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June 20, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-06-20

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I1N IT."
51 SouthI Nain St.
Elegant Graduating or light Suit
made from Imported or Finest
.no~.estio +*Woolens
for $22.00 and up, Full Dress Suit
$27.00, work made at homne hears
inspection by any High Class
Tailor and Cutter. Will be
pleased to have yon call and be
10 E. Washington st., up stairs.
+4 48 S. STATE ST.

Neat Week Will See the Literary
Department's Fifty-First Com-
mencement-The Alumni Dinner
a New Feature.
1111'protgramlIfor (Commlenceent
,,eik, will 0o1 11 Suiday ii' xlati 8 1).
in., ivIea Presidnt Aloel twill duliver
his innual aiddress to lie geaduiatiill
clases ii in flvrsiiy Hall. ;Fromllthat
tinie unitil F+riday the wI ok Awill be
(e1 o«(11'd full of llltltiliiit58.
'There will tiev two eveilts, of itflilt-
iivc6e Montday. Alti10 a. in., ililIiiiver-
ily H1l,11, senOtior law (chiss laly
ex(,reiscs «ill beg-in. 'Tilt'prograti
will conist of til address by the 111es1-
leint. IC. M. Walsh, class history by
J. W. Ferrier, pirophiecyry lG(. 1. Day-
toil. orationl by L. G. Loi;, 11oe1m by
Si. G. Rarker andil. alediletiryiby 1P.
ior ttrolit-lllte, a featttrt so stltless-
fuily iniaugturatedi by'1)1, wlliitake
111a(ce11oil e rcamputs.
Tuesdtay. At 2 p. in. 1110 iillo'vitg.
prtofrini of cla rhss daly exeris es
wlii be rendleredl tuiderth ie 'Taphian
()ak: Cla1ss5hisitory, iR. ). Stustin;
Dianieis; Iprtoplivey, M1abel1 (olton; lees-
itdent's address. 11. 1.. Lynm. 'These
i-Xeisl' ll. ibe110followed by the tre-
celttttioll of the 1111t of P'resittii)t

(It the cnose ,of the exereisies, liii'ple-
cess1i1l) will fortollagllti11111d prceedi
to the CommneneemleinttDiloer ill tiii
gylinisilllil. Tiekets ltdiniti11-1to thei
innl~er' 111st tte procuedl at tile Stu-
ward's ottieo,price 30.11crntr.
International College Games.
TPhereo11(111seiiis a gtod ipossibiity
of alliinternailtiolli o(((test Itetweten
E'tiglisli aindAili ricail uniiversities
itis year1,ilittiottihth tl'e ltdlellge of
the 1. A. A. A. A. was lnot accepthd
ill 11rlanld. A .j11n111 lialeig 11(1s
111 Y ale,11n1' Harvard fo~r 111110 -hog(
bettweenlltheise two Il1liversit 00 tif eacth
ctituntry this fall. The evenits prllosed
li e 1i.t) yardis11a101, 4411 yards rull,
rt. hutridle lalees, 1211 yards, onie.tie-
to Aniertean ('1111; Bigh 11um11, tbroad1
at 1(11tilh- if it 5isllissiblle t(, ilerailgek
tilt 011' ill tie'fall. Nthing tildefinite'
Y11, lho-evelr.
Ninety-Six Ahead Again.
Coun11ty', lupheli ltitthe11.litolt'e lii-
till uilformedlll-(Il(1'of Stittolo iiBiy,
(12filitilig liiheirs11y a sioe, of '") to :..
lidat Rc.vr. ateyfr

So Says the Young Sporting Ed-
itor of the Chicago Inter-Ocean.
Oiii'of liii'yung IilCII wholiwrite
spor~tinlg 1110sfolr the Chicialglat~lel-
Ocean relieveid hiiiiself of thec follow-
hng ill Tntsdayx's isse:
"tnlig's celllenget'to 2ihigan to
111a1y off (lie tie exisin~g btweetl'n tho
1110 ttlltge's 11110 reteivdI at Ann
setiff at thit'ida of a ltird gamie, id
"Mianageir Stagg 0(1111 yestrday that
Ntas netgtiatinlgfor fiiur gainesi, liley
wouili agre e ll but ttwo onbests, buti
promuiisedl t pay'itthird:in iicase litia
Ablls has tgone-hoime. but('v111lill
"'Itieligan, in face, is didng 1111
bltlinig, aut is tryinig to kep11ilip
their iprestigei'l istiii atileittitsby
loud11tlkini~g, after evry def et they
setnt1hit'cry (f Wolf' Iilii'eiitr-
t'1llgille ltrk t'olitetOtof Junni'1,
2ieligii look: bt lseveniin~tts. RIe-
1111100ttvo of her platyrs wtell' barredt,
ill aeeordianiietwithl tieles11o f liii'A.
oer the trace"".11111d lllloliiiel'thit
lit year111' l'igantieam(1wxiii go 1o
alto1gter obvitus. Iifootball 11o01
fall,taftr 1pratically'tying with (Cill-
tagot by :.scotrei (f 8 toII4, tiiie1chargt
signals1. Noltvlitllllniing this, tie
fot-hit' liehittanplayetrs gt ai 'iialit'
to u101' their sinals. 'fherel'is 110 ldonina
that nithier Wiscon~sinl ir tiunesotlt
grii constntedl to a game.
"Thle vietois that Mihigan hias
puntu-lr'd f1liii(f holes. Iii the coi-
te st aithi Yale in 18t2 t gameit (c(111
on liiielly of te ll'teictiona of th(, sn-
or sotit-ius. intd cataill 'Murpyandi
miany othirs of thit' reglarilaye11'rs
not itch unitil tile gaiie hatd hbeetn
11(111 by liii' Woverines."
so lng as t'icllgl ivllersiy' hllri-
01110s dietate whait Cicago Iaht r
111111 say,. suchilthigs s thit'allol'
11ay3'be expecteid. H1111theio writer of
this atle e n c1(11(1tn a sc1 1ertl'aill liii
filets, Ie(, wouhldhave omlhittedvry
Apropos of the above, it is inemst-
hug to note that in at column aricel
in 'Monday's Inter-Ocean on college
yells,; the yel'ls of all the colleges in
tile tieu Stales, ecept Mihigan,,
were given. Evidently the Itler-
Ocean has no use for uis.
Catpain toies "Trilbys" defeatd
Captain Rtubin's "3ossbacks" yester
day afernoton by a score of 1ii to fi.
The features of the game were Itu-
bil's pitching, Ottaway's upring
and W1edemeyer's throwing to the
homze plate,

- i - - ' S. c's tl l' s eech i of a e ptta ne. tb y It egIn t D ental C on ventio n in D etro it.
1 ! ' Ji (.',ocher. In theCe 'IV.t5. (toe-ttuof Ill tilt' ur ohithetilt'nauI
R u se HuaiJL ~1~~iJ1111 stuuhor i-eneption lwill begin at 1)9
(( 1 ATiW'Ta liii ii'willhue spettial irtunionis of te 1(' e etl ovnio tDeri
J. 1JOBS & ALLVALNl ite'rau'ynclsssof '70, '75,185, '87, andtdhi t' 11twtu 11ays. r. Hotftt eeidnnl-
othiu 1'1(110and of thit'law11cilssso e a ciihereu tri 111-113.
Washingtone Block, Ann Arlbor, I'3 ))al lieyor.Telt
of 8.3, t(} ndoteryers. 1li lt- UNIVERSITY NOTES.
ED. A. CADEUX. I ry alumni xtill hittdta banqueui tli
PROPRETRO E ae thit'gymnalisiumll at 1 p. in. toule-tlu Pruof. 111thtugiii is ini Detroit tod.lti
Latest Improved Barber Shop brate1 the fiftieth anniv'lersary of thue II.,1. Woltott, till, is a;guetta(t til-
In the city. E. Washingtonst, lst dear ist Couuineineuiitit, atuthltbunsineussPiDltaTllet'IhiIIio it.
east of Sate st. Ane Arbor. tuttetueg of the lasocain wil xhl be -1r. Keti-lie itzluatriek left yestorn-
CE CREW _____________WATER,_____FLOPS -hhutd-it 3 p.ni. ill 'TapnHalllal. Thie day-umorninig for his hlomet in Natick,
IC !RASDAW TR LP inedtical ahlumni il mteet itt 2 p. i. -lass.
ad NOTOX, and all summereer- -1a t the medical bilinhg to listento10 Prof. Tho illil bel xxiihli- sp5lllll(Ir it
ages. Coin.t eat PIP'ES BELtOW tilatttdress by the presidenit, Dr. WI. theieltrotlHSigh Sehoul Colilileile-
COST. P-. Rreak-, Th'flalw- allumnliibhusiniess ilctiFtritday3.
JO LLY &. Co, 90-eS.STATE ~tntlwilxxiibe thtldlat 2 ip. li. Illthin Ihtorg, i' tieniirgt-sI','10 L, of
laxw letuSrut rooin andu the dleuta~l alumli- llu'ttnvilht'. 0., xxiii be ittre Cotnani-
Z 11iiihut tint 'x at1 2 p. mult. ili i ithl ienSt'teek.
3 ~ tuiampitettre. Wednetatay'teuiiuig at DeanilKnoxvltonixxil delixverthie'l1s51
-IN - 8:30 p. li.xill nocurtheto Lniversitylecture'of the yeair ho the lawv nlasses
ts *Senate recepbtion for gralduates, form- Tlnrs~ltly at 4t p. uut.
or stutdents and frinids of tile iTuiver- Prof. Tf. C. 'Truebulood is iii SooIi
c11y'. Caetds of admaission miay teobo- ttenhing liih- annual conixenthiol of the
IonD niS Baa~ck S ine at te Stoward's officet ad National Association of Rlocutioniists.
Sinn te secretaries of thie Alumni L. Ctarsoni, '1)1, r.1a hats beeun leach-
Q r3 asocitios an dens f te faul-ino inthe tDetu-eiuthight schited. will 1lu'
-Ciampbell at $5.25. t ies. prtitcip~al, ef the ['onuhaea l ghotl~ol
Spalding at $5.25. Thursday, Juno 27, will bethle date next year.
Sears Special 'at $4.00. of the fifty-first annual Commence- -Miss -tarie Shinermnundl. 87, will
Slocumo Tournamntit $4.35. ment At .I.tepoeso ilatn hcasruinns ek
Country Club at $3.35. -- 1h .itepoeso xilata h ls emil etxek
form in front of thie law building, She is now a teacher iii thie Minuca-
Sweaters Going at Cost anid at 10) a. m. the exercises wrill be- polls schools.
gin in University Hall. Thue'annual 'T11 last progranm party of the sea-'
___Oratlion wvill be delivered by JTame s on trill take pluic, at (drunger's Acad-
W. A . a i.H R.. lino Canfield, LL. D, Channoellor of emny Saturda y exenimig, Tune 29 . All
the University of Nebraska. 'The de- pupils, formger pupils.and friendcs tlure
NIVERSITY BOOK STORE; STATE ST. grees will then be conferred. Then Invited to attenld. ;

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