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June 18, 1895 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1895-06-18

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It is the intention of the Editors of the Daily to publish
the paper on strict business principles next yesr from the
day before the first semester begins until the day after com-
mencement-furnishing complete account s of all University
events during that period. In order to accomplish this we
need money this year, and to get money we are twilling to
make an exchange of courtesies with you on a liberal basis.
For TWO DOLLARS-paid before July 1-the Daily will be
delivered by carrier in Ann Arbor or mailed to any address
in the United States or Canada during the college year
There will be several occurrences at
or connected with the University of
Michigan next year, whirh you will
be interested in knowing about.- The
Daily will furnish you prompt and ac-
curate reports of all these events, and
if, on June 26, 1806, you feel that we
have not e arned the two dollars, your
money will he refunded, and we shall
make no charge for commission or
Your subscription will be taken by the business manager
or any other member of the Board of Editors, at Stofilot's or
Meyer's, or by any accredited solicitor. Subscriptions by
mail will be received until July 6.
J A list will be furnished upon application..


MAR{OO┬▒NS WERI{E DE T iATD 1)11011s re.' stitl 1111' follewvilg talie- "A Letter to Dean E,;nowlton. COMMI\ENCEM:IENT CANLENDAIL
3 'r2'<t_ 11toIc Managt'er We lks: atJulio 22, :) a.m ii.1 lliiatien
)CenliuoM ~ ~ "B frvFrSPg. -b irtue of Mlihian andc thicagro At a1 ins (11110 of 1111' junlior 1l10 (1ays
, -ciil o in- iinenf Sy s leaders in lasS, week P'resid, 111, (e-by wazs >l o iiiilete dii-1 iS liri
center; iilooioigstoia gel diest on balls, welscse-liecl 11 er iiicidS pco ailtS ox lcl><trliiilil
Condon flit So Brown, who lest She pe, Itlie si uiiieiils of. 511(10, illa s"i. iniO 23 iii(+s1
hall oii a 'fumibe,' *Wavrmaie struck oii acc~ult of tli t}' 11ow Eeiolig.; -atuail ls y rs ne
ca1111ai 11 "r1 won~ 2: gailc5111 h Ilner 0'111 S, ,lrdtoth r,-signali n11 oIf I,1 gor.. lail (~sb lO0\g
otand _McKenzie flewv out So Herr- Mcii..~tol asu 24l~ of ill' -a~c iiiLo-ialn
ost, o hcao erighi l sit- of ('ie ago ecnllengs, 111e Univer- lilii10(1111011la eetion of caundda11 1or- adission 1(o lit-
s3,oMihgnt llyatid "it .hecnuttcladrw ul)to Wat~luts; t sent a sailege, linier ~a Y Otyccatlci
00 nieltrail ;rounds5 oil a datie mutt, ly t following lease: e1i. deilm+
lnoe tDeass 11111111, and Brown w as Mcii., iiii 24, 10 a. in.-11(5 liaw class
thrown ot at lirst bly the s0111 Ida-yer. - 1111 .A iAl. IN .Koiod~i a exercises. Uniiversity hall,
Hf clirse t111, ga111 wll not Sb- Deani of the Law D)epartme~nt, o. li22 l 10 100
Thils debiled score: Unvri M luJue2,8p.e.:Ino rm
MICIIIGAN. pla~yed. M1iclilgios 111111 Ins fll-ill- Unvriy of llicioat eiiade 011 cam101s.
AB P 11 10O A P0 ally (disbanldedl allI 111)0of 11 i' vir- Ilslr Sil: -I;a a vote' of She: law TI, rtu 5 0a.nMeigo
Deertok a_______ 4 2 o .ily 11110 1rft Anll Arborl. Stag 111105 oIf. 1l806 we wish So, exp~ress tl ogils
Shields, c f-- ---- 5 5 01 0 0 111110 have knoAN wi (f this wheni lie-seot loll (1o1r regiet 110 your 1' sigiisiiio1 TlsiaTn 25 2 p. il.5-d
lusell,S. s. __---- S he Stelegrami. F'ollowviig is lisa sille of froml 1t1e (lic e of Dean11, 11111 1(1 'Allr(ss daoy exercises under Tappani O~ak.
Bloolminsele 2--400 4 1itagilveli in the Chicago RiecordI of to yoil our al~spleci-inl1 for Ilic "slaP stlono uto Oe.Agl
'Condon. ----- e o~ttino uto 'cs nel
Watermans, 1. 5-- 5 15 ' yesterday: e"olloscies ayou 11av01 0111)1 1u0 lirilig Tc.,un2,9p.i-Srclo.
MlcRenzie, 10--_-- 1 2 9 0 -usJn 5 p .'5repd
' -- Isnt tiso 0 legial." sil Stsgg bhe 111100 a iii. Wisbling a-eu miarry a ainiim
Totls --ls------1---(1-----a "ll-11155'If.t)1106n-t]r1orti7 l13iis4ii"1ge eof.oiatd.,Juie 11Aliiiii Da. iw
ofo I 0 .0 us could claim the ellaniiipolislip of profrssoi-, we, ri11111,ei01110So '7,..., ,8,83L
Nickel', sos.__----301 2 ' 1 She we101. If tle ro is anya 1111051iol~ Fours 11o00 rescifilb- ',0 1' 'd1110yas
.Tones - - - - -11____ . 0 5 32i OI u te ~~s
Adkisson, 1b5_--- - S 1 aboult whviceh is the stroug st Scai I P. J. CROSBY, 1 p. n.-fiftieth anniversary aliuni.
.Ahelli. - ----- d5 0 0
Winston, b _----- 3 0 s 1 tinsh it shiould tbe ill favor of our1 L. M, Ct1111TON, banquet.
- erri ei, cf-------4 1 1 7 5 0 0 t la ign1 0 1. lul II .Lna , 2 p. il-Addiress, by pr'esidelt of
+Graant, 10f-------4 0 1 1 h 1 theo score of G) to 4 y elcrdy showvs ID. I3. ('cm-novgn, Medllical Alumni associaion in Mlcd--
-rw p_- _-- 4 1 that w-e weta iiot outclassed. WhaS E. L. T~rmp~soN. icail building.
Totals ---- a-3 4 7 a7 9 5 we want is 10 pla1y Mielligail a goilie 2p i-a lmibsns ot
Miebban -- e -_-- 3 0 a 1 5 2 0- 6 'oil toutral grounds, and I believe that. Of Interest to Authors. ilg, lawv lecture room.
C iicago------- 1 2 0 a e 0- we, can beat themi. It do0e-s 1no0 lu~lks .mletl lun neig
1Ru11 earsed-Mlhn 5 tChicago i. Two-2p.mDetl"Amn meig,
base: lilts-Sextos, bleltness Thlee->base anv particular difference 1o u1s tvln-re The followinilg amtuncl-nil-nt i11da la mhthcte
fiits-Sextos, noes,, watkins. Jones, Brows..d.tlanplt~te
Double plsys-Brown So Jones' to Abells. wve play-. I further c11ai11 a ganie for pears inl the Julne Aie-ricaii IJnoiver- spnt-itrs Almiueilg
Saerjsce hits-Shields, Nichols foereleg, lbs rcasosethlat w-- tntually7 agreeli oi r Ma;io- Tapa n1.I balL yA pu rret
Crant. Stolen bases-sexton. Deane, Vat- 3- :Igzn rfi~ al
Inns. Rtussell, Nichols', Abetl..;Herrinl, 5rdwsn. th at should each team -in a game "A- es feo~-ia tr eiit
illSt by pltche - atths. Ileist laseo balls 5;1Aeatoeorgulsl~y eiit :0_ p, m.-Stmalo reception, Watef
-by sexton 4; bynBrown 5: Struck at-by atpiece a third ganas woutld be played." ed fronm a strictly utldergrldliat, t0Er- 1151 gy-ltihp
Sexton 5; by Brown 4. Lefto bases-Mich -________
an 2;lhlcags 5. Flestbase on .errors- azne, will alpear iit every tnumbe-r 'tus., June 27.-F'ifty first annual
lilcigna CicgO2.Unplo-tae. Contributions to '05 Qastallart. of ills ngtgilalttc. A1t Ilt' cull of eltchr cenmie ceMeot*. I a. yin., procession
At lbs close of the contest the crowd kya heioswl fe hato om tlwbidn. on
SContributions wit to year t't5 edtr ilofe i t~o- om tla ulig 0 .i. n
ruhed on the field and carrietd tlse - hi9na-o h cto tislssistet-ostemtcenent exercises, University Hall. "
teamri to the baus W' here a great reo- ta _nadntue a ebdb dollars for a" story of 1,200 wvors." (Oration by Janes I (tuflold, LL, ID.
(5, f* I~~~~~ll-dr authors en naplication to Miss~ Th, tr n41 crotnn ri
cpinofyels' anal congratulationsr> hesoyitecuetnmbrs
wa ~ to~ - - Ant L. Hicliards. 77 ZB. 1huron, or le "B'enn Night with Molly," by Mtr- Chauncey Ms. DUeeW delivers the
asgivon diem 1.R2 e~gz9?S ta t
A fters A. A. Stagg bad returneds to -..Klo 95.Sig garet Griswold, Cox, reprinted fisom Coipitenceeieint ad~Iness at Vaqdcerlilt
+Chicago snd made the necessary ox- Subscribe for ihe Daily. the Smith Callege M~olitidy. ituiverosty today.

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