his
opiutin as follows: "It is rather early
to get a linre it any of tie n players
util p Iratie contmtenesi lte cage.
Even thten I do not expect tat we
ccill find atiy phtenons,'
Jeffersonian Program.
The Jeffersonltn Society -ill mieSt
this week on Saturday night anti pre-
se'ntthSie follocwiog prtgrmt: Bio-
giraphty, "Thomnas ;Jefferson," F. Finer-
ly; speech, "Napoleon' T. L. Everet;
essay, T. N. Cernoch; improitttu dis-
cussion, affirmaive, S. Sanger, nega-
tUve, 0. Boder; debate, "ilteaolved,
That the retirement of greeacks
Swould be a wise poliy'" affirrntlve,
It, Jd shson ansi M. H. North, "nega'
l ive, 'M. Dandiek and S. eterly.

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