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October 19, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-10-19

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i I

_________.__ AA, angIInt . I.L illialms" Athenia" at Grand Opera House.
_______________________h1111wisthtcn a book entitled, "Treatlise
A slni an copeecmc10.Timie Table (lReised} July 1,18S4T.1iil Amieri1c1an Foiottball."l
EAST. WES 11 ~iitllloitol operatromipany will be seen at tilt
P.1,. A.Al. All i itrumet clledttinllegaphiionefor Gra1n11Opieta ioue, Mllilly, Oet.
Mildad Ex____. 40 Maili. -_ -84
N. Y. special----.510iu N.Y. special - -70iiannouningiiitll iiliy toliith e elalors 22, wheitii111'Waies Opelrat Co. makelts
Euisteec Ex---10 25 N. Limbited.s 9w11 iil 23ilr. 11roti
A. M. lts s is being11,usd a1 totballinals iiy 1111
Atlatic Ex____ . 47P.M' this stroilgSand11 thoroughliyrcolnilt
iD. N. Express---- 3 i0 Western Ex.___-1-3resternleges. riilll lrldi 1iiiii fvr
G.1t. ixpress --11 03 ('hi. Ni. Ex-----10121pn ncue ume fvr
G. iR. Ex----- Po.Kiiowlion sill meel lieipie-, wtiikiioswniiopieraticaisits, anlion;
P. W. litoLtE, I.IIAYLSh
G. 11. &Ti. tcot.. Cicaigo. Age., Ann Arbor. sidinig ofirts of liiilub eourts 'It.I whloimiwill ibe recogiedotiheililever
p. iii. today Itoarranige for 111lniiilit soubrelte primla donnia Miss (irace
nUU SE iiliquarters for iterespetive iciiuiis. (Golidiei, liidteiliiiiibi le i(omedian
FRANLINH_0__ _1Mr.111115. IBigelow, both (ifsrlioiiii
NOTICES.sutain lihe'cometdy initeret lof lhe
DETROIT, MICH. opera in ilsho ost ideligiitfuliiianer.
It is weell before leaving homie, Isweher NiNETY-Si-VEN. Tiltcotiiirailto of thit companisit iiNiss
for business oir pleaure, to deide uon a All thise intersted-s liil te117 foot- Lucille Saiiiiiitrs (laie of thele s(0(11-
hotelad theebyaveideconfusion.
When you vskit -Detroit sewewould be bal teaml sill meet it iloinl 0) lril1ly ions), uiidi Miss Kitiy Marelous sings
pleased tohose you step at the old a :0 21 ti eyipratta _
Frankin R ouse," cee. Luesed lt7:0i) . i svr iipIlt1111hit ro)1 of"Atiisnia" in a most li-s-
ad Bates Sts., sehere yesusilihaveeagood ( e-sioiilit beiresenlt.lo iiiii.Thrils is1111
meal and aeleabed at moderate rtes.n
The liesse bus leesrernsvatedifromstoteo II1. II. ltI'IlNS. soiibrettes in the- iersonis o itilissi~s
hotomaadia s ow n firt-class condition.
Resipetfully, S. L.:. TIti JTS. 311113 NMarbli, i NeL owiiri, 'Maini
H. H. JAMES. All ipersonl s-big S.1,. . ti~et-s Shiaw a11111 (risse Agoiss. liieyilatter
Meals, 35c. todgiags, 50. are requliestedi is11111liat As-serry 111111btinig a rhle yoiiig ivoaiin friiCa-
Per 2) y, Cali-
J. . lillh0iS. saoce inithi secondi act. 1Irles1
DIETAS & SCHA.NZ, ORtATOICiiAL IEXECUTIVE iBOAiU). 50 anid 75cetts. Seals oil sole at
U7.OFIA.M T1AILORS Mieliiifll teExtr e oa1r1d1oh' Walls' Jeiweilry Slore.
Latest and best slyles of Iirirganld lii- thPiatiical l asoiaioniiiil rlii3, Oct. BUSINESS LOCALS.
meicW(51oieo.First c5las itad first class 1J at4 p. i., in roomil?_-._____
worketguarateed111. ;leaning, pressing 01111J. Ii. (QOAItLES, Iies. [Noicersinserteid li1110thiscliumn atthe iat
repairinigilneaty dolls. ┬░of 5 ents per lin,. Special ralsor ot iiie
48 S. State st., Second Floor, Ann Arbor. it8 CLASSDI0EWLTINUl tuime, 11n11 ex1t1ra,5linesrishetd 113' iiil ying
a Tlit freshmsan closs of th ieI(ra1r3 lit the 0l off11ce:.]
IAGSE 2E , AER 'ER, ,deirirtiusot will hold anieietiing for 3li .,ll3 siiiiiltV
Wosilil~~g-orieti-riio it51viiii Toilet (Co. tioiod
H, 1ton1S. ltesetiiiii of ofticers and oiither 11115s
ily Wr oine in oidiihours. Ii-
bsiniiess I il teichapel, Atain 11111.,1a1
....-.._.. ,.0 2oeiclckSauirday afternoon, t. 211.
Tilt Oracis bolard idesiresthat alA1111 h er aes a
dlances undilfigures of lihi- 1 srnioi
TRADE" thosetendlingo Ihlan(in ul 11111155 siill bi taught a1tirainger's Aicaidiiiy
A/R) iiasiloiii ii- leoth 1 lliia is5se11s01. loin thiiilass11(111w11111
T Ee0. A lI.iltiISI\ learii to ihiiiebefore thit 1111111ys.
A NEWeINKeCUFfaA l who11fielddyexet to d iqsted 113liliiltoliril ldanc1-isin 11111termi. 1Pupiis re-
- -- iit 111111111 1113 anleqiestel ~ceived at111y lisle, thisteirin stingill
____________________________________cone tout losrhpralctsiat lbseAthletiic withthirir htst lessonh.O(liie-alt ittll-
Fourliehl sorry ltftsrnooi. Air.-.tzpiotrickio y
iou e silbe oii hainsifron 4 iso(G and isill
IIEST lNE fOLion is taking (1110 of ills football
INDIANAPOLIS, Iteaml. Thisfall filisd411 siill be hielsd Speiau sali t thliltStarClohiniig
LOUISVILLE, iniabout thireesweis-k.htousethlis iveek. 'White Dress Shits
and INCNNAT. J A. ERO, ~ worth $1.25 ho $2 it 75 rents, slihtiy
soileid. Der-byHtiss cr111 52 to $5
RIEQ al IiIIIIE\NTSOR111101 >'i'.IO"at 118 rents.
ELEGANT All studeilts expecting to graduiate ini
ally gusve 3-thormust report to Oils Heaillhyansiiubstaiitial (313- boaird
Through Sleeping Cars reist~rar at tile opienuing of Ilhs year at 43 Packard st., at $2.50. 11-161
BETWVEEN and asctrtain wh~at prtscribed work, if if yoou sniokti Cigaro, butihllsIth.
Petoskey, Louisville and any, is ntill lackiiig for lbs dege IIOSCOR1 CONELING is thit braiid.
Cincinnati. sought. lDly a School Stilt at Noblc's. Only
_______________'. 1. I tePONT. $12. Nothing hlike it.
ASK FOR TICKE'TS VIA FOOnTBiALL..TP RENT-A pleatanht suite, fur-
Tho claes football gamesiwilOseiiact hiat, light and bath, only $3 tier
BIG + FOUR + ROUTE. pilayed eairly Ibis year. Managers and irweek. 11, S. State St. 13
captains are urgesd to get their 11111 Unlesus you -vant to Os a grind sub-
E. O.i. MsCORiMICE I. IB. OMARTIN, out at once. scribe to the Daily.
i~useags- ru~ Mg-. bn. . &1. gi.CIIAtILES BI3itD, Mgr. ATTENTION.-Studehts, thiertewiii
U - . OF NM. CALENDAR. be an excnrsion to Detroit - Saturday,
FIRST CLASS CUSTOM TAILORING Oct. 20. Train leavts Ann Arbor at
Corner of Stute and Wiliasus.,hs Fi., Pci. 111.-Gyinasiniuilockersonsi 7:30 a. III. sharp. ilstsrniflg leases
iWiillr st. enteaiic. halt at treasurtrs otc. Price A$2 per Detroit at 5 p. ini.Ihound trip ticketo
K Si ni- is:E RpG3- .A R ' 1a N'ytar. 95 cents.

A iewinviienltionlfsii dupliaing
cies7 of wr1 sitins and isidr.Fitly.
Fron an hils i i lorinary isellih
ISu p1 i1537's cal shIIn " it
20 Ves-us- St., Nesw York
The Daily is edited, pub-
lished and supported by the
soul bron -uyooi shi. -huh-t itake
tiii-stoopih froii your baciki. Will de-
its lip alill 115li sr si-i o iiiisles
is Itle bodly. Allpatrso guaranlteed
fur isis yi'ars. Can b Ie hit up ay
whiirei, wsihiiutitainlg sp aiy
roomhl, 111111is unoiscliss, sel-adjust-
inig a11nd adahpted o hily ag-I or sex.
Inidiirssd-by hi(le leauinuo athletes of
the sday. (all for ctaliogues and
insplect it. Priie oily $. For sale
14 N. lIgalls st. Aim Arbor, Micb.
I"siiy hi1sitifsrsii111
S Spanilding's
- h luercollegiate
^'. - lin, t. eh i i iiu i,0
1i llihliluuis
sentil.. "i~Siihiilln-tiiis otxlu
lt Ibiy iliiill mric 10 cnts. s al g'
tgrade-emar usI.wiiat iiygum iiy i Imuiilniie
N0e Yrk. Chicuigo. Pihiadlphia.
CIGARETTE SMOERI sciusar-swill
ln o payealut luee ithanlile pice
chargedilfoe the orinayitaeglsiCigretts,
willitod IHIS BRAND lsuo hollolhs.
The Richnmond Straight Cut No
sree made fom ills biighues,1110s1 dlsate
il ilaviruand lHietlicosot GOLD LEAF
tthe ame 0 ofthematilats. rsa
buelowrson&verypa~cka 55C -
p'"BRA NC I1 "', 1t050a15VitG[IA
, ,, ,lutelilsld
ASecia ynftb
0OW ASt and duecafr
Abreansti he Tin-
A0Libray in Iseif
lin . . .Brear
Thze One Great Standard Auhoriy
absed b
aS lie noi by epis of iseet t toim

Students Recreation Head-
No. 3 N.Slain Street.
AiniiArboei Oich. Cupital Stok, $0,00
Orgaized undethueGeneialiBaningussi.
of tisi Stuate. Rieceiv'es deposisboys andii
selis ext-hange on the prlincipalu cities ef thue
Ualted States. Dreafts coshued upiouproiper
identificatioiu. Safety deposit bios to rent.
UPeic s:1Christlin lashPreem.;iW. i.
HiarriansuVire-tree.; Cuss. S. Ohssoer
Casihier; 01. 3. hFritz, Assistant Cashier.
111gb Ol)sas and Domneatic Finish.
E. S. SERVI H, Nanagor,

Suit., Oct. 20-rshmlit:elioeniiii
Chalas a t 2 pi. i
Suat., Pet. 20-Orcbhard Lake vs.
Wlarsity at Athletic field.
S.at., Oct. 27--Fail Field Doa-, Athi-
letic grouinds.
Stm.,Os-l 21---ov. mAsui-at Ntewbir-
ry hiull, 9:175 a. ii. "The hlact if lilt
bilei inmodecrno eduicatioii.
Ntoiu., Oct. 22.-Ris-. Camdeniii 3. Co-
btiii lecturs bifiire liii- Iiiluiii
'foes., Pct.. 23.-Michuigaii Libruary us-
sociationi meets at 2 1p- is. ini Faculty
rosi, nhiversity builinug.
Teed.,OPeE 24.-Ntichigauu Library as-
socition, contionied hmeeting in Faic-
nlty room, University boll.

W~henusy011ive"nt a good Cigur st 181
fci thie ItO'SCOEP7CONKLIN(,r
For ealchueap for cash, pneumatic
tired Coluoubia bicycle. Good condi-
tion. Call afttriioons, 14 N. Ingalls sE.
If you ish to have your rosons rent-
ed, advertise them in the Daily. 1-7
The Daily hasalarcasdy moro sub-
scribers anmong Ike cs-edo lhan see
before in its history. Co-edo, sob-
ocribe, you are represented on the
The beut in eterytbing always gives
the greatest satisfaction. ThOS0O0.1
CONKLING Cigars are the best and
cost no snore than Inferior brands.
Try themo.

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