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November 03, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-11-03

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Sophomores Defleat High School.
of .u ,(i Thte 1901 class teate defeated the.
High School eleven yesterday after-
tPublished Dily (Sundtayseepted) duttintg the noon, at the Fair' Grounds, by a score
coleeear.o at of 10 to 6. The game was a gtotd
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. oe d hotly contested. IThe sopito-
OFICpE;t The Iltand tresso, ttennitngttlock. mores tttade the first tottchdowtt otta
ttotht thotne 47. flake, thte ball being futibled intthie
MANAGIG EDIOR-. tiddle of the field attd earriedl to te
MANGIIS ~ltT~t. goal litte by Btaker. 'lTe Nigh
tO.tiaet~t~oto.OtL. Scbo ol tmadle ito tottchdowtndttritng
ltUStN. IA5MANAGE'A Att. the last htalf ttiottte tof thte first half
.IEDITORtS.. by sotme pretty rutintg ott the part
AthlticLotlee 0.R ~ 5 ~ of Httrris antiWhteeler. eOTe soplto-
3P. W. JONES, '99, A. tt, WtotecAte, 'ot :F, tttres' sectond touchldotwti tas mtade
Y. D. Eccst, 'Ot L: (C. it. Lern,'055.l, by hr line lute ckitng inthtiesecoittd
G.0. TI NtT tttx.'0Italf. Inthiis Italf thte HightScitools
wotiked te ball idowteh le field1 withtii
a few ittes of -'01's goal tand tiett
lost thte btll ott a fiatble
The eusction prite oft the DAIYis l;2a.0'or The litte tip wtts as ftllowts:

Befoae .Buying 7r'oiar
See 0(trs. We g'uarantee the Sty le, 'Wrorkinanship anid Material.
Cutting, Meyer & Co.
301-303 South Mtui Str(eet.
The Most Deliciouso l
Molasses Candies.
10, 15 and 245 cent P.swkocges..
On Sale at Catmputt Drug Mtore.
tere cordially extetnd tot yoo an Invitatioti to examine tour Pal
atnd Ainter Shtoes. Yoti twill titil all of the swell and neweot
laots and with poptilar prices. EMEiI TlNAE
218 5. MAIN 5T. WIRAI & MILLER. The Sfloe Men.

hr tolle'ge o'ar, wtlh aegular odelivey beoroe
nootaeoh day. Notices, e ttnnicattotoe, ando
athor tmattee intiettded totrspulcatottt eh
handed in ttilthe DAItYrooftceefooee8 .m. o
mailedt to the eor efhooee 3atI. tofotthe tday
previous to ttonwhtich thetyoaetexpeted to
tubsriitonst tttytobe lftat the DALtottfitce,
?doyer's, 0r Stoltle toeeeitnt, or twtit Binoe
Mianager. Subhcrihbes will cotter a faoor by
reorinromtotly at thtistofottceeant5ftilore o0
Att changes itt attoorltitto tmatter toutt ho int
the offiecbya4t. ton. oa the lay treoviouso to that
ott which they atot piar
INa CHAREttofor1otoe' iett.
A. It. SttDtO GALL.

i1901.OtHIHt tCitoot..
McGee. ....... :..............Goury
Bourquin.... .g....... rozier
B3rookfield......r. g......Murfie
Bjork, Tft .....1. t...Smte, dePtontt
H-1arris........r. t....... iT'ker
Kittlema......1. e...... etroon
Fredland... r. e.......Witte
N. (G Becle . .q........elatoo
Miles, It. LBegle.. ....Harris
Hoyt .... ........r. h.l.oyd, I ottd
Baker ..................... Wh eeler
'Iooobhowoo.--Fredlund. Hoyt,Wheel-
er. Goal from touchttownt - Sitno.
Referee- Simnisot.Utpire -Chatte.

R1aams 1a3aar

The Athletic Boardl of Notre Linesman--W tnchettter. FIEna An(5 Aitus
Dante is greatly to be comtmendiedl fur W IPPED THRKFE MN For LAMPS of till kinds.
the standi it htas takent regarditng thte PORCtELAIN CIt'llMll E tS.
shigii Ot' tth otre Damie U. OF M. Professor Disciplined Hal- 11 5 South Mait St. Japattese Goods and Novelities
playet's. This actiont is the mr
praisewiorthty for the reatson that it loenDitres
teas lotte voluntailrily, antdtwithtouttainy Petit. Dorratuce of the dentattltie. MO NESY L O A NED MAKE A STRIKE
compith(ii ii the pairt of the Michti- partmient is tite tif the most mutisciultr Otonatcloos, Diamoooond'.Whoeol. or oilertPer- -ro
ait auithioritie". Notre Damite htts oten ill the L'tiversily, tot evein ex WACEANJWEYRPIED BO L G AL .Y
thtus volutartily ieprived itself of ceptitig the stitient t t lles. hist WTHSAD (EYRPIE, BO LN L iatotresidto'nce,33ltE. Libteoty Si.,AntooAt,-310 S. Main St.
the services ofotie ot her miost valu- ight three miscireantt erte Il1iylo1 ho-, ttli..All looinos ot' e o lo' ouo si,0000
atble phayers ala titt vtt ieHiliet itlk i i't~ilbotoo 11::30a. to. rooootItto 3o an10 ,to97 p. in.o ,,~ T. MA H O IN E, - Proprietor.
heeded titemottmost becaitse of iter' hoosd aitdlie dieeioli'ot)l lIi 11111 l oi Paor-aoniotilSeototooond-tandiitaeloeo3a00 tiamooooonds.irpenad-otati Nighot
targe htospiital list, Up too ltst year (the lun of riplointg 1011feince's.lHe'----_-
Noire Daotie utsutally played sitise totokatter themit antd fountoihemitt too 7=--=O 0 .
protfessionaol tett ott its teamts, bot be full-growtnt ineet, presuotmabl stut-
Ions this year beetiiakcitng great dehetto. They gave tile a gotod chatse, COLLEGE STUT) EN TS
efforts too rttise her standaerd of atoto- bitt le sotteededh oinoverlakioig ote
teurismt. 'flat Iter efforits aitd priomo- of thteits ttndltwos givinog I' too t goot1
ieii this eirectiont have.beeii site- odrubbintg otnthte sitlewalk olottlelthTH
cere has itote beeti clearhy evidenced other ttwo camtte ~esa101 of their ('IU1IIRYL
by thte toniest attoaltthy action in coompatioti in trioubleh. lit', Doreotoce IfOVER
the ctase of lie offentinitg player. caiughot ottelby the' legs otiol lis hie'toi S.E
Thetrph romisnowa-eait. he ose aodtt utt edt'to he ''ftohoord toteI)
rhe h ople of a ituttiber of ottcceetlingtoito te stomacth lh 0 ylotowit'iehropt toctai.oosa griyouttnaosdooh-otgoaIiningo otto ______
riaoatigers, teatmis, titd claisses is itotfiorce that wtoutldltate miadle 'Cout,"Sit''olfn 6c r
hotnger a mtere hobo. ''The trophylty lao or "Pa'' Henntinger etnvioust.
r'ootothoos beeno furntishted and suchl There see Ithtee prettysoe eni - = '_-'r
trophies as0 are availaeble tee beitig towtnt todlay wioo trill testify to the--l- --t-o -
put utp as oquickly to they cait he profcso' pIloweersitn hatodlitog a ' If Vou WVant Or Binding, or Rulfing, or anything in ouorlhue, n()000toe
secutreod.'PTe credit for thiio behotigs crowod -Tribott, Note. 2. boo' small or hoot large,
to the Athletic Botardltatd the aluittti - - aJo o W AN DO I
who contributedhmontey. Each toeoto-I
-brOf the Athiletic Blotrd contrib- I Printing for you. Cell and get acquaitoted.
otedi towtardls the fundo. Mantager' H. TeIln p,.<
B3. Potter deserves esicecial mtentioto F"0 l,-
for his itttirig efhorto ito secuorincg
the roooo and ini ookitig after the A H
furniehtitg. Neot that the roomt is -
prepaoretdtour thooir recehptiono, atlT# Z T F lflhi M 1 40 S S'AN
trophties abot Co tege shtouild hue IuppobJ4LLa IiBIbflg
roghot ottohndturiteulover ho the CAjLLIAUGHANlooo'oe t 'od1o9
cmitooIdo thtlhey-otay be placeod0'i B o n
tltey blotl.I'IjLaw B okPublishers a npoIr 'o S
High School >,s. Jackson High. 1.If Have you retoo Wilsotn's Wiorks as eddoteol by jaitneo IX ift


One of the prettiest gataes of the -And___ i tirewts, oitt ol000 t s ot titttttiiit't t ta'nt il '« itc:2 o ty
:eason wiill be phayed be playeth at UNIVERSITY tif the Untitedl Slates?" Tlhsese boois ore tot' sali ot outo
thie fair grotitdo, Saturdaty aftertoot, n b~ B lronhitteisore anid twe ohtalh he giato hiavite yoauccall antod
betweenth le AitisArbor lighi scitotol CIOI f 'acig exattinoe thtemt.
anid Jacksotn high school footbiall Gagr-s- cadmcadmy ean.Our Branch Here Close botNo.IStie
lit- 1'liptl. 1~___________ _____
Hospital Guild Election. - ___ _____ ___
All mnetmbers of the University ILh a Who SelS AKIH SEWIOU ET
Hospital Guild are ituvited to be 110M nOISS A EH S e YU ET
preenit at the annual electionm of P'enttetantdt'opoorni at theoAtletic iO GUNBO tSi Ofi YOUR FANCY,
officers to he held at the residence of Fioldti(a iofOLD'
Mre. Harrison Soule, 708 S. Univer- W. S. PA'RKER, BY COURTESY CALLED SHOES. i YOUR FINANCES.
pity ave., Thursday, Nov. 3. 315 S. State. Call in and see him. W, d, A PR ILL. llhIE. Weehitogton St.


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