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March 22, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-03-22

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VOL. IX, No. 12.
Will annunuce that we have now
received our Spring and Summer
Woolens Our stock for the incom-
ing season is the largest ee have ever
shown, is exclusive and conS ned, in
both foreign and domestic goos, and
is composed of the et farics in
every line that canc he otained. We
carry the largest line of Woolens in
the city. We invite you to call and
inspect the same.
L0S E. Washington St ,
We have just received a
fine line of High Grade
Riazors and Knives, fully
warranted, and we sell tlem
right o. Se our windowe.
O06n DdU aid Night.
Duingterst-iofiiheicolleyear we
igii. Fll line of Pipe, Ciir, and
R. E. JOLLY & CO..
3108 So. State Street.
Lectures AD
Calkins' Pharmay®
Law Books
Fr the Secnd Semester
Text Books
Pr all the departments.
Begh and Exchanged
Bet Linn Paper, a5, 20 and 25n pel.



Larqe Audience Greeted Ian Ma-
laren in Uiersity Hall.
Iain Maclarein lst nigit gave a
lecture that was qtite out of the
ordinary on the snbject, "'Siime
Traits of Scittislh Character.'' The
lecturer eat clear of te ustal lee-
ture an gave the audiencie a speech
theat was5uiqtue aiiilhighly enter-
taicnicig, s did Nacseci last year.
Th le commndcing figre (f tie speker
anid his Scottish dialect alike added
to the efectiveiiess acd charum of iis
He opened his lecture by the quo-
tation fromc Sidiiey 4iiitli to the
effect that yiit canicit get a joke into
a Scotsalis skull wiihtut aic cpera-
tiocn, addiig tiat this faemous reneaurk
applied to an Englishmne's joke.
The first promienect trait in the
Scot is his hiuicor. This is pectliarly
Scotch hecaise the Scot is highest ice
the stage iof evolitin. umor is
deeper tlian laughter. 'Plis eciines
a claracteristic trait of the ruged
Scot, hecause if his eicg accustiimed
to the East wind, the gray sky, and
the ocean.
The speaker paid a glowivicg tri-
ute to tie assioii for leriing of the
ScctclcnaeIfe trcced the course of
Kncox froci the cttagc tic the'uciver-
sity acid said that the Ucivecsity icc
Sctliacnd wsstosy ciear thue cottage
Wit is esseitially Frenchci. It is
cot so deep as lhcuir, ht it makes
comedy of existence, acd makes life
go easily. The Scoteluicaciis not
droll as is the Irishmnumm, for tics latter
sees everything stacding on its head.
lice Eciglielhcmacna ci encse of
humor hut~s foccilf unec.
The Scottishe caiiic is nt full of
sentimentality, but les a very deep
sectimect. There is cio effusion icc
it, hbut it is dccii cacd stroicg. Tle
author read cmany selectiiins Iy wmy
of illustration accd told characteristic
stories, which kept te audiecce in
extreme gooid nlture all the tcie.
An Innovation in Debatin.
Iowa and Wiscocisicnre goig to
have a dehate ic the ciear futtre,
and accordicngly each uiversity hiac
seumitted a list of 12 sen fripossi-
hle jtciges. Iowa is cniw quie ex-
cited over wailt, they ternite ucfair
actiion of Wisconisicn. T'hey cliii
that of the ccccccliiipcsd y Wis-
consin, two pecnly favor her side,
one is ace ardett aleccicnus acd a
fourth is dead. Twoii ced have al-
ready een chcosec, oce frocc eacc
list, acd whcecn the timce ciiiies to
chcose the third mcani loa is cocci
peiled to disose fromuc isconsic's
list. She tturcs tietables oece Wis-
conscn hy choosicg the dead cmal.
Owicng to his ncin-existecce le caccnot
act, so Wiscionsini is comcpelledi to
select anotlher man friccm Iowa's list.
Museum Lecture.
Mr. Sargent, ctrair of the Mu-
scum, will give anm illustrated lecture
on Materiala icc lie Mcseum, espe-
cially Shells, Friday, March 24, at
4:30 o'clock, in tics Museum Le-
ture Roocm. Al' interested are in-

Athletic Association Roster. P. Ten Riper, F. iH. Vcn A len, L. D).
Asth tie frtl ana etn Verdier, G. von Nied.
ticiefo tleucecela iieticg L. W. Warfili, . N. Whuolrn, R.
aced eeetiucu f the Athletic Associa- Weldron, H. A. Waren, J. J. Wler,
tion is cear, ire puhlish the camces of C. F. Watkins, A. L. Wutling, J. f.
the meiibers. Nione iwhiise- iniimis Watson, J.1.R. Welsh, M. S Wcielt, Prof.
It. A. Ienley . 3. WehaterG.C. .F.
care not upocethe treasurer's ooks WeauockA. A. Weer, W 1.b lowdt oea teXV-mnN .WiseiL esI. B.ld
tion. Any whose cnamues have heecu Wetmore, A. Weeks, C. It. Wholiey, i.
oiiitted ir are cot correct ice the fo0- WXhit, N. G. Wilims, 13'. K. Wilis,
lowiciu list should corct the smie K. I. Wilanks, B. 1). W-kilbur it
Wueinemeln, A. I. Williamus, L. A.
iiy droppicng i pstal tii C. C. Aidamis, Whitteieyer. C. W. Whiney, W. I.
Sigimal Phi House. Whenme a lkicig Witt, (G. a. Whily, C. Ii.uwicn, F. 3.
correcthionus state. (1) Tuleiinuber of Woot, . 1. Wuod, C. F. Whitman, i.
mueiibiership ticiket. (2) Name. (3) C. Wodworth, E. C. Wrden, G. A.
Worden . 1RS. Woodrow. A. T. IWorey,
Departienet. (4) Class. IV. F. Whitcomb, G. I. Wuerful, 3. A.
(Continuued Fosie esterday.) Winter.
F. 1. Luancashire, C. A. Lefever, F. W. Miss L Yeger, L. Young.
Luaw, Fret. 1. H. Lane, R. 1). Law t. A. D. H. Zimmerman
Law, W. G. Law, J. Larsen, E. Leander, ______
ft. . LeBaren, H.L1. Lehr, W. J. Lur
mour, F. J. Larned, M.1. Levy, M. M. PERMANENT HOME.
Levy, 3. Levy, H. Lewis, 0. M. Lester,___
Miss M. A. Leonard, .G. Leipheirne la toE ct3,00Cu Hus
A. M. Lindaner, C. L. Lockwood, A. A.'Pa oEet$1000Cu os
1,oeh), P. M. Louwerse, M. L. Livingston, on the Campus foc Alumni.
A. XV, Long, C. Lord, E.1. Lungyer,
A. Lowenhaupt. F. L. Lowrie, H. H. A mcovemeenthus, eein started
Lovell, F. W. Loomis, 1. IH Liskow, amnmg the Annu Arbor ahtuni, and
Mrs. Lonmhard, 1. Lann,1'. L. Lster. tiemeumehrs of the 'facucty. to erect
W. L. Mack,''., P. Martin, 1.3J. Mautze
D. M. Madison, C. Mayworm, A. G. aIhlarge cubhohuse ouu the campus fr
Marion, (G. E. Menn, W H. Malone, R. thieir use. James H. Iri-cti, secer-
II. tMnn,. Megrg, A Meyer, R. L. tary of tie Alumnumi asoiciation, is in
lelenudy, 13. F. Miler, Sid Milard.X. charuge of tie mouvemmet adu has
H. Mills, XW. C. Miller, A. T. Ml, L. 8.~
Moedie, Mise.L C. Marris, A. B. Moran malreay secrei $3,001) amii $4,000
S, . Motter, F. 5. Morman, J. Li. iccsubhscriputions. For ia smg iwhie
Morris, C. fl, Mdohr, P. Moses, hDr. there hus eenu a deire tci secumre a
Mosher, P. W. Mothersill, T. 1. Morri- praetofce fr tie Aluumnui as-
soS. ID. Montgomery, 'W.,Mullet, permuacenan oprt odine1 o
Win. Mulligan, G. A. Muroney, A. Ma-1
Gregor, 1H. W. McClure. . R Mcd loy, posed cubichocuuse wlh e gvemn ui to
W. (). McBride, 11. J Me( reary, 1. M- that purposea. It hosmaso exiected
Ginnis,fE. 3. McGregor, H. S. McGee tatths le will be of service icc
32. G. MetHenry, 1) McFarland, f. C' etthaithsnp themn aun
AheKeighen, W. M. McKee, Prof. A. C: mlctciuugn h ciy miuun h
McLaeghlin, J.1,F, McLean, W. C. Me- visit theunuciverity fromc yecr tic year.
Neal, Prof. 3. B. MeMurricie. lie cost of die uildingc tentulu-
Dr. Naerede, '. A. Neal, E.1E. iNc- pated cwiii e upiwardhs of $30,000.
son, C. L. Niles, XW. A. Nicing, J. T
Noble, HI. Newell, 3.3. Neuter, M. R. A plan is also beig submsitted
Nuxicy, to tic l humi of the univesity
F. I. (Olmted, 3. A. Oppenhemeer, ahiw eby withc a subscripti of $5
A. FP.tOppenheim,3. F., daem, F. C.for evenu yearfromica imrge numbier
Oirvis, it C. tOrvis. -ctteu
It. it. 'age. H. W. Paddock, G.C.f the , i prmnet edowmcent
Peul, John Parkcer, C. G. Prnall, C. Lucmale secture-ditoicciuntai a ai
Pattoni, . B. Fell, C. Pelton, S. D, screary ocitie Alumicc aessociatiomn.
P'etere, Miss B. G. Pierce J. L. Pierte, ITheiccesemnt systemi of suporting a
C. S. Peggott, F. E. 'hilipsuon, S. A.
Imlatt, II. 1B. Potter, F. 1V. Puotter, E. 13 asecctarylocufe proceedsofdc
Powell, J. S. Prentise, . 1. rentiss, 11. Mcleupu Alacumus is not meeting
1. Probasco. cih hdnii.ccipated success suit)scme
F. H Kendall, Ais W. F. Randolphtchahmnge has beuomue necessary. This
L. A. Iteppaport;, A. I. itaymond, 3..A
Rteasoner, A.1H. Seed, A. Reinking, %1)la also ciscueetimg* aith fair sc-
B. Ripley, I. A. iegeimen. C. A. Riegel- tess
man, J. A. ic, A. E. Richardson, A. E
Richrdson, 1. Iichardson, CG. . it nAdephi eTrial
ardson,AisL. At. Sinkle, . L.itoin
son, 11. X. Roinson, A. 1. osehoomlie tral comducted at Acelehih
Ptrf. 3. C. Rtolfe, 11. XW.IRotbinson,I. Hal, Saturdmay night, was a decided
L. Koys, A. E. Itogers, . L. Rtobinscn, success. Fronmitimhe momet the
G. Rtyan, H. IS.otasel,. F. fSluppe. ucerk declaredtecuti eso
Prof. . N. Scott, E..Shul, 3i iecur nasic
Scott, R. Scott, L. E. Seas, D.2. Scotten,untuil thu jury rendred1 its verdict
R. NI. Siiuwmen, I. X. Shedoin, D. C. for tmilinutif, tie cosest imterest
Socum, h1. W. Seipp, A. H. Syverson, G. casio mamnifsted y all. Mr. C. B.
1. Schiiller, K. Shaewgo, T. T. Shoe- Humic dscu .XX B. Harrisonm deserve
maker, P. L. Sherman, Jr., Atls .L. HL. rya
Sherman, I. . Sherman, I.R1. Small, eucmemdationu for their excellent
D. 11. Slawson, Clifford Smith, Ii-. twovurk ais cttorneys, whie special
Smith, F W. Smith, W. C. Smith, 113. cm-c-cit is duue Ar. Chiapmcan, of fle
Smith, C. C. Smith, 3'. H. Siter, . J. 'y lawclcas whuo sic ahy ad mucu u-
Sorensen, F. Sinmuons, I. . Simmons, peie sW .SosE ,Sue atal r' jde
Speuce, . (G. Standard, . M. Stevers, Aimthoughm c slight deparure friucm
H. Stevens i. C. Stevens, 0. S. Stiner, tim eulmiar uworkiof die society, the
R,. . St. John, 3. 'T. St. Cair, 3. Sill, C etngwsitvr roialeoea
F. Stipp, C. Steinhaner, G.A. Stephenmuemi -i uvr coiai uea
1. L. Stern, . M. Stewart, - Stewart' all miiat-ndance came testify. It is
3. M. Sfrashurg, J. Symington. ' graitfying to note die ecthusiasc'
X. W. Talcott, W. W. Talman, L. ,1. such interest oaifested y tie mmmcc
Tayler,(G. B. Tayhor, 1. H. 'Taylor, L. J. icclmie Litersr dlh n t m
Tefft, X. F. Temple, H. T. fhurnau, Fr ceih si t cc
W. Thurnau, 1. B. Thayer, P. K:.poraut wirk of training cen in pu-
Thomas, N. W. Thompson, F. Thomp- it seakicng.
son, C. L. Thorsgaard, M. L. Titon, S. ________
W. Todd, Miss K. Tray, C. T. 'Tryon Po.AC.M au liddnt
Prof. Truehlood, F. TIrott, . 'fener, S Pcf A .M aglnr i o
Turner, J. Turner. meuet his classes yesterday on account
F. Underwood, S. W. Utley. l of sickness.

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