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April 27, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-04-27

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VOL. IX, No. 131l.


o o



WVill announce that we have now
receivedl our Sprintg and Smnmir,
Woolens. Our stock for the inen-
ing seasoni is the hargest we have ever,
shown, is exclusivetind confned, in
hoth foreign aad domestic goods, stndl
is compjosed of the lot faris in
every hone that (canle otaned. We
carry the largest line of Woolens in
the city. We in vie o to call atnd~
inspecet the saive
108 :. washia'-ton St,
We have jut received a
fine line of High Grade
Rtazors and Knives, fully
warranted, and we seli them
right too. Ste our window.
O06d DaU and NMRh.
Driag thisret of the ollectyeaw
wii sees.lociso at allte=a, day or
nigtFal ineso.of Pis, iegasad
R. E. JOLLY & CO.,
308 So. State Street.
Soda Futi
CRUSH 10c.
Calkins' Pharmacy i.
Your Nanme
En91a0 aeidoa Cppe Plt, "15
wi lta tl adfr100 cards, egaved feem yosr awn sate. or
Thte Best Stock,
The Latest Styles.
Asks tase eaturew Statoeary.

The hartdet practice of te yeir
sas givetn tite 'Varsiynyettert
dasy. Theepticers kept hsy gv-
insg tile smenbhattig lprlctice tttd
iaer ill tie afterntoont ielero Dsav-
ies, MGintnis litd Stllivatn were
iveoectte secialticiacinig it lntg
andt dificilttflies, wichittem 151
hutslitti, Wolf is li pwt
split linger buttlwill1 bee le tget
solo Stuttrday 's gamte sll rigt. Itt
a111 probablility lie wiliois lismewnthtie
secotndi bag whiileIMattisont tillee
plcet strt. Fromttiesay tie
littler ihas lbeensholwing 1lip e wiii
Oitetf the ltrgest crowus oithe
yeisr itglihttle preset Stttrdy at
tile 'Vartsity's first lotme giite.
Fr-otistl itdicotiotts icligsttt never
11115 a stsinger teatttr tie mh'tore
sworthsy of thte ardlenst sport of the
stttdetits. TheIlse litistiemtwtitn
tite series frioti Michigans hast year
attl11d h s at evetn strostgettemtis li
sesason. VToegatmse will lbeclise stnl
excitintg esottghs ftsstisfy the ttost
exactintg crasik.
The track sesstie halrltt setrk
ands asig bhsctof cadidates lite
tite track every soternoon. Te
weigits, isawhicis Miciigana was
lametalhy weak last year are re-
ceivitg sieciasi attentist att a num-t
her of heavy mtens sre practicing
dlaily, prosminenet ameoag womt are
White, Avery atd Caley of tiis
year's ' Varsity fotbal teamt.
Class teanm practice has egun itt
earnest anti fotr teass reiortedi at
tite fair grotnsd yesterday for prac
flee. Frosts present idicatiss tie
class gamaes oct11 e amuchs faster tia
ssual. College closes early tisi year
andl ate early start is necessary as te
series till have to be egn by ftse
midde of next uothi. '99, '00, '01
medic and fthe higha ciool erer
amongste isteanms otyesterday.
Shooters to Meet.
Af the eeetitg of ftse studest
interestedl in organizinga gate clubl,
to e held Friday afternoons at 4
o'clock, in IRtom 9, Maj. Sols adl
ofther asembers of ftse faculty cib
twill address tie sttdents ad lay be-
fore them plans for fle ensuing ya.
The traps are beng repaired tisi
week and the uderground wires are
being relaidi in tiinag. Evrytinig
will he itt good siap for fteshsosot
net Saturday morning. Frotn pres
stt indicatiots quite a large nutbr
of students till join tho club this
spring. No admission fee till e
charged, ftse only expetse being a
charge of ose cent for seabird
thrown from ftse traps.
The full list as givens out y Sec-
retary Wade of ftsaen in the
Mechanical Engineering Department
whtose resignations are accepted, to
take effect at the close of the present
college year, are: Prof. C. G. Tay.
lor, Robert A. Winslow, John M.
Smoots, Wi. . McDonald, Mr.
Stamphier, H. T. Purfield and Mr.
Kunze. One professor and six in-

Dr. Chas. B. N1anrede Gate his This Year's Michiganensian Will
Second Lecture Last Xight. Surpass all Past Ones.
Last evenisngftse secotndllecture inTsh'isisyear's Mc/iyotsctsiomsis
tse series of ectures gitent by Dr. sesrly resosy for te press atd gives
Chass. 1B. Natscreeewtstsweshlsattentteslprormssise f lbeig the est anualss yet
hy tise studsentsof teseMedical 1De- publhisied. 'fThe oot twill lout's i
pasrtmentss. 'Tie lecoure tas cvery ssansilecsosver mitsasth5 ree color
entertaini'g 50s mteli as insstruttive. esigss itsgl, greetsantd whttesl.
'Tie lecitres sre bsased tio a grest e- 'T'he featuvrm' f tie ipublicstionss miii
tesnt upions iis personalt experiece e the weasltf ilustrstins. 'l'lere
asi sare of iimensevalues. toithose weil be a 1rftlsiiitoisfutslotirotgis.
wmhit ass thisnkisng of enmterisg the omt thle estire mwor, lit a paig itsv-
ssst and niavymo' . itgs's othasstw itreesuts. ie
NET ERL ND GO T. frostispiece is se fml page haslftose
NE H R A DS G V. frost a sketch by It. I. Ltimser.
Tiersswill nteisai sigie1iyp e ge
Recognizes the Good Work Done iheadsing lut all heasisgsc cits
in the Dental Department. frostsoiiiginsa ldrawingo s y lssses,
'1e itprsesident of this Uniersiy Whitehteadi Barintssssth Batchus.
liss receivec ti iiics' froms the Amsiri. Somes of tiese'sasre very fise. Betethi
cans Misister att the lssgsso thsst thete sedintsg (f sachs organizationsillmci
Nethserls ltoOtoersssssst liss decidedi apuiessr ialftonsiso (f itoffties. Six
t reciognize the diplomsas sof tie sirsevesn vet-y'liseme pusslss g-ops
deetasl grsdusates of this Usniversity. till le given. 'The hostel grounsi
'T'hose sdiplsi'sssmiiilsaissit themsitisfir tesesswsill bliesleistely tintes
cl xamsisnstiso mewhichs isundserostd miths tistboasrdsisanssthis cotsmiiibe
-t hbe somsiehstt f a formal~ity. printdlosethemsiiss clorts. Besides
Clinical Advantages at the Regular thssse setiosed Mr. Basrdinshatipre
paredh neary a lisusdredl ssalI
Hospital. skethes wehihi till le scateres
Oi' oftens lears deleterious tre-ttroughsoutithle hbook,fetwosr thsree
msissk frosm stosdenslo f tise variousonot a page. Whitehseatd, H. '. Bom-
slepssrtses-ts set thisUsiversity, as st7an eaess otier artists have also con-
mesh as fromssedssical stsudests, in5 re tributstd to tiis wrork.
gard the isclinical advantages twhils Tise rganizationssasre uosusaly
are offere here to the mtesical sts- fully reprsessted. Everyone of aeey
deets. imortasseewhteiasoever iavig its
'Thiese cosspilaintst tsaly cme0 selarate heading and cot. Ameong
fromssthosses isdo ot ftly tunder ties groups are utususaly godiones
stared ties situatisn, butsevertiseless of tiis yearo feootal asdl eebating
thecy have their infuence to iselp to teams.s Of teses several hundred
drive students fronthtiis schosol to cuts all are original, snd e eesps.
comsplete thseir course at inferior csl- cialy prepared for tis editen. A
legcs because of whla they have neswt feature is a list tf all ''Tie
beeunftid andtwhat they coniser a Wearers of tiesAM" itscoleeg. Its
lackt se clisical advantfagss here. addition to tie cuts of 'varsity teass,
Tise remarks do the Medical Depart ties '99 lit ad late football teams are
meere no good anti este shorudibe printed.
carefuli of twhat is said to ties der- Thes 99 Micignesion is dedi-
resest of any ottoesepartmessnt for it cteel to "'Vie Soldiers atd Sailors of
tworiks injury to tiewhlesUriver tie Spanis-.American tar,'' the
sity. dedicatory verse binsrg by H. M.
It is true se do not have as great Bomran.
a stumbsler of cases as a sciool see a Atiletics for tiss year ae foelly
large ciy, butfhte'shave Iere are cvered, wtil lists of teamsn, records,
ties bestrtha tttnlee offere tee ate)'etc. F. . Simosssocotributes a re-
Therilseudedt. dfor f issumtes of te9 fotbal season. A
The rowed ondtio of theportion of ties book is devoted to the
htospital slotws thaafie have all tiat fraternities wtifemeebems add msn-
tee can take cars of with ftse preseteslip, as in past years. A departure"
facilities. There is enouagie to keels till be meae inrstie literary part of
sa studjsnt busy, and for a student the book.
with ordinary ability thrat ought to Tiers will be smuche more literary
ie suffiienat. m eatter tian is usually printed in the
Iee other schsoos wtens a ciste to anuals, but tet of a heavy clar-
over thsat is fits etd of if as far as actr. Ifrill consist of a large
the student is concerned, whisie er variety ot etertaieirg and interest.
each student has access to the tards ing college literature. Several strictly
at all thres, and can tatch the pro college stories and sar tales will
gress of each case from day to dlay. form fle body tof this part. Inter.
Cases are assigned to sodschseor spersed witha these till be a large
and he is held resporsible for fle number of caricatures of proninent
welfare of his patient. . students, takeoff ota local characters
A visit to fle hospital and chutecs jokes, verse, and grinds. The editors
might relieve the meinds of a fete as are busily at work and expect to
regards to the advantages offered, have the edition ready for sale about
and any fair minded person would the middle of May.
soon be convinced tlat the advan-
tages here excelled by no medical
school and equalled by a very few. Season Tickets for Baseball
__________Gaines Now on Sale. 8 Gamnes
Chicago edefeated Wisconsin ye- for $2.00. Tickets adnit to Ill-
terday 8 to 2. inois game.

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