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November 02, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-11-02

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Has received a full line of Novelties
for Fall andWinter in
Suits, Trousers,
and Overcoatings
A ll egretti's
Fresh' every week.
Only in ;packages-
6tc a pound.
Lowney's if you
Jast Received a Large and Elegant
Line of Now Pipes!r
Hot and Cold Lunches at all hears. Agents
for Huyler's and Williams and Wrners Ce.'s
Chocolate ass Bans. -
30S South State Street.
For the
Students should try us before
making any purchase. We are
bound to satisfy and please. Our
large stork of Law and Medcal
Books, in short, Test Books for
every department in the University,
new and second-hand enables us
to sell at the lowest price.
Blank Books and U. of M. Sta-
tionery at low prices.
Make our stores your headquarters.
Up Town Dawn vows
5. state at. Opposite Courtousoe
Aon Arhor Male st.

Full Announcement of the Meet-
ings-A Splendid Course.
Te program of the Philosoihical
Society for the first semeotr of the en-
suing year has been made ot com-
pletely and is given belowThe ex
eetive committee afthle -soieth Iave
been haid at awok ot soie time ar-
ranging this prograti, and citiny
deseves great cecdit for tte reults oh
its eftorts[lhe list of lecturers se-itted
contains the namesofatseie of the
leading tphilosohettrs 1101 only 01 this
country but of Scotland also The
complete program is gives betow:
Dr. WB Pillsttr-"Thle P1-ie ot
tsychology Aiong the Sieicecs
Rocmens, U.LHft 8Sp. is.,lThrsday
Nov. 4. 1This aill be a pibi-tietie
Mr. W. 'M Wherry Jr, 'Is Iit-
"Evidence of a Design ia Natre
Room 25, L. t1,S p i..Fidy, Nc-a
19). Stdent nicting.
Pi-of. Win. Cldwel S.D,rofes
soc of 'M101l si tlosopyity iNorth
waestern Uiverity-"Philosohli sind
the Net.er Socology:. Study in Con
tenipora ry Thou-lt" Lectur Roost
TitaanHall, S8i. in., Tescay-ic.t
7. Public meeting.
Mr. John 1I. Stacy, '0-1s, An
torus of Natural 'Realisto't'enalt.
Roiss 25, U. IH., 8 p.i.,15 lTursay,
.ian. 13, 1S8. Stutets' luetto--
Joint meeting of Phriloatpilt tind
Phtilologcal Societies-Subject of dis-
etisio: 'Tie Relaitonsof tClahss-si
Study to the Stutdy of Piosohy."
Lecture Room, Tapptntatslol 8 p. m.,
'Thitrsday, Jai). 27. tPibl'i-eeting-
Mr. A. A. Forhee, 'PS t tou1lts ot
Intdivtdtial and Scial ttpssisbility
in Mtaral Qustois." RoomttiyiUP 11
8 I. in., Thursday, Feb. S.
hnadadition to the above te follow-
in0g cioineft smen are expectet to
opeak isefore the society diinii-taie
ensuing year: T. Mark Baldwin Ph
D. Princeton; Dr. Paul arlic edittr
of the 'Monist, Chicago; [rf Tvler
Coruell Uniaerity; Prof Ja Kight
St. Andrews, Edinurgm-; Pro. Giman,
editor o News-World, Boson, -nd ev
eral oilerjprominenilt naies
Duiiing the oecondoemeseir ppes'
sill 'be read by Profesors Walter,
Scoftt, MeMurrict, Wenley, Lloyd, and
Rebec. Tie-subjecto of the papero
and ttie dateoawil be a nounced atter.
01l Glee Club Organizes.
The tFreshtiman Glee Club mi ye-
terday afternloon and effeced a per-
manent organization for the year.
Henry ,Danforfh, of Ann Arbor, wao
elected manager, Sam Vimmernan,
hresidet; NWillam lM~gley, of Cncn-
nati, leader, anti Pratt, sertary.
About fifteen candid.tes attended th
meeting and . F. Ebel coductd
the examination. After thienetig
Exaiiiner Etel said that the quality
of the casddaes' voices was very
high. t is the purpioe of (aager
Dnforth to have the club appeir be-
fore- the public moore than is ucual
with freshsati oraniztiones.

Senate Trophy Contest.
Althiotughi the date of the Sent
Trophly cotest is mny ivees idistat
an artivte Interest hs are--aiy becci
imtidec ottnifest, andif it ict i ra- seth
greatest success in thit historyofuthilesi-
eonate-t-, wilt be recorted this ye-ti
Up to thetpresit tiiie soiiit six or sirv
cii hose sinifiedthli-ti- entitiito i
ainy eat eat at the -very dteoit-hie
contestBit while this is so ttire
tre someniienolers of the inic-ucs-
Senrttartate is faoidttotppig it htlics-
tug that t totintre--st towns ntot stfit
ceit to waratsthtet-offerinu- of -a
trophy year after year Dr tuteri'lit
is of an opposing optutont.a le as
never kinowmoso iany tos ti-keitir
ies aboutitthe Contst so ea-ry :ii te
yeiarsant says it is a sate -ritrin
[lowve-r he says the-eu--lt -o tbe
nmany sore contestants thi-tii rt nosv
trotisised a-iur-c--altlt-uake a -l.-ii
The rtituly is g-iven tot- teticst "cii
craltituysicali eaveoitnt utdtiitltitit
ini ' miasiti s -d s --irst oteutdin i
'95, whenm it wa-a-w-n tby it lt- ut-i
iaii', tof Detrit'Thc-eitvtye--r
Bttoiuitiston '96fLthe ' i t sif- ott
stcotiit'baseisan andifllft back as i
vi-toidos-. aisi-last -ar tl iilv'iter
totalsaint to tRic-hardusoim 't8 1,.
Th lievents wshichi iat-eleritofor
tteein contested aert-- 1-cse'-vaultt
rope ctimnting, igsh kitks-ar--lte Itars
Ciirtian loise antutmttiling I is
yeasr it is tproosedt to e'timsint tite
sisiscito the otpec ttor iI-rtptat-et
si t hese teaects counts livae pintss--
For tbest itlussittdteotmuent l1t
toits is given
'Varsity Practice
Thet'V'arsity 1had idisgreablt
water aisilgrotuincs for ,yeseittys
ticactie btt nvtrteltss made a.
shoimnsnwahich pleasetlfte ioat-tes
Tthey conisdei it ltheitst in waeeks
I. the in-uptihl~e scrubts aacriino
matih aa-hichtshas not lieli the-casinl
tietpleviousoiaomi. Ini liii-short hl-t
playedl the 'Varsity scored two-ctui
do-usBesitdesCoachs 1- eret and
.Stevensonattey,-Farnhmaimi Dr-c
Duffy and Gates looket iftethte War-
sity's tlay and infsed oieot the
desiied sap into It
tRichiattdson and Ayres, endsfod
maniimfull bat-ianti Gordoiiii-if ai
the latest additioins to te tratiu
Chess Club Meeting
'Tte imeting of ftie '1hes Clt
aa Wlciwsas to htae len Let atis
'Thurdayuill beselicd WIeniesda-y
-Noa.3 at the libraiy of le Enieer-
iiig Society iii the old t.Igiueris
btilding ft 1is lotlts-t a i-r-i
nunber aaill icoiie i. Eaery Stueti
intere-stedl in ihess should atteidl ntl
help sake the ycear -l 51ce-t-s-tll one
for tie Chess Ctub.T he''ttiniitiotift-c
is 25 ells andtheric aec ioittie et-
tiuire-t. The miost ipittrtait hitsittss
to icomieup aail be the eleci--tu ofi-h
ccis, piudnt viceprestdeitsr-
i tar'- treasuirer audtwao director.

Local Committee Proposes the
- Question.
The Debtatig Comnmittee et last
night amd votest to tprotose the folhlot-
ing qutetion to Chicgot for detate:
Rtesotved[le -tction of tie Scnare in
rejecting thet- propotsedttreaity of arbi-
tration ietawteesGrc-t Briaitoato te
Unied tltts-wa1s aise. Chieago
chloosessiots.tPot. [ruebood yes-
terdtay rective-d a tele-g-rim frois Chi-
cisgo annoumnciig tir wilithnness to
goahieadtami detetwcaathustins isulsti.
[hus year the debate illa-t be heid
lure just hi-ore the strsu 's-a-atiom.
Ar-n-emiuens aitt be complthed at
once so tha t thuetdebate fimay- te ex-
pected to go off in au satis-ictory mlan-
tuem this year
For 'lie tiesent atlea-t t-e Cental
Debtating-'-ag-e is ini 'le air and
crtainly iciinnot bc comltted in timec
for a contist ths ytar. Tht 'it-itl
AlishaNui contest ail be hit-hi Thurs-
da-, Dueenter ) andutthet'Jt-herso-
an-tWIebsttrtdebuate Surdi aDecent.
hem 11. Thefinal deitte btwet a he
L-awaanaidtiter-icy Dethcctmetslsasil
occtur Januiryi2us
Tennis Tournament Postponed.
'fle soiny we iatheir rea-ctet thet
tontication of thu tems toura-mentt
y esterda.a Tirhutremai-inguumta-tchies
will te iplacut oft asson a5soteuoi-
udition ittfit-ecouts peintit The fis-
tossn matcesiti a -re yet itoue ctuest:
Danforthm stterrick, hpresent c-ltge
chuampuuion; sec-ond lassh-i :st-uti-
final moud, Ludow vs 'ilbtutu fintl
roumd eil ettcvsas-inner ofliefLudlowi--
-Witiuimatsc-tm The cuusiugeiisiflos
been geatly plueasediwit [leiquaityS
of fle tentis idislaiyed t>o far in the
tournamtisent mattcs, suitextects 1o
maitke it good sowsaing sagaist Chmictgo
nel sping.
Junior Medic Election.
12elting aiioth --^rsti-isc he'n
electe-dtin te JunisoramiI- I -ii itc:a
"'-usiletit Frederica W.IlB --sa-uswl-c
Preside-nt -t-ina.Asesitt-ti-''en..-
tamy Altc GISydecr-'1"esw'i,'(,lar-
ecet-.tChitk The tue. ytc mulot
'a-itsuch sucess -oI n3atiucestlst
.year sumoume tothi still--isisa-udl lufes-
srs it-ia mlcits utinsituusuisy udecidec
to adopttthe samelilw's-s-wereIona
1. 0['-ink-r and 1B ,G.Sow waert
eecited to fill vaci-tncesontiieu court of
One More Scientific Club.
"Thu Cathot-tstoteniai" to the namse
of at news scientific cub whiichi meets
once in threaeeks to listen o a pta-
per 'by somueumemmber. lhis apislatio
is h fuaimse ths U. of ). c-rriedI for
the first two yars of its eiltne.
PresideoftIHutchinus, fro. DOg.
Ta f. B. A. Hinsdae, Prof. -Amdr-tv
M et . ighsiu, Dr. CGeorge Doltksiind Dr.
J. P. Mle81umniel and oters blon.

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