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May 09, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-05-09

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.tf flharve tiltheir names hecansi' siur
+ of f tu'I.4cOilil Inol :hlillng tliio NU'S ors

Published Daily (Sunday excepted) daring
the College year, at
OFFICE: Times building N. Main st., opposite
post office.
J. A. LEltoY, '96, Mansaging Editor.
G. 1B. IIdARuSON, '00 L, Asistont
A. W. SMITH, Speecil, Assistant.
WO. A. SPnLL, '00 L, Assistant.
B. Co LE-an, '07, Athiletic Editor.
J.. 5. eans, '05 L, Business Manoiger.
Associate Editors.
H.A. Daincer, '5. E. L. Esvans, '95L.
E. IR. Sunderland, '95d. CasrieV. Smith, 'St.
L. A. Pratt, 't6. L. 1R. llamblien, '961 L.
C. A. Hiougliton, '00 D. G. A. Heath, '0061'.
innooie Thompson, '07. 11. B. Gammon '09801.
C'. B. Farrell, '93. S. E. Knuopeu, "08.
J. S. Fiiilay, '98.

eriticiseilbti li in d t oe rconsiodereod
it rightl (lint thisyt'iio'roity of tlarge
shiouldl know the' irnimes. Ift hiy
rcllsjusotify thiir actioins, this publici
ity wsil not tdistuirbthemso. As Isoltii
stale eduitor', lieis hounld doinwsbOy'tlii
si'lf-' ojeest policy of his paper oil t
rae i 5'every'possiile senoaliniini
is minute'st olitails anil 'lannlt:t oxr-
tine a, elliie.'inSt'e mater. Itflie'
claiiis ts lo 'lieo'e that (ie tloiowc!'oi
burni'itfleshi story, liii' husnflosh
sooisoig,' story tanIdllllibo'(les ethiers
it" trite, all we 'caen OilY is lent, for
at manswhio is so wsell-nformieid on thi'
Vnoiveirsity aso Ii" is, he istos1001"sarsl-

o0usl1'ediulots. SBot Awe set' io Oxe-
tll all eitorial Csol doiisiiig the cuse' feetil' etorrt'sltollotinill hos"'
lutist hatch of sensaotional articets fertile hraiii tli' e stories orio;nsacool

aoust thie't'inip'. roil3'thtlo havone up-
psoared inlsevei'ol iape~rs, tt'e Daily
trotd oii (Ii ' toes of the' tDetroit ihoeli-
ins News. Wi',hiavt'sloce'receiveid
fioiiit(le etditiorial ttt'tortoot'oot of that
10(1 'r a.omarke o p1tty of ftilustrute-
titos t lltotooolesoi(Fts., 'dTy lare so
iter.,stingi inottew of tio'helotlueally
leto'oloiot osupplostioinosto the N-Mo's'
infalibility (liat vve quo(0te'efoollows-

fIo iwy Illetge thtliit ht' N. wotdo-
inanolsthts kindolof stiuff antl liecan-
hnot. hooloIhis piositionliotihont sonliing
it. Btlsit hat kindo of loyalty to tlinvriyisi ht swiln o:s
in thusoo istrel'.'so ito'o<:1nI nooslio:'"t
-W o'rocoosizo'that thi' e'xspioalo's of
todaloy-1101sf lopiit the t' 0.oss ool 0,I
01::' slows0, if i.t' 0 Ilolintaii its posi-
(Oton.oiaid a ceorleondooit-lit it o 'plllll'o
to' s not witthlis papeoor ilet'oiiolitews.

m tIrivial thlns havre bhen st'Io..'tl PNEUMATIC BICYCLE SADDLES.
llioll n daolmiadte so lsatieotI.wehile
roally hove newss ahool sllio'eesi~y lt , ~
in~lilotilig scholoorshipi 1'oriok eloong
litoroiry 01' setlltilic h l's, lnts ,goil(o' ti } '
ltlliotice'tII hl' lit of Ths
inlirts 15,whicheli t' 1301000kloovo o t.' 10'
falcts, thoeahoove'instrulctionslo \:, No's>
etirr's~loo lt I rooToliko' a foiie.At
toast. thr oru010001semi tto 1b. 10' '.1of
tllo Neo's is'ilg OIOO ofits ore "Thoe ferfeet" InflatalePaddle, prevens
0lO)l1'lt5lorivate,' iit:'rtrtltiolis of Chaufing, Numimtes ad Soaddle Soreniess. Thoe
Cheapest, Easiest lRidinsg oaddle itheOWorldl.
(li 010 rtll' s, if thoty art' slltposool too Por Mio, W0omen a01000Cloildreo. ('iresulars
Fret. Address,
folloow 110100 lt . 'fTo protest tl..t PNEUMATIC SADDLE CO.,
110 utrutthisahotut t.'lliorsity 100011- 107 Cliambrrs St., Nrew York,
101s hatoo' be010 11110i5h1,is riotio'oloo-i.
They'.hav10010 paldlo'l toa'til''' or lest
litllttO ro lmooost e'very wok.'1 ,
ttaloo'en s'ory0103'nothot'lost)"fakeo"'
aoutt Ili'ooedtit'al sloleet (:oo'o'etobe'l
freoutilly deolo'os ed'os infasls'hooooot, This space IS reserved
toll thot' Ness's alolits coro slooooeol(
hao ot 001dooli 1 i. 't'telper'has,0i for the Grand Opera
fatct, so',_llihgly t'ncoonroogo'oI 11e0' so 1 Hou e
ills1 ofotuell stuoff, loot oly lbs par.0
hoot as ow'oll ill forimotr' years. 'fleo
Daoily 0is 0001oil ltlelltil 05a000' Cleoo
a,;ano t lly. lb No 055 1001'shoouldhlit gist'
so ontlo 51000'ateto htlpapio'', 't'eo it
1000 flint it tools attotot all ottoers g;lor'
1053ly lisin lpinOslilolcoo'the 'oio'o'sty il FIRsT NATIONAL BANK.
bothlo 1000'' aootetlitorloo cloiooio. Oh' ANN ARiBOR.
Fur01theor, ti al y 001'regoot's 11hat1it foels Orgaizied 180t.
'ollo( o11000too r. sor' orl10suho lioilCapital, $100,000. Surlulsanod Pledlo, $00W,0
.4,1olo'is ll 1 oo'out otooolol s("'111 to. tbo' Transacets a generail bainkinig husisess.
Foen. eetosboughit andsold. Furnish
loli iolo''thatl (Ii"seniliet l of tilt' letters of crgedt
tl'ito'l'0i13' ill rogoorl d 0 11tloltmitin P. BACf.'1Pres. S. 0W. CLAhIKfON, Cashiler.
i'lr lI .O'1p .,.' I 0. <tl' 1 it -osill ootoo'yo ;"o .we.:. _,. «.,......-s-,. . . ....n wxa
be" tho'Daoily's poolto s 010 ii. ts blol ITo11 01ibt 101 privattt 01
tOI"O tllillodi ibotoohol 0'0- ylolol. S IA L CL .A SS
DITSON MUSIC. lesons illhDaonoe r, all at
Offie hours 111to1I011d 4 to S.
"Six Love Songs," No stairs le oun011.
By Tooant F. Ooooyee. Trolnslatioens of Sixo MRS ANNIE WVARiD FSTED'S
of }seione's finest lyeics ini esonisle musoialOLI.
settinos. Heavy Paper, 75 cents. School of Dancing and Delsarte.
"CLLG 1SNG.Saturday ,lla.n,Getleian bginnersclus
The sndaroolelhection of College Songs. una UentdemenLale-
Beer 300,t00 oll. Heavy Paper, 50 Tnueday, 1:30 p. in., Beginners Clas(Ladies
cents, Cloth, Gilt, $1.B0. andaGentemen).
Private iessns bn y appoistmient.
Oely ioo,k oft'hoe hied pubhlishoed. ThoreH
soo-s of thoe loeadinog colletes toerstomns.
H~eavPaper.t, $1.00. Lovell Diamond Cycles
oi1O'tAL 11L[1111 II.'~1fLfiLI01 [ 1 I~dUIoJC, A resunsurpaissed for
Eighty-twto pieces foe thoe guitar from tthe BEAU.TY, SP'EEDO AND VOIIKAIAN"SIP.
bet uretes. A splendiiod collection. Stand- Good allowaosoc maode 0o1 second-
oCer. 5B cents. '-uhanditOwheels.
Ahoy hookosenst oisht-id e receipt of prloce GEO. F. FISHER. Agen~t, 55 F. Univ. As..
453-463ia osiisloe.n re. loston. IA20 FR FR tE. Washing-
C. H. Ditson & CoN Y, ton so.
IT'S HARD TO DO W ITHOUT caietsv rnl uburFedthpereh$

''thltilis le'oo.o5It is, 5s0 fior.000 300u1T'isnetol not hboistoot t. hios'oo
olea c tonerned'o, oythiiillgoleut10 010d
reliabohl"' -fo iioi u til os Sownn 'iciitoy, so000asiitolomhk' 'OdllliiOlli5otoif ull~h-
thoot oo'(l itrsT 1tt'heohoit' of ht'in or to10gicotity' 1(0lil'iprset'lillhog
sti~ e rah' 0 iiolly." I-or isllsl 11c'100.-hOthio1"'eI 'hltooh17iog
hu1g' as atoelo'', 01a1n ooo'thle' added-
osdvanoitoage-of pjonooioo fatfahIsttoot lf' 00 oost~oh l'gi -h oot
"let r hialooloo INewvs ts lost nlls'O'tho-eo'oosooiooooohft tul s oftohio Iilo'o'r.
ih' it is nottrue1.. 'Vtetr oi r~z~tlihg 0ad1th o'iS000110', if oooyoloioog, of talt'
y'iiourit. Giust otosloiti o'loo-oo 3-ion poptoolt to.roooihlool 10ii(lot'foocohty'
c-oh1. Toth Inuslttoe certaoinoof 3-;Fo'too hoont doson teo 0t.-0i i<r~dnto ol etol
foicts. 'hFakeos' 0ar's'notI wantednhuill
der ahoy- eio'C-lllsiiseis."them pa000y'thlt'full holioosty ofto' hlr
'fhislaothis 0 c ''iohll intreting in lislit -is. Noof 000netod has;to lotih
o'iewo'utof t' .s. rio-s of snotretories saidut 1 thoo o iortt--ohn-et s of ho.
fitillihesre' thaot haovoe-atppea-retd 10nft'e idignaotoolhaot lot-toails tio Ohio' t'o-
No'oo's right aHung this 3'e'r ind101other 0 inity' tt hlige' over toe frutlt dieed
3' on's. Wi' c-hooileioge tal,o.'Nes,'sa1110 andsloftahoe flot thaot iliii'cooio-'iocs
its (510or li~Itllt bore los 8o1o110 00100' of oinilitloniaonog tlit' e-tult}-tts dts
articeeof ize inlstrlcltionls abioe loot- cthors tliaot n110010 oo' woulooid odo suocho
ed0 tlahio ka000sfot -on voiattidin the:ttlhig arce unw0othy of Ol'liorodoiio
coero-spioll eI 00 -fl-oio lll nnArtitordur- in hio or any3 highoer tistitiorllitto
tog--the hprtltcollege yea.'.Uner lo olinlo. 'Slits is 1n1loth prtof (t
the repotrh s th,'-News'efroim hire 0000001 r thoot t(lienlsathiiolpitl;in'

w0ithiin heol'host 111011th h lbre-,lottoe lp-
pkatredilthings intdecent, sunreliablhe antd
fictihiohus,thinlgsowhichl 50ery'005oac-
hliiit,-A'tSoih theofaicts;kowos to ho
"foohe 0" lpure',011001 simlel. Thois,
is thle' 1101-csurhprisig owhen if
is henowo'n wohooare Ihoe persos through
womlslathiteearticles reachl thlepubici
103'moan11,0of tho' -News'. N.AL t.Coals-
cr510, 'l35 L. is cornsphondet of thlit
Newos 1he, 01101 G. 01I. ""nsow'', is
its stat'ehedihor, -hot o'dits thoe blat r
sent from hoere'. 11.i', thant, on'e01
studcent aansIn11alumnustiof thoeUti-
v'ersity batck of thhese reports wohichl
so msircpresent.strirnstittionodt10
it laosting injury hefote"eIlls p she of
tho state, and of the osuntry oh bugs'.
The Daily has 1n0 commlienttho nalee
uon the position of thoese two'. If
they can. reconcihe it oith loyalty to
their alma mater, wehl and good. We

st-m 100o5w0011t, 0noh ,s tlxhoit-('011 ('ot
piondentts havesot' itOheo': opoel'501110-
Iit tho stelt it to themti0. 0001 t'e t0ll'
triry', hoy pintling 01113-th. o-- ss ide.
ot the' mttethe hoy l'oave it to reaes
at largogts o iiofer that th lt'1ininer.it.3
of licligan is hile :ndsioloot o0.
5t'lO1i-b~rutalo, t 1111-i'nl'-15.s-slhh -to iogot.
bouot on haormoful or oat least (usoSiloll-
absle "folio." Toile' thie coluioons ou thlei
Ne'ows, Corinisstance,edurng thosop10010
-eoir andl o'c looow forowhlat bhos 1110
poearedl flere' froomoAllisArboin111oos fol.
boo-ed lbs. instructiosit o~td Aoveo'o.
We fintd thsesmealhalf-cotumnsiof lies oel
thoe "tiorst-dlsoh carnival" oft Ihllow-
e'ten as couspared wifthstickfusl hn
thie oratonical contest, snearly oi csl-
umn on the Highs School fraternity
coos as compnaretd owiths four or fo's
lines on the University dehafe. And
so it has gone thev whole yecar. The

Yor eae iss"lielyt a e te m, ifoe hsnn'twre ues nawe'll send you the informatieon o nwntndo
oun handunu isom iltratdcatlguesflee. JOAJOt'00 PEN 031PANY, Janeille, Win
SHEEHAN & CO. Exclusive Agentn for Ann Arbor.
The Fisk Teachers'Agency

355 Wabatsh Ave., -

Chicago, Illinois.

Ashbusrton Phase, int Fifth AvOnue, 803 Twelfth Strest, 101 Wabash Av'enne
OS Church Ftress, 425 Century Bldg-. OLY'MPIA, 120V0 S. Spring Street
Send for Agency Manual and Registration' b1AkS

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