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June 04, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-06-04

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VOL. V. No. 175.


Our Men Will Beat Their Own Re-
cords-California Says She Will
Not Compete Aainst "Profes-
fTe iisuchltalked of 0meeig - it
Californiai ils be en abantldlonetdi, o isg
to (slitoriis action ii the ssslltv.
A ieleglall9ws rceivd fioni lb t
wtouild not cometilo AAr ibr miiles
lile two imeii 011tie Michigan temisiwho
werIe plrotsted st Ciciago 55 if itli
(oit of tesompetition. iigti's re-
lly wils tiatitno0 seeting would he once-
sidlered here for ii oloitent if ihiss
Iwo wre to b2tdeatrretdi. The Cle-
gos iapersofit'yestrdtay stted tat
Ctalioriia swoldtiis oul 10o An
Arbs, bt swill go to Chlampaigii in-
stt-edto ttcomtlpet agist the tiiistr-
sity of Illiittis.
This ationi is regretted s-ery iiiieh
ittri by everyonthe, butitAiligati's posi-
tion is ttilhe rlings ilade by tio
Oxective commilititete of the W. I. C.
A. A. A. lasthStutirdayiigt w e i-
tirtely sit of order. Clifolrnia'. claim
is that ter men woul etla-get' their
standinig iby esompetinlg taginst imui
delaredilprofessionast. laitntoeas
-Mr. Lehloy la oilt bt'n elaeitd a
poof- ossioal sod as Mr. Hall is 11o)1a
lrtfttsiollll aecorinlg to tilt' A. A. U.
rusing,tlissptle is lhardly ulieclet.
It sclinioi'i'e likely that as on'isoflthe
('alifiornia party sai tfter to' galileo
a1 Chietigo, "California listseverylllg
to los-siid nothing to gain by goitg
to .Aim Arbor,"- sod therefore they
wvy orlit aniious 1o colle. This, too,
wass before thelproests ad ben
broughtni,s-whichI iictes a desire
isisCalifornia's 1part to pitek ot a iplee
wshere they fcan 5511.
Wvednlesday will, hoswever, see s0100
track aiid fie-d sports, esen i Cali-
fornia swill not coet to- grae the
occasion. A regular ild day will le
eld tonmorrows afternoon beginning at
4 oclock sharp. Te uet will un-
doibtedly be by far the best ever held
here, as the 1510 are now -nIswice as
good codition as at tie fld day of
Afayt 21, ws-ich the records made at
Chicago wsil attest. Au attempt will
be made' to break every University
record sod to end the trck team's
seasoln snccesfully.
Its order to make the meet a more
popular event, it aaben- decided to
reduce the usual admission- price of
fifty cents to twenty-five cents;-Al-
though it is so soon leter the hard
comptitions at Chicago, an effort- will
be mad to make rveords that will

compaltre favorably swih Caiforniat's. '98 SUCCUMBS TO '96. SE OU WID W
Amonitg oter piceparatiotoiiIstlt- The Juniors Win a Victory Without EE O R W N O
tie Ca'tlittirsia isletI itgltoriouts 5liless Much Trouble.
ps-ttstisstasthlttic eficissfrtosmsD---
ttllti habeens stcitedto cse ie 'sTo't6iladscsIliiiyestrtay fl'r- 'ITHERE MAY BE-
sffitcetrso ngttti tt At-eoMsrs. Fhe. noon till 5lail l as ictory-oer lt'SOMDETHING
Sttian, of thse D. A. C., tC. 'T. Wilkins, freshmilen. 'it'4showtssing ill th~ir Ix IT."
of t' A. A. A.. aisd tluisyc esĀ° eit, -tlie itt' s '97 Isometitulelgt 5th'
li- sstli kssno stisateoisrietrt . I'ti an-llt Il si' et tltes tf tischtib tttr
istrcbblli''tal t - ittftse'sm'n playig on their psrt thassis siort
wiii aso lit'iere' tomosirrtowc, stelogis hisiitdi yesttet-isay. Tilt'gisl s ' 1 South Main t.
Ca'sliftiriisstdoes nt comle. All is ill, markedthrisoughsost by ailisrrtrs, tof __________________________
it shoustld be the greatest feldl dray i's-is-whischltie juisors asos hdu tgod
seeni isere. sare,.tBryanit ittchse ass ixtel intt We
'rise traick msenisvere oifttoce ge iit, iolig'9 tossn to tre''its. _ Employ
c- dstirtisy as iusal aisl ss-re gis- n The recelt ot the -gaslie is to susi'e YOUg
lightwsork titer li sthoicog ans. ft' ictors tie apon iiis ot the Mn
'Tse -traiinig ssiilie cotitnuiedt todita'lacy teamtliinthie htina ifr-cas consto ditriutel
aloa~dtooro wlle lihetst mistsFridayi Teiv screb mesh hopat paymet o igh gr ae Ame
ilsi, ad lhisos oss svil cstitil ' l~ seie biyce.wichttwe siedtemtopcapproal. No;
hinin s wasas folows:stsort oiltIe bicyle arives asS prve
si'iason11for Ithe-teamts. ttl~g il 5 ohso ailil
Hasd it hit-n supposedithaisCil ci- hnintigs!....12 3 4 ;liC 7 s ty YoungLadie saemee emse
lortsist soitldiback 011oute'roposed me-------e-d1. W7rite021$ lbs osraprtertm ieeirc
uu(bgwih enercolee t i- 9'CS- - -2 C 3 0s 0 4 0 3t ACME CYCLE COI'PANY,_
e'isiahiwoid ssvebee trtas~d.Stagg Has Overstepped the Rules.K-ARID
'T-e' ofereid te expesets of oir tialls Pridacy last, wi-lit-ihie CUni'ersity
to C'initianti reltiun istd a. teatisiChitsof IjOmiahef atilthic 'ago 12 I=Orr' I_'.J' 'OLS
trophyc for the- viclois. Is 11, Prof. Stagg dividedethe work FREB LIsE or
in te bxhitixshi Clarke. As a c00n1- LOWNEY'S CHOCOLATES
UNIVERSITY NOTE. tlne-nee lieis iosw beoeth eAhletie JT RECIVE AT
Boarl of Chiago Ltiity ott-tr ay + U TES
'het-'varsitycbtasebsall payers .svre in brokeniitihess'w uls is to -+4TS.U T TE, .
gist-Ilisi'cticee a basttiig olts c-ster- fes 48 S. STATE ST.s sping
da.urthr eividmcc wil esoiglilt ile For Teni Days
'risenh'slvnian11ianditthe Cornllh
ease thitss eu i. __________________
Ditlyc'Sitti lvistnitishel lthr last
Two Base Bal Changes. we wits oier or entire liseofs
l s is r tt-ecols-ge year'. *ralj
9AuttikA. Santds, '93 L, nosy. locatedti'The fnlattottels gaiseh-sseteenLAIS', MISES' aIrAS
t C'hiigo,. is visitinig thet' lapitaiSig- 'hf; andh '95t.t4 hsis be aii postpionedh rolls S- OBS
ltas andtth ler fritends15 ii the cic. 'hutrsdasycto tFridayi. D.Ewrswl uzte17Ds Tegitx audywl n t~dein oafd.Alteemo
Dr Rhsssts's s-ihliltta tle 97 Ds Tu gle iext alertla syhl It'ade foe uralId ad drigthelpate
its Orgsanic Ch Isisc- iext.Aonday-ecwitstseD. AC. tasillsa, Isl--lf notsoanS mde by tesebest fatoies
toitntg it100111"A, rhsseilbtuild- Blo-tit (
tog. The Homeops With Leave Us. J ACOBS ALLMAND
A ness- istier has b,,en tlsrteel, at Washington Block, Ann Arbor
tile U'nisersitycof Chiaiosigled'tilhelii- The bill hproviding for lit-inos'aal _______________________
of tilt' Homoathstiic deatmient of ED. A. CADIEIJX.
Aaroon. Water Delteilbangil, berePORIEOn Or THE
the Unisrsiy to Ostiot eis sightedLaetmp ve BrbrSo
ssthi '97 last year, is tssistanit man-LaetIpo dBrbrS p
ag''ing editor. I'(o- Irin-seisl-a eroo othe city E. 5'aihngton St,ht door
Prof. Jonasswiti givea piano recital LAW NOTES. east of M1an St. Ann Arbor
ill thto facultyc conlert st-fisTsi Thsr F-re wsi le as p cial quiz for the M M O H
day eveninhg, Jueeti, at 5S'oeict-he te- junhiors ill Dotiestic Relations at 110 MAMMOtistec s u n or o-Study nrom4 T -IP-~
cell in tile s ries, swhiichil-il b git-n 't' ssiors sil be extineiut-il t& Coit
Junie 13. Equitiy Jirisprudenecse at 2 o'clock -in 26SOT STATE ST Dontlath to come.
Da. ombrd wll e gn -ling heot ad Cold Lnches at All ors.
Dr.Loiibtrdssil bgit g~tlg tlethe leetitre- roomi, Sattrdaty_________________________
'h6l D's ltheir ostr chambesirs oss thsys- Thelexiilnthlltioni Doisisstic Ilea DUCK
toogy Tune 10, and continue to do teionsispoi-lfratdyeenn
psefoSaudyeeigso th~roughlout the seek until they at 7:30 ini the lecture room. $1.50, $2.00 AND $2.50
have all been examinited, the hours for 'Te sulpplementary exalshition 10 BSinA IY
the same being fromsi85to 11ta. illItal1-rpESTsil e elQtUoosLITY._______
tiid fromi 4 to 4:30tlp.- 1. in thie'hilys- 4,-Wednesdlay- at 4 o'clock.LANTN'
iologlt-al laboratory in 1110 151icol Instructor Htughe will qui the sel A NTNI O
building- ors on Ietcures 11 to 13 inclusivt- in SOLE AENTS FOE,
. oFhA-NOR1THWESTR1tN O- Criminal Las, nxlsweek in room 4. WRIGT & DITSN'S CELEBRATED RACKET
RATE Thie seniors swill be exaulted in
Copies of the, specelie in the Mich- Cororations, Ibs wetk as folows- 7
eshantWhtrn s basttee ow taenC.sections I1 and 24,hrday at 4'l;. AILF-i H R 'S
ale a-thssally'rn deatearo on S.sectios 1 and 24T.srday at 4 ochand tp Town, iDowTow,
Those wbo subscribed nsay receive section A> Saturday at 4. The eceas- Unverity oktore, OppoIte Cort House
their coIeas at''the Sarns place. Price ilitions will be held n the law ho- M3S. state St. 4 N. lt4ho St.
[per copy, 20 cents. turo room. .ANN ARBOR

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