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March 23, 1899 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1899-03-23

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~( ~f ~The White Man',s Burden.
- The United States by reason of its F ~ ~ n
Pubtlished Daily (Sunadaysaexcpted)din~g the occupation of Cuba bas becomne ad- VFlYOU FA IL
College yeam, at muinistrator of the University of Hav-
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. anla. It as the only University in the
Oeiiaoa ~ttoate Pe-. Ieoatte tok.Antilles,atnd is somiewitat older tlian To find it anywhere
)P"E:TeitalanthaPraess. tnig lck tost sof the Attericant collegres. It
Bot iho1 14.te as establiahed by Pope Itnnocent else, try us ...
tANAttING EDITOR~a. in 1721 itt at-LoyalitndtiPotificttl
5.tratiat.Ot. Untiversity, butt int 1842 it wtts reor-
gaidadecc sett fct itedcoining un-J. JQuarry,
0,1 AS'0L e oto ftegvriet h .JAthlti itttor, . It. Watnasta, t}0L. support of the gvrmnt o-Campus Drag Store.
P. W. JOaaS, l'99, A. I. t1 aa..UAtLt, '01 tE, ever, Ithabestn itfttlttntl intadequate,
ofF. St. taEtAMA. 'OS . t.n~t. LD'0M, especitalty sitice thte otlreua of te
0.. 5) IIJteta 01 E.St t . Woott 0. tat~ Cutbaattittsttrrectiott, taataetmllappro-
ttries of professors atta fees frottt siti-
'Slat crpttatatpata e ye thA IL S t 2.50 tor atdetts having bhenti ttttitSute otitli-C ULLE 7
the cotle-eara, ithta ruartaatetlivery lactate ienttSootstithe lUniversiity. (yit. GO aEG
noneachtatlay. Ntoticesa,taaataaaaaaaeatataaattd
othe aaatter antentdedt tortapublaicationutt ahitetroks fotttdtlrecetntlyait itteestiga-
handednati tahat te AILYofca1beforea85p.ait., arttitatithat te bialattce' inithete reasutry p
prevtout ttattat tat t niicttthae expetttcted t of the ilttti lt tells $2.03, vet the C
taat Sclat t ta' titv t ica, f ult y iitiag ott faiht aa tte
Meye', ator ttSt Ic tat' acttaat o ith ui n tesse-e arc cth fieit 'yileontttt
Manaage. Sb t b,tteate rill cnfatt acfavaoactat '
repotingpomt lyi at tcislfiet at' failuret to tt'wt'rk tf intrtuctitt a ntttl preservitig
All capatatataitt atleatiata tatiatter u t be i lie vettettalle charactetr of tse Diii-
the aticaIty 'tpi. ot.a ftt iacflateptacee t t hat Vtta tita .
oilntretttthey acte'aoaeaar. uver__11sity .
Ia tHARttEaota TOAY'Sva]i-tUt, The Great Band.
0. 1D. IHUONTT. ________ otis Oiit a tcSa lagt
SuasR dwihigontoF the fis t it taittonthste be tore April a8, is tnottitoring-oiot
Uttecer ity ofCicatgo IWeeikhi1isnt te [Pacific coat. Thety havtecbeetCAW
~~~~-0a e'ekly exchtatnges. Wet treceivedalenthuistaicallItandtat SfSat at
trutthelito tltlttlteats ttt intenttiintal Fratico, wcersna itaatk'se etglite -
ta tirirewcts itt eattd itSitoate trs tit tafilledt, ttttttts-hadttalSatIl Prices fromn $5 l
out atleitic situationttitiight Ittoteatrea'way eset'ni'tii Sfair lakttf '
Inot interetaing. taoatati Stua a lwleastakes it just bo
1110 let ~~pide tt inte solotstit as' tttttitaaIy '0
lilt ata i esaebracn iinhttotllIth iatra, tadlliipresent ati
Deceys vitcttoiy is onethatttimets ~ ~ f
withlart-tty atitirttval ott all sids. Sectis i~ 'tit
TPlers are fet eoutgsthtoccasitots of tit ltcM~tl1150Dtas
tliacntutire in ou~r etalleate life atin citattdta iaDtrtlyIaye
cvtolttitct DislDaves hias a etice of '
fcele ttItteeettdelil gltwriotthOtrtar te swetetsantd Miss Hlel
br brctlttg tlt 11 t etc intgs a its taf pesaility aitti c1',-
everyoneacis interesttd,it shtocldents h tt iaat tslci ttelrt-
scalltocedatfatil tharotuglafor cittotttlie tat ccwil listiagetisla Iter aiteatg
latkof tef arty suppoltrt.Thtste cchositeca ait vttetcla ttc -"
art- ptushitg the inatter should cttt l h camn omnwohv
tittteSoittti an taee fer o cllachieved auccess cith tte viaaitt. /'OLLEGE men everywhere atreavtea
tihAtetttnpuPrhordSievtrtftettfittisatld Iit cotttitsneearly 3t0 portratit otarta
ott~II. rhrPyotemstfnse ithesuetttltts farsupliort, if teededaaiS liattSattst stsi I \/orfteconotrtiontaofWashburnataott
an rilan roiboe Solitte 'irtclastausicdeaestthe word ot
atit ccit-t the ativerary of tht wtttld ita', eaer ktnotwt, cstttilpltesSte tbtaioed fto the ataltee..
tatcttatrattle daty arrives let te cele os'slit.
btrattitonbitsuch tol hat it cwill live in list of Scta YslosN. UTP)
the isltry of ounr csllege as the il ot
desof Detecy ctill in te istoryilGoo Europe. Stud T i' ec
ttf she itattion,The followeitag tersottsowhoastare C 1 3 .~ cu

SPrinters, Binders, 2
Idc u a ~prG
a to eed fr the Washbarn Souverti Catalog.
ittand collegians,hreidesagivitngsoae actot
trutaettsad atcmeteltttaoforet prices.
ve sell Washburs, or intrtemetstay he.
ure Association.0

If you can't beast ytour oppontent
jatii ccw aitiatntibeat others, seemis
ta th p las' n btIeingagtcted upoata
lresent inthe. politicatl circes of te
freshant claiss. Anid frtoms an otut-
oieptoiiat of veet the twail of itt
"Iteestedalatary,'a as pubtlishaed So-
aday, seetas ttt be ittwcithaout its
groCmd.0Thetreseint first-yelar class
has dtoeciel so far in the weay of
politiltears andalnasteseemts tt to
itntetltot establithing a tiewe prece-
tdettitit the wtystf Or-acleeatiatns.
'Tlie trotmioters should sotp and con-
aiatatortat at ettShe stotrmaiof

closely cotnatectedl citha the Unliver-
sity cwill leava- for iEurop~e at the coni-
cluint of thiestollege yeaor. D)r.
Nantcrede ad famttily, Mr. Roeddaer
antd brotthaer, Prttf. titnt Mrs. Newe-
cttamte, lProtf.tad Mrs. Freer, Dr.
Effiingsr, Proti. Drakes, Mr. aittl MIrs.
Lltayt, Prof. Ctar'hart tad fiaily, Mr.
andt MNrs. Francotis, Prof. antit Mrs. F.
Scoatt. Prof. Stantley has alreatly de-
parteal far tectetiatent.
ITe Kitig's Daughters of te iii-
tarian churcha cill give ata Easter

'With Orchiestrali Accomai ett wiill roaende
A marvelous revelatiota is iii store for those welo go t(' hear limi.
.- 1X: -- -. C 3~m ~ x a , 03GC.

rat1Ia atsuch ,a haty coitisSale and'Slipper an te parlorsoftBs hi h~, - $5
stirs t strcha usetytinI iste chutrcha sitSatuttdoy, Mairch2.f, et-hanWell$5
tsr ttiattectitta te up o the tt In The stile cwi lao hetl fralita 3 tto 11 p'
th tleti ot eitilrcatrroMpst up . tperciiilibe served t sS6 p. in. Bevel Geared Chainless, $60.
etat andt urge tiptoeery iniember o _01 - _-'Ihiere is nat better wtahsel tatate at lily rise. Ask Crescent ridet's
the claiss the ntecessity of beighres-* if this is not so. Make youar selectittn notw oti a Crescent.
etit andth elptruna its affairs. Ini this ATHENS THEATRE M, STAEBLERI'S Bicycle Emporium.
weay matal-gtttt-gova'ri ttett in col 119 West Washington Street.
lege politic.s cana be acecniplished SATURDAY, MARCH 25. G N ~ ' ~ O L F D N I G
thiata in atatllster. G SG R 3S H O F D N IS
Last Chance! I!HOYT Farce Comedy $5.00 per TPermn of 12 Weeks.
The coatititee wil ho i Room 2, SO T Success, PROGRAMME PARTY EACH SATURDAY EVENING.
On Thiursdtay anad Fritlay afterntoans Private Lessoscby Appointtaent. Betch'Phone 24(6.
of this wecek heteet 4 and 5 o'cloack Ioi u aos e rm u
to take maeasnremaentts for caps and A1P r7r ich the difforence i that the colder
gownus. This ttill be Shia last oppot- youuiwant.
-uliy enir ill have toplace TMACyWaHmast
their orders. PC esI5edS ,Te rd 1.90 S. MAIN ST.
P.icWs:o25es50Caair ania$1. S P roUU Belt Phone, 166; state, 194.

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