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March 23, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-03-23

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VOL. IX, No. 129.



Will announce that we have new
received our Spring and Summer
Woolens. Our stock for the incomt-
ing season is the largest we lsave ever
shows, is exclusive and confined, in
both foreign and domestic goods, and
is composed of the best fahrics in
every line thast can he ohtainsed. We
carry the largest line of Woolens in
the city. We invite you to call and
inspect the sante.
108 E. Washaingtont St,
We have jest received a
line line of High G~radle
tRazors and Knives, fully
warranted, and we sell them
right too. Sic our window.
During themreat of the eollege year we
will serve lunolis t altlionrs, day o
night.. Fall linen of Pipes, Cigars, nnd
R. E. JOLLY & 00.,
308 So. State Street.
INew Cameras
for '99.I
IWhen we put these
Knew cameras in the windowi
*with a card that read like thisl
* heading, we were not offering
* bargains, but one lady wanted f
to buy one for 99 cents. Twol
men thought better and paid f
ures make these cameras very
desirable and the prices are
Calkins' Pharmacyr.
Law Books
For the Second Semester
Text Books
Fee all tile departmests.
Bought and Exchianged.
Besst Linaen Paper, n5,2ansd 25c pertlb.

To Celebrate Dewes a ictors.
A movetment is it foot Ino IoldI
htere onl May 1, te asniverssry of
Deweys great victory in Manilla
Bay, exercises itt comttentoration t
soil celebration of that event. The
platns have sot matured to any greats
extent, ut in their etbry statee
bespeak a great parade itt which thet
students wits took active ptrt in thet
late war will iccupy lprominent posi-t
tionss. Atn effort will probably et
tsade to secure University Hall atdod
there to iave mns of prestinene int
college as well as in tie war address
the studett body upon stjects be-
fittitig tite occissiot. Perhaps too a
great bes-ire, sect as witnessed tie
celebrattioctt ci our great athletic1
victory lst fatl, will firtt a ciositg
scene inthits celebrttiont of tie na-
tiott's victory.
Casper Whitnest on the Situation.
Itt the last editist of Ilaper
Weekly, amcotg otier remiitrks itt
WesterntCcllege Athleties Ctsper
Wbitney liss the follinitg to siy itt
regard to tite preett situtttioct.
'Cottpleticcstofasto edyers' foo-
ll cotrct between Micligattasd
Wiscossitt tarks a sew ertitt west-
erti foittltl. It is even otire sigsii-
canet tic te wet titn thCe resmnltiot
of foothll relatotns beteen Pristce-
tonan test nnPstylvaniaswoild le itt
te east. Wiscotsion, Michigast gd
Chicago hiave heldinit the last three
years he same domnasice over wes-
tern college srt tititwtas taccrued
Har-vtrd, Yle tnd Pritceton before
Pentnsylvtttiat took ttlt utdisputedl
position s otheir peer.
iBut tbetweeet Wiscnsin asti
Michiganth iere have beett no ath-
letic relatioiss for soneive years, atd
Chicagii has had disproportioitate
besefitstirougho the simsple policy of
keepistg oistfriettdlytermsith btobitlt
asie by halving for a playitg groettid
a field whlose gate is wo-rtt for timse
titat ot any other neserni college.
Ciicago ias, ittsiy cpinions, ttkett
510 mtore aevastage cit fortnsate1losi-
tiosothianteitier uofier sister istitu-
tioits wousd ave dose, tiougthtie
shiftistg stdetttmsangetmente of tie
lattler wottldi have lost temt the ad-
vastage far soner.
"Osthtie otier lasd, Stagg, in his
iperanet directrsiip at Ciicagi,
has teveioped a policy wiici ias
given athtietic promsinestce to iis in-
stitution mtore rapidly tian was ever
before attained by an Anericass col-
"Wiscosusint and Micligan are to
play at Detroit itt 1899 anui at Ml-
wakee itt15O0, feeiing tiemselves
fcrced, thtroight eed cit a large gate,
tol violate atll genii traditioss by gt.
isg a haf-ays joutrney freoihomie
to mteet onttutttally foreigtn territory.
''Titus dies te aitgitly diiar
influence tie destity of college ath-
Pristcetois has tiree atersates lo-
stead of ote on her debating teamss.
Tisese three mets fortt a scrub team
for practice with tie regular team.
Prof. Ge. Hesmpiias been nom-
iinated by the Destocrats of the 7th
tward for the office of supervisor.

About the Oracle Election.
Editsr U. fMJL Daily:
In your issue ciT ueseday tere isl
ott accounst itt itow an Oracle Biardt
is to be elected ont Fridiay atertinot
and ferthter tesnsates ci thttose tic le
so favored are givens aonsg withthtief
tatemnt that bott facticons of tief
class iave ccmtbined astd nasmed tie
ticket. I have learsed by itquiryt
titat thitl is sumte weeksesastcid of tie]
tisne usually set for tie Oracle elec-
tio and its view of tie fact that tie
date was etc recestly astnouttced, tie'
witole affsair appears tic sme in tie1
ightt f a I''cicut' itt wich both
factins-tite class presiet ad the
defeated candiate-itave cotibined
for titeir stutal beneit.
I dco not wishl to questin the abi-
ity of the perentson ec, bit as the
matter is ose ittwhichthtie class attd
stot a ciqee soulld hitve deicest it-
terest it seems5 cc to e rdicltly etsfair
to call sutc nstelry eectiontanadc
uicon scit sho:t noice. And to
prmit the editorial staff of a class
anniutal to e hosiencint itipoitical
caucots, event if Ithere watOssutthl of
a gathteringg a5that, atndlitrit ontil
the class with thin asllrattce that
therte will be ttccihtwltdciiito ily
tmitnd be thic raskes ict sttbjectontotc
bos rule. So, withithtis it initd I
desire citly toclucall llicct frtseslmla,
throuighlthin ciilmtsocf te cllege
snespalcer, tic lii preett at that
electico uchdvite hoetcly tupon tie
tmetslofcctthe canidaiuts anttchif anty-
ette desites to sttttfir sohlplaee ott he
bord atid is snt atmicng the ctoset ci
the "comitntedi factiins give hittta
silicondato ii ntpieir as subserv-
ient doers of theoses nyll.
Chicago Alumni Act.
The Alumisofitte Utiversity cit
Ciicago recesty held it tieeting itt
Chliculgos ian discussed the slttitt
itt Western athletics. Stagg ad
others addcressedi the tmetig. hi
resuthtfcthicspeeces tas that hic
ussocinationsiexpressecdits feeitgs itt
thte folloing reslttti.
"WcsHEtit.cS, The unsiverities itt
Mcichigas, Wiscontsin adtIlIhitois
itave comttihnedcitttd refusd to tteet
thte University citCiicagic ittaty
forntt ci athletic shrt: ad
"cWHEESn, We unetlrstaniclthat
the Utilversity cit Chicago is wilig
to iclay retursi gasmes nithi these i5-
stitutiotts ittasy icace tey ntttme,
acceptintg any trn tehichithtiey cwiii
acceptCci play in Chicatgo; tiereore
he it
"Resslved, Thatte, te ttemtbers
of the Chicago Alumtitlutb11t of tie
Usiversity citthicagi, take tils p
portusity o mtae publhic exipressiois
of our first belief itt Mr. Stagg,
directcr of physical cltiutre at te
Usiversity cit Chicago,stnd itt Iis
metitods, anichbhit ourevescistrecirt
as willintg ticsuport himtth ie etdlo
thtis isottfi athletics botgtt tpont
hiisi iy the usiversities cit Michigas,
Wisconssins aniciIliois."
Phil Kisig, Prisnetions'93, whio for
te past tiree ye-ars aoiscted as heai
coach at Wiscinsin, sill cochteSt
baseball teamt at Georgetown Ui-
versity this spring.

Wisconsin us. Staqq.
Tise intformtiiouniotes frotu a relia-
ble siutce thtat Prof. Stgg is trying
Sic biy ttp all te athletic fiels is
Chicttgo fr thte cmtitg fotballs sea-
con, his evident purpose being to
forestall the Wisciotsin-Michigan
gamse sext Thaksgiving.
It is also stated oistgoodlauttluority
thuaC Stagg is mtore tian anxiouse to
play te baseball gattes arrangedi for
te conisng seasost by Mnager frd
of the university. Thre agreemsent
ias esly sa verbal ose, lbut teverte
less, Stagg is desiriius f huvig ft
lived up Cc. Tiis coneenwittccior
gracn front a toastwits luas acted in
uthletic mtatters as Stagg has. Its
Marci, 1898, M\asager Miller, of
Wisc-osin, ettered isto ut writtesn
ugreemuentt witit Stagg tiipuayasesies
f three baseball gattes inthle saunit
oir 1898. the Chicago prooessr,
huiiwever, saew fit to cuneln these gamttes
uithu harulyny tosttice, bitttni, it
seets, theouilct i ounthuc thr fiiii
ssud tite self-Constitutecd dictttor of
westernt athuietics hoies Wi~sconsuiun
nill not cuunce ast agreestentalrhedy
esterelitutufor gattme withu Itis team.iu
It is sut ktnoiinI st thuis tice
whether the gatttes cilhe plyedh or
sut. The miater is itt thu hndutis f
thin Athuletic Coiuunci uttnd ciiie
thloroutghlhy ciisiereidefore a es-
ost is suuadi,-l'coiu caC rdiual
junior Class Social.
Thue gls of the 19(0 lus Ihel a
tmeetig Tuesdauy sftirtooin stnicl--
ccidtoi give in receiptionith le bys
cit thincass It cvie itt thuc forui
of a dlsuncig party simuiiur ti Cle
oises whlicht htuve hbeti givet ithle
last ftw years Iby thinvriiius classes.
She exact titmucatd place hauevnost
yet beens agreed etiocit. Ott tcconts
of te ttumerous sicial evetts whichs
are stnuitncd fr Cleext fet eceeks,
it is itoicutble thust thue reccptioineil
nto be givet Uncttil sfter thin sprig
vsccstiu. Soicuue fficl~etty lmay le
experieticecd ittscritg Baurouor
G~ymnassiuu fir-the afuir,as tetu
authtlorities do sot nwishu to atllow nesy
class to have thin use f thin builitic
mtuore tlattocecayear. As te bos
gave Cle receptond earlier it thcyar,
it tuay e interpretedh tautt oituy tush
Cle class Iave eest gratedl thinbild-
insg this year, andthe girls, teicttuir
hal, ciii have their request grstnted.
Will Payi Case Scientific.
Te sttaeroitise buisis-s cws
trantsacted at last eveninsgs tmeetig
if hic Athletic Boac. Mnagr
Baird reporteil a fotbal gamue cwiths
Case Scientifiic Schuol. for next fsl
anil spoke of the probaiity of Cwc
baseball gauses withu te Milake
Leaiguseteusmusinsuthicspring trip. 'ble
board recensisdiered its actiost at te
last meetisg f giving te mtessbers
of thintAll Freshmtuan footballh testi
anu A. F. iss a circle sand isstecd hin
cluss sumnerals its yelow wil Ie
givenl. It is exioected tuut Cle ye1-
lutw numerl ciiie hoe Cueditissct
property of thin all fresiussicesstams.
Freshmen Notice.
All casdidates fcr the '02 bsehtall
testi comei to rouss C, U. H.,1ridy,
March 24, at 4 I. it.
K. E. LtEt, Masager.

Up rown
Stte ,St.

Down Town
Opp. Curt Hose
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