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May 09, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-05-09

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Time Table (Revised) Nov 81894 Us ccc Metorial l. BLA VI
EAST . M WS'A 73M il 'a(ly1 1.-s (bstter-J~fe'lfrrs OETHUSNoMEiFaAr.ID L I
Mal aed Ex-0.. 50 Matl debteawilecture roomt, 5 NETHUAN.MLE FnAKtRD
N. Y. Speciali5 lb N. Y. pec 5___ 7 0 AT SMALL EXPENSE.
Eastersna---10 25 N. S. Lsmted... 09 i Fi ., 'May 10.8-Damtiso lu t-ANt)D
A. M. Pacific Es 1' _L;15
Atlantic Ex.-.7 47 iP. tltrite besneit,(.rasd opea housb. Visit this Historical Island, which is th
GD .Ex Ea 4ss.0 WCe.strn Ex..Ma.10..itsisnss,1it2grandest summer resort on the great A HUSTLING AGENTSCNICTION.
G. ..Expessr....1 5 40 i.est.roEs-2 H Fr11., askes-. Itt only costsR Ex___ __shout7 Po$13KesefromLasonyitPratesLaks.liteycosstaout13 rom Mysake amve bolth e"Sally as.x
G.A.RIOLS .. HEs - IPrf.1{tie er Lson i rcl Detroit ; $5 from Toledo ; $18 from caght on wih the boys assd4gils, sowell a-s
0P. . oAno, Ci Hg. Ag.,A-nsr tori-ell chuirch.Clveland, for the round trip, including te "growns folks, sd iss't it oely, fioishes5.
Sat., Mlay I11-'Vaisit y vsIlisnoisiseas asd berths. Avoid the heat and isthe batiul asminmenamtsel-a secret.
T.usr.&l.M.R . tittc heit, 3:130 p. sit ust by traveling on the D. & C. flosgrng process known only o te maters ssr he
T. .A .M SaY . sbs1-etigo h Ta-plces. The attractions of a trip te tbe Smalley." tnDonuet otthsie sew method
Tating effect Sunday, April 7, 184. S~tSlYi.M it'o 1( -Masckinc region are unsurpassed. The tor spokissg te whieel? Coibar ges on to-
Trains leave Ana Arbor o Cetrsi Stand- sSs tudsents t N. wviers a tll I. 1n.egsad itself is a grand romantic spot, its them and it tem nd siteers os them;
ard time. St., IMy 1t. -Ansi i isstinet o lisate most ivgrtn. Two new eiesuo ass ts thss- ort rrsstet assl jsmps o.
5:NO.RTH15s. so. Eigsi ri)gssrt-el passenger steamers have just been to tetscrtsskt hager; sings the heel be-
8l:07 . p. m -'7:15 as. m. 1' irin o se nlt for thte ':5 ss 1;0u.Ipper lake route, costing tweens two boes snd jmpi on the rae ans
4.15 p.m. 9:0p~. . n Fi, t~a 17.-Vtrity vs. AV 151011;300,000 each. They are equipped with the "Smalley" Bicyte eems to like is.
-Trains run between Ann Arbor and Toledo si1. 4 pi. it, every modern convenience, annunciators, Nvr a suaiot ist sgsasever a break,
oniy I' daueen~sd Fr\i.Mty 17.-yiiplistiy cot-cet. satisrooms, etc., illuminated throughont ntl te,siglt is i to 21 -possds.-Western
A 'risdiyexeS.uREOOs gntdtay.- ut oist.Fit-sl ilesvelectricity, and are guaranteed to be ]hardware ComptnyStlt Lake City, Utah.
W. H. BENNETT G. P. A. Toedlo O. he grsndest, largest and safest steamers_______
arp.tnt. 2al frcos water. These steamers favoraby AN EASY SELLER,
'-ippp pSt, AayM.t 18. itfett day, 2 compare wills the great ocean liners in co-
AN RO /SLNT T y1,p . uristion and speed. Four trips per week
____________ i etween Toledo, Detroit, Alpena, Maci; The Smnalley of 1895.
BUSINESS LOCALS. te. S. Ignace, Petoskey, Chicago, "Soo,"
Time Table, October 7, 1894. Ma__ lsrqusette and Dilluth. Daily between -
Leav Y silntifro Cogres st, 700,:00AA~ i , -Cleveland and Detroit, and Cleveland and
maPLMUHCCEj[ pG[a 11:00 a.m.; 12t45, 215i, 5:10, 0:45, :00 and TH1he RT TARDSTPti-31 YflIITUtileqi C'
1:0.i. S RIN1OR10. mkstaeigothsstaesto ,Leave Ann Arbor Junction, 7:30, 9:30 and diltl it'anessomfesiatltstaltinlsslitnt xosglly enjoyable. Send for illustrated
lltt0a.m.; 1:1, 2:4,a:30, 7:5,:0ad 11:00p. m.- descriptive pamphlet. Address A. A. PLYMOUTH, IND.
SUNDAY TMlE. AAWat istiilriissstl Asit ')()it, lals tttyCATZ, 8G. P. A., D.& C., Detroit, Mich.
Leave Ypla-nti from Cosgrecsst.,1t20 3 30, 21st ani uit -Issss ills ttheIl(, s-stt, Nrth-iiQ Lippa n, A .gen3t,
6:00 b:30lad 9:W p. m
Leave AnisArbor Junctio, :00,4:00, 5:30. or- (si, Sissitl udsiSouiihwses .tlo '04 .
7:0- O9:t. .1:e151 ttriesArt itiy t t: r., s:5 hel iue 46 E. WillamsnSt.
Cstrs ruoot city time Far: single rip 1
cots; roun4 trip tickets 25c:-cst-t.xlittl 1tiktdatgin ri l'Wttofihe ii h t iC . (c tts--. st st
Was F. i'Astttnn Supt. "\\ii., tltrs-cssttin g the is
pat o ,.ac L W RSF O E S(s. (I AN, oteos y to fo- t
FL W R ,FL W RC .. .& 1. A. AAb 17 II.. ,lost.
tor EvrythinegadFrverybody.1r
COSN ALfoil, M t' i .AIAI 'lltli~gb. Ar.t Bicycles
Testis I it.(AR.175~
DIETAS & SCHAN~Z, 0ssii.iittrtstiattti-ls Itssts.:::i::trtttitlisislttr
"1. OF' 3A. 'rAZ..O. S ]ti., rtIt ills 44 tuss] 4.,I,-tt-:-:n-:i .list.abovemotto ctlltil -
1I .andissiIl :.tIlld sIsayrnrs etan W~. P. DISTLER,
Oius hsprin and Suimmser Woolens LI iats er I: t,: ols -isiiNl~ss tpse
lire now (ott salt. Prices Low.,s-c n l c 1v Uiestae
Call amd sekt .0 equaliiiIio ly s :- sl d at to tist hl-s
4H5.Osttrnst.,,Srttnstl ttr,AntArbotr,.tid a t: o rtelspan'.THE "STANDARD" CYCLOMETER
(' S. (tIIANlei,
22 Years in the Busines.~."'s=EM . (li-tt'ss. llits. Ant.
,n A N R Sndayl,ssAta~y 12.ts- T. AA. .1. &N. wu 11' COTRELL & LEO PARD,,
Mt.lb o.1 isi unt ist lei Siiil~vi(- - -AtLANrY NEW 1Y41.K,
M.M. SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th ave. - M' l ~lesiofCastt tpis d(ir totsssthlt o ntvrsty
______________________________ _ tn iolt ttto i it io. Ihiltliolttltslt atll ,sost lt t .s
MERHA ToAIORNr st: Ivio - tTlittit tandtioIed~Issi::.V. MURRELL, LocalAgent,
Ceaing, Pressitng and tRepairing 1 ih sitsj tlt iif tissii1s O ~c 4Wls tAsstb lb
dose neatly by " ls: ss t tu est t)2t:.li -__________________________
ArtG, C5155INEIVALII,.25,0. Waslslngtots I 1to 5-' i'l-i::pis.li. I-are, ro:iudi JIAX'70"SEE1N
EXCELSIOR + LAUNDRY! flp$.2 ATHRO TET .&A A ., L' I'. -T U D H ®
Gond Work Cusranteedi.Goodtis called for Frth___asint HtSpI"BRTALER LINY$20.DnSAYvre. A.V UVT.Pop rkMyII j,5Yte'1.CAL[ N
1. Sy. wvil sell tikts t-isoI Is: ic!'or A Sei-ee for AcectratetI Registr- The hght of the 95 high grade
ANN AOR Itieioundislpelos. editotils-slii iilliit ait- unat:' 5DistnseeTluavelltdIhel olih
STEAM DYE WORKS. stwitsioeel.i-asttlsiSoldi sta liyye
Ladies'ad Gents' Cloting Cleaned otly. 1. S. (I EIKNWtOi, Agt. Tsit"t-p.-':sc is is oxttcsl:o-ta. 1lthtch s^ p ri],
or Dyed.__________________________ t I ", ti v. :5cy -i~t t., t~ia. snryedn___ ___ __.hW r v PEA..L
3 W. HURON ST., ANN ARBOR.Iinsis :-:is dttrt-ot(a, dtt. s:totmeaaain-c rc; 10 .Mi t
Members of Gui-rantee Tittet Broters' Asso- luiel ' "o it a ab104 edfomiVtoSmls oMarnni s
claion f U. S. " R1 lait-ht l : ands c .:sisl t t~t-,:ic Sss p s ronis
Coby & McKeonIR. IR. Ticket Agency -n r i utt lsssie
poits. liesnche btsitr ,amtenNo. af 1TF®~Fsr tal by li IRettil stip lcDealeso DnnF6S rnlnrnlt
(R l isN ~i~ . A n A b r i h~!$2 15 5 .0 0 fo r a 51 D a y s E u r o .l , I t r- T H E A N N A R B O R S A V IN G S B A N K
Tour U~ / Ass Abor Sud. Cspit Sb~ 00 Formerly with George Wahr, 18
pean T-ur. >''1rpuslssSisiE.lO NWshngton t Headqarrorsfor
_____Is Ie LEDING SCHsOL OF BSE~SadSORT tOrgatnized undter tihe GenersltiHsning Laws everything a 1Stdent needs so the
HAND. Manifceesi kuildig tnseaeresart- at histSts:te. t eieto srist,Issys sansdtline f Text Boisks, StationerV and.
Avetre organing a select party toeauatinanceosotod disipline superior went; wel-ls t-atssstse ote rl- incip its-ies of the osctaeSSokingerl
nor issue to Euro pe.lessving outYor.Jitse suppli~ed readiag oom daily lecures; -orfdeaUtateCits. ftt caIshietsiupnt:poptrAselno sSoki
'2n2,tfor Lsndon, Atwep. HumelsColss'sce emr-ecrjsioast open ie eaieryear. Esneep idtttihcsstuit. sfcydtpoit tt5ots to ret.
C(stierta. rnkgort.,Hidelbeiureg, Str-ansbegloaoiactitites for plaig sudnil is posiina ~s rseesus: (bi--sti Sttttwklit.- I).s 'MARTIN SCH.A.L5:R,
Badetkn-Baden, Pasrssand JDtuesus, retursisug.Boad ad rainomuto 275 per week in piat ara 5 ,-IesItnt, Vlis-c-tes.: Ct.itE 1FIlcoct,
silisg from London August 1ud Tisepaty famiies. These aes reduced o $15o byk setf Casie:5. J. lits Arsssintlsstle,.
iii be cosducted by and, tnnder the persssoalb~diag. For Caalogue address ___________________ THE -DOWN-TOWN BOOKSELLER,
etigefSnOTTO Nwessatsof Columbus,' --p9 R.CLAEY Prs-
oel tanovn as one or the first nosiesllt-isi__________R_____________ , 19 iE. Washington t, one block
tructors-ot Ame. asd agess 1 ,gentlemn
Of larg.e experience is travet. Eachitpron ,. . FIRST CLASS CUISTOM! TAILOfRINGA east of Main S
will have a berth Is a large pomenad doc L
0ttroadteslsslce r e ,00 ton twianrew steamers provided with -_ Corerer Stoe ansd Wilim si.,-"
lectriclght ad and team lbetCompie e ' Wilits t. ettesnee. at n yp s
itinerary ond Information milld on e rpt S
of sef-addressed stamped envelope -so.0
ays. every epensne of sights beavet and 4TtTNlt' ARYBORt ___________________
otets. RIBtiniformation and "itinerary-
nail ed on receipt of self-addressed envelopeS E ML U D Ya
Alniennthis paper. S;.L U D YC. h aettig nPOORPl
WARD) BROTHERS, Huigh Glss ansi Dmestie Finish. $. ER R Y M A X" S.
27a.T 2r t N.5Haghl t, ! . S. SERVISS, Manager, ~ ci h ele
(Low rates evervwere 2 Nolughus, PCOFMOR 23 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE Sbciefrte 'y

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