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January 28, 1899 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1899-01-28

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J aps Studdjing Medicine.
of fP at en. Two newtaJaaese studlents have
jtst entered tihe [univri'itv, 'I. Ohno,
7ablathed Daily (Sunedays ax'epteda) at titapthe iti the Medical T Pepar'ttnent, andl Y.
('atte year. at Miktamii, who ttili sttudy po~liticatlk
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. scei~e. 'T'heir three't counitrymttttt
'Eiate'Theinltaaad Prs, it that loc. wito nweealtetedyitheeere Very
bottthoes'<. glad'1(1to see anyoetalfer ttoe, a
Si< AA(i caEDI'O'R.l they have been meeting at Toka-
I' I'tatttlttt 'ttnap 's roofsttot ItIk over oldl tittas.
;tJ l t55 ANA l i. Tthey are ,alt smeat.tMieteandtivery
sifc,n ins. Mrf. Ohnottt ias otttital fotsaevaeral
Atata' a'tatlio, T. .It . Vo nw,'L. yellraittStiltl 1rttttieoartt tl11)ir
0. taE,'1, a A. 11. 'ItlcDoca LL.att, 't1 , OatO it rasig ettjttitt ttte
0 tAa.tas. 'tar . C. It.1I , a'0t31 tteiatiteat ~'Stent tatiia atltt
G. D. HUT)NUTT.'01 E.adti.Alptyi h nvra tetatitt Japan; ittfttct, thte gatvern-
sentt ttili ''tal rgizeatttt other. Thte
- teattal tcience ot' (ertanytleis their
atae ttaaa 'sar,, wtita t'atttt tta 'a' dlveybeoeItdetli andttt vet' o ul' tyearts it mautisI
aoon t elt aa. Nattta.aaaaaatcommtutaticatiosadSat thtiere toatetl
a taatattaataaataataa at'atr oteil'proagress atnd
a cditnttt tnat 'a'a tatalaa efoe Sapti.. ar repat to tta enlairctlleges atih ittte,
talt tt dit or'at efaorea'tt pttt . tiota t aytat
tar to ith ttat tt whiar t ataerexeted t herthe lanewth ieoariesaIra explitead.
saahaaai al'taa.' belaatat attA ILYofatite, OttttayspIttttt sturgery's In ilai
'II t oart Staat't''s atta'ag aw t'tareorw it tBaitrat verlt pimtiittve rtte. .1lila stt'ang
;> tSrtt Suastritea's atilacanatr a a aati t ttttrtltby .
a aaaalaatr 'ao-np yattirieanyaa failuare o CPt e~ tao ' t thiitai SOea attig
It tavr latiat a. h l Ientio a k ic u a e
lIaitlaata a dv eatatiing a aatltr aaaaOtaae in ittt tl tai aak cat'te
at , tta, tat 4t1 a. l aontta sta y pt rinstaa taat ttty daitgttta tttattottaaa Itt the lit
toe otal eiageas taave atatae imulchtto
'a C1t ;Eort Iat ~lar, Iremotave ttee jtuaicottfiatetaeoipie.
EASER taP etacit litkeltat. tt Ameratica. Atitietit's
I tASTeIrun TP .] ottthratcoeltietty ibtaeaititba aaintd t
rowaiam att ta a ta't, taf atwtichttieltattter is the
atn alt tffere't't'sattattet text tait citiet silrt. 1'a''ver yer titeteais it
a. trt thanatist heyt'sotbmttittead deit tltweti ity athbtiqttet atf ttichi itoni-
=zteterllsupo whch heywil metivet ericit ffi ciaas ttt titoetta
a. Sitce iMr. B itri-s retturn it itt' ittioe ewok f heoas
rccive tele aigrltam t'totttHlarvardi ta1ti. It issaidthtit he'sutcaesstat
awtit at tefittite ipropaoitiontfortat'fotaot- the Japaitesefleat in tite,(itiina-Jttpan
tttil gattie tallttetiatte ofereat attitwatnwaltduitto tt ite omatntidinig by
Iteatllntiteirtatame tgratundia traittedltliege gradinates.
ne oftathitse titree prtooitins Facuitqi Concert Postponed.
iat btaen acetetd toyot. Tite teritas tetext facltity cotntert ot the
'aiIlitt contiiderett ty the itoardt of vriySho fMscta a
Co(troi ltindAtihietic Bottrdibetore otlhavertlySiti iotFriestaemtitalt
-the dieisiont islantnounced~t. Surely11H l aaednestday eveninig, Feb. 2,
ltoe ltndperaitpso rtgamens awiitbehats itein postpote'dito'Tthurstday
piet ati il. atei otaeeventinI'eoh9, as Prof. Athertto
ITthetaseball tettam tiut tatke its Jonas, tihe piantist, wni give a recital
,visal 'Westerit trilp tdtring tito Eaoter i etroit on thte eveinbgatf Feb. 2.
vactatin. The schtedule tor flits trip Chicago hat stsubitittedth te follow-
tins tat yet beeni tmaite publaic, buit itig subiject foradebiate tatotolunhia
it wiltlile gaees with theo big for considoratione: "Reolved, That
tar1liandaet several mnoetr ones. flee hst interests oftatfeUiteal States
Theiomeatogaesflits year wilt not arould he coinservedl by the aecquisl-
lie as itiumerouso as itay were last. tion of Cuba, Porto Riro and fle
Iosraver theyaw.11 ho iniformlty Philippines.,'
btetter, for seteral oftat eitsmai~ller Antntlene- taeer-le - itl
colleges whta were playediitat year A ogtenwperflsith
willtibettao hotfitsyatr. general lbary of flee Univorsify is
___ _______that oat the Proviadeitce (It. I.) Daily
Fifty-oaie stuatentis aid gradtittes Jsournaal foar 1860.66, ation Prosialent
hate gaiteoust as meissiotnarias from Agel wasedfor of fleeeitaper.
fhb Utniversitv. Of these il9 havto Butler Leaeh, '00, salt last year
heent ront to China, , to Itdiat, 5tat left the Citliveroily to attend the
'Tourkey, 4 ts Japten, 5 to Aftricae, 2 Agricutueral Catllege, is nosy attend-
,eacih to Mexico, Ifltyand Arabia, 1 beg the Chicago nighf-sclhool of lawy.
to Bulgtaria, 1.tat Alaska, aind 1 to ____________________
(Jorali. Otto tas gone as mtissionary
to thoeInditenstaed pita has not yet ATHENS THEATRE,
10011 ssigited to aity field. Thetom-n-_
her is ahout eqenlly adividetd hetaveent Gr<ancl Sovenir'Night
mnen andetwomene. I

Microscopical Supies ; ILN PRESS
Dissecting Instruments.+ ANAR R
Evtat iatg rttatditLaat'
-onecdfo Leea- Pinter1Sj Binder S,
IJ. J. QUARRY, +tl
S f++++*+o++o+o*+o*+
~'iefromi $15 Up. ~ $
abinitad ar eea r yweeacinie osndfra'WahunSuenrCtlg
This space belonatgs Is the Studeants' Lecture Associaftiont.

1899 Crescents
Crescent Bevel Gear Clhain-
laos, - - - $60100
Juveiles, - - - 25.00
Alil fitedtwithi Dunlap Detachable Tires.

The reltort hiavitigiteen rocenttly
ceirculated that thte Homieophlatic
Sfate Society desires the removal of
the hoiteeopatleic Department to De-
troit, it is interesting to note that at
the last meeeting of this society a vote
of confidence in time faculty and its
administration of the affairs of the
4"ollege in Ann Arhsr was passed
without a dissenting vote.
Dr. 'Willard K. Clement, formerly
instructor in Latin in the University,
is now Acting President of time Uni-
asersity of Idaho.

w nat
To Jones?

Cycle Emporium,

Saturday, ian. 28th.
Prcs 5,50,7e 1
Drugs and Optical Goods;
Cook House Block, Huron St. I

Gr n e 3 indermtmanagetment MRS. ROSS GRANGER.
Beginnees' Clases-Gentilemn, 150ati., Satnrdays; Ladiet. 4dliii. Saturdars
Aca emy intermediatClasts-Mondtay eveningas Advaced Cltew-Tueoday evteninga
TC Programme Party ttaah Saturday Evening.
TIKETS, sa.oo.Goaodm12weesteem timeieftstariting.
In cjose P'acssos at
With thae asinine and going of the seasos are the fashions
in Shoes. The Styles ot yesterday are sssn forgstten in the desire fsr
that sf is-morrow. See or windows~foe the best ap-to-date line of
the styles fsa to-morrow.
8#IOS AD SE , i~ljA nAbr. .

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